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Be Parents!

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God bless the restaurant owner with the sign that reads "No Screaming Children". Simple gives this lady 2 thumbs up...
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coffeefish (6 years ago)
@AshillaBeige You can spend 100 bucks on beer, if you have a small group of thirsty friends. That's is not what I am talking about. What I say is, go find a great place to eat, and you won't find screaming kids.
fromwkfsmouth (7 years ago)
@mbyr31 Me too! I'm autistic, and I melt down (on the inside) when there are screaming kids disrupting my meal! I want to win big on the lottery so I can to go to Victoria and Albert's over at WDW! They ban kids under 10!
Needmorehorsepower (7 years ago)
its allabout RESPECT and shame on the parents and the kids of today that dont have it!!!! great video bud and the northwoods.......theres not much better then being up there :)
coffeefish (7 years ago)
Save up, and go to the best restaurant in town. Probably won't see one kid, and the staff will all be adults too. It will cost 100 bucks, but it is worth it.
craig1974 (7 years ago)
@mbyr31 if you have not seen he is a Texan that moved to our Wisconsin homeland!!!
mbyr31 (7 years ago)
I could not agree with you any more buddy!!! Thats what I'm talking about.. And then those parents get offended when you have to tell THEIR children to shut up! If the parents just did THEIR job, WE wouldn't have to do their job for them! Subbin!

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