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Winter RVing: Stay Toasty in Your RV in Winter Without Spending a Fortune

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In my first video, "How to Not Freeze in Your RV" I showed how I stay warm in my RV when it's below freezing outside. In this video I cover how I used the Mr., Heater Buddy and propane tank safely inside my RV and how to hook up your Mr. Heater Buddy to your Propane tank. Here is a list of the products featured in this video: These are my affiliate Amazon links (thank you for supporting my channel). AMAZON LINKS Mr. Buddy Indoor Safe Portable Heater http://amzn.to/2h346FL Mr. Buddy MH18NB Portable Heater http://amzn.to/2h306Fq 12ft Big Buddy Hose with Regulator http://amzn.to/2h40u97 Mr. Buddy Fuel Filter http://amzn.to/2g72iyp Kidde CO and Explosive Gas battery operated alarm http://amzn.to/2g72iyp Propane tank (cylinder) http://amzn.to/2h306Fq 2 Pack 12 oz Propane bottles http://amzn.to/2h2ZO1h Thank you for all the people who support and encourage me! You rock! Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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JOE BAILEY (1 month ago)
had a problem with my hose check valve not letting gas through, had to pop it with a screwdriver to get it open the first time, also open gas valve on tank slowly to keep check valve from sticking closed
Ruth Brown (1 month ago)
I have askgod to protect you
Ruth Brown (1 month ago)
Nothing badyou safe my inspiration
Joseph Kent (2 months ago)
Thank you
TriceyDiva💋 (2 months ago)
Can't u light it with
Alexsandra Rokas (3 months ago)
I watched a video about the Heater Buddy and I was told that the Heater Buddy produces a lot of moisture. What have you to say about that?
Crawford Overton (4 months ago)
propane gas falls to ground carbon monoxide will go everywhere that's why you don't run a car in you garage it could get into your rooms up stairs.
Ray Brensike (4 months ago)
How about people keeping the tanks inside their rig, but sealing them off on the inside, and venting them to the outside, such as in a box that is sealed between the tank and the inside, while having the bottom extremely vented to the outside? I mean, our engines are not outside the car are they, yet there is a firewall between our engines and our car's interior, right? And if propane wasn't supposed to be used by dummies, they would not have made the threads the wrong way, right? Who did they think they were going to fool anyway?
Summer Knights (5 months ago)
What about using an electric blanket? And a warming pad under your dog's bed? Would that pull too much power?
Judy Carey (5 months ago)
Very helpful. Thank you.
David Darby (5 months ago)
Feeding off your 20 lb. tank in the outdoor cold greatly reduces your burn time. Get the (legally) refillable 1 lb. canisters from Flame King to fill off your big tank and get the lowest cost/longest run time.
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
Excellent Mr. Buddy Heater video. You hit the nail on the head about all the safety features including the auto low O2 shut off. Now, let me tell you about my experinces with the Little Mr. Buddy Heater. I sold my class A and and went back to tent camping. Wanted a heater and found my Little Mr. Buddy Heater oon sale at my local Bass Pro in Branson, Missouri for 69 bucks. Bought it. The little one pound tanks are ridicuols. One pound lasts about 4 to 5 hours on low. So I bought the hose to connect to a 20 pound tank. It lasts for about 100 hours on low. I also bought for about 5 bucks on Ebay the adapter that I can now refill my one pound tanks from my 20 pounds tanks so instead of buying 2 one pound tanks for around 7 bucks, it costs me just a few cents to refill them myself. (Lots of YouBoob videos about how to do that). It gets better yet. It gets better yet. To exchange my 20 pound tank, it is around 18 bucks. In my backyard, I have a 500 gallon lp tank. It cost around 1.69 to a dollar 99 to have it filled. I have now purchased a hose, that I can now fill my 20 pound tanks from my 500 gallom tank. If you consider the price of a filled, exchanged 20 pound tank, that comes to 4 dollars and 50 cents. I learned all this from YouBoob videos. I have seen all these negative comments about "OH!! You are going to blow yourself up!!!!" The answer is NO, you are not going to blow yourself up. When ypoou connect the larger tank to the smaller one, it doesn't matter the size, all you are doing is tranferering a liquid from one tank to the next and equalizing the pressure. It is inpossible to blow up a smaller tank. Think about this for example. If you look at a piece of PVC pipe at your local ACE Hardware store, it is printed on the pipe "MAX Pressure 600PSI". Whn a PVC pipe is used on a household waterline, it is ussually between 20 to 30 Pounds Per Square Inch. They have to have a maximum PSI rupture point. Same with a propane tank no matter what size. OK, so now one may ask "But that may be true, but why when one has a load of prpane delivered to one's house, why does the propane truck delivering the fuel, have a pump?" The reason is very simple, Simply to create more pressure to deliver the propane into the house in order for the appliances to function properly. About 5 years ago, I had a nieghbor right across the street form me who's house caught on fire from a possible lightning strike. The house was engulghed, the trees caught fire. His 500 gallon propne tank was engulfed by falling tree limbs. I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO EXPLODE. My nextdoor nieghbor who is a volunteer forefighter told me it was impossible for it to explode. He explained to me that when the LP (aka propane) reached it's boiling point, the relief valve would open. It did exactlly that!! 6 times the relief valve opened and the flame shot 60 feet in the air.
moulin6801 (5 months ago)
Thanks for making this!
Alan Howlett (6 months ago)
*A+. I use mine in a deer blind. I’m able to leave the windows open and stay warm with this.=>**https://t.co/Jnp1SpK1ZJ**   The ability to control using one or two heating elements is great.*
David Elo (6 months ago)
Excellent common sense video ! Keep up the good work !
Thim (6 months ago)
I thought propane tanks have a valve to let off pressure out of tank so some propane may leak even if you shut off valve. Just keep tank away from flames, and some ventilation. This isn't hate mail just don't want to see anyone get hurt.
David Allen (7 months ago)
Always keep a bottle of soapy water in a spritz bottle and check for leaks before you fire it up. Vibration is a factor riding the roads and things can change from one use to the next so a quick check for leaks is a good idea.
David Allen (7 months ago)
I know this is a year old so let me ask, where are you now? Now, about the filter, if you purchase a 10' hose, model #F273704 you don't need a filter. The contaminants come from high pressure gas leaving the tank. If you buy the above mentioned hose (special composition) or a hose with a regulator on the tank side, it will eliminate the higher pressure, coming from your tank and traveling through you hose causing the leaching. I hope you're okay. let us know what's happening now. Great presentation, very informative.
John G (7 months ago)
Very informative & you can never be too safe. Some states its illegal to cross bridges and or tunnels with Propane without a permit. Just keep it out of plain view.
BAnn Laughlin (7 months ago)
I love it.  thank you. lmho.  stay happy
Anthony Torres (7 months ago)
20lb propane tank are main ingredient for making uhaul truck and RV bombs. Do your homework. Not ladida. There are Fire codes and laws regarding propane use and handling and storage. With violation penalties starting at a low $ 50,000.00 Confusion kills .
Przemyslaw Ziniewicz (7 months ago)
Yea i just bought a smaller mr. heater that sits on top of propane battle. I tried it to use it in my four door jeep that i live in tree times now. So i keep the heater with the propane attach to it in my car in passenger side while im a laying down in tha back or cargo are with my head facing towards the rear glass. I droop both windows in front 4 inch down for ventilation but on tree occasions the back area where im at fills with strong odor from burning the propane even with my windows down. Do you smell yours while your heater is on. Im scare to go to sleep smelling this odor. Any ideas on whether is still save.
Doris Shanks (7 months ago)
Carolyn. I believe the detector for Lp gas is always placed down at floor level in the kitchen area. Lp gas is odorless but has an onion smell additive in it so if it is leaking you can smell it. Carbon monoxide comes from the exhaust on your generator or your vehicle exhaust as well as propane heaters. The detector is generally round and is usually placed up high on the bedroom wall area although I have read that it doesn’t matter much where it is placed. Propane is safe if you follow the rules and use some ventilation. Very good video. Love your channel.
Joe Hill (7 months ago)
They also sell a hose that does not require a filter, so the instructions say.
Interesting Justice (7 months ago)
Love you Carolyn!!!!! Great video and pace of information flow. We use pressure gauge with the propane hose, no need to use a filter.
Fancie Nancie Free (7 months ago)
Thank you for this great information.
nancy white (7 months ago)
Lefty lock and righty release
Jeremy Aaron (7 months ago)
Got my heater buddy today and I so love it. I'm trying to conserve electric. That's y I got me a heater buddy.
Carolyn's RV Life (7 months ago)
Good luck with it!!! I love mine!! stay warm..Happy TG
David Dirom (9 months ago)
Hi new to your channel, liking it so far. Just an FYI some of your links don’t go to the item that the link says it is for. IE: CM monitor took me to the filter as did a couple of the other links. Be safe. David
Triatic Nomadics (9 months ago)
I lived in South America and having a propane tank inside is a way of life to heat water and stove/oven! North Americans...get a grip!
Alexa Gilbert (10 months ago)
You are a smart lady. I just bought one of these and am watching you r video to find out how to use it. Thanks SO much.
Mehmet Sinan GÜRBÜZ (10 months ago)
How many hours it takes to empty ?
Donna Barg (10 months ago)
Thank you Carolyn this is so great .The perfect amount of information. This is just what I wanted to know.
Gary Leitz (10 months ago)
You are a tough woman. Simply amazing. May I suggest you put a number on each video so it can help readers know which show is the latest. It wield help a great deal. Also, keep smiling!
Susie Bosh (11 months ago)
totally agree. no hate comments from me ;) love your videos
Larry Fries (1 year ago)
they make an expensive smoke detector / carbon monoxide alarms get one beeeeesafe
CRAIG PERRY (1 year ago)
HSS 00100101 (1 year ago)
Why wouldn't you get a gas plumber to install a bayonet fitting inside and keep the bottle outside? Did I miss something?
Angela Siegfried (1 year ago)
You can buy smaller (white) propane tanks. My propane tank holds about half the amount of a regular sized propane tank.
Angela Siegfried (1 year ago)
It's called (the challenge) of man against nature! :) 0:38
Chris Lester (1 year ago)
Great the CO tester in my MH is up above my bed. Not on the floor. Great so hummm should I have it removed and put lower? I will have to look closely and see how it was installed. ROFL
Kathy Fann (1 year ago)
Do you smell anything? My Heater won't operate properly so I am looking for a more affordable answer.
bookmouse770 (1 year ago)
Yep, righty tighty, lefty loosey :-)) Yeah the gas man use to always spray with soapy water....I always watch repairmen as I find these things fascinating. This is how my gas stovetop works you have to push the pilot button down until the flame comes on. I think though I would find a way to keep the propane outside the rig and feel the hose inside, but that's just my preference. Very good
Karen Degenhart (1 year ago)
The co alarm link goes to the filter every time I try it. Just so you know. Thanks for the info about the connecting to to a tank, as I have a Mr. Buddy and don't want to use up those green containers.
could you take out your broken heater and put tank and heater buddy in that space?
Jackie Darling (1 year ago)
We have the one that has two small tanks, so we get 8 hours, which I like so I don't have to haul big tanks. Long enough for a night time and just remove the small tanks, maybe a bit more expensive, but I save on room since I can store the small tanks much easier. It got so warm in my RV I had to turn it off for a bit, and I didn't insulate, which I'm going to start doing, that's a good idea. I probably wouldn't need to have tank on as long.
jw anderson (1 year ago)
YOU have a "FUN" web site I learn so much.Please keep it coming!  JW in FLORIDA.
Kathy C (1 year ago)
My little buddy bit the dust...I use mine in my horse trailer in winter. They are fantastic! Hasn't killed me yet!
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
hee hee.. me neither. I'm on my third!! they don't last.. :-(
John Litl (1 year ago)
stay high and dry enjoy yourself you and capone
clyde alspaugh (1 year ago)
If your soapy water test shows leaks, you can use pliers or wrenches to tighten the connections 1/8th of a turn and test again. Usually the seals and gaskets will survive this. I say this because there is a large difference in "hand tight" given different people. Think 30 yr old woman Vs. 65 yr old woman. Also general physical condition of the individual is a factor. Of course, Carolyn is right about over tightening and destroying the seals, so PLEASE use common sense! Yes, it is true that common sense isn't very common, so think it through whatever you do. Love Carolyn's videos.
Yes it was very helpful warning labels are useful and common sense is needed with anything. I saw that when using these heaters moisture can build up in the RV causing mold issues and leaving a window open just a small amount or roof vent slightly open helps.
Kevin Connolly (1 year ago)
"Never do this... So here's how you do it..." heh. The legal disclaimers actually add a bit of comedy in this society of perpetual liability.
Sarah High (1 year ago)
Good information Carolyn, thank you!!
Dennis M (1 year ago)
Manufacturers instructions state to turn to high then to low setting
RVing Live The Dream (1 year ago)
We use an electric heater that has a tilt feature on it. Thanks for sharing :-)
Daddy421 (1 year ago)
its so refreshing and wonderful to see a woman who is not only capable enough- because almost all women are... i mean they fight for rights saying they are.. but has the brains and WILL to do things like this. i see too many women of all ages who just give up when faced with a basic mechanical thing like this heater... I think the WILL thing has a lot to do with it... hell... i saw a video just today of a woman behind the wheel of a 12 focus that had a trans comm issue. the trans dropped off the comm network and the vehicle lost all power. there was a lot to turn into and it was clear it was doable and in the video she was in a panic saying she couldnt do it. i just do not understand situations like this. her passenger, boyfriend or husband. told her yes you can and guess what? in a split second she was parked in that lot in her dead car boyfriend/hubby in passenger seat and infant in the back.. ITS NOT JUST WOMEN HERE!!! i see men doing it too. women just do it more. DONT DO THIS ANYONE! MALE OR FEMALE! your capable of more than you think. USE YOUR BRAINS. LEARN YOUR SURROUNDINGS. and simply THINK.
Peace&Love (1 year ago)
Hi Carolyn. I don't know about the propane tank inside your rig. My husband and I love the Mr. Heater Buddy. About 4 years ago we bought our first one and just loved. When it was about two years old, it caught fire in the house, and flames went up fast. But we were able to put the fire out fast. We decided it was a freak thing and replaced it with another Mr. Heater Buddy. We got the extended warranty in case it had another "accident." Just the other evening, this one blew up and thankfully my husband was in the kitchen so he saw it and heard it, and had a fire extinguisher on the stove. Of course we looked at our extended warranty. It was bought in 2013 so the unit was 3 /12 years old. Which surprised us both. Because we love the Mr. Buddy so much, we will get another one, but we have promised each other to throw it out after 2 years. So I suggest you think of that as a two year investment. The one "warning" I did overlook was it was getting harder to screw the bottles in. The thread seemed to be wearing out, so maybe gas was escaping. Love your vids and am a big fan. Blessings.
vanessa Boman (1 year ago)
hi there wandering lady of the desert... you are so neat! I like watching you and you inspire this Brit looking at living in a van. I like how you do things and admire those who just do it and go for it.
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
Thank you very much Vanessa! Good luck on your van hunt. I'm so excited for you!!
Vanadu (1 year ago)
It's a myth that carbon monoxide alarms should be installed lower on the wall because carbon monoxide is heavier than air. In fact, carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air and diffuses evenly throughout the room. With a little research online all credible sources will tell you to mount it on the higher end of the wall
Jouncyg (1 year ago)
OK Caroline...that was very helpful for the day when I will need this info. You have 20,000 + subs because it is like watching your best friend explain or talk to me/us. Hope that made sense. I enjoy watching :D.
Ernest Weber (1 year ago)
Just wanted to note, (in case it has not been posted here yet) that, as the instructions on the heater state, you are supposed to turn it up to high first, when you are lighting it, until the pad glows orange completely and THEN you can turn it down to low, if you want to. In the video, it was stated that you can start with low. This has to do with the care and longevity of the pad.
DR Dan (1 year ago)
Great vid on heating and safety. Filter info is new to me.  Thanks for posting.  That long fitting to the propane jug is unlike anything I have seen before.  Is this a west coat environmental thing?
James Franck (1 year ago)
Hey, you're handy! You should be doing online courses in aircraft maintenance and stuff ;-) Rather cavalier about fires in your rig though. I had a friend like that. He intentionally started a bonfire in his. I think it was after his 2nd or 3rd 6-pack. Heated the place up nicely but really messed up the re-sale value of his RV... Love your vids! Keep warm! About a dozen big dogs who love to cuddle work well too! And they're non-flammable, for the most part.
Kurt M. (1 year ago)
One thing I don't hear anyone talk about when using propane is checking for leaks each time prior to use. I used to have a table top grill that ran on the green propane bottles and the user manual said to brush a soapy water solution on the gas connection to check for leaks prior to each use.
Toni Mapp (1 year ago)
You got it going on my dear...
Anlushac11 (1 year ago)
To have a Propane tank inside a vehicle your supposed to have a sealed compartment with a vent hole in floor. Propane is heavier than air so it will sinks to floor and goes out hole. Largest danger is tank leaking. Have you tried caulking around windows? I live in a Mobile Home and putting thin Plexiglas over inside windows has made a huge difference even down to 0 deg
markadoglet (1 year ago)
another great video Caroline, I have carried propane cylinders in the back of my van and never had a problem I just brush a bit of soapy water on the connector with a paintbrush some of these laws go over the top and what nobody see's nobody knows about.
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
Paintbrush, great idea! Thanks for your common sense! All the best, Carolyn
Mid-day_ Light (1 year ago)
Cool 😎
Madronaxyz (1 year ago)
The idea that we are a litigious nation is a fiction promulgated by the insurance industry to justify massive rate increases. Insurance rate increases in the USA are not correlated with insurance company payouts.. The only thing that shows a positive correlation with insurance rate increases is the stock market. When the return on the stock market is low, the insurance companies increase the rates. There is no antitrust regulation of the insurance industry in 49 of our 50 states. That is because the insurance industry got the McCarran Ferguson Act passed in 1946 that prevents the federal government from doing antitrust regulation of the insurance industry.
VanoRama RV (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. Propane contains a fair bit of water. How do you find the condensation in the RV with it on? Obviously, the colder it is outside the more condensation problems you will have. Thanks
Maurice Jones (1 year ago)
Just love your channel. I am looking at a 26' Winnebago Brave or a Georgie Boy Cruise Air 36. I am 54 and have no desire to own a house anymore. I would rather lessen the amount of things I have and be mobile. Your approach is so great and is just like I think. Keep up the great work.
Maurice Jones (1 year ago)
+Carolyn's RV Life I have the same history, working in marketing and management for many years, started consulting and working for myself and just not interested in the phony life anymore. You are an incredible example.
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
Thank you Maurice.. good luck to you with the Winnie - great size and a great RV! - Caroly
John Taylor (1 year ago)
Your statement that carbon monoxide (CO) sinks to the floor is FALSE, and there is no need to place your detector low on the wall. CO is very slightly LIGHTER than air, and mixes completely with it. Detectors can be placed anywhere on the wall or ceiling. Propane is much heavier than air, and it sinks to the floor, so a propane detector should be placed low on the wall. A combined CO/propane detector is placed low on the wall because of the propane, not because of the CO.
chris nussbaum (1 year ago)
Not to be rude but it's a Buddy Heater! Not a heater Buddy......The filter is to keep rust particles that you might get from the inside of your 20 lb propane tank.......also you should shut your propane tank off and let it burn the propane from inside your hose.....because if you shut heater off first.... there is oil in propane that will clog the regulator in the Buddy Heater. I know this because i have ruined 2 heaters before i found this out....i have used the Big Buddy heater for 20 years for hunting season in Michigan winters and they are the best......get the carbon monoxide sensor and smoke alarm to cover all your bases........crack a window to make sure you have oxygen coming in even though the heater has an oxygen deprivation sensor built in........why take a chance? Enjoy your videos! be safe.
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
FYI - starting a sentence with "Not to be rude" is like starting a sentence with ,"I'm not racist, but...." Sometimes I misspeak... i'm human
Teresa Z. (1 year ago)
have you ever thought of getting a wood stove. there are very small ones out there
Kurt M. (1 year ago)
JustinCredible had a nice Kimberly in his last rig. The only problem with something like that is you can't control the heat very well.
Min Pin (1 year ago)
Carolyn, how do you get deliveries from Amazon and mail? Great vid!
Theresa Finn (1 year ago)
like strollers with the warning not to fold it up with the baby still seated.
Howard Fortyfive (1 year ago)
The carbon monoxide alarm (6:05) is *just another way for govt regulations to INTRUDE into our lives. I don't need it. My place is a bit drafty too.*
Howard Fortyfive (1 year ago)
At 2:16 instead of *warning labels on EVERYTHING I say we remove all the warning labels and let Darwin settle it. Let Darwin weed out the ignoramuses. Think of ALL the JOBS that would pop up. Plus IMHRO most of the idiots world wide are are of the snowflake crowd and since they're living on borrowed time anyhow why not advance their timely demise?* Just a suggestion. TY for your kind remarks Carolyn.
B H (1 year ago)
Great videos - you communicate very well.
San Bruno Beacon (1 year ago)
It might be safer and more efficient to use a few small ceramic personal heaters that have 2 heat settings - Low 170 Watts and High 250 Watts: http://amzn.to/2ia9sy9
ready net (1 year ago)
Let me come out and snuggle with you ?
Nomad Wizard (1 year ago)
Good job with the info. Keep the vids coming Haven't read all the comments, but, the opposite threading is for safety reasons so u don't attach the wrong gas, as not all bottled gases use left hand threading. For a few bucks take the RV in to a pro and have shut off(s) and 'tap-in' coupler, quick connects are avail, on the inside of the vehicle so u can use the RV tank ? Yes, no real problem to have tank inside, as u suggest check for leaks with soap. Cheers Oh, see if u can find someone to check the fan on ur furnace. Could be the noise is from a loose or broken fan blade. Sometimes, if u do not have a bug screen on the exhaust/intake vent bugs will get in. or some debris got in...one winter after leaving Florida and heading back north had fan noise and found 'stone' cocoons, can't remember the bug that makes their cocoons out of sand. Took the fan out cleaned the fan and vent pipes and all was fine.
John Leger (1 year ago)
I smoke so I would expect that I probably would blow my self up.... lol, best thing is use a long cable and keep the tank outside..!
MrEroshan (1 year ago)
I have two carbon monoxide detectors and two propane leak detectors. I always like to have backup safety.
john robertson (1 year ago)
No hate comments from here ! However with the results of the recent election proves that we are not a nation of prime thinkers ! Sorry about my bum info on the monoxide detector. My lame caboose was thinking of a fixed residential smoke and fire application and not a R.V. using propane. Whoops !
Michael Johnson (1 year ago)
I also think the tanks are far better than canisters for the heater buddy. The canisters tend to freeze on high, and stop working. Really stinks when you want to heat the space quickly.
Esther Frasher (1 year ago)
great info..thanks.
Ray C. (1 year ago)
Somebody probably already noted this, you need a insulator that fits in the overhead vents, they are pretty cheap and the exterior id washable, they will save a lot of heat.
coffeekittie (1 year ago)
The warning labels being there for covering a corporation's ass due to the worst case scenario has somehow convinced people that they are gospel. It's bugged me for years. Thanks for saying it, although it likely won't convince the rigid folks. Be smart, think, and judge for yourself.
Rhonda Waldron (1 year ago)
Good tips
J Chapman (1 year ago)
When I travel in my four wheel pop up camper I sleep in a down filled mummy bag which is rated to minus 26 degrees and I never have to worry about being cold. I get added heat when my dog sleeps next to me! Most of the time I use it like a comforter,because I've never been in minus 26 degree weather, and it still holds in my body heat. When I get out of bed I make coffee first thing and the stove burner heats up the camper. Using down filled comforters is best if you don't like a mummy bag. How many cold ducks have you ever seen?
Downhomesunset (1 year ago)
If you are anything like me, you shop occasionally and end up in the camping supply section of a store. Something on sale catches your eye and you now have something else you don't really need! But two things you should always have is a fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarm. And extra batteries
Ray O (1 year ago)
Nice informative videos.I've been thinking of buying in RV and living in it just to stop paying ridiculous high rent for worthless places.My family is thrilled of the idea but a little edgy about it because it will be their first time even beeing in an RV.So I showed them your videos so that they could see.
Melissa Nikkie (1 year ago)
Great explanation, Thank you!
Lee Wilson (1 year ago)
I love it, honestly
Doris Shanks (1 year ago)
Very good info. However about the LP gas detector you showed. I have never seen an RV that did not have one installed down near the floor in the kitchen. I am also wondering why you don't get the furnace fixed and just use the Mr Buddy for a backup heater. I have seen them tied into the onboard propane tank as well. Also the carbon monoxide detector is usually round and mounted high on the wall in the area of the generator.
byx (1 year ago)
good video i use a mr heater wall mount in my class c its 23 outside now and 73 in the rv and that's just on low i have the furnace for back up
brownmc1956 (1 year ago)
Nice to hear some " common sense safety advice " Thanks for your videos.
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching! :-)
how is your boyfriend Bob?

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