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"I seen it" and other stupid mistakes

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http://www.engvid.com/ I'm sure "you seen" it before, but that doesn't make it right. This lesson will help you understand and correct three very common grammar mistakes that even many native English speakers make every day. Test your understanding of this lesson with the quiz: http://www.engvid.com/i-seen-it-and-other-stupid-mistakes/
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Text Comments (631)
Apurv Singh (12 days ago)
Ain't moron too harsh for a stupid? 😂
una palabra (1 month ago)
This teacher is amazing ¡¡
tigest gutema (1 month ago)
I love this guy.
Leonardo Matos (1 month ago)
James, please make a specific class explaining FUTURE II PROGRESSIVE, pleaaaase! e.g.: "He will have been speaking."
Martin Treide-Heuser (1 month ago)
Thanks for the hints
Elhadj Diallo (1 month ago)
no wonder the vast majority of American speak like
Linn Jeane Monroe (1 month ago)
Many thanks for this lesson, it was very educational :) I wish you could make more videos about this topic as we, ESL-students, do beleive whatever we see in movies or series and we start using some phrases or grammar constructions, which are incorrect (but we don't know that). Thanks again!
Sir you are really Awwsome !!
ruddy Mpelele (2 months ago)
I realy like your course
sporemariomaster (2 months ago)
It isn't a work of respectable quality. I have had the experience of viewing that content. Given my experience and my knowledge of your personality, I suggest not viewing that content.
Bassam Abulela (2 months ago)
"Yo man, it ain't that good, I won't see it if I was you!" "I seen it too, it ain't that good, he's right!!" "I was thinking to myself, I need some new friends" ROFL 🤣
Raja Daniel butar (2 months ago)
this is the reason why i wouldn't go to EF because i can count on you james :D lmao
ashish bamania (2 months ago)
This is more fun watching you ....then learning English...
Nathan Scott (2 months ago)
you are a good singer !!
Sabrina Zaccaria (3 months ago)
C'mon James! If you need new friends, just call me!!!! I can teach you Italian as well :-) P.S. BTW amazing lesson ;-)
Taliana NUNEZ (3 months ago)
Nice video I like the way you teach, it’s so fun and i can understand quickly
Victor Tsowaseb (3 months ago)
Uhugnnvnkbb m 0cvfhhfhhfukhghkuuhk +27 54 337 7644 half, ghjjgkgjjHhjbkj
Denise Schulze (3 months ago)
I have to remember p.p. 2 words 😮 i suck @ grammar 04:18
uma manga de Belém (3 months ago)
Difícil se consentrar com um professor gato
Yuting Xu (4 months ago)
Hi James, is 'a couple of' a proper word for grouping a several things together? Or is it a proper/correct phrase to use as a "group word"? Any video for this please? Thank you
Andy Mac (4 months ago)
I can justify the "I seen it" by that it's easier to pronounce than "I saw it", as in the latter there is a hard-to-pronounce combination of vowels. Considering that letter "w" in the word "saw" sounds like a vowel [u], we basically have 3 vowels in a row. That's damn hard to pronounce. Now on the other hand we got the "I seen it", which is perfectly easy to pronounce even though it ain't correct grammatically. Now my native language pays A LOT of attention to stuff like that, so in it, "I seen it" would've become a norm long ago. But I see it becoming a norm of speaking in English in future too, as language is constantly developing.
Marvin Romero (4 months ago)
I seen it ja ja
Ingrid Macher (4 months ago)
Tawfik Isengarde (5 months ago)
Don't talk fastly pls. I cannot understand you 😁
Thamsanqa Gamede (5 months ago)
I had seen some guys do their typings in bad grammar , on Facebook
Thamsanqa Gamede (5 months ago)
I saw James videos he's a good English teacher ,his lessons has helped me a lot , thank you James If I were I would be happy for being intellect as you are
James is great. I like your class, thank you
sameer salihy (5 months ago)
Hi guys I have group If you interested to improve your English skill then add me in What's App00923405863958
Letter D'Crossed (5 months ago)
James nice teacher
Maya Ike (5 months ago)
;) cool
Shy Sushmi (6 months ago)
You are the best teacher ever. I used to say I seen it all the time before. Hehe
Mickietta Armwood (6 months ago)
Wonderful video, Thomas. ;)
YeshuaJesusisking Vegan (6 months ago)
Im from Texas USA anyone need english help?
James, you are great; your presentation skills, jokes, playing with students are very good. Keep going, from Russia with respect )
Jacob DeMarco-Cronin (7 months ago)
I saw the thumbnail and had to watch. Im hispanic and growing up i always heard this terrible grammar from family and other hispanic kids in school.
Leonardo Matos (7 months ago)
Oh, man. You crack me up. Lol
S. (7 months ago)
love ur lessons James!😻
Raheem Niza (7 months ago)
Dear james can i hv uo email address to contact u i would like to start an online course.......
alfonso arias (7 months ago)
You are an amazing teacher, cheers from Colombia.
Erik Sandbergen (7 months ago)
While James may be a competent teacher the editorializing in this video was unnecessary and at times incorrect. First: English is not a prescribed language, unlike French for example. Second: There are many variations of English out there (call them dialects or creoles or whatever). To disparage his friend from 'the ghetto' (really?) as sounding stupid was stupid. Ghetto speak, Ebonics, Black American English. Call it what you will, but it isn't 'bad' English. Now if you want to talk about register etc, then you have a subject to expand and expound on.
edgehill66 (5 months ago)
Erik Sandberg "Ghetto speak, Ebonics, Black American English" result from marginalisation of black people by the white majority population. Education was prohibited for enslaved Africans, who adopted the language of the poor, uneducated whites that they were "closest" too. It is bad English, and it's pervasive. Black people that can't/won't break the habit of speaking poorly find themselves in poorly paid employment, if at all.
Injayss Craft (8 months ago)
For the second example, can we use doesn't instead of isn't?
I imagine your friend watching this video. And if it happens, you will factually need some new friends. :)
Вадим Чурун Hahhaha. 🤣🤣🤣❤️
鄭翔鴻 (8 months ago)
Absolutely , better than my school English teacher .
Peter Novikov (8 months ago)
Meghan Trainor - "Me Too" song ? If i was you?
julio fabre (8 months ago)
Super Teacher
olivia khan (8 months ago)
best Teacher ever!
George (9 months ago)
Thanks i enjoy watching your vid. ☺ you're awesome!!!!
M Abdou (9 months ago)
the best teacher on the face of the earth i ain't seen any good teacher like you .. God bless your pretty heart and your sole.
Lior Galily (9 months ago)
thank you very much. it was very useful :)
yummyjackalmeat (9 months ago)
I picked up saying "I seen" or even better "I done seen" as a total joke. Now I say it to people who don't get my humor and it's this whole thing I have to explain.
jeFFersoN (9 months ago)
at first I THOUGHT this teacher was weird and shy.,,and after a while I noticed he is perfecT!
rere raa (9 months ago)
they're native speakers &made mistakes hhhhh what about as OMG😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Shirley Lei (10 months ago)
I am still confused about when to use have been and have doing!! Kind of frustrated
Juan El Sobado (10 months ago)
I seen you been rude with my hood! you ain't have to be like that man! was wrong with you fool?
Wolfo (10 months ago)
Could you please try to make video about "I've"?
Mays Mckenzie (10 months ago)
Why do you always start your videos reading a newspaper ?
Muze (10 months ago)
lol i love your vid u r so funny
andre langraf (10 months ago)
You know what, I never say "ain't" in my daily conversations because I ain't like that.
Oscar Lezcano (11 months ago)
I have no idea how much time you take to create these kind of videos. Really appreciated my friend.
Dj Jacger (11 months ago)
May be he want to say "i've seen it" and " 've" is not say out
AraSh Az (11 months ago)
thanks teacher james
Ricardo Assis (11 months ago)
hey teacher I'm Brazilian it is hard to us understand . because we don't have ( present perfect in Portuguese) sometimes I get confuse ..
Alexander Coura (11 months ago)
Great guy!
Neusa dos Santos Dantas (11 months ago)
Hi teacher I lovely your class.
mansdoctooor (1 year ago)
at first I didn't get about English!But after watching this video I started understanding English thank you for the video!
andirei (1 year ago)
Did you say, "Hi.. james wingvid..."? LOL
Fabi Santos (1 year ago)
I am from Brazil and have watch your videos .. awesome and funny !!! Loves your videos !!
JK JK (1 year ago)
I saw this in another lesson "If I WAS thirsty, I'd have a beer." Is it correct?
Layarion (1 year ago)
3:00 is there a better word than "saw"?
Layarion (1 year ago)
1:52 all american's have shotguns in their possession.
AIN'T ain't a word hahaha
Great video!!!! I seen it lol!
Dalvani Rocha (1 year ago)
Suas explicações são muito boas! I love them! Good job!
Hi James,,,, what a good lesson isnt it? :) I really love the way you're teaching,,,, :) by the way, could you help me to explain to us what's the difference between SEIZE and FORECLOSE is,,, thanks :) sincerely
Sam Sham (1 year ago)
Could you share me your email address please?
Astrid Lisset (1 year ago)
I really like him ! But the bad thing is that's British English :((
Ivan Kurs (1 year ago)
In Russia say: "History don't know subjunctive (conjunctive ) mood" - It was the easiest way to catch your idea) Thank you for this lesson!
Sophia Shneider (1 year ago)
thanx! you a the best
Ernesto Barreto (1 year ago)
You are genius ! = ]
I love your lesson you are brillant and handsom anyway tooooo ;) Regards from Poland :**
Matt Vl (1 year ago)
wow! what an amazing teacher! he has his own way of teaching , i really admire him! Great Job James!
Marco Sandoval (1 year ago)
LOL so funny the way like you emulate some accents. The best ever explanation about the consufing ain´t & seen it. Thnaks @James.
NIGRO (1 year ago)
" if I was you I wanna be me too " So they don't care about being stupid in songs ?
D. CALC (1 year ago)
Can i say it: i did see it.
Ana Teresa Meirelles (1 year ago)
Netflix is available in approximately 190 countries. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/14164
Shirey (1 year ago)
Hi James Thank you so much for your Lessons. I have fun and I hope someday my English it's will be better.
Shirey (1 year ago)
Hi James Thank you so much for your Lessons. I have fun and I hope someday my English it's will be better.
mamamaumamam (1 year ago)
I really enjoy this video but I also have some questions, For number 1, I think "has/have seen" is the only correct form to express the sentence, "I have seen the movie." We use Present Perfect to say our experience or something happens in the past with no specific time signal. Could you explain why saw and had seen are also correct? For number 3, If I was a doctor, If I was there... (possible). While, If I were God, If I were a bird (impossible). That is what my teacher said for the using of was and were. Can anybody help me?
Abdullah Shammari (1 year ago)
i like ur vidwos
Leonardo Avendano (1 year ago)
I've been thinking about how to correctly say this (3rd error) ... and the surprise for me, this video comes to me whitout searching for it.
Kim Kim (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I'm sharing this with my students Monday. Your funny style of teaching this will help the message get through.
Kamran Safarov (1 year ago)
Great video and amazing teacher
Viktor Perchik (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video! But I still can't get the case about "if I were you". Please somebody explain that:(
Cemre Bedir (1 year ago)
you are the best teacher on ESL program! the other teachers ain!t as funnier as you!
Иыги Антон (1 year ago)
ain't is the spoken form and is widely used in real conversations! I disliked the video (for the 1st time actually) coz phrases with ain't sound STUNNING - use them to be a real nigga :)
YeshuaJesusisking Vegan (6 months ago)
Иыги Антон Its a very racist word.
Fauzi Fadhil (1 year ago)
Harchand Kevin (1 year ago)
When to use save or safe
poftim (1 year ago)
Save is a verb; safe is an adjective. If you SAVE someone (in danger of drowning for instance), that person is now SAFE.
Mariusz Makowski (1 year ago)
Hi I strongly believe that teaching by giving bad examples is not good idea. I've heard that bad examples are easy to be remembered.
Hama Arif (1 year ago)
waaw good lessons...thanks mr.james you made my day
ajallouda ihdiha (1 year ago)
Hello can you help me to do this exercise please. exercice a paragraph in negative sentences Use these verbs: take, talk, try, tell, turn, travel, teach, send, speak, spend, hope, create, start, be, can, do, see, sell, swim, decide, need...please do not use all the verbs in negative, just few

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