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RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer (2018) Post-Apocalyptic Game

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RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer (2018) Post-Apocalyptic Game • Release Date: TBA 2018 • Platform: PS4, XB1, PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (68)
Detective Mario (6 hours ago)
Destiny + Borderlands + Rage 2
2lazy :T (5 days ago)
So fallout turned up to 11...
Que guapo , ya me gusto el 1 y este seguro que mas y tira a borderlands
Олег Дедов (6 days ago)
Heliogábalo Santos (6 days ago)
Ràin 2k (6 days ago)
First STALKER 2 now this. What a year!
Ràin 2k (6 days ago)
Hah, ikr ;) I've been waiting for it a long time as well. Stalker is pretty much my childhood.
Nazek ki (6 days ago)
oh well wow i just checked it WTFFFFFF i was waiting for this game so long and couldnt believe its true that it is on development!!! thank you!
Ràin 2k (6 days ago)
No, I mean STALKER 2 ;)
Nazek ki (6 days ago)
stalker 2? you mean escape from tarkov game? sad part its not with mutants and has no stalker backstory.
Orhan Idrisov (6 days ago)
Destiny + Borderlands = Rage 2
Alotta (6 days ago)
Looks better than the 1st
Abtin B (6 days ago)
This game looks like borderlands
Marius West (6 days ago)
HEHE HURR DURR mAD mAx HEHE bOrDELAnDSE!!! HHHH Shut the fuck up you bunch of bitches
ultra instinct Goku (6 days ago)
Fuck yeah
Willyam Jordan (7 days ago)
Don't tell me we get to help settlements that need our help. It's behesda's game after all
Mr_Antimate (7 days ago)
The first one was shit, maybe this will be great, but I can't trust... Leider hat der erste Teil reingeschissen, hoffen wir mal auf einen guten Neuanfang ^^
Name. LastName (7 days ago)
IT look awesome !! This is how all games should be. If i recall in Rage 1 you were barely able to jump 1m, it felt really limited. This gameplay looks much much better, actually improved game sequel.
Enoch Menor (7 days ago)
What's the song?
Soup Sandwich (7 days ago)
YES! IVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS!!! I loved rage! Best ass kicking game ever!
sjcongo (7 days ago)
antho bap (7 days ago)
Nightcore Kayuna (7 days ago)
Its creative though. Love it <3
InC # (7 days ago)
The Hype After years is Real ma Friends
En3rGy-X (7 days ago)
Yeaaaah Finally YEAAA ID ID
alexandre jarussi (7 days ago)
Fucking Awesome!😈😨
Adonys (7 days ago)
I finished RAGE and it was amazing, cant wait to finish this one too
B Dog (7 days ago)
Looks fun
Narthumpulous (7 days ago)
Now that's a gameplay trailer.
Noah Mayer (7 days ago)
Is it the same team that did doom? Cause it looks like it plays like doom
EnigmA (7 days ago)
This looks like a more fleshed out Borderlands... I’d play it
Little_Srex (7 days ago)
Boring af !
黃俊樺 (7 days ago)
dob20506 (7 days ago)
смотрится охуенно. Главное что бы не поЮбисофтили
crazy dutch1 (7 days ago)
I need everygame now with my xbox one x and 4k tv . This is gonna be a expensive year for me
Carl free-thinking (7 days ago)
Cool !
DesertorMax PC (7 days ago)
Nice fps
francesco zac (7 days ago)
Bender Rodrigez (7 days ago)
Shut up and take my money!!!
Sir ravix of fourhorn (7 days ago)
A more cartoon like Fallout. I'm OK with that tbh.
LightsideTV (7 days ago)
Das sieht echt gut aus. Macht auf jeden Fall Lust auf mehr 🤘✌
Eagle Eye (7 days ago)
I love zombies games # Awsome
Jason Leem (7 days ago)
First one was a failure. Dont know if I can trust this one
Louie (7 days ago)
what was wrong with it? never play it
Jason Leem (7 days ago)
Idk man. It was like comparing this game to Borderlands and Metro and all those games. This game was absolutely bland compared to those 2
InanimateDK (7 days ago)
i totally agree rage was a garbage game that didnt get decent until tthe last 3 missions when u acquire everything
InC # (7 days ago)
For the time where rage is released it was a great fckng game
George Chavez (7 days ago)
Jason Leem it wasn't too bad
Led (7 days ago)
Yes! I loved the first part with all mistakes together. Big thanks for this great news! :)
Marlon Sanguino Uribe (7 days ago)
xq desactivan los likes
Carpet Creed (7 days ago)
It looks like a borderlands kind of game
Carpet Creed (6 days ago)
Cloud Strife yeah 😂
Abtin B (6 days ago)
Nazek ki you need to be shut your motherfucking mouth motherfucker fuck the rage fuck the madmax fuck you you stupid dumb motherfucker
Nazek ki (6 days ago)
what the fuck is borderlands? some sjw weeb game for twats?? i seen sone videos but didnt like this crap and doesnt resemble rage at all lol. in fact Rage resembles mad max.
Abtin B (6 days ago)
Carpet Creed i agree
ZDOG Smith (7 days ago)
Carpet Creed idk that bc I haven't play borderlands yet😭
I need this game and i also need just cause 4 😆😆😆😆
Detective Mario (9 hours ago)
Clasher royale Not JC4 Year
Carpet Creed (7 days ago)
5th baby 👍
Jean Santos (7 days ago)
HTELCO (7 days ago)
sohel seenha (7 days ago)
wow supper treiler
FRD 1711 (7 days ago)
Detective Mario (7 days ago)
FRD 1711 Nope

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