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MODAFINIL - Dave Asprey on Adderall, Ritalin, and Provigil

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Text Comments (1046)
MilesBellas (1 day ago)
exercise and meditation = health and concentration learn silence and breathing ......he has too much internal noise
Good video interview Dave, I hope to stop into your coffee shop in Santa Monica this August.
J Bonaroti (4 days ago)
Provigil is for narcolepsy.
kurz0r Gamer (9 days ago)
Leo Mazerall III (9 days ago)
I feel like I just watched an infomercial, for bullet proof coffee....... 😑
joey herbal (11 days ago)
Dave...adderall is levo & dextroamphetanine. Desoxyn, this is pharmaceutical & prescribed.....Generic name: Methamphetamine.
steve campbell (16 days ago)
adderall is meth. Just ask a meth head if a prescription of adderall is what they want.
barbara jockers (17 days ago)
Why dont you ask people who are on these meds? They would know what works
Mc Farts (17 days ago)
Dave Asprey is a con man. The guy sells "bullet proof" coffee and makes ridiculous claims about the health benefits of putting butter in your coffee. It's total BS and people that buy it are too dumb to realize. Why do you think comments are disabled on his videos???
jonathan bell (19 days ago)
Are these guys playing footsies?
Kevin McKinnon (19 days ago)
To bad he's not a doctor.
Nyree Harris (22 days ago)
Modaphinil has alot of hype but is really not that great, in my experience, and is also very hard on the liver to break down
Nyree Harris (22 days ago)
Adderall does not contain methamphetamine
Rikth Dcruze (24 days ago)
I use Nootropics all the time and I don't "lay them out on my table and ask people to judge if I am doping or not" This man is an attention seeker and suffering from superiority complex. Too bad, no med can fix that for him!
TechCaptain (24 days ago)
Calling adhd stimulants prescription meth is like calling water hydrogen peroxide.
creek hed (27 days ago)
Funny how many people think Adderal is Methamphetamine
Charles Ferdinand (1 month ago)
This idiot sounds like he's not taken Modafinil for real.
RatWolf (1 month ago)
He just wanted to sit in a dark room and jerk of us what he meant..
CHANGO ROCKS! (1 month ago)
True confessions I have used by prescription both modafinal and provijil as well as nuvigil. Mod is mild compared to pro and nu. I got shit done, no question about it. but exactly as he is saying it turns you into a freaking zombie, you don't feel natural and you basically are wired. Am about to try the lions mane mushrooms to see if that's a better choice. Natural vs synthetic.
DirtyTurban (1 month ago)
addy and meth is the same fucking shit. and ive heard from people that have done both adderall is even more euphoric and better. also it doesn't fuck up your neurotransmitters as much if you don't abuse it. so by all means. adderall is prescription meth. saying its not is like saying it's fine to smoke percoset but heroin is wayyy worse.
daddaflex (1 month ago)
a grown man thinking drugs benefit him. sad.
Travis Williamson (1 month ago)
If hyperbole were shit, this guy would be full of it!!!!
Bad Habits (1 month ago)
Dave Asprey, why are you such a wanna be doctor? Read your book, was not easy, because you write as if you copy n past it from wikipedia.. And there are so many points, which are not “bulletproof “ but bullshit. I get it, money is something good, but not lies...
Jaydoc Haywalker (1 month ago)
Total jackass this guy asprey. Modafinil is a bad idea. Look at that guy. It is simply caffeine on on ultra high.
Azn Mike (2 months ago)
见再 (2 months ago)
a rich person has drug issue ...lol
Yeah you lose Harry (2 months ago)
Dave’s a living lab rat
Marc Malecki (2 months ago)
It doesn't say D-METH Amphetamine you liar.. it says Amphetamine Salts.. it's not legal meth, it's prescription Speed.. Get your facts straight before you go on camera... Speed NOT meth
Mahyar Moghimi (2 months ago)
Well... what type of brain scan can show that you need Aderal!?
jojo (2 months ago)
Drug addicts all of them
John Hammer (2 months ago)
Some guy hacking his body and giving interview and to view the full interview if you want me to go to your site and login with a social network account then fuck you. You any way get paid with ads on youtube.
lawlessjman (2 months ago)
if peds r cheating smart drugs r cheating
Dank Reel (2 months ago)
brain imaging is never an indiction for aderall. This lad is a dope
Ingrid Naruns-Gil (2 months ago)
Who cares? It’s all speed. I am going to give Modafinil a try because I really dont like how I eventually crash and angrier than usual on legal speed......I have used Adderall for a while but asked my for the Adderall XR instead. It’s better. Modafinil looks like I may get the benefit I want w/o feeling off. Good luck!
Alex Bradley (2 months ago)
So basically this is just this guy marketing his products? I'm sure some people buy into this stuff but maybe make it a little less transparent.
K-POP Germany (2 months ago)
I took modafinil, ritalin, vigil, ephedrine and many more but never had the effects described in all those videos. At the moment I'm taking pure dexamphetamine (adderall is a mixture of d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine, which gives it a little less of the "kick" and "drug" feel actually). Dexamp still doesn't show any effects I'd want and just keeps me forcefully awake, but not concentrated etc. (methylphenidate doesn't either). I'm swimming in a pool of despair because of that. I'm only 18 and take the stuff for only a year now but looking in the future knowing I'm taking drugs that don't do what they should do only to get some of the effects and a ton of side effects is not soo awesome.
Stephen Charles (2 months ago)
1960's proverb: Speed kills and makes you crazy...
Raj Bhatt (2 months ago)
I have a lot of Modafinil - Modalert that I bought from India that I dont use any more (1 year supply). Looking to sell. PM me please.
Drummeruk (2 months ago)
Idiot! Go sell your drugs in hell! Ill meet you there!
Pure Bred Bass (2 months ago)
Lots of amphetamine heads offended by this lol. Yes, you are a tweaker.
Charlie Skinner (2 months ago)
I've been diagnosed with ADHD for approximately 25 years (mixed type- which is often a factor in determining which drug and what dose is ideal for the patient). Also was a teacher specializing in adhd kids, and was also a pharmaceutical rep. Ive tried every single on-label adhd drug at multiple doses over the years, as well as most off-label drugs and of course vitamin/mineral/dietary combinations. I can say from my experience and other patients ive talked to that modafinil is effective, but more subtle in it's action, and seems to be far more effective on Type II (Inattentive) ADHD, followed by Type III (Mixed Type), but largely ineffective for Type I (Hyperactive Type). Stimulants will always feel more profound, however so are the side effects, particularly eating and sleeping habits which are the two critical factors in caring for your adhd brain. Also, there is no such thing as the "best" drug, as each person's brain reacts differently to each drug and is highly dose-dependent. This being said, for me personally, bi-phentin was one of the best, and cheapest. If I were to do stims again, it would be bi-phentin or Adderal. I am currently on 300mg of Modafinil and prefer it due to the side effect profile, and it is not likely to cause the manic episodes common to overstimulation. While it's true that you don't notice any kind of high, that is a good thing because we shouldn't have to feel high to function efficiently. In addition, diet change has been HUGE. I would recommend a mediterranian diet, or even keto; HIGH natural fats and protein, and as little carbs (especially... sigh... beer and other alcohol). In addition, magnesium biglyconate, 5-HTP, GABA, and MCT oil have been excellent supplements. Oh, and RedBull of course lol.
Marty McFly (2 months ago)
this dude is a pussy, desoxyn is meth
Mikey Ennis (2 months ago)
Jez, this guy looks like John abruzzi
Vio (2 months ago)
pretty interesting shit
Broskandar (2 months ago)
Asprey's analysis on decision making efficiency is spot on. Depending on brain chemistry, most people will experience tradeoffs between focus and executive functions when comparing Adderall to Modafinil. For research, brainstorming, and/or single-minded focus, Adderall is the winner hands down. But for efficiency, productivity, and execution of multiple ideas, projects, and people, Modafinil is much better than Adderall--probably the best in its class. Each has its primary use case for nootropics. To learn one topic in an obessive "down the rabbit hole" fashion to develop ideas or plans (i.e. entrepreneural brainstorming), start with Adderall. After that, for execution of those ideas or plans, take Modafinil because this part requires maximizing mental energy to juggle numerous moving parts. The key factor is when you actually start executing in a "Just Do It" manner.
Ashish Hekre (3 months ago)
Can't even listen to him
krzyshtofer (3 months ago)
Why interview a junky?
Fernando Soares (3 months ago)
Ritalin will make you have ED erectile disfunction and makes you bald! I took it for about 11 years and each time i took it my scalp would be so oily and made me bald! And also made me so violent it's a evil drug. I don't advise anyone to take this drug ritalin for a long period of time.
dabatoir (3 months ago)
So should I be taking this drug?
Giovanni S (3 months ago)
I would not bite a single word that this guy is saying..get heroin (heroin is a natural anxiolytic without side effetcs) get better man!!
Chillingworth (3 months ago)
Adderall is not methamphetamine. Adderall is amphetamine (75% dextro 25% levo), which is far less potent than meth. The label does not say methamphetamine on it, that's just completely wrong. Edit: obviously it was already said, big surprise. Good thing I'm wasting my time "contributing".
dumbshow3 (3 months ago)
Adderall is not D-methamp adderall is D-amp it’s not meth get it right
Troy Klepadlo (3 months ago)
Poison drug, i was put on it for chronic pain because i have an incurable pain disorder. This drug was Methodone, which is used on Heroin addicts. They were dosing me at 140mg. I walked out of the clinic which i dont know how theyre running. their quote numbers dont matter meaning mgs . It went all against my schooling to become a doctor. I was desperate because id be screamimg in pain. I walked out of clinic after few weeks couldnt talk, body twisted forgot everything thought id never be anything again. I went off totally. in hospital i was 7 points from a coma and i have a 7 year old daughter. I fought called everywhere i could talking to expert pharmacists etc. I was in Mayo Clinic. Thank God for my life. Even though i have this scary disorder and painful im a little better and i have major determination even on the worst days. All meds affect people differently. Modafinil is called the rich corporate mans meth. i dont know nor would i want to. Im glad this guy shared his experience. Methadone is even for the Heroin Addicts a poison life sentence. its cheap who knows whats in it and the pharmacist i taaked to said its worse than the drug they took. its half life is very dangerous too.
Gor (3 months ago)
Meth and d-amphetamine is extremely similar.
Jimmy Fortef (3 months ago)
Wtf is this guy's point, all I see is a fast talking intelligent man who's high as fuck
shane stevens (3 months ago)
what was the original reason for me to do all this shit???? fuck it.... man I miss ritilyn .
shane stevens (3 months ago)
much better.
shane stevens (3 months ago)
shane stevens (3 months ago)
there we go
shane stevens (3 months ago)
shit hold on ... wrong feeling .... NEXT!!!
shane stevens (3 months ago)
shane stevens (3 months ago)
I need a life
shane stevens (3 months ago)
on a stick
shane stevens (3 months ago)
shane stevens (3 months ago)
fuck nobody cares it's been 2 years since anybody commented on the shit .... wow I just wasted like 4 mins of my life
shane stevens (3 months ago)
sorry for the fucking bad language
RUS38 (3 months ago)
Fluoride ( dangerous neurotoxin) in drinking water and food full of artificial additives and maybe even vaccines that you got in your early childhood is what trashing your brain. BTW drinking coffee everyday isn't healthy at all for your brain and body as a whole.
Detox To Rehab (3 months ago)
If you are suffering from addiction, please view our channel to find out how to recover! We have over a hundred people who share their journey.
Bitcoin International (3 months ago)
You know what really pisses me off... Before I get into that, I personally was prescribed Adderall at a very young age which I believe was totally unnecessary and wrong. I have been taking the pill for around 10 years and I can tell you first hand that I have experienced a full-on personality change over the years. It sucks, but it is too late to do anything about it. It has already made the lifelong changes to my brain. Now for the part that really pisses me off.... I wish I had control at a younger age over what was being put into my body. However, I trusted my doctor and nurses over the years and believed they were doing something right for me. However, I have experienced breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, depression, and major anxiety over the years. So being that I always thought the doctors were giving me something safe I lost who I really was deep down. The drugs took me over and I began regretting everything about Adderall. I wish I could sue for what I have experienced over the years, but to be honest nothing will ever give me my life back. So today, if you are reading this I want you to reconsider taking this prescription drug because it might possibly save your life. I am debating whether or not I should create a video series on this topic. Let me know in the comments section. Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful. To respectfully disagree with this video, there is no safe amount of Adderall over a long period of time. It is all about them making money. They don't care about your health, they want your money. Just like the sugar "candy" business. They too don't care about you as a person. Also, to respectfully disagree, Adderall can make anyone who needs it or not feel like they can defeat the world no matter what. I personally experience times where I literally can’t focus on something school related and feel the need to take it so I sit down and get it done; however, there are times when I feel upbeat and great but it only lasts for maybe 30 minutes. Adderall is not healthy for you at all and is basically made up as the same thing as Meth. Do be cautious if you are about to start taking something like this. You may enjoy its positive effects at first, but you will soon regret it. The longer you take it the more you regret it and feel the negative side effects. ALSO, I called the nurses hotline for my clinic/hospital which is very well known for their expertise, but they too have no idea what the hell you are talking about when you start talking about how you feel and what you experience on Adderall.... They aren’t the ones taking the drug first hand so they have no right to speak to people about the drug. That is my personal opinion. They have never experienced taking Adderall and then feeling like you may die because you heart is pumping through your chest. All I have to say is these pharmaceutical companies are screwing our lives up and the doctors behind it are too. I experienced this first hand for 10 years and I can honestly say I haven’t been the same since.
LetsTalkSense1 (3 months ago)
This is the first time I've wanted to punch someone who's getting interviewed
Steven Wilson (3 months ago)
Modafinil just keeps you awake it does not make you concentrate any better than normal. The same way Chantix turns off the part of the brain that needs nicotine, the drug Modafinil turns off the ‘sleep’ area in your brain.
Nick Smith (3 months ago)
What a fucking hoax is says amphetamine salts not fucking METH-amphetamine. Stupid fuck trying to "educate" people with bs.
Joey Shoulders (3 months ago)
i would love to see this guys blood work!! He takes so much junk a day as he stated in another video that he will eventually fuck up his CNS which will lead to Hypertension and possible stroke. ive taken provigil and nuvigil, the stuff does work and makes u stay awake and ur focus is somewhat better for sure! The downfall is that you will get jittery sweat alot,more, increased anxiety esp when u add coffee or any caffienated drink! The provigil n nuvigil is more appropriate for differential shift workers and as they say, pilots take these all the time which is i guess understandable! As for us regular average workers, stick to cup of coffee and dont exceed 200mg a day and you will be fine!! Just My Opinion! Best Health to All!!
ChaosMatterz (3 months ago)
You guys are ignorant. Ask anyone who has taken Meth and Adderall and they will tell you the high is very similar (although meth is obviously much more intense, obviously). I took it for 2.5 years and my brain had become use to the dopamine the adderall produced, so my dopamine levels were depleted after I stopped and I suffered for several years until my brain started producing it again. Trust me, it's not worth it.
AHungryGuy (4 months ago)
If you think you are a smart person, and you think you need to take these drugs to make you more smart, you're pretty fucking dumb..
Nenad IC XC Shuput (4 months ago)
Jay Bee (4 months ago)
Lol at all the "imverysmart" people correcting him on the adderall comment as if it matters in the least.
thexophguy (4 months ago)
k but , before even taking these drugs , before all that , had he tried port forwarding ? if you didnt , u might wanna try . and if still dont work , just restart your router ... still no luck , just contact isp . thank me later .
C Taylor (4 months ago)
They're not smart drugs. They're anti-anxiety drugs, that make people with anxiety problems (a lot of whom, will be in denial), feel slightly better. You might feel a lot sharper. But that's what "normal" is supposed to feel like
C Taylor (4 months ago)
It's people with anxiety problems (most of whom are in denial), taking anti-anxiety medication, and then being amazed when they feel a lot better..........................! It's not turning you into a superhuman. It's taking a sick person, and making them normal
Max's Cognac Review (4 months ago)
When you are graded on a bell curve it is an unfair advantage
Austin Davenport (4 months ago)
If you want to succeed this bad then go for it. I'd rather have a simple, happy life. Maybe that's the loser mentality haha either way I don't care to change.
Mike Orr skies (4 months ago)
No shit its amphetamines its d amphetamines it may say m. Amphet,,,but I thought you were supposed to be smarter lol
Hutch Heelan (4 months ago)
Dave Asprey looks like a young James Cameron
crazy phoon33 (4 months ago)
You can fuck like a porn star on adderal.
Marco Camarillo (4 months ago)
I don't think he took his medication before this interview?, he sounded really clueless speaking to the interviewer about these medications (RX's). I think before he lets any more nonsense blab out of his mouth, he should perhaps consider taking a chemistry or pharmacology course, he will then learn the differences in the compounds and molecule structures of the medication. Further more, A single-entity amphetamine product combining the neutral sulfate salts of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, with the dextro isomer of amphetamine saccharate and d, l-amphetamine aspartate is what is going to be inside and ADDERALL, "NOT METH."
bbs540 (4 months ago)
adderall is not d-methamphedamine, its d-amphetamine, its not meth at all, prescription methamphetamine is called Desoxyn
SAHIL ROHILLA (4 months ago)
I took modafinil(200 mg) for 3 consecutive days. It worked fine for two days. I was feeling like I can do anything. That was the best optimistic feeling I ever had in my life. But on the third day. everything turned horrible. My heartbeat was very fast and I thought i'm just going to die and it's my last day. I turned to some blogs and got to know that this drug can cause brain damage and the real mechanism of its working is not known. I almost forgot that I havn't slept for three days. My brain started slowing down. You know, a human, if stay awake for 11 days straight will die. So I was really scared. One week passed and I didn't slept even for one hour. I tried a lot to sleep. Even took sleeping medicines but everything failed. For one week straight I didn't take any sleep. In that time, I developed eyes floaters. Also, sometimes I was unable to speak, as words didn't come to my mind. It was my huge mistake that I took modadinil. Even today after 1 year has passed. I have developed severe anxiety and depression. I can't even remember things. My memory has become very bad. I also have developed dry eyes symptoms. When I try to study, I feel irritated when I do simple problems in math. I also have severe headaches sometimes...........Now I try to fight with anxiety everyday. Sometimes I think that maybe my brain is damaged. Because I don't feel same as I was the person before. I want to get myself back. But it's not possible. However I try to improve my brain health by working out in gym, doing meditation, eating healthy etc.........But one thing I learned form this experience, everything we are and how we feel, is just our brain. Only the consiousness is yours. Consiousness is what makes you, you.
Lucid Memer (4 months ago)
These pill junkies are the ones against natural marijuana
Fascist tyrant (4 months ago)
This drug helps but its def not instant gratification. It will help you think clearer and focus. The movie limitless is exaggerated lol
Jeff Maylor (4 months ago)
Does anyone really believe the doctor said that about his brain? Never heard a doctor actually talk that way.
BluntedAssasin27 (4 months ago)
All those smart drugs and you still thought that shirt was a good decision?
Jonathan Sterling (4 months ago)
Smart drugs are not real. Go read a book. Get smart.
Life Style (4 months ago)
In life, everything has a price, a cost. You may take the risks, but we just don't Know the long term effects on the brain. If nowadays most studens begin to make use of smart drugs, maybe when they get old, degenerative diseases may increase constantly. Alzheimer, maybe others. People often look only to benefits, not much to the potential danger.
Private Channel (4 months ago)
Doesn't it seem like he's just shilling?
heavy meddle (4 months ago)
I've been on amphetamine 25 yrs. Ritalin etc 10 yrs and bought modafinil in Thailand and it was nothing if u have to compare.
Wilky _ (4 months ago)
As much as I think Adderall has gone over the top, its not meth. Its a different molecule, but much safer. There are long term effects from use as a child and possible cardiovascular problems overtime, but nothing like methamphetamine. Saying that I can see where others might object, it can produce euphoria. Nothing to the level of meth though.
RileyMoulds (5 months ago)
Desoxyn is prescription methamphematine. Google that. Adderall is amphatemine. Both are sketch don’t take them
Olly Burlingo (5 months ago)
Can you vape it?
TituslovesPop (5 months ago)
This guy is a complete liar. He does not know how to be real.
shiraz farran (5 months ago)
Shit I relate so much with that fuckin education........it's still happening and I actually have nore capacities than some friends that litterally don't understand shit but somehow get higher grades...... I've taken modafinil to help me concentrate over homework and it really helps..but i don't wanna start takin it regularly to be able to focus and fit in the system of our school

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