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Text Comments (1745)
Tionna Williams (7 months ago)
Yayyyyyy #a1family I have a whole fan page and everything😂😂😂
Sophia Gibbs (3 days ago)
Tionna Williams love you so much 💏💞💜💛❤💙⭐💝🌟🌈💖💟💚💗💓💕🌠🌞👪
young puppy mommy (13 days ago)
young puppy mommy (13 days ago)
Tionna Williams I hate you
Duh. Im . Jakepauler (19 days ago)
rockyb the boss ya is he a he or a she???????
Jessica Hernandez (8 hours ago)
can I have your boyfriend
Eddie Cazares (9 hours ago)
A1 family
Eddie Cazares (9 hours ago)
#a1family Luv ya guys so freaking much u don't know how much I luv ya guys❤❤💖💖BTW I'm using my dads account and I'm s girl
Jules is so fricking pretty the whole time I was drooling at Jules ! She's a jaw droppah ! Saud is beyond blessed ! Ily guys so much ! :) 💋❣️♀💍❤️💛😍😘 #a1family
Yadrieliz Torres (2 days ago)
You guys are so cool togerther and when I am down I watch your videos and I feel good
Brenda Guardado (2 days ago)
A1 Family❤️❤️
Lj Rivas (3 days ago)
I love you guys!
Briseis Terrero (4 days ago)
Martha G (4 days ago)
Tracy Pressgrove (5 days ago)
Is Saud a boy or girl it's ok to say your gender
Jonathan Bahena (6 days ago)
A1 family you Guys are the best
Marilyn Garcia (7 days ago)
When is sauds birthday because mine is January 23
Fátima Villatoro (7 days ago)
#A1family 😘😘😘
Sister Love (7 days ago)
Ily both so much bc u guys r u inspirational
Karolynn Oldham (7 days ago)
y'all are cute together! you actually remind me of my ex and i in a good way.
Leslie Glass (7 days ago)
U do not look like a bird
Angelica Garcia (8 days ago)
Layla Tracy (9 days ago)
Miss Savage (9 days ago)
#A1FAMILY plz do a full vid of ur fave comments plz!!! i love u guys! p.s Saud is a sexy beast!!!
princess deva 7 (9 days ago)
Why do people say is saud a girl or boy?
Kaileighann Taylor (10 days ago)
Kaileighann Taylor (10 days ago)
Matt Maertens (10 days ago)
You guys r amazing I love you
nikkol hall (11 days ago)
I love you guys. OMG you guys need to stay together. You both seem happy and you, are both funny. ❣❣❣❣❣😍😍😍😍🖤🖤🌹🌹 and saud keep being a great boyfriend and Jules keep being you your beautiful as hell and ur personality is amazing.
Geraldine Gallardo (11 days ago)
Don’t know how you guys get so much hate!!!❤️I love y’all so much!!❤️✨
Collister Comedy (11 days ago)
Yeah! Wash those haters down the drain! Love you guys. 😁😁
Kimberly Cruz videos (11 days ago)
Al is a boyyyu
bella s (11 days ago)
If Saud was a bird..he is a hot bird
Alexis and Carly BFF (11 days ago)
I don't see a bird you at all
Sarah Erlysha (12 days ago)
I still dont know if saud is a guy or girl love yall
London Arrington (12 days ago)
A1 family
Koka g (12 days ago)
#a1family I watched all your movies I love u guys
Luisa Galindo (12 days ago)
#A1family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sofia Juny (13 days ago)
I love booth of you so perfect😊
johnipie 460 (13 days ago)
a1 fam for life. what is that backround music
young puppy mommy (13 days ago)
I love you saud
Juan Pablo Morales (13 days ago)
The coolest bird in the world duh
Jclupp Vlogs♥️ (13 days ago)
Aneta Amaro (14 days ago)
Love you 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐱
Keirra Elliott (14 days ago)
I made a flipagram of you guys
Marielis 1237 (14 days ago)
I love your videos and your my favorite YouTuber
Isabella Ayala (15 days ago)
Saud is a boy
Uri Squires (15 days ago)
Y'all are couple goals
Brodie Phillips (15 days ago)
Jada Shanks (16 days ago)
Ion like Jules she’s just obsessed with herself
jules you deserve saud and saud jules deserve you
skinny penis (16 days ago)
Aniya Thomas (14 days ago)
skinny penis hi
dancer Velasquez (16 days ago)
I love u guys and I support u guys all the way u are the best couple💛💙💜💚
Jescaya Kayla Romero (16 days ago)
What camera do you guys use?😍
SMIEKLĪGÀ Keita (17 days ago)
I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍your girlfriend is prety😍😘❤️💕
Mia Ramirez (17 days ago)
You guys are so cute together.Jule you have a pretty body I wish I was you.😄
Rosa Cruz (17 days ago)
Sauds kinda cute but jules and saud r better together
Luna Cabrera (18 days ago)
I love you
Sage and Abby (18 days ago)
I'm so adicted to watching your videos 😍😍 it never gets bored....
Don't u guys in America say bird it means girl
sanjuanita Ojeda (18 days ago)
Y'all two are funny
Nour Hamed (18 days ago)
#a1family love u guys so much
Surya Kumar (19 days ago)
I think jules is very older than saud
Leilah Berumen (19 days ago)
a1 family all the wayyy❤❤
Kayleen Haro (19 days ago)
Al family
Monkey Marely21 (19 days ago)
love yall
Kirrah Simpson (19 days ago)
it is right y'all do got a good relationship 😘😘
Jose Mateo (19 days ago)
Just do what you like
Elise Cellier (19 days ago)
You guys were made for each other. Love you both!!
Ana Mejia (19 days ago)
A1 family I love u guy's so so so much💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕I litterlly watch all of your video's and re watch it LOVE U❤
Michael DiCaro (20 days ago)
I love you guys so much and u r the best couple ever
Bxbynyx (20 days ago)
2:06 They mean such a waste of beauty being what you are which is lesbian. I get that too smh but yea thats what it meant 😭❤️
Jahara Hill (20 days ago)
Julia’s too pretty for the eye!
Myra Lyde (20 days ago)
Is suad a boy or girl
I love you guys and can I have a shoutout. I never like hate comments because you guys are so nice, and just be you.❤️
madison cleary (20 days ago)
Saud Ur sooooo cute and Jules Ur very pretty x
Kc Martina (20 days ago)
#A1family I love you guys so much
Sksk Rat (20 days ago)
AYEEE WHERE MY AUGUST GANG AT? Im August 31st ;)))))
Destiny Allen7105 (20 days ago)
When they talking bout stop waiting time in beauty they said stop waits sting time on makeup ur ugly either way that’s what they mean!! And u aren’t...u r beautiful and I wish I was u!!❤️❤️
Xxx Melina (22 days ago)
They never even answered the damn question
E.S.S swagger (22 days ago)
don't care anyome stupid u both are awesome guys
josian resto (22 days ago)
when someone ask is saud a girl or dude i would been like “.........OR ......BITCH”
Shakyla Jones (23 days ago)
Larrianda Charles (24 days ago)
You don't look like a bird
Ginette Desormeau (24 days ago)
Did they Read my comment I heard thank you ginette but they did not show it so idk now but I still love you both so much 😍😍😍❤❤💕💕💕💖💖💖
Tamiaha Haynes (24 days ago)
I love your video can much
Joanna Gonzalez (24 days ago)
I love y'all and your dog wish I can keep her and pls do pranks on each other
Cristal Morales-Leon (24 days ago)
Saud dude🔥
Thessaly Harper (24 days ago)
I think all the haters be hating cause they wanna be like Jules and Saud
Allah Akabar (24 days ago)
Allah Akabar (24 days ago)
A1 family the best family
Sophia Centeno (24 days ago)
Magdalyn Pink (24 days ago)
#A1 Family
Ada Clark (24 days ago)
Jules do the wipe and na na
Ada Clark (24 days ago)
You guys are the best you tubers vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Hawraa Sb (25 days ago)
I love you keep going
Kali Hardy Hardy (25 days ago)
Also I think saud should do a video on being trans?! Would love it! I love hearing other people’s story’s! It’s just fascinating how they went through what they went through to get were they are!! Please make a video on it sometimes? Love you guys so much! 😻💗😘
Kali Hardy Hardy (25 days ago)
#A1family 💗💗
Hannah Estes (25 days ago)
I freaking love you guys so much
Jon Lobos (25 days ago)
Jules you are beautiful confident you are a lot of things don't listen to those mean comments Saud you are handsome confindent just like I told Julies don't listen to your mean comments and you are more things than that you are more things than anything you are perfect for each other I love you guys 😘😘😘😘😍😍😄😄❤️❤️💞💞💞💟💕💕
Maleah Stevens (25 days ago)
Allison Tatum Asplund (25 days ago)
#a1 family

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