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The Anti-Globalist Themes of Angel Season 5

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Text Comments (104)
Lisa Green (26 days ago)
This was the best season of Angel! Too bad it never got a season 6.
Orion Xavier (23 days ago)
In the movie they sum it up great when Lilah says, "People need a man who knows how to beat the system within the belly of the beast."' And Angel replies, "Doesn't that usually mean you've been eaten?" In other words they think they're in control, changing things, but are in fact just being manipulated. Which they later realize thanks to Lindsey. So when you consider 90% of the media is now owned by 6 corporations, you have to wonder how much we're being manipulated by the information that these "special interest groups" provide.
Seth Napier (1 month ago)
"The West is simply too emasculated and morally weakened to stand up for its self and it's values." I completely agree with your next sentiment. China and Russia (and probably other countries who call themselves allies of the US) are wringing their hands, laughing their asses off and biding their time until they know they can defeat us for good.
iamfuturetrunks (5 months ago)
Sucks the show got cancelled, or well it ended but mainly because of the network being stupid (the waiting until the last minute to let actors know if they would have another season or not apparently). Would have liked if they would have had one more season or something to adequately tie everything up instead of rushing it, it seemed like. Great show and a bit of a shame more people I know still haven't seen it.
MrVercettti89 (6 months ago)
your wrong, Angel and Buffy are left leaning shows that premote, liberal attiitues, LGBT Issues and being yourself. Angel is not a Antiglobalist show
Matthew Herman (7 months ago)
Sad when you use sexual fetishes as insults
Were Chicken (7 months ago)
I'm probably going to get a lot of shit for praising Jeremy Corbyn here, but: One thing he said that I thought was perfectly true was how it was a tragedy how Osama Bin Laden was killed when he should have been brought back to the west to stand trial and been forced to answer for his crimes, not because it's the huggy wuggy thing to do, but because it show's we're better than a bunch of murderous thugs. It shows we have principals. I'm a left winger and I despise the current behaviour of the left, cosying up to murderous dictators and apologising for religious fundamentalists. It's not even a left vs right thing any more (Don't forget what those fucking frauds did to Bernie Sanders) It's neo-liberal scum vs anyone with a moral compass. If any right wingers want some unexpected allies, just ask a left winger what they think of identity politics, if they wince or look uncomfortable you have an ally (just don't harp on about Venezuela or socialism, most reasonable left wingers just want a solid social safety net, better treatment of the poor and hate how identity politics is basically the age old tactic divide and rule)
1 2 (7 months ago)
You just took a good-vs-evil narrative and said "the good guys are anti-globalists". It's weird hearing this much conservative rhetoric being applied to a genre show about kung-fu vampires.
The Jazz King (8 months ago)
Trump is the new Circle of the black thorn.
Raycheetah (11 months ago)
I've always found it interesting that Proggie hero Joss Whedon wrote such non-Progressive characters as those in Firefly, for example. I truly believe he yearns in his heart to embrace the ideals exemplified by those characters, but is unwilling on a conscious level to abandon his external identity as a good Social Justice Poser. =^[.]^=
Jay McD (11 months ago)
Watched it first for Charisma Carpenter, second for the show itself.
Christopher A.N. (1 year ago)
I was born in 1995 and thanks to angel being on every week morning in reruns w/ smallville on TNT in the 2 hours before i went to school I saw every episdoe probably 3 or 4 times. Loved it as a show and i didn't even know it was connected to buffy
Hiraghm (1 year ago)
I never watched "Angel"... but I thought the main protagonist was a girl?
TheddunTOSS (7 months ago)
Angel was a spin-off of "Buffy" (who as a girl and the protagonist).
resistnzisfutl (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed Angel, Boreanaz, and his cadre. Angel was before SJW insanity had truly gone down the rabbit hole. Too bad Whedon came out as an insufferable SJW himself, but I for one can't fault him for Angel.
Alistair Monroe (1 year ago)
I always looked up to and admired Angel and Spike.
Ann Scott (1 year ago)
"Not An apocalypse, The apocalypse. What, did you think a gong was gonna sound? Starting pistols went off a long time ago, and you're already two soldiers down." Serious chills at that part. Especially when added to not accepting the world as is.
Captain Raz (1 year ago)
I miss this show. Would really enjoy a 6th season.
Chechi De La Rocha (1 year ago)
You should watch the interview with the Netherlands banker if you haven't already.
DreadnoughtAdventure (1 year ago)
Kudos for this video.
DreadnoughtAdventure (1 year ago)
And yet Joss is such a cuck now !
zardox78 (1 year ago)
Anybody seeing the ridiculous self-contradictions in the most recent episodes of Agents of Shield? They're trying very hard to paint this virtual world (that all our characters are currently stuck in) as an evil Trumptopia or some shit. Well-meaning people who've involuntarily found themselves with the potential to have super-powers are supposed to represent the poor begotten illegal immigrants who get taken away by government agents. Evil Fitz says "We WILL... make our society great again." Simmons tells a brave young ANTIFA stand-in who just tagged her stolen car "They're ALL Nazis. Every last one of them," referring to now-dominant Hydra... who literally WERE Nazis in Captain America (unlike real life "Nazi's" who magically became so by voting Republican). And... ya know. It's okay to punch a Nazi. An evil newscaster who's a puppet of the evil government managed to wedge in the phrase "alternative facts". On the surface, it's really trying hard to send an anti-Trump message out to viewers. But at the same time... a lot of what the villains are doing in the show is SO much more comparable to Hillary, Obama and the MSM in general. There's a scene where they find a bunch of teenagers getting brain-washed by drugs and propaganda on a screen. And it's like "which side does this actually remind you more of... you clueless fucktards?" They're using all the right buzz phrases, but underneath that, they seem truly confused as to which side they're advocating for. Which side actually does most of the horrible shit that they are seemingly so against. All ideological virtue-signals and 0 self-awareness.
Murshed Choudhury (1 year ago)
Angel was always better than Buffy. Can't say I see your "anti-globalist" subtext though.
TheddunTOSS (7 months ago)
Well, he actually never even talks about globalism in the video much. I think he wants his Bilderberger reference make the point to globalism. However, the whole season was much more about growing up and doing corporatism.
Maureen Tuohy (1 year ago)
So true! Western Civilization is going down if we don't find our roots again soon.
Star Trek Theory (6 months ago)
You mean throw off the Jew yolk?
Watching TrainsgoBy (1 year ago)
Great opinions, valid and striking comparisons to explain your view. I agree this is enlightening and simply put, and I wish this is what was taught in schools, universities and colleges right now.
tomyourmom (1 year ago)
Okay, I already had a crush on you from your work on CF. Then I come over here, and the first video I see is this brilliant interpretation of Angel? I'm in love.
Star Trek Theory (6 months ago)
You're a female right? I don't think angel had any gay shit.
David Rahd (1 year ago)
hum i was unsubed, thanks YouTube.
Ray S (1 year ago)
i would like to see you comparing hollywood to HBO nordic i'm curious of what diffrences and simularities you might find
Jason Bourne (1 year ago)
Well, the new Fox show APB has quite a bit of female empowerment bullshit going on in it. The usual scrawny and small woman taking on men much larger but the guys that portray cops need to be much larger per the casting call. Also women with shit for brains when it comes to tech are portraying CTOs and tech gurus but again the casting call for men requires some in depth knowledge of tech speak and know how.
Mexie Mex (1 year ago)
I'm not sure which I prefer more the Angel series, or Steve Shives admitting to his wife he prefers Angel to Buffy LOL
Diamondinmyeye (1 year ago)
God, I love this show so much. Season 4 is also super relevant to the modern age with Jasmine being the SJW hive mind queen.
Diamondinmyeye (1 year ago)
Yep, it's all for the greater good....no matter who we have to step on to get there.
Robert Lange (1 year ago)
At the cost of 100 souls a day.
Ivory Leviathan ॐ (1 year ago)
Diamondinmyeye omg yes! The shiny happy 'everything is perfect as long as we all have the same thoughts and feelings' crap and if you dissent then you're the enemy! Jasmine preached authoritarian control of the masses for her perceived 'greater good'
Absolutism vs Relatism Self Loathing Was An Interesting Bit I Have Not Heard Before.
happymevids (1 year ago)
What has happened to your Twitter link?
MeanGreen (1 year ago)
Hah. Loved this show back in the day. Never noticed the parallels at the time. I do now see the themes of Islamic terrorism in the episodes of Stargate SG-1, especially in the Ori story arc with their believers trying to subjugate the galaxy's non-believers. Funny how no one had a problem with the idea of stopping them.
StygianTraveler141 (1 month ago)
+VancouverTVGuy Cuck traitors, they are.
VancouverTVGuy (3 months ago)
The irony about this is that the anti-white leftists are often white themselves.
Star Trek Theory (6 months ago)
Leftists don't care about White people. The goy is so brainwahsed as to deny his own worth. Thanks, Jews.
Were Chicken (7 months ago)
The Ori are basically any religious fundamentalist. It's just Islamic fundamentalists seem to be getting a free pass these days. The funny ting is there's not too much water between a christian fundamentalist or an islamic one if they're extreme enough (well maybe their targets) As a left winger I'm disgusted tat so many on the left are capitulating to fundamentalists that want nothing more than repress women's rights, limit free speech and advance their own vile and twisted ideology.
camarade pierre (1 year ago)
the strain is the same thing, but it's more pro-jew, the vampires are the islamists
Ultack (1 year ago)
If people would just use common sense again and put a stop to that fcking anything goes stupidity then we would immediately see changes around us.
Chris Sandall (1 year ago)
There are plenty of people willing to stand and fight. Trouble is they are afraid to do so on their own. The sheeple's herd mentality has been so embedded in their psyches that they fear isolation and individual repercussions. They not only need a hero - a shepherd - to stand and guide them, but also a motivation to follow him. One of the most inspirational vids I have seen on this is the Battle At Kruger Park when a herd of docile wilderbeasts turn on a pride of lions to save one of their young. It took the motivation of seeing their young in mortal danger and for one of them to say NO and they followed and overcame. In our increasingly isolationist society where we a discouraged from interacting with each other due to crime, racial or religious differences, or simply encouraged to communicate through the sterile medium of social media, we forget that we are the many and they are the few.
Fridaey13txhOktober (1 year ago)
It is not that irrational. Individuals are weak and fallible. Only groups, effective organizations, collectives can make the difference.
SuaveITGuy (1 year ago)
That is some heavy stuff. No wonder the show got canceled! lol. I really like the points you've made here, I had never really looked at it like that before. I can definitely see how the characters finally rejected the world of relativism and went back to their root by taking a hard stance for what thy truly believe in. Although like one of he comments below the real villain might have been the capitalists.(I'm not a big fan of raw unregulated capitalism although it is needed sometimes, but with light regulation and a little community support it's great.) I really loved the show Angel, it was brilliant. I wish they made more seasons, but the ending was pretty good. You've made me want to go back and watch it again. I ....Must ....RESISSTT....TempATION........OF MINDLESSLY WATCHING>.....teleVISioN,........AND Actually do something .....WITH my LIFE!......(to be continued...)
Robert Cesario (1 year ago)
God I love me some Angel.
The Dude Abides (1 year ago)
You rock Dave. 💪
Wayne Towers (1 year ago)
Dave Cullen, you really need to be a regular host/guest on LBC (Leading Britain's Conversation). They seem to be very unbiased, definitely something the BBC, Sky, CNN and the like aren't, they have anti-establishment guests hosting shows as well as pro-establishment. You'd be great on there shutting the pro-establishment zombies down.
Wayne Towers (1 year ago)
+PriestOfFilm Indeed. I've listened to several of his shows and while he does have 'some', not many, interesting perspectives he has a magniloquence attitude towards topics he doesn't personally agree with. He often fails to grasp views of those which differ to his own. I would like to see Dave Cullen have a conversation with him.
PriestOfFilm (1 year ago)
They are certainly more open to many political and societal outlooks and speakers, but they are still inherently to the Left due to the most prominent of their speakers - James O'Brian, I believe his name is, is simply a black hole where all nuanced discussion is compressed down into nothing by his own narrative and cognitive dissonance.
Daniel Bostock (1 year ago)
Great channel
lavitzbass6666 (1 year ago)
the best season in my thoughts
Trevor P (1 year ago)
*Sees a video talking about Angel in 2016* "Wait, there's a new season of Angel?" MFW I realize I'm retarded.
Victor Mendez (1 year ago)
Review Equilibrium!
Crystal Philosöpher (1 year ago)
I don't know why but somewhere, steve shives's wife is autistic screeching
Adrian Fisher (11 months ago)
As I suspect Shives is himself.
Steve S (1 year ago)
Angel? Angel? Such a misogynist!
Eevee of the Sea (1 year ago)
Why puppets?
betarage (1 year ago)
I miss those days.
- TheFinn - (1 year ago)
We were all so naive and young.
Nathan Baker (1 year ago)
we are trying but I'm just 1% of the 99%. but I will keep teaching people & my community of the dangers until we do become great age by turning the week into the strong
John Anthony (1 year ago)
You're obviously a sexist. Steve Shives' wife said it's sexist to watch Angel.
PCWarMachine (1 year ago)
I always found Joss to be a conundrum. In real life he is a progressive and liberal to the core. In his work (like Firefly) he is a rugged individualist who believes big corrupt government is bad. Sad he doesn't see the truth he writes about.
GammaCatch (1 year ago)
I keep asking myself "How the hell did JW, this communist beta man, make the most libertarian live action show I have ever seen?" Meaning Firefly/Serenity.
PCWarMachine (1 year ago)
What what? The truth what?
Trigger Hippy (1 year ago)
agreed, Take Malcolm Reynolds as a prime example. Who would Mal have voted for between Hillary and Trump? I think he would have been "never Hillary" in my opinion.
- TheFinn - (1 year ago)
I find a lot of people on the left like this. (Edit: John Stackhouse) There's a Canadian Professor of World Religion who gives talks to Prime Ministers, Ministers of Government etc on the realities of Islam - because he knows the material so well he can put the argument down to the exact details of what is wrong with the Quran and why it's incompatible. However, I followed him on twitter a while back - he's a complete leftist on every other matter. It amazes me how he can get around knowing full well how the left lies regarding Islam, but then he doesn't seem to question anything else they propose?! He's not a dumb guy by any means - I just cannot fathom the dude.
Eevee of the Sea (1 year ago)
PCWarMachine Yeah what?
Royalone (1 year ago)
We're watching the western world's last gasps of free thought. Unfortunately there is no going back. The worse thing is, that Islam is going to take over the west, don't believe me, look at Sweden and the UK. I don't think the left will enjoy life under Islam.
Nuclear Lupine (8 months ago)
mapesdhs Coming across your verbose and erudite comment has both impressed me and astonished me that somebody would inject such an excellent essay into the veritable maelstrom of YouTube comments. I think we'd make excellent friends good sir. Do you have a Steam or Telegram? I'm sure we could have many interesting conversations since I find myself agreeing with you so wholeheartedly. Also, please do excuse my playful pretentiousness, I'm rather sleep-deprived atm.
Cateranrebel (11 months ago)
you actually want to know what can happen from this, when enough Muslim have invaded Europe there is a strong chance that a European First movement will rise up and a new crusade of sorts will be called to save Europe and though most likely it would be bloody and much of Europe will burn it may result in the idea of pride for being European, much like people have pride to be an American. If European Pride takes root then you can have a political Union of Europe as a single global super power.
Fridaey13txhOktober (1 year ago)
In 1940, the UK fought for the wrong side.
Fridaey13txhOktober (1 year ago)
Blackpill f**git.
J Sticks (1 year ago)
Is that a bad thing tho? i mean it... Rome was decaying before the barbarians invaded
Timo Naaro (1 year ago)
Very good analysis! Can I point out that when there is the part where angel goes to sea in coffin. That could be the pinocchio/jungian idea of diving to save your fater/culture from the bottom of the sea. I know he comes out bad but who says your values in your culture are neceserily good. Then there is that blue thing and Freddie. I am thinking that could be analogy for some ideologue. As the worst idelogues are just enpty shells spouting rethoric so too is the new freddie lost all personality that makes her her. But this is new ideologue serves well against fight against evil.:)
Jakk Frost (7 months ago)
I think you're misremembering something. Fred was never called "Freddie".
ShortbusMooner (1 year ago)
There are many of us that will continue to fight this 'PC/Feminazi' scourge until it is vanquished.. Lets get to work!!!
Jerry Totten (1 year ago)
it is really sad Joss went full cuck
thunder1soldier (1 month ago)
Lol, once upon a time cuck actually had a very specific meaning, but now its been so overused it literally means nothing at all. "I disagree with this persons politics... CUCK" "This person has a world view that is somewhat inspired by having compassion for others... CUCK"
El Mostrito (7 months ago)
Firefly broke him.
Shively Films (11 months ago)
He sold out
Scotbot (1 year ago)
I think you're wrong here, Dave, insofar as the programme isn't so much anti-globalist as it is anti-capitalist and therefore a leftist narrative of fighting the Man. I very much doubt that Hollyweird, which is pretty much the creative outlet for the socialist narratives in the States, would do anything other than promote the Globalist, anti-capitalist agenda. In this way, Angel isn't fighting the Globalists but rather fighting the evil capitalists.
Neil Degville (1 year ago)
I just finished re-watching the entire Angel series so its very fresh in my mind and thinking about what you just said makes perfect sense. So Angel represents Trump and America First then Spike must be Nigel and #Brexit. I'll never look at Spike the same again
Star Trek Theory (6 months ago)
Drumpff is a Jew. America First might be a stretch. So everything Buffy represents was fucked by Trump? interesting.
Ivory Leviathan ॐ (1 year ago)
NEIL DEGVILLE hahaha this is so funny. I can't wait to rewatch the series now!
panopticon (1 year ago)
great video
autotune bacon (1 year ago)
i might be waching this after i'm done with mr. robot (tv show)
Rolf Hartmann (1 year ago)
How's this for an odd coincidence, my name Rolf Paterson Thorne Hartmann lines up almost perfectly with the firm. Rolf means wolf, Paterson is Scottish so stretching I could make a connection to sheep, Thorne is not even the more conventional meaning since it has the e at the end it actually means a breaking force or demon, and finally -Hart-mann. Even the order has stark similarities. I loved Angel season 5, and really wish they could have had a season 6.
Dean Logan (1 year ago)
My sympathies.
Rolf Hartmann (1 year ago)
Well I have gone by many names ;-)
Dean Logan (1 year ago)
So, you're the devil?
dudester6442004 (1 year ago)
one of my favorite shows, so damn good.
Dean Logan (1 year ago)
Josh Whedon must have nightmares of fighting himself to the death. They are probably even more scary when he realizes that the self he thought was correct and good, turns out to be the weaker and evil version.
The BadMan (1 year ago)
With trump and brexit and le pen and wilders I believe the right is on the march, I believe a civil war is coming, and I intend to fight it with unwavering brutality. Vlad the impaler is a hero.
lil' hotwheel (1 year ago)
That sounds like a really bad LARP session.
resistnzisfutl (1 year ago)
The BadMan Keeping in mind that the right really tried to keep the peace and the lying, bigoted, intolerant, knuckle-dragging left with no critical thinking skills started it, just like they've started virtually every violent conflict in the last 20 years. Even the left doesn't pretend to be the party of tolerance and peace anymore, they are Hugo Marxist zealot acolytes who are out to convert or kill.
Mr Meh (1 year ago)
As a clarification, you mean regressives when saying left wing, right? Many liberals hate globalism, marxism and identity politics as well.
Kenny Powers (1 year ago)
We need a right wing Che Guevara too overthrow Merkel And Hollande
The BadMan (1 year ago)
+Larry Rudedude ''guns are too quick, you can't savour all the little emotions'' I have my katana and machetes ready for action, being a european. It might sound sociopathic but guns will not give me the satisfaction i desire.

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