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President: Gay rights 'of no importance' in Kenya

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In an interview with Christiane Amanpour, President Uhuru Kenyatta claims that homosexuality is not an issue of human rights, but rather of "our own base as a culture."
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stephano shortie (3 hours ago)
Put her in he place Mr.president🇰🇪
knoor 42 (4 hours ago)
Don’t bring that gay western culture shit
samuel paul (5 hours ago)
Well said, Obama can be gay if he wants
Smarty (5 hours ago)
I don't hate you guys but to be honest the western block will start to have sex with their own mothers too, I've seen it just because there are some few people who did it and they will use that as an excuse of "legalizing" it...they will say in old culture blah blah blah it happened blah blah blah...father and his daughter blah blah blah, mother and his son blah blah blah, they should marry...and the left will go into the street after being pumped up with the media and after being washed up their brains..blah blah blah...they just fall for everything they desire, they'll start being cannibalism too just because in the old history blah blah blah then they legalize it, and they don't stop there they will need the whole world to do the same
Congolese Christian (5 hours ago)
Keep that gay shit out of Africa.
Tumwine Linus (5 hours ago)
The first time i had of homosexuality i was around 15 to 16 years and i could not believe such a thing could happen. it was unbelievable and that shows that homosexuality is not part of African cultures and am against it.
CEO Travels (6 hours ago)
When you ask someone who earns half a dollar a day about this, they will say its of no importance too. He represents us well.
CEO Travels (6 hours ago)
Its a societal issue.
Yaseen Morgan (7 hours ago)
THAT'S a western sickness, THAT'S why they rape boy's them PAGAN Christians
SUPERNOVA UNEEK (8 hours ago)
Western world has failed miserably spreading their gay agenda to Africa. WELL DONE AFRICA.
Geotaban Collins (8 hours ago)
Tell me, what is the first thing that crosses your mind when you see two men walking down the street – holding hands. Rather picture this, you walk into a bar or any other social place for that matter, its dark, but immediately you spot two ladies making out in the corner. Queer? Normal? Totally gay? Or all of the above? Well it doesn’t matter, because we are heading into an era where we need to decide what’s ‘morally acceptable’ or not. And quick, because that’s all we’ve got. All other rational thinking has been thrown out the window. I was at a recent debate held here in town and I left with so many unanswered questions that made me deduce that I shouldn’t have gone to the event in the first place. If there’s any one thing I dislike, it’s doubting my beliefs. The heading of the debate read ‘Sexual Minority’ and clearly I knew beforehand what was going to be discussed. What I didn’t know was what would be the supporting points to the motion. Walking in, I found a certain professor giving a lecture on human rights. I should’ve guessed that that would be his foundation. So he tells us, the crowd, that every human has a right to exercise his own desires. He defines ‘sexual orientation’ as a state and practice of emotional attraction to men/women, and classifies four types of orientation: Bisexual, Heterosexual, Homosexual, Asexual. The last one means ‘having no sexual desires’ just in case you didn’t know. So he continues and says that whatever sexual orientation you have, it is natural to you. That it should not be a reason to discriminate against another group because it is not their choice to be what they are, it is just the way they were born. Hmmm…interesting… My brain is already at work here. So in a nutshell, being gay is not a choice, its a natural thing. You are born gay just like someone else is born ‘normal’. Does that make sense to you? By now, you’ve already guessed where the conversation is headed. Give gay people their rights from marriage to even parenting responsibilities. But I look around and I see faces of indecision, caught between acceptance and a little doubt. As Africans, does the ‘culture’ and ’standard’ we live in permit us to accommodate such behavior? The good professor says that homophobeshide behind the skirts of culture and religion to defend their thinking. They are hypocrites because they have defined people like murders, rapists and even pedophiles in society, but not ‘homosexuals’. All these semantics can be really confusing but at the end of the day, its really how you perceive the situation. They say that sexuality is like a pendulum. It can swing in any way, either front or backwards. At one point, everybody’s got a ‘little gay’ in them. Don’t frown at me, frown at the individual who came up with the theory! The lesson being; we should never judge others too harshly because you can wake up one day and find that your sexuality has swung the other way, so to speak. Your friend, partner, mother, father, uncle, child can be a victim at any one time. How will you react to it then? At the same panel, there is a pastor and I couldn’t help but think that this whole motion was planned to the last detail. ‘Mr. Pastor, obviously a religious leader, supports homosexuality by saying that when on earth, Jesus freely welcomed ‘vulnerables’ like children, women, the poor and sick, who were looked down on by society, into his abode. So he would definitely welcome gays and such like ‘vulnerables’ in his presence. Because he had such a big heart and respected all types of people. Wow! If only I could sample your opinions on that! For all bible readers, the Holy book clearly outlines its stand on homosexuality. We should never try and impose our ideas and try to twist teachings on the same. Jesus never sat down with homosexuals. I wish he would have quoted another scripture like ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ or ‘love one another’. But I always believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions no matter how absurd they are. In our quest to reject all types of discrimination are we losing our grip on what is morally right? On religion? Or are we paving way to new types of thinking and ‘freeing’ ourselves from the ’slavery’ of culture?
Peter Maley (8 hours ago)
This journalist is son of b***. What she wants is for Africans to accepts their stupid culture. Shenzi sana huyu mmama
homosexuality must be rooted out from mankind by any means necessary! this vile and obscene behavior his no place among the human race! this is a custom of the white man; let him keep it to himself!
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Glad arent ashamed to show your ignorance.
Rahr (19 hours ago)
We are AFRICANS... Respect our way of life.. We don't complain about your overly sexualized everything.. Don't complain about us
Kurhula Pardon Qhibi (19 hours ago)
These western countries are the ones fucking up Africa. I stand with the Kenyan president, and I wish South Africa could be the same.
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Kurhula Pardon Qhibi Do you keep wondering why Africa has the lowest IQ in the world?
Julie Bela Wamona (19 hours ago)
Please do not disturb us with your homosexuality nonsense. we have other problems to solved.
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Julie Bela Wamona Dont take it as problem. Cause its not.
Smarty (20 hours ago)
This stupid journalist does she wants to be "Sodomized"? why pushing those non-sense topic, we Africans we have our own culture and our culture is our "identity"
Smarty (10 hours ago)
Anonymous Nameless do you want to turn a moral wrong into a civil right ? are you from the family of gays? - the world is so fucked up with many things, better trying to make it right rather than adding more problems - violation to the law of nature doesn't make it right!
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Smarty If the cultute contains discriminating others and killing people it needs to be changed.
You Have No Choice (20 hours ago)
As the face of a country, you dont market it very well.
Abu Ilyas (21 hours ago)
Straight up!! See how they tried to trip him up he schooled her. Westerners need stop imposing their foul laws on everyone
Abu Ilyas (10 hours ago)
Anonymous Nameless provide your evidence for your claim you dog
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Abu Ilyas Do you keep wondering why africans have the lowest IQ?
camel boy abdi (22 hours ago)
very good mr pris
David Weru (22 hours ago)
1:00 R E F E R S T O S E L F I N 3 R D P E R S O N
Ahmed Arafat (22 hours ago)
So much respect for this guy..
junior Dixon (22 hours ago)
Amen, President of Kenya
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
junior Dixon Are you referring to bible? Same book that tells you to be on white mens leash and slave..?
She's like ur going to get yourself in trouble. What a rude ancient. Shes lucky she got that job at CNN. Doubt she'd be hired anywhere else.
StrictlyFunAndGames (1 day ago)
A lot of people bragging that there country is lacking human rights and is behind in thinking in the comments...hmmmm🤔
Man pc (1 day ago)
Western evil. Keep ur gay shit in ur country. Africa is not n ll not be gay.
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Man pc There are gays in africa. Just letting you know.
moneymatic (1 day ago)
Lamin jadama (1 day ago)
In Africa we will kill all Gay people...because it's disgusting
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Lamin jadama And you keep wondering why we all hate africans and it remainst the stupidest and poorest country? LoL
Az45 C (1 day ago)
This is refreshing, a Political Leader that's actually a willing voice for the people he represents.
phigo4kins (1 day ago)
If Am An African President And One Of These Stupid Media Idiots Were To Be Asked Me About This Nonsense Gay BS. I'll simply Say, "That is Their "PERSONAL" Sexual Preference, And Their "PERSONAL" Sexual Preference Has No Dominance Over Economic And Political Matters, Which is Undoubtedly More Critical Especially At This Time... Thus, I don't Believe, I As A Leader Should Focus My Time Or Energy Towards Anyone's Sexuality/Personal Sexual Preference. If I May Add, Sexuality Or Who You Chose To Have Sex With Should Not Be Put/Flashed In Any/Everybody's Face Or Turned Into Everybody's Problem. I believe Sex/Sexuality Should Be A Private Business, I think That's The Way it's Designed/Supposed To Be. Besides, Sexuality Or Sexual Orientation/ Preference Have Not Been A Thing Of Public Discussion Until Now, And it Also hasn't Been A Problem And I Don't Intend To Make It A Problem" Thank You. Next Question.
Flamboyant football (1 day ago)
She gave zero respect for the president fo Kenya. If 99% of kenyas dont care about this then as he said, its not important in kenya
Eric Kwakye (1 day ago)
Good answer Mr President
Josiah Ufono (1 day ago)
I'm glad African leaders are standing up to their western folks to defend what we represent. We love their technology and democracy and nothing else.
Josiah Ufono (9 hours ago)
As tasty as your wife's p*ssy
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Josiah Ufono How are the rocks tasting in africa?
Afri Media (1 day ago)
Mad woman,, she dares to say to him , that he is going to get in trouble!? This fag hag has just divorced her husband! It wouldn’t surprise me is she has become lesbian! In a world full of unending wars, terrorism, poverty and racism, she is more concerned with pushing the agenda of decadent homosexuals ! Not in Africa amanpour , not in beautiful black Africa!
Azizdrma Mustafa (1 day ago)
We are not gay
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Azizdrma Mustafa And you speak for every single person from africa?
Kush kingOnyx (1 day ago)
This is a global issue' haha what a joke people are starving...being bombed.....and gay rights is a global issue? what planet is she from haha
Is Africa a baby continent? Why are you trying make laws for us.
Kafula Jaylose Lusanso (9 hours ago)
Anonymous Nameless you don't know what you talking about. Anyway We will decide what's logic for us.
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Kafula Jaylose Lusanso Because you arent cabable of logic thinking yourself.
Carl Woodard (1 day ago)
So proud of what he just said everybody
Akwapi (1 day ago)
I love this President So Gay people think God created Adam and Evans🙄🙄🙄
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Akwapi They dont believe in god.
i'm nobody (1 day ago)
Thembelani Nqabeni (1 day ago)
Funny thing is homosexuality is not a western culture influence thing.
Bernard Brunu (1 hour ago)
Anonymous Nameless Whats has sexually immorality got to do with ur knowledge?
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Bernard Brunu Meaby the reason is that western countries are smarter than africa lol
Bernard Brunu (14 hours ago)
Thembelani Nqabeni Its mostly popular in the Western Society. Not a single african country has endorced the Gay propaganda only the Western Media is trying to tell us Homosexuality isn't a mental disorder.
Lusade Devron (2 days ago)
They want to pollute African pure culture, Mugabe said it perfectly at the U.N. " WE ARE NOT GAY" That's why they removed him.
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Lusade Devron I think your stupidity has already polluted it
MatthewThe13th (2 days ago)
It is not acceptable, there are so many humans on this planet that agree with this than you can ever imagine. CNN has no basis in reality, you represent such a puny minuscule public perception that agrees with LGBTQ rights, and the truth is, it is unacceptable virtually everywhere in the world, and there is nothing you can do about it, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FORCE PEOPLE TO VIOLATE THIER MORALS. WE ALREADY HAVE LAWS IN THE BOOKS THAT ENFORCE AGAINST SEXUAL HARRASSMENT, BULLYING, ET CETERA, STOP IDENTIFYING PEOPLE BY WHAT THEY PREFER TO DO IN THE BEDROOM, WE DONT GIVE A SHIT. GET THE FUCK OFF OF YOUTUBE. WE ARE SICK OF THE PITTY PARTY. GET OVER IT YOU AINT SPECIAL.
Fuck you and your stupid American question
LJ B (2 days ago)
If Kenya wants to hold back the world in the process of stopping discrimination we should just let them? No. They are wrong and should be combated. Anyone who has the power to change this and doesn’t is part of the problem.
LJ B (2 days ago)
We shouldn’t push are round Earth views on Flat Earth believers. Their opinions are just as accurate. Who are we to correct them? This is what this idiotic comment section sounds like.
LJ B (2 days ago)
“...100% supported by 99%...” So... it’s not 100% supported, especially not by gay people....
Ndayishimiye Yves (2 days ago)
Well spoken Prezo👍👍👍
Melikhaya April (2 days ago)
i love this president.
Okelu Lamari (2 days ago)
I concur with my president. We do not tolerate such behavior in Kenya.
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Okelu Lamari How are the rocks tasting?
P M (2 days ago)
Gaysim is uncooth and unGodly n should be condemed .. God made man for woman not man to man or vise verser so we should reapect that..bless up..
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
P M Referring to bible which tells all africans to be our slaves?
charles miller (3 days ago)
Romans Chapter 1 in the Bible is my answer to Homosexuals.....
Michael Mills (3 days ago)
Kenya be like “ click click, click pop pop pop! Pop click pop click” means MEEESSS ME W THAT GAY SHIEEET
Michael Mills (3 days ago)
Sodomy is a crime biblically and should be one culturally even if a man does it to a woman with her consent it is still dirty gross and should be illegal like it always was until only a few years ago. If you commit sodomy and anyone that’s a crime it’s filthy it creates diseases, it makes people sick and gives them infections. Is a public health issue that’s why it’s biblically illegal
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Michael Mills And we are glad bible is bullshit.
Michael Mills (3 days ago)
Hey stupid African president though, there’s no such word as ear regardless. It’s either regardless or of no regard there is no ear on intelligent ass African
Michael Mills (3 days ago)
This makes me want to move to Kenya!!! This is not acceptable!!!
Devil fucker 1 (3 days ago)
CNN must understand if he decides to enforce such a law prematurely in a place like Kenya the backlash might result in the killing of people who otherwise would have been alive if such a step wasn't taken in the first place in the country's were it is legal it has had enough support and in most cases was voted by the people to give more rights to this matter this doesn't mean they don't exist in Kenya ofcours they do it's just the Kenyan mindset needs time to come to terms with issue
joseph sakari (3 days ago)
Congratulations to you Mr President. It is only but fair for a man to utilise the natural use of a woman. This is our tradition and customs, this is our Christian morals and beliefs. Well done for defending the Kenyan culture over what the west would love to impose over us. Gay rights are not important in Kenya, PERIOD! You had the president. I salute you Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, your Excellency Mr President.
Paul Mutuku (3 days ago)
Proud of you my President.
Little Bro (3 days ago)
Congrats president
Daddy Kampoy (3 days ago)
Wow, what an amazing!
Ian Gitonga (3 days ago)
We have more problems in Kenya than girls kissing girls or boys kissing boys.. National Youth service money has been stolen several times and nothing is done, innocent people being arrested, people die of hunger, people are homeless, street children on the streets of Nairobi so unattended, county money being pocketed. So being gay or lesbian is not an issue. For I support the LGBT community to the grave.
Anonymous Nameless (10 hours ago)
Ian Gitonga I vote you for president.
painkillerO8 (3 days ago)
Obama was against gay Marriage back in 2008. Obviously, he changed his position after the public opinion has changed. He is basically trying to tell her Kenyans are not ready to come out in public and support gay right at this moment.
Ahmed Abdi (3 days ago)
All ways this so called west media when they meet African leader their first Q is gay rights hhhh sick media
View Master (3 days ago)
The happens when Liberals began forcing their way of life that they themselves just adapted recently, upon other sovereign nations.....🤔
Robert Ruiz (3 days ago)
Gay rights are human rights and if you against those rights you are anti humanity.. Miss me with the bigoted bullshit
Thordur Hogna (3 days ago)
What a buffoon.
Brian (3 days ago)
These people find a way to blame the west for everything; “it’s a holdover of colonial Victorian”.
ALPO YEO (3 days ago)
ALPO YEO (3 days ago)
Fatuma Mohamed (4 days ago)
We don't want gays in kenya motherfucker no gay
Lucas Honcho (4 days ago)
Fuck that gay shit. Kudos president
ernest murimi (4 days ago)
Am greatful for our president,thats a non-issue,Americans must get it from us,we are not your colonial toddlers any more,Stop making yourself gods,you cant be,go to History and remember what Mugambe told the UN,Africa is rising beyond self proclaimed teachers and rulers,why do you force it,its because it is...............you know it.Cudos mr President
Jammeh Babucarr (4 days ago)
Mr President is been honest and straight forward. Thanks
Peter Parker (4 days ago)
America and Europe should stop shoving their disgusting and repugnant beliefs to other countries. They are the ones who glorified these mentally ill queers to the point that being homosexual today is some sort of badge of courage and valor. Fucking travesty.
Guys we literally have government based conflicts, unstable economy, a chronic food aid dependency, corrupted political, leaders - oppositions & funded terrorist groups in East Africa, yet this western journalist is talking about " gay right" MF get your priorities straight. East Africa needs to build a strong economy,education & work opportunities. And instead East Africans going to the Middle East for work because of the lack of economic opportunities in East Africa. My goodness what is wrong with western society, this unending propaganda is really getting on my nerves. This is what happens when Africans don't bother to invest & control the news/ media industry western society will push what ever propaganda that suits them.
hanny said (4 days ago)
Import them LGBT to the USA and export us your chicks yoooo we go satisfy them bad
Mercyline Maina (4 days ago)
Of course he will get into trouble with Kenyans if he said anything other than what he said. That's my president.
O' Brian (4 days ago)
We dont play that gay shit.. we dont do that over here
Obed Nyakeya (4 days ago)
Well said Mr president..well said nuff respect!
Holman Garcia (4 days ago)
The gays ,lesbians ,abortions topics are satan and his demons agenda that works in the USA evil society ,but not in the rest of the world. JESUS CHRIST created men and women anything outside of that come from satan and his demons who twists people's mind. Read the HOLY BIBLE IN ROMANS 2 explain how gays become gays. IN JOHN 3;16 explains how we get save and restore to normally. IN REVELATION 20;10 explain where we are going when we die.
Pat Onyango (4 days ago)
Mr. President. Tibim
Brian K (4 days ago)
Let Kenya be a CHRISTIAN nation.
Gisubizo Dieudonne (4 days ago)
Gud job President
Gisubizo Dieudonne (4 days ago)
Trying to spread SIN 🇺🇸 You are in trouble What is Love if you are going to HELL
Nature Boy (4 days ago)
poverty eradication first. Let Muslims wear burka and maybe Africans might stand for GLBT.
Afalaa (4 days ago)
Muhidin Yusuf (4 days ago)
As As (4 days ago)
I don’t understand why people ask are not gay or lesbian are pushing other people to be gay ?
sphephelo sokhela (4 days ago)
I salute you Kenyans and Kenyatta All the way from 🇿🇦
Cognitive Dissonance (4 days ago)
Well done that man!
POLM's blog (4 days ago)
Kenya had it's first gay pride and 600 people came out for the event. That's 600 people in 2018. Africa has to stop saying it's a western issue. It's not a western issue it exist in Africa. To say it doesn't is truly ignorant to the 600 people who came to that event and those who fear for there life and many who seek aslyum number in the hundreds.
Brian J. (5 days ago)
"You're gonna get yourself into trouble" Said the CNN employee to the president of a sovereign country.
Boo Cole (5 days ago)
Get the he'll out of here hw is he going to be in trouble,did u ever see two male donkey or dog on top of each other.am a gambian try and bring that law to us we sluter all live on tv
Boo Cole (5 days ago)
Cuts all their penises
B M (5 days ago)
LGBT is man made like Santa Claus! Keep it away from Africa!
EritreanMusiq (5 days ago)
Lol. She said its a global issue. No its not bitch.
mo wekesir (5 days ago)
thanks alot mr president for your stand against gay rights say no to homosexuality
B 1 (5 days ago)
We are not Gays

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