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Regional Airlines Problems Explained

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If you want to see what reginal airlines are really all about, go to PBS.org and watch "Frontline Flying Cheap".
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PILOTMELTV (3 years ago)
Just so it does not become confusing, in the airline industry there's two players. There's the regionals such as , shuttle America , Skywest, etc and then there's the mainline airlines ( the big guys) such as delta, American Airlines, etc. The mainline airline pilots are the one who are making all the money. Maybe 80k-200,000k depending on the aircraft and seniority. Don't let this Regional airlines pilot pay discourage anyone out there who wants to become a pilot in the airlines industry. You could find other ways besides the regionals to build flight time. However, there need to be a solution to increase these regional pilot pay because any aviation, pilot deserves to be paid 6 figures!
PIlotrcm (5 years ago)
Stating away from the regionals is hard if not impossible. It's not simply a matter of outsourcing whee you could pick a major over a regional. Some small communities are only serviced by regionals. The regional industry has grown so fast, much faster than its mainline counterpart in the last 3 decades because of 1. Price of operation. 2. Interstate commerce expansion to small communities that didn't have it before.
PIlotrcm (5 years ago)
I'm suprised at the number of regional airline pilots who are defending their employers. No one says to themselves with the dream of being an airline pilot, "yeah Colgan. That's where I want to spend my career that's who I want to fly for". The conditions are harsh and the pay is criminal.
brian hamlin (5 years ago)
You don't know sh!t. Get you facts straight before you go flapping your mouth about stuff you have no idea about. Ignorant
Derpskey (6 years ago)
You are poorly misinformed my friend. That PBS frontline video was so skewed to give a terrible impression of regionals. The regionals ARE still mandated by the FAA and have the SAME saftey standards the major airlines..The FAA makes the rules. If you are going to be a 121 operator, you need to abide by them. End of story.
Kyle Wilson (7 years ago)
great video your completley correct but it is still just as safe as a regualar airline.
k_wrx_ (8 years ago)
@simplecommentary no problem. i also want to add that Experience shouldn't be held up to such a high standard, in the the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, pilots for Tankers, Fighter Jets, Helicopters and UAV's are assigned and licensed to fly their aircrafts with literally 500+ hours, and thats how its been for a long time, and its going great for them. there should be a required amount of hours yes, but hours shouldn't be held against pilots and their pay/position so strictly.
k_wrx_ (8 years ago)
problem is you can't go to majors without at least 1500 hours experience, but from what pilots tell me, they either got in with 7000+ hours on their own time in 20 years, or they were fighter/tanker/bomber pilots in the AF/Navy. Regionals is where new pilots start and within 5 years they have gained appx. 4000-5000 hours, than they move to the majors. and i can go for hours on the wrong things the regionals do, but it all depends on how much the customer is willing to pay.
Renegen1 (8 years ago)
@Flynsk8r It doesn't necessarily have to be more expensive. A lot of the money is sucked up to pay for the executive compensation and bonuses. Those at the top suck all the pennies for themselves.
hangarflying (8 years ago)
(cont) I am not saying that you are wrong, just that the source you were quoting misrepresented the facts. Also, regarding pilot pay: I would love to have made $21,000 last year. My wife and I laughed when we opened my W2 and it said I only brought home $8649.18 for 2009 as an FO for GLA. So I really had a good laugh when the President of the RAA stated that finding a $50.00 hotel should be no problem.
hangarflying (8 years ago)
I'd like to make another comment on your video. I appreciate you making this video because you are trying to understand the hardships the regional pilots are facing and trying to getting the info out to the public. Regarding the Captain in the video who upgraded with only 500 hours, at a minimum he would have had 1500 hrs as required by law. The video misrepresented this, when realistically the number he was stating was probably 500 hours in that particular aircraft.
zach miller (8 years ago)
It's sad what the industry has come to. People have to die in order for changes to be made. The real problem is upper management of airlines persuading the FAA to turn a blind eye to major safety problems just to make a quick buck. As of now the only people with power are the ones with deep pockets. Simplecommentary thanks for sheding light on the subject. Zach

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