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"I seen it" and other stupid mistakes

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http://www.engvid.com/ I'm sure "you seen" it before, but that doesn't make it right. This lesson will help you understand and correct three very common grammar mistakes that even many native English speakers make every day. Test your understanding of this lesson with the quiz: http://www.engvid.com/i-seen-it-and-other-stupid-mistakes/
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Francis Goris Payano (6 hours ago)
Good job and keep working. I really love your videos!
Luiz Felipe (8 hours ago)
"Yo! It ain't that good!" hahaha awesome
petix len (9 hours ago)
American english has alot grammar mistakes and/or slangs. Same with my native language we like to shorten words, if we say straight correct grammar it sounds like we're talking so formal.
Kezang Thinley (2 days ago)
me ant a kid
Kezang Thinley (2 days ago)
aaaaaa always good lesson
shrikant badge (3 days ago)
Amazing amazingly resourceful videos. Man why didn't I find u before
Elyn Jao (4 days ago)
Wow just commented awhile ago..I used ain't there.😂😅😅
Mónica Escobar (6 days ago)
Simple, clear and totally understandable. Thanks!! Greetings from Chile
Hamdi Ali (6 days ago)
Best teacher ever , salute 👋!!.
jazzip (7 days ago)
I notice you pronounce can't and past the British way. Paast and caan't.
jazzip (7 days ago)
I seent it!!
Kevin Zhang (8 days ago)
Superb teacher
jenny sv showtime (13 days ago)
My favorite teacher
Serkan Sain (13 days ago)
böyle hocamız vardı da biz mi ingilizce öğrenmedik???
isaac abiodun (15 days ago)
The teaching is understandable enough. Thanks my GREAT teacher
Angelica Gonzales (16 days ago)
Never a dull moment with you. Keep it up! 👍
Bokyung Baik (17 days ago)
I love you🔥
Carla .Siska (18 days ago)
i wanna speak english fluently like u sir. u are awesome. I love watching every video from u. Good job.
Ousaine Dukuray (19 days ago)
Ur lessons are actually interesting
Adam Holub (22 days ago)
Hey man, great video, but I don't agree with "I was". Yes, I were is correct, but nowadays you can say "I was", we had it in english lesson and I've heared it from many natives yet.
Klodi Orahim (24 days ago)
You are an amazing teacher.
POKEgo TiPs (24 days ago)
When to use 'since' 'from' and 'ago' ?
S. FRESCURA (25 days ago)
best teacher !
Mirghani Hamza (25 days ago)
p51mustang24 (25 days ago)
Most of these mistakes are made by unintelligent people, not by uneducated people. Many high IQ people are uneducated, and speak english perfectly well (IQ measures pattern recognition, so they can pick up language patterns on their own, and identify incorrect grammar). Unfortunately some groups like blacks have, on average, low IQ's (70 on average for pure blooded africans, 85 for mulattoes, 100 for whites, 106 for east asians, some groups like ashkenazi jews are as high as 110) so they have great difficulty learning the language correctly. Yes, outliers exist for ALL groups. IQ is mostly hereditary so education can increase measured IQ by a few points at best, as shown by twin studies. TLDR; it's not a stereotype, blacks are actually stupid. White southerners unfortunately get falsely associated with the education statistics of their states which are dragged down by blacks. Might seem racist but it's pretty damn well backed up by data and research.
Min Yoongiisangel (26 days ago)
"I need some new friends." Hilarious))
Janice Ocampo (26 days ago)
Amazing teacher.. I understand english better bcoz you are that superb.. kudos..
Good lesson, but little bit confusing explanation about was/were. I knew this rule, but I still don't understand why we have to use WERE. Were is just a plural form of WAS, but I'm not going to become plural in my imagination. :)
brightme12 (28 days ago)
Perfect 😁
Romunda Hamilton (28 days ago)
James, you are a great teacher.
Annie B (29 days ago)
Hi James ~ Can't help but love you even though I'm in my 9th decade. I suppose you had to punctuate these words in 7th grade. I know I had to way back then. She had had had where he had had had had had had was correct. Have fun IF this is new to you. Keep up the fun, informative videos.
Jessie Rosenberg (29 days ago)
Thank you so much for this lesson. :) It was really educative for me.
Datu Madika (1 month ago)
I wish my English teacher was like you 😂😂😂😇😇😇👍👍👍 superb
Reem Alnaji (1 month ago)
great teacher thanks james😂😂
Natalie Novak (1 month ago)
About the songs you talked about them in previous video, that it’s good to listen to songs and see movies... so there is a song about last mistake you explained. Beyoncé- if I were a boy. May be it will help someone to remember this rule :)
ghost gamers (1 month ago)
2:33 this guy is hilarious
Frank Torres (1 month ago)
She ain’t my wife, she’s my cousin. Lol!
zaduba tenchoe (1 month ago)
if i were a boy song
Yareli Contreras (1 month ago)
I actually want to punch my friends when they speak/write incorrectly 😂 also I speak Spanish! ... Your videos are great!
Ricardo M 2725 (1 month ago)
Such a nice teacher
Gaius Iulius (1 month ago)
shutcho clown ass up
Urbano Britugomes (1 month ago)
good explanations i like it
dota break (1 month ago)
that space in the middle though
Magic Man (1 month ago)
Stupid teacher
Francisco Mejia (1 month ago)
I have learned a lot with you teacher. Especially in this summer that there's not summer classes in my school. Keep doing this ESL classes. Great job! :-)
Oranaf 03 (1 month ago)
Ok. I do speak like that SOMETIMES but i can actually speak proper english. It’s funny, though.
j18grecco (1 month ago)
Aluu TeKtóra (1 month ago)
Problem with "If I was you..." was common because of declination "to be" in past tense - I WAS and you/he/she/it were xd ... So were is the logic of using "if I WERE (seriously? Why? XD) you". We hadn't any other choice but learn it by the heart. Thank you for the video :)
TheHeartsDiamonds (6 days ago)
I think most parts of any language need to be learned by heart.
MaVictoria Acuna (1 month ago)
Now, I know the reason behind the usage of "If I were you..." Thanks James!
Shawn Lee (1 month ago)
Subtitle form youtube block the screen in phone. Haha
Mixail Sadovnicov (1 month ago)
Hi!! I am from Russia and I want to ask: Is this information actual for now? Because, for example, in modern pop culture we have many songs as "If I was a boy" by Beyonce or "I ain't your mama" by JLo. All this forms are mistakes or it's some kind of evolution and modernisation of language? Thanks))
bee urbina (1 month ago)
Awesome simple fix.thank mate🍻
Amnda (1 month ago)
"if I were a booooy"🎶🎶
beybi ibişoğlu (1 month ago)
You are amazing..!
adnan has (1 month ago)
oh yeah, actually I have noticed that from native speakers. and there are more than three common grammar mistakes, like I been, I seeing, I eaten etc.. but anyway thanks your the video.
Murad Can Tiner (1 month ago)
Such a forsenCD lesson
Shaun Shuster (1 month ago)
I saw the movie -yesterday- you forgot the time expressions
Mali John (1 month ago)
How do you say "If I ain't got you" correctly? If I don't have you?
Kogul Selvanathan (1 month ago)
Hi Roonie coleman
Prasad Pavalkody (1 month ago)
Excellent work James.... Its absolutely fun to watch and I dont get bored even after listening to you for 14 min straight...Thanks a lot....
Fathima Shahana (1 month ago)
I am from india.I can understand your English.Thank you
Sarha Sarhan (1 month ago)
I am speechless, luv this guy.
Lee lena (1 month ago)
is it should be "I have watched it before" instead of "I have seen it before " ?
SincerePrayer 94 (1 month ago)
Your a phenomenal English teacher. Thank you for helping me improve my english
AleJJtheNinja (1 month ago)
I find the way you mix american/canadian/Mr. E and english/british/IDK accent, -very strange- perplexing.
Christy Vermisst dich (1 month ago)
Jajajajajja NICE! Saludos from Dom. Rep.
DevYukta Karwa (1 month ago)
We all know you is not treated as singular then why do we use "you were" like "you were on facebook. "
Office Resource (1 month ago)
all I hear is: bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW bla bla YOU KNOW STOP WITH THAT STUPID "YOU KNOW"
fab m roldan (1 month ago)
aDayinUruguay (2 months ago)
That face can either be a sad fat guy or a happy mustache dude. Couldn't concentrate. Just kidding, fellow (future) TEFL teacher here looking for chops. You are one of the greats! Keep it up!
Rick Harrison (2 months ago)
Wow I feel so out together thank-you 👰
tressinar (2 months ago)
Great teacher
Apurv Singh (3 months ago)
Ain't moron too harsh for a stupid? 😂
una palabra (4 months ago)
This teacher is amazing ¡¡
tigest gutema (4 months ago)
I love this guy.
Leonardo Matos (4 months ago)
James, please make a specific class explaining FUTURE II PROGRESSIVE, pleaaaase! e.g.: "He will have been speaking."
Martin Treide-Heuser (4 months ago)
Thanks for the hints
Elhadj Diallo (4 months ago)
no wonder the vast majority of American speak like
Linn Jeane Monroe (4 months ago)
Many thanks for this lesson, it was very educational :) I wish you could make more videos about this topic as we, ESL-students, do beleive whatever we see in movies or series and we start using some phrases or grammar constructions, which are incorrect (but we don't know that). Thanks again!
Sir you are really Awwsome !!
ruddy Mpelele (5 months ago)
I realy like your course
sporemariomaster (5 months ago)
It isn't a work of respectable quality. I have had the experience of viewing that content. Given my experience and my knowledge of your personality, I suggest not viewing that content.
Bassam Abulela (5 months ago)
"Yo man, it ain't that good, I won't see it if I was you!" "I seen it too, it ain't that good, he's right!!" "I was thinking to myself, I need some new friends" ROFL 🤣
Raja Daniel butar (5 months ago)
this is the reason why i wouldn't go to EF because i can count on you james :D lmao
ashish bamania (5 months ago)
This is more fun watching you ....then learning English...
Nathan Scott (5 months ago)
you are a good singer !!
Sabrina Zaccaria (6 months ago)
C'mon James! If you need new friends, just call me!!!! I can teach you Italian as well :-) P.S. BTW amazing lesson ;-)
Taliana NUNEZ (6 months ago)
Nice video I like the way you teach, it’s so fun and i can understand quickly
Victor Tsowaseb (6 months ago)
Uhugnnvnkbb m 0cvfhhfhhfukhghkuuhk +27 54 337 7644 half, ghjjgkgjjHhjbkj
Denise Schulze (6 months ago)
I have to remember p.p. 2 words 😮 i suck @ grammar 04:18
uma manga de Belém (7 months ago)
Difícil se consentrar com um professor gato
Yuting Xu (7 months ago)
Hi James, is 'a couple of' a proper word for grouping a several things together? Or is it a proper/correct phrase to use as a "group word"? Any video for this please? Thank you
Andy Mac (7 months ago)
I can justify the "I seen it" by that it's easier to pronounce than "I saw it", as in the latter there is a hard-to-pronounce combination of vowels. Considering that letter "w" in the word "saw" sounds like a vowel [u], we basically have 3 vowels in a row. That's damn hard to pronounce. Now on the other hand we got the "I seen it", which is perfectly easy to pronounce even though it ain't correct grammatically. Now my native language pays A LOT of attention to stuff like that, so in it, "I seen it" would've become a norm long ago. But I see it becoming a norm of speaking in English in future too, as language is constantly developing.
Marvin Romero (7 months ago)
I seen it ja ja
Ingrid Macher (7 months ago)
Tawfik Isengarde (8 months ago)
Don't talk fastly pls. I cannot understand you 😁
Thamsanqa Gamede (8 months ago)
I had seen some guys do their typings in bad grammar , on Facebook
Thamsanqa Gamede (8 months ago)
I saw James videos he's a good English teacher ,his lessons has helped me a lot , thank you James If I were I would be happy for being intellect as you are
James is great. I like your class, thank you
sameer salihy (8 months ago)
Hi guys I have group If you interested to improve your English skill then add me in What's App00923405863958

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