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Teen discovers he's been a missing person for 13 years

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An 18-year-old in Ohio finds out he was classified as a missing person from Alabama 13 years ago after he tried to apply for college. CNN's Jean Casarez reports.
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Tiffany Peppylotti (1 day ago)
Damn. He’s attractive.
Mo (2 days ago)
at least he cute
Life as Amelie (3 days ago)
I’m confused they’re saying he’s 16 but 5+13=18 but in the description it says he’s 18 help me!!!!!!
Penny Parker (5 days ago)
I’m surprised he didn’t remember anything from his kidnaping. I have a lot of memories from when I was 5 years old.. I guess he blocked it out?
Q U E E N Q U E E N (7 days ago)
oh...he kinda cute
AMBot Senpai (7 days ago)
Wait what the?! They said 16 but he is 18 years old.
Why's it always Ohio!? Just let me live in peace!
Roman Reigns (9 days ago)
would make a interesting novel to read in front of a roaring fireplace
hot dang (12 days ago)
tbh he’s really cute
hippity hopp (12 days ago)
What??? I'm sorry but you Americans are so weird, how can a parent KIDNAP THEIR OWN KID?????
tsg k (14 days ago)
Somebody math a lil off & i bet it ain mine
Cinthia Arguelles (16 days ago)
MAN!! I thought 5+13= 18 WELP!!!! I guess it 16
Krakeon (16 days ago)
"He discovered that he's missing" *THE IRONY*
bryan cardenas (18 days ago)
. ive gone through so much. sexual abuse, physical abuse. they are lucky casue not eveyone get to be heard. im 16 and my mother is fighting the custody for my little brother because his dad was sexually touching him. my mother has recording of him saying really nasty thing to me and my mother. he would treat my mother like if she was trash. he went to imigration to try to ruin my mothers papers. but he wasnt able to now my mother has paper and she doesnt have to scared of being deported. he lies about my mother, he says that my mother is a prostitute and that she is a piece of trash. i but i truly know my mother. she is a hard working mother who raised me and helps me become a better person ever day. my mother is scared for her protection. he would stalk her and follow her to work. he has lied to the police in front of me. he has physicaly aboused me and my mother, but its even worst when you get mentally abused by someone for 7 years. and me and my mother are still trying to get away from him
johnny begood (18 days ago)
its his fuckin dad wtf yall let these feminists do shit like this
H. Reyna (18 days ago)
The reporters face doesn’t move wtf
JC PUPPET (20 days ago)
I’m just glad that he got his mother back no matter how long it has been.
Ahmed Ali (20 days ago)
Lock this father up, no excuses for doing this to do this a child’s mother
Majestic Mojo (21 days ago)
The Dad was hiding him from the Crylons until his son's powers we're stronger. He is destined to save the Earth. I hope he still has the crystal and the cube.
TheDirtymikenation (21 days ago)
abducted by biological father lmao that's not a real thing
Gabi Koonings (22 days ago)
Thank everyone for their prayers, yeah, because they helped at all, right, not really, prayer does fuck all, it was basically luck and thankfully just a fuck up with the social security that dad knew he'd run into eventually, unless he's an idiot.
B*tch It's Me (24 days ago)
He cute tho
Kitty Kat (24 days ago)
So no one figured out where the father was during that 13 yrs?
Super Chris (25 days ago)
Maybe it was for the best he was kidnapped by his father.
Matthew Huang (26 days ago)
Tbh he probably likes his dad more now...
Amber Watrous (26 days ago)
That math doesn't work... Taken at 5 missing 13 years. Found at... 16?
Shonhon (28 days ago)
His dad looks like an oompa loompa
g Jusino (29 days ago)
CUBBY   HOLE    WEST  12     2008    2018        1     800    THE    LOST
Shantacia Wilson (1 month ago)
Fuck this shit. The dad need a reward.
MosesTheLord (1 month ago)
this is fake news
Mr. T (1 month ago)
CNN is fake news .
Dawn (1 month ago)
I remember seeing his missing kids b/a pictures in mail circulars.Smh I always hope and pray for the best for those kids I see missing...
TauntBoop (1 month ago)
COLUMBUSX3GANG (1 month ago)
I was kidnapped by my mom when I was born. The police and my dad still haven't found me.
Matt Dougherty (1 month ago)
This is like Carlina White
mr noir (1 month ago)
PS4LIFE GAMER (1 month ago)
I use this type of math when i tell women how big my dick is.
zDxrk (1 month ago)
Sneak 100
The Casual Gamer (1 month ago)
How about people wait to see if they can actually be a couple before they have kids? Oh wait most humans are too fucking stupid.
The Black Knight (1 month ago)
if you guys read the description of the video it clearly states he was 18
cheys vlogs (1 month ago)
Sorry but why this kid lookin like Georgey from it
Jay High (1 month ago)
I was kidnaped to when I was 3 years old at Canada and I they took me southern USA, and I was bored one day looking up missing kids websites and videos and I noticed a missing 3 year old who looked like my same 3-4 year old baby photos.
Sand 22 (1 month ago)
I m kidnapped by my dad too...and my mom too. (:
Lalain Mashood (1 month ago)
he cute tho
cody baggett (1 month ago)
I want to sympathize with the dad and say that he shouldn't be too harshly punished, but then my mind keeps going to how many nights the mother must have stayed up crying and hoping and falling deeper into despair and desperation trying to find her child. Honestly, I'd castrate any person who kidnapped my child for so long.
Laura Christie (1 month ago)
Wasn’t even “kidnapped” lol. I feel bad for the father
HAZ (1 month ago)
1:15 face melted, lay off the plastic woman
Eneby (1 month ago)
*Lets fast FORWARD to the PAST week*
Jorge Larios (1 month ago)
The father is wrong but at least he wanted to be in the kids life vs just bailing on him. Selfish man. But these women always win in court. Dude took matters into his own hands
Dishonoredlover (1 month ago)
18* years old. 16 year olds are highschool freshman
x4qt (2 months ago)
soo that means i got kidnapped by my mum when i was born.. oh okay
Youngboychicken (2 months ago)
Father looks like a white OJ
SimRacer (2 months ago)
Signing up for college at 16?
ZeZe MooMoo (2 months ago)
My brother ran away
Fox Nues (2 months ago)
He didn't disappear, he was with his father who raised him right.
Bill Dauterive (2 months ago)
The mom just happy she didn’t have to pay shit for 15 years
Yung Cerberus (2 months ago)
I live in vestavia hills near Birmingham
Karen Love (2 months ago)
He was with his father NOT A BIG DEAL?!!! 🙄
Kelly Goff (2 months ago)
Lucretia Sattler (2 months ago)
Good, there's one less dreamers let his ass dream in the sewer while he decays. Haha. A new jersey man was shot in the head execution style over a game. Some people take their games a little serious.
Lucretia Sattler (2 months ago)
Nobody cares.
Mad People (2 months ago)
Bella Bella (2 months ago)
The father according to the law.... Kidnapping him when he was 5.. hope reunites with Mom. Glad father got arrested for breaking the law!
Bella Bella (2 months ago)
ROAD To The Top The police arrested him. You need to learn the law.
Tenhead (2 months ago)
Bella Bella I wouldn't call it kidnapping.
Star Wars Dude (2 months ago)
Adam Russell (2 months ago)
My guess is the mother was emotionally disturbed, bipolar being a common, untreatable, ailment, as one possible example. Dad could also have had control issues. The law is clearly non-functional in the case of expending any manner of effort to determine which parent is mentally healthy, and the best fit for a child. The law does what is easiest,: defaulting to the mother in 9/10 cases - a common side effect where legislators are wealthy enough to have full rights to their own children and mother's bouncing between boyfriend's is a lot less common. Therefore, the son's positive upbringing leads me to thinking that the mother had issues. Also, statistically, a male parent is more likely to attempt to maintain a relationship - remember, a male has much more to lose and in the end, at best, gets to watch another man (or men) raise his child in the same home he once shared with his family. However, there might be more to the story than what the comfortable suburbanites of CNN reported in this video.
Peter Bostrom (2 months ago)
I would die laughing if I found out I was allegedly missing for years
Kaptain Kid (2 months ago)
Sweet Home Alabama. The kid discovered a problem with his name while registering for college? Bull shit. Ask you kid if he/she knows their name at 5 years old and that he had a mother and was taken from her. Something's wrong here. But Fake News prevails . . . hey, the news watchers saw the commercials on TV didn't they? Enough said. It's all about selling soap.
Candace Baughman (2 months ago)
It is sad. His mother missed out on a lot stuff for 13 years. It breaks the heart. That poor mother.😞
Cameron Craig (2 months ago)
That man was the biggest virgin ever if he had to kidnap a kid 😂
Jenny Lee (2 months ago)
Hey at least he didn't have to grow up in Alabama.
Duckerton9 (2 months ago)
You were kidnapped when you were five and you don’t remember it?
Dal V (2 months ago)
I’m interested in seeing how accurate the computer age progression was
SomeSuspiciousKid05 (3 months ago)
He looks like LazarBeam's nephew when he was little
chris h (3 months ago)
1800nunyabiz (3 months ago)
Clearly the father knew what was best for the boy and took the steps to see to it he got what was best. Too many times women are just automatically given the children when in reality, they probably shouldnt get them for any number of reasons that are summarily ignored. I hope all turns out well for the clearly wonderful and loving father.
Jurnee Chase (3 months ago)
The boy looks like his dad lol.
Will Hendrix (3 months ago)
“You’ve got to be kidding” yeah we are it’s just a prank
rosinalex (3 months ago)
I went from watching fortnite to watching court hearings.. huh
Jalen smith (3 months ago)
Wait that was his real dad???
izSpeshul (3 months ago)
wow, that police officer, what a great public speaker...jeez.
Lakisha Hammond (3 months ago)
It seems that the father did his JOB and raised his SON!!! With all of the dead beat dads in the world... SOMEONE should really ask... Did he REALLY do that bad of a job? Heck, the boys wants to go to college.
Fortnite Memes (3 months ago)
that kid looks like the guy who uploaded the first youtube video
JB Robertson (3 months ago)
Piss off the father did nothing wrong with raising his son nothing illegal except the ID thing
Dina Turlao (3 months ago)
Let's be thankful that he grown up handsome and healthy haha
J M (3 months ago)
The mom was probably threatening the father like most women, of filing child support because they want to control the man's money and spirit. Many children are kidnapped every day by a court system that is one sided for mothers, while the father has to be bound (slave) to the system for atleast til 18 or 21 (college). Jobs, gun license, and his money is confiscated etc, causing mental anguish. If the kid was 5 yrs old and was allegedly kidnapped, the mom was most likely not as good as a parent as she claims like tge father has shown. What five year old who has a decent mom, wouldn't tell teachers or others his or dads real name? Did he have to get school immunization shots? What this shows, is the dad was trying to make a better life for his kid for him to be college ready at 16yrs. He also admitted to be raised well. The system mad because they cant fuck up "his" sons' life.They can't label and make it seem like he needs direction from the court, like he is a child with no direction. How many mothers lie to the system to kidnap the kid(s) or feel like keeping the kid away from their father? So they say go to court to solve it. It turns out the mother will most likely get custody and the father has to pay with privileges (visitation) to see their child. The family court system has screwed up many men and children by giving mothers an advantage for sole custody. Parents should go to automatic counseling when issues happen where parents are seperated. Many women and men have bad tempers, habits, mental illness, or attitudes that rub off on kids. This will make sure the kids have a better future. But they dont care though. I guess he did what Tupac did in Poetic Justice when he saw mom using drugs, he took his baby girl with him; in real life he would have had to prove she was an addict. And thats fucked up, because kids are getting mistreated and killed by one parent, while the other parent has to grieve. He didnt need one red cent from the system and didnt need any money from the mother. He stood alone as a real man and great father.
fangirl6666 love (3 months ago)
I don’t know how I got to these kind of videos but this is some confusing shit
beshj (3 months ago)
None of you know the situation that led to this or who should have had custody, but if the kid turned out good and the mother didnt even think to ask the father if he took the kid then i think he as better of with his dad. The dad knew that too. Fucking bitches mad 'cus he took the kid without legal consent who gives a fuck if the law says he cant take his kid the law is fucking dog shit anyway
Simply Naomi (3 months ago)
The real life tangled
Kara Ruckle (3 months ago)
How did they not know it was the father who took him? In like 99% of cases it's one of the parents or family member. Did the father just disappear and they couldn't find him? Was he living on the lam for 13yrs? That's a really long time for the FBI not to be able to find him.
Unity Viral (3 months ago)
Just imagine.
Andy H. D. C. (3 months ago)
I saw this case in investigation discovery maybe in 2016 (so the episode may have been old). I am so glad he appeared, what that mother went through is unparalelled. Also glad I got to see these news randomly on youtube...
Michael Brzozka (3 months ago)
just crouch walk in front of the police they’ll never see you trust me i play metal gear
jlpmoose (3 months ago)
Brooke Baldwin
DeansVideoClips (3 months ago)
I wonder what happened with the mother that he needed to rescue/kidnap his child.
ToniHunterOne (3 months ago)
The reporters need to take remedial math classes. Something just doesn't add up.
Cupfullof Nuts (3 months ago)
Wow he looks so much like nick dworet
J A C E (3 months ago)
So between the ages of 5 and 18 they never once needed his SSN for anything? Seems like this wouldn't have been hard to solve way earlier.
85stumpen (3 months ago)
So he's ben missing for 13 years. And they never checked he's father?
Alexandria Jones (3 months ago)
this kid was going to college at 16
Masivkool's Gaming (3 months ago)
I mean, the dad raised him well, very smart and caring for everyone. What happened between the parents for the mother to get custody? Makes u wonder how he would have turned out

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