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Low Pants Explained

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This is where wearing pants hanging off your butt started.
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Patricia Baron (2 months ago)
It started in prisons when they confiscated men’s wearing a belt. The prisoners retaliated by letting their pants hang low.
rwasta7007 (3 years ago)
hahahaha this guy is so freaking southern it cracks me up. just by the way he talks someone from another country like me can most likely determine: political affiliation, religion, stands on social issues like gay rights, abortion, capital punishment i find it fascinating to see such clear examples of predetermined social parameters being represented by an individual and even more for that individual to point out other social parameters that he finds peculiar.
Goh Away (7 years ago)
Originally i heard that in prison it can also mean "ownership" as in "this ass belongs to someone else" or is "occupied" LOL! your version does make more sense though. Sadly in Australia this trend has infected our youth as well. :(

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