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Arrival Review (Major Spoilers)

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Text Comments (256)
RumikoOne (7 hours ago)
I went into this movie having no idea what the aliens were gonna look like (just like with 2005 War of the Worlds), due to the marketing, and it made the reveal super eerie and had me on the edge of my seat. I liked to compare this to the phenomenon where some cultures see green and blue as different colors while some literally cannot tell them apart (perhaps due to a language difference). There is a theory about thinking differently in different languages which i don't know the validity of, but i have heard that some of the reason for high mathematical success among Chinese students has to do with the Chinese language making it easier or faster to think about numbers.
Marcus K (18 days ago)
Arrival was trash. If by "good movie" you mean totally retarded, infinatile, total suspension of disbelief, offensive, hokey and pseudoscience bullshit... Then I'd agree. I'm sorry but antigravity walls, time travel by languange, communication via smoke rings which flow out of the alien fingers into perfect cirlces (are you fucking kidding me?!), time paradoxes and the most retarded forced love story ever in a film never once excited me... The *ONLY* redeeming quality of this film was the wonderful soundtrack and overall ambiance the films score provided. Everything else was a forgettable mess, only notable for how insanely stupid it was... Fuck Hollywood.
Hakan Karaağaç (3 months ago)
this movies favorite thing was red neckgun owner youtube videos that preach death and violance and some grand crusade againts the aliens.
Jon S (4 months ago)
You forgot to cover the bullshit of the phone conversation with the Chinese general. How did she get his number? From I can remember, they never met. So what? She can see into the future that doesn't directly deal with her own personal interactions? Which basically makes her a psychic?
Some One (4 months ago)
The biggest problem with this movie is that the main question was never answered. Why did they come to Earth in the first place? They just came to give Amy Adams' character knowledge of her own future? Because that's pretty much the only answer we get...but why would they do this?
VideoGameConnection (4 months ago)
Usually love your thoughts, couldn't disagree more on this film though. This movie sucked, it was edited poorly and summarized isn't about aliens at all. It's about, if you knew your child was going to die to illness, terribly and painfully would you still have that child. It's smug garbage.
Thomas Jefferson (4 months ago)
Contact... great movie???? FUCK right off
avatar6699 (4 months ago)
Garbage movie.  The idea that two races could quickly learn to speak with one another, made even more difficult when one uses words and one symbols, would be nigh impossible at best and tragic at worst.  Then the entire Non-Linear Time Stream is BS as the purpose of the dead daughter is just crap plot tossing since they 'can not allow us to know the father'.  Brutally Slow.  Inanely Predictable. China is a Warmongering Lunatic Asylum willing to engage aliens powerful enough to cross the Galaxy...  Seriously?
Wang Computers (5 months ago)
Thanks for saving me a rental fee.
Deutsch - Musik (5 months ago)
sounds like independence day lmao
farleycz (5 months ago)
This film went from "Naaah, do I really wanna see that? It'll suck." to "Holy f*ck, this goes to my top ten films ever!" in two hours. Love it, love it, love it, love it.
Project: Boredom Killer (5 months ago)
Yeah, I enjoyed this movie when I didn't expect to.
northemissary (6 months ago)
The build up was great. The pay off was terrible.
Joey (6 months ago)
I found the movie to be SJW BS! Yes, in a world of billion of people only one women can finger out what they want and how to talk to them. Right!
FlyingPaladin (21 hours ago)
Female lead=feminism? Please don't breed
Joey (4 months ago)
Hl A Yes, And just like this movie most vaginas don't have the power to keep a man interested halfway through.
Hl A (4 months ago)
Vagina power. lol
TheTimeshadows (6 months ago)
I saw it as being the opposite of AC Clarke's _Childhood's End_, which it parallels at almost every turn. I liked this film rather a lot.
Glen Jackson (6 months ago)
Clever storytelling yes.... No over the top explosions/drama yes.... Good movie? fuck no, boring as hell, pretentious as fuck, wooden dull acting, have to disagree with you on this one Dave...
This movie sucked
TheRoosterGr (6 months ago)
Nice review. However I think that the mixture of Social Drama with Sci-fi elements didnt worked for me and overall it was a boring movie.
H (6 months ago)
omg one landed in Denmark, we would have given them free housing and welfare benefits... and lets be honest the one that landed it sierra leone, wont get a good first impression of humanity
RigMaven (6 months ago)
Wow I'm surprised that you gave this movie such a high score, I found it to be dreadful and boring, the presentation of the aliens themselves just didn't fascinate me as there were too many things in the plot that just seemed too vague and too naive, I hate it when a supposedly cerebral sci-fi movie turns out to be more of a sentimental melodrama. I would rate Contact much higher than this movie.
LadyDuoMaxwell (7 months ago)
While I find this movie slow and boring, I rather watch this over that "Contact" garbage.
Hank Moody (7 months ago)
I thought this movie sucked ass. Super boring.
Garth (7 months ago)
You missed something important
trha2222 (7 months ago)
Oh I hated this movie. One of the worst SF movies I have ever seen.
Dahar Master (8 months ago)
worst movie ever. its literally a scam, with their long boring shots where nothing happens and a convoluted plot and i totally don't care about the dumb ink blots. i am befuddled that dave likes this movie... and other reputable people enjoyed it as well and to be honest, my friendly disposition to them has changed since i learned they liked it. i literally think lesser of them as human beings.
trha2222 (7 months ago)
I was shocked Dave liked it, too. I thought sure he would find it a near total misfire. I wanted to put my fist through the screen by the end I hated it to so much.
Rocket Runner (8 months ago)
Sorry but this film was no better than Independence Day Resurgence, for a whole different set of reasons, but the outcome was exactly the same, a shit movie. While IDR sank under the weight of it's low brow, hope to be a franchise when I grow up, expectations, Arrival suffocates because it has it's head jammed that far up it's own pompous arse. The alien ships arrive and that's just about it, there is a lot of hand wringing, pauses in the dialogue to indicate something deep and meaningful has just been said, but nothing happens, and then the ships go away. This is the type of film designed for people who feel the need to be cinematic snobs, and hate themselves for liking the occasional 'popcorn movie', when they know they should have been watching the latest independent film makers epic about tumble drying in the Cotswold's. It's no more than award baiting, gilded drivel desperate to appeal to those out there who want to appear enlightened and intellectual, but who aren't actually smart enough to realize they are watch a film as empty, pointless and dull as IDR.
Alexandre Martins (8 months ago)
It really bothered me how much the physicist was downplayed as a complete idiot in this movie. Not a bad movie, despite the magical ass-puller solution at the end (thinking multidimentionaly would not give one the power magically to overcome time, physical limits are NOT a matter of point of view), but I really hated the humanities viewpoint of portraying scientists as bigoted imbeciles (by the way, I have both an MA and PhD in humanities, and things like this movie only lessen my respect for people in my field).
Alexandre Martins (7 months ago)
I'd like to be able to reply, but first you have to use English or some other understandable human language, not just mystic babble.
Raycheetah (8 months ago)
"Time,' he said, 'is what keeps everything from happening at once.'" - Sci-fi writer Ray Cummings, "The Girl in the Golden Atom," 1922 =^[.]^=
J Shysterr (9 months ago)
dreary and nothing original.  I find it unlikely that a species could advance very far when their major form of communication is shooting gas out of their limbs, and having the ability to know and manipulate time is not science. (Way too many paradoxes.)  Its not even thought provoking.
Ivan Bulanov (9 months ago)
The movie is way overpraised. The crisis is resolved by a deus ex machina bullshit magic premonition ability thing. For a movie that takes itself so seriously this is inappropriate. The woman gives life to her daughter knowing that she will die young. This is kind of terrible too.
Ivan Bulanov (8 months ago)
I share your opinion on Interstellar too.
Authentic Death (9 months ago)
Clever doesn't equal smart or good. Anyhow I've seen this type of concept done several times which didn't justify the slow nature once I realize where it was going. It felt more like a waste of time once I realized what was going on.
Joao Thomazini (9 months ago)
oh, my God, this movie was awful. It needs a smart guy like you to like it.
Hydrocarbon Primate (9 months ago)
The most interesting thing about this movie was the aliens, instead of humanoids in make-up they were totally incomprehensible as they existed? / thought in non linear, made for an interesting premise, I wish other sci-fi aliens were this different.
physics2112 (9 months ago)
The dialog here was flat and not clever at all. The premise was ok, but there was nothing in its execution that made me want to watch it again or recommend it.
bardmans (9 months ago)
I was looking forward to watching this after all the praise from people who appreciate sci-fi movies, but I hated everything about it. I thought it was lame in all departments, to the point of being extremely annoying.
John Doe (9 months ago)
The most intriguing part is the idea of communicating with a group literally alien to you … how do you convey the intended meaning ? It’s kind of frightening …
Alexandre Martins (8 months ago)
And the movie approaches that in a very silly fashion. The aliens were actually just toying with the humans, they already knew us and our language.
David S. Horowitz (10 months ago)
The funniest thing just happened, a Muslim dating site ad plays right before your video. WTF of all the YouTuber’s videos. Oy
Aurex (10 months ago)
I usually am all like "whoa, this guy thinks the same as I do, it's creepy!" In this case, I totally disagree. Villeneuve is an incompetent director, the writing was mostly idiotic technobabble that would fit in a Star Trek: TNG or TOS episode, and not one of the good ones. Boring, predictable (I saw and called out the whole time paradox thing after ten minutes and no one believed me) the story is absolutely easy to forget. If movies were women, Contact would have been an ambitious but naive college student with daddy issues. Arrival would totally be a rich 35 years old with a huge ego and not enough intellect to back it up. Want some mind-bending storytelling with awesome photography? Try Stalker. Or the original Solaris. Those are masterpieces, Arrival is like the wow signal: all hype and no substance.
Rob Cohen (4 months ago)
trha2222 (7 months ago)
I agree completely!
Alexandre Martins (8 months ago)
Yes, you have a good point. When I think 2001 is listed 97th in IMDB's list of best movies of all time, it makes me really sad, especially being trumped by the stupid and corny City of Angels in 5th place...
Joshua Huff (10 months ago)
I found this movie utterly BORING. I was ready to throw myself out of the proverbial window while I was sitting in the theater... blahhhhhh.........
FlyingPaladin (21 hours ago)
Joshua Huff not enough explosions for you?
trha2222 (7 months ago)
What was 'thought provoking' about Arrival? I found it silly. There was nothing challenging at all. All you have to do is accept the premise given and that's it. How much thought does that require? It's bad writing. There are hundreds of quality SF stories ready to be adapted to film. Instead we get Arrival, a Lifetime movie.
96fps_from_mars (8 months ago)
Joshua Huff then go watch Star Wars, and let the nerds enjoy their cerebral/philosophical movie. I thought it was rather good and thought provoking.
R. Murphy (10 months ago)
It was a decent movie but not amazing. There were numerous hollywood tropes which were muted in a vien attempt to hide them, but where clearly there.
845835ab (10 months ago)
I have not seen a first contact film this good since Close Encounters.
MikeTheZero (10 months ago)
I loved the film and thought your take was pretty spot-on.
TheLifeOnHigh (10 months ago)
The film was a refreshing departure from the stupid alien invasion films of the past 20yrs.
trha2222 (7 months ago)
I'd rather watch Independence Day than Arrival any day.
Fuddy Duddy (11 months ago)
The thinking man's sci-fi. It was great.
Sharrel Wright (1 year ago)
I'm sorry Dave but I hated this movie, the camera constantly stuck on the actress's face, BTW the egg came first, the egg was on this planet long before chickens came on the scene
Sharrel Wright (1 year ago)
Those space ships looked like Terry's Chocolate Orange segment
Peter Jakeways (1 year ago)
found this movie slow and predictable.
Alexandre Martins (7 months ago)
Yes, I really don't know why people praise this movie so much. The message is stupid, the twist at the end is not only idiotic but shows the MC to be a selfish monster, and it portrays the physicist as a complete idiot in contrast to the linguist, hardly a realistic setting.
trha2222 (7 months ago)
I found it slow but I didn't really predict what was going to happen. But the problem is I never cared for any of these characters and I found it impossible to believe the Renner and Adams characters would ever fall in love. Not very good performances and no chemistry. This is thoughtless SF masquerading as thoughtful.
It could have used a few aerial battles and death rays, but i'll give it kudos for not pushing the usual socialist/Marxist agenda, the global warming bull feces or feminazism of most sci fi movies of late.
Jim Belton (1 year ago)
Nope. Boring and dumb.
chillywilly541 (1 year ago)
I thought this movie was boring as fuck.
I'm sorry, I thought this movie was absolutely crap. Yes there were some pretty cinematics, but that's all. The movies we typically see these day are much like the video games. Due more powerful hardware all the focus has been shifted towards fancy 3d graphics (grander special effects), leaving nothing for gameplay (storyline). I really was looking forward to this one, hoping that it would succeed where Contact failed (windsurfing with daddy, really not that interesting), but alas no, it was crap, and I really can't understand you giving it such a high rating, but then again I never did understand how inception had so much success. Perhaps it is I who is weird. Anyway, if I should give it a rating, perhaps 3 or 4 out of 10 and that's being generous, as there are actually movies, that people in general agree is worthy of no more than 4 out of 10, that I have watched and enjoyed multiple time, and this is not one of them.
Charley Moore (1 year ago)
"there are actually movies, that people in general agree is worthy of no more than 4 out of 10, that I have watched and enjoyed multiple time" I think you snswered your own question.
Optimus6128 (1 year ago)
In the beginning, it felt to me cringeworthy the way they presented some characters and typical science jargon, but then it got better and I liked the whole twist. Usually I start a move well and as it goes I start getting dissapointed, here it worked in the exact opposite way, feeling it's gonna suck then I was amazed from middle to finish, hey another time paradox :)
The Unconsidered (1 year ago)
Yet, no one mentions Slaughter House Five.
Kyle Dunlap (1 year ago)
I liked it, the one thing that tipped me off that something wasn't right in the beginning was that while her daughter obviously ages leading up to her eventual death, Amy Adams clearly doesn't. There was no way around that for the film makers I suppose. And I liked the film despite just having a daughter myself so you can imagine that the opening montage grabbed and throttled my feels.
qqqqq942 (1 year ago)
"Arrival" isn´t very accurate, you have to tell the year of publication after it, so it is clear.
jejejejeje jejejejje (1 year ago)
so why did they come to earth to begin with, share this tool?
coconut1984 coconut (1 year ago)
Oh god it was so boring. The actress just breathed hard the whole movie.
Arrival had some huge problems. The worst problem was all this thing about the explosion and how this man did it and why he did. I believe what must something happen in editing because it was very very rushed. Also the all this "system" supposed to investigate the aliens was very amateur not something like USA would do in similar situations. And... of course the obligatory anti Russian (shoots scientists)and anti Chinese propaganda (almost start a war) scenes, we see again an american woman who stand against the us beuracrasy and save the day while the man (one of the best physicist) look like retard. The Contact was way way better than this movie. The best thing about Arrival is the idea and how treat the concept of the language and how this affect our brains, was very original and clever. 7/10
Alexandre Martins (7 months ago)
yes, totally correct analysis.
Sharrel Wright (1 year ago)
Thanasis Kai Oxi Vasilis spot on, I agree
David Lones (1 year ago)
There was no suspension of disbelieve. You can not build up half the movie with a realistic portrayal of how the world's governments might react during a first contact and then suddenly expect us to just accept that a language can give you timey-wimey powers and that everything we thought we knew about the main characters motivations are wrong. That is not a "smart twist". Everything personal about this movie instantly become less meaningful because the characters are just ok and now there's no depth. The real twist is if I had known the ending before seeing the film, I might have liked it.
Ru New (1 year ago)
When she got the phone number from the Chinese leader she was alone, so that makes me feel her and her ex never patched things up, I know that's not proof but that's all of the future we were shown.
torq21 (1 year ago)
The Dream Flow (1 year ago)
Wait a minute, wasn't this actually a remake? Or was it just based on a book...? *Spoiler Alert* below Here was my issue with this film. I liked a lot of it, but I can't stand when time travel is used to fix the story and motivation of the character. She reads some squiggles on a wall and suddenly she can see the future to avoid nuclear conflict? Bogus. I felt it was a cop out by the writer because they couldn't figure out what the motivations of the aliens would actually be, so they say they need help in the future and then bounce? Meh... I was prepared for an enlightening moral, then felt let down by the anticlimactic ending.
Got me to want to see it now, we'll have to see if you and I have the same tastes in Scifi films. I haven't been to the theater in close to 4 years, prior to that was 7 years.
Dennis S (1 year ago)
funny how the science community and leftist reject the idea of Christ returning to save humanity , but will flock to any movie with the theme of aliens coming to earth to save humanity. It would seem Christians are not alone in search of a savior
Alexandre Martins (8 months ago)
Well, I'm an atheist and love science, but science doesn't hold all the answer (so far, of course), but I don't look a savior or anything. There's no hope, there's no meaning, and I'm OK with that.
Doutsoldome (1 year ago)
There is a slight difference between watching a story you know is fiction and actually believing in a story with similar levels of absurdity.
The Godless Monk (1 year ago)
What I found a bit lacking was the reasoning of the rogue soldiers. Why did they do what they did?
Paweł Wolnicki (1 year ago)
diversity was my first thought by seeing the pictures...
Inkkink (1 year ago)
I loved this film and felt that strong performances improved a less than perfect script.
The 5th Wiggle (1 year ago)
Dave, my friends want to see a movie with me and it's either Arrival or the new Star Wars. I didn't watch the video because I don't want the movie spoiled, so can you tell me if Arrival is worth my time and any reason why I should watch it over the new Star Wars? Thanks.
vitamindubya (1 year ago)
I wanted to like the movie to the point of wishing it won an oscar but female lead... eww feminism
Grey OfPTA (1 year ago)
It really come off as another typical 'military bad dumb dumbs' movie. I'll pass. Had to sit through Avatar and had my fill of these kinds of spit in your face films.
Auceza (1 year ago)
Yes, this movie makes sense and is really a masterpiece... NOT.
Melanie Whorehouse (1 year ago)
I love this director's work, if you like this, you should check out Enemy from 2014.
Melanie Whorehouse (1 year ago)
OMG, you liked a movie that had a female protagonist, I thought you were a sexist lmao
Jim Knight (1 year ago)
Ahh the Military is the bad guy or reactionist.... complete ball most military operations are planned they require cool heads. so once again the military is badly portrayed by people who have truly little understanding of the military. Having served I will tell you The military always err on the side of caution but prepared for the worst.
Hiraghm (1 year ago)
Sounds like a variation on "The Shining Ones"... In "The Shining Ones" (written a long long time ago), a little boy is dying of Leukemia when an alien spaceship appears near where he lives. He runs away from home hoping the aliens will be able to find a cure for him. There's a massive search for him... meanwhile, the scientists can't get the aliens to communicate. One alien appears outside the craft for a short period each day (they're the shining ones). When one of the scientists finds the boy in their camp near the spaceship, he decides to take the boy to the alien when it next appears and explain that the boy is dying. The boy notices that the alien shimmers oddly, and just before it disappears, he leaps at it. Both disappear, and the tanks and artillery surrounding the ship open fire. The boy finds himself in a formless place. The aliens explain that he died when he leaped at them had they not intervened, and that his people were engaged in a fruitless all-out attack on his behalf. The boy starts to explain his leukemia, but the aliens heard and understood, and explain that sadly, there was nothing they could do for him. They just repaired the damage they found upon his "attack" and restored him to life, but they couldn't extend his life beyond its natural course. They were actually time travelers, and couldn't interfere with the timeline; they'd just "stopped" in our era to get their bearings before continuing back to the far future. Inadvertently, they reveal (and I can't remember how, but it was subtle) that his son would be the first man to walk on Mars. In repairing him, they'd cured his leukemia. So it seems to me, at least, the writers had read The Shining Ones. Of course, I like The Shining Ones better because it's about an intrepid little boy and isn't a chick flick.
Simon Bailey (1 year ago)
Nice review. I haven't been able to get an answer to this from anyone but... How is it that the aliens cant communicate with us if they already know us from the future??
mrtorpedor (1 year ago)
Read the "hated it" comments on the IMDB movie's page, they put up a lot more interesting points than you do, trying to sell out this piece of pseudo SciFi crap.
FlyingPaladin (21 hours ago)
In other words you're too dumb for this movie
MG1995 (1 year ago)
I have not seen this movie, but I am looking forward to it. I didn't watch the video (but I will once I've seen the film obviously) I just came here to comment and ask you, have you seen "Dear White People"? And if so, could you review it? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
Agent Carbunkle (1 year ago)
I really liked the reveal of the aliens being larger than what you saw behind the screen. Also it would of been good to have been given more info on how we helped the aliens down the line in 3000yrs time.
Hl A (1 year ago)
The movie was boring and sucked.
Pat Smith (1 year ago)
0/10 the fact is that by knowing the future you change the future, this then multiplied by 7+ billion people. this movie makes no sense and shows the writer has no clue about how time works. the vague "we need humanities help". this film throws the basics out the window and leaves horrible plot holes, 1. if you know the future you will change the future, e.g. if you know today is the day you should die, you avoid the cause. (self preservation) if you change your future you change everyones future (butterfly effect) the constant changing of the future means nobody sees the future it's a case of throwing a pebble in a pond to see a fish swim and having the ripples block your view. This shows a complete lack of thought. 2. cyclical time refers to the idea that time is a loop, in other words make a time machine and you are still a hamster in a wheel, going from the big bang seeing everything fly out and then have it recede back to the start again . not that your life is a loop i just can't even ...... cinematography was good so pretty but irritating
Independent Man (1 year ago)
Dave did you miss the preaching? Hey we all need to cooperate or the world is fucked? Don't you think the plot was overly convoluted to deliver that message?
FlyingPaladin (21 hours ago)
Independent Man I don't know about you but I certainly wouldn't enjoy a nuclear war
Matthew Sharpe (6 months ago)
Alexandre Martins I think you are possibly being overly harsh at 5%, being an optimist I'd go as high as 10 or even 15%.
Alexandre Martins (7 months ago)
So, a version where humans are not humans? We're a violent and extremely territorial animal, natural selection has made us so. For a version like you want, we'd have to have evolved in Eden.
Alexandre Martins (8 months ago)
Not happening. 95% of people are stupid animals who actually don't think, they just imitate the other animals around them, who in their turn copy the behavior of the actually thinking 5% human animals, but to poor effect, as they don't know what they're doing. Proof of that is the inability of most people on the Internet to discuss things rationally, with point and counterpoint, without using low level insults and swear words in general.
pjamese3 (9 months ago)
I'd like one where the Dark Ages never occurred and we were dedicated to science. More science means more logical thinking means less religious fervor means more stable societies means more peace and fewer assholes committing atrocities for their version of God.
catfish crawl (1 year ago)
this whole movie is a rehash of a premise from the show torchwood. I forgot the episode name, but the species was called the 7? either way, they were stealing kids and using them for narcotics. Add some "Inception " and it's not original at all.
katey1dog (1 year ago)
Sean Shubin (1 year ago)
SPOILER: Louise tells Hannah that she made a mistake and told Ian something that Ian was not ready for. This was done after Hannah was born, evidenced by Hannah's statement that Ian looks at her in a different way now. Louise seems to think her mistake was telling Ian at all, rather than choosing poor timing to convey that information.
N BD (1 year ago)
It was soo feminist!!!
MaverickhunterXZero (1 year ago)
I was actually concerned this was going to be another of those "Muh Girl power" movies that a lot of sci-fi films are becoming nowadays from the commercials. It's good to know, they put character development and story above that for once.
Michael Billings Cole (1 year ago)
I was excited to hear about this movie I am planning on going to see this the only thing I find disappointing about this movie is the fact that the aliens are CEPHALOPODS, this is the one thing that always bugged's me about alien arrival movies generally speaking. The aliens are always generally non-humanoid from Independence Day, abyss, arrival, alien, and most famously war of the worlds. Why can't aliens be humanoids and still menacing Gene Roddenberry knew this could be done so why are all our alien movies non-humanoid are we that unable to accept the idea of humanoid aliens similar in shape and size to us AND BE evil or good or we so attached to the humanoid form and so naïve and self-projection that we can'T accept that it is possible that humans and aliens are just as evil with the only be difference being technology even Stephen Hawking has admitted that the idea of humanoid aliens is real and that they'll act extremely similar in survival instincts as we would AND SEE US nothing more than objects and cattle possessed and controlled and probably eaten as a resource to be taken and controlled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN__10qhV1Q
Mr brainiac (1 year ago)
you should rate the movie before i continue to watch the spoilers if its a shit movie...
FoxxPix (1 year ago)
My wife and I saw it and we both thought it was very well done. I asked my students if they had seen it and none have seen it yet. I attribute this to the fact that there are no guys flying around in their underwear or vehicles that turn into robots. They all rushed to see Dr. Strange which is just a replay of Iron Man. Sad.
trha2222 (7 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with simple films that are nothing but explosions. Most people can't appreciate a thoughtful film until they are much older. But Arrival is not that film. I would prefer watching Dr. Strange or Iron Man to Arrival.
Nobodi Jones (1 year ago)
FoxxPix You're an SJW and a mindless robot. If you were my child student I would remove it from school and desperately try to not pop you for you're bullshit.
Agent Carbunkle (1 year ago)
lol, nice i like that!
Hl A (1 year ago)
+Agent Carbunkle Yeah, that independence day resurgence, well um...... lets forget that. I really enjoyed the first one, I was only 13 at the time, so. But what's it called... independence day regurgence. ;)
Agent Carbunkle (1 year ago)
I enjoyed Dr strange too it was an easy watch with a few bits of interesting ideas. It didn't make me think about it a few days later like arrival, Also I could see the effort that had gone into the cinematography and concept design to make it look original, compare the ships design to the tacky unoriginal designs in the recent independence day resurgence. God awful regurgitation's.
hambone56789 (1 year ago)
i liked gavin mccines' take on this much better.
90 Lancaster (1 year ago)
Oh Thanks Dave you saved me a couple of hours of having to watch it now. Not that I likely would have done as I dislike all 3 of the principles.
Josh N (1 year ago)
Good review, now I have to watch this in theaters.
Me Just (1 year ago)
I agree on a lot of points you said however I did not necessarily like the ending I felt it was to cliche even if they just added that twisted to the end. If you remove the whole she can see the future or you don't put that much of an emphasis on it than it becomes a pretty generic plot.
Fluffy Gaming (1 year ago)
Good, still very new age like all.
Nicolas M. (1 year ago)
Dave, What do you think of the movie _Addams Family Values_? There seems to be a clear anti-white agenda. There is a fascinating analysis of one of the scenes of the movie in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gOn9MuFimo) at 34:24. It is interesting to note that the movie was written by (((Paul Rudnick))), produced by (((Scott Rudin))) and directed by (((Barry Sonnenfeld))).
Jim Smith (1 year ago)
Here I though it was a single mom SJW re-imagining of "The day the earth stood still".
Jim Smith (1 year ago)
+Doctor Robert yeah, both those movies were mockeries of the short story and it's twist.
Doctor Robert (1 year ago)
Well, the original The Day The Earth Stood Still had a single mom in it... XD
Richard Blum (1 year ago)
I do remember thinking that it was a dick move on her part to have a baby with the guy while knowing that their daughter would die young and not telling him. that's not informed consent. that's rape culture.
Alexandre Martins (6 months ago)
That's why I always wear a condom, regardless. And if she complains, I tell her to fuck off.
Nick The Dad (6 months ago)
Richard Blum, welcome to every relationship with women ever. Men have never been allowed to ACTUALLY have a say in whether or not they get to have children. Ask any man with kids if he and his wife talked about it before hand and decided to try for a child and 99/100 will tell you that there was no informed consent present. She "forgot" to take her birth control or decided not to let him pull out at the last minute or (as is the case far too often) she cheats on her partner and gets pregnant and tries to pass it off as his child. This is the world we live in now.
Alexandre Martins (7 months ago)
Oh, yes, I was very pissed when they came up with the magical asspuller solution at the end. It's by no means the "great game-changing" movie people are saying it is. Villeneuve is a competent director, but this does not even come close to things like 2001 and Solaris.
Alexandre Martins (7 months ago)
That's a good argument of why fate would only make life hell. But it's OK, because these things are only fiction. There's no fate, life is not predetermined, even though literal free will is an illusion (albeit a very dear illusion).
trha2222 (7 months ago)
You explained that very well, Alexander. But it's still a terrible film, for all the reasons you just gave.
Wakeley (1 year ago)
He left her because she told him the child would die and she knew all along. Remember when her kid says "Daddy doesn't look at me the same anymore". That hit the feels when I realised.
hawkboy451 (1 year ago)
The biggest pile of soapy -tit wank shite I have had the misfortune to witness in a long time. Overly long , dull, over-hyped crap. A waste of life watching it.

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