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Dothraki Dialect Words in Games of Thrones [Korean Billy]

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Subscribe for more interesting videos: https://goo.gl/uOnzmJ Hello, everyone! I think many of you guys are looking forward to the next series of Game of Thrones, and today, we’re going to take a look at some Dothraki dialect words in Game of Thrones! Hope you enjoy it! :) You can catch up on HBO’s Game of Thrones Seasons 1- 6 now: http://amzn.to/2omseHa KoreanBilly Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KoreanBilly10 KoreanBilly Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/KoreanBilly KoreanBilly Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/KoreanBilly
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Text Comments (19)
Greengiantlady (1 year ago)
Soooo goood, thanks Billy!! :D
Jerald Evans (1 year ago)
Needs to do the Singaporean Accent!
Chloe (1 year ago)
billy님! rror 발음 어떻게 하는지 알려주세요! horror terror 같은거요. 개인적으로 rl발음은 괜찮은데 rror 발음이 잘 안돼요 흑흑 꼭 부탁드려요
박지호 (1 year ago)
점점 신수가 훤해지시는거 같아요! 화이팅
Minhaj Uddin (1 year ago)
Korean Billy, ur a legend 😂😂😂
Luke Griffin (1 year ago)
We love Khal Billy, it is known
pdizzle (1 year ago)
your creps are safe fam
Amy Baek (1 year ago)
왕좌의게임 팬으로써 너무 너무 좋아요..ㅠㅜㅜ
Absolutely love this! Great idea. You explain the social side of using language so well! In GOT language can be a matter of life and death!Thanks for sharing! :)
Zac Rigby (1 year ago)
Ok? I thought you just did British dialect, but I guess this works too haha!
Callum Godber (1 year ago)
Game of thrones is the fucking best
Tv고버 (1 year ago)
요즘 다양한 사투리가 나오네요! 더 재밌어짐!
우서크 (1 year ago)
근데 이것도 영어에요?
Morgane Lamothe (1 year ago)
아니요, 영어 아니에요~
김건우 (1 year ago)
장우석 이게 영어같습니까
Eindra Thwin (1 year ago)
ViZiO Music (1 year ago)
So amazing
유후서연 (1 year ago)
KoreanBilly (1 year ago)

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