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Winx Believix Multilanguage Cover ☆Isabella☆ [Ita+Rus+Eng+Ger]

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Winx Club Believix Transformation Song from season 4 - multilanguage cover. I couldn't resist doing this. I planned to record this cover a long time ago, and there it is! Languages: Italian, Russian, English and German. Italian and German speakers, please forgive me :D I tried what I could. Btw, I hate Believix. I hate everything that happened to Winx after season 3. Although this song is catchy. Last time (Enchantix cover) I asked you what language I can pick for this cover, you didn't reply, so I've chosen German. You can now suggest what song and what languages I will use next time if you're interested in such things. Thanks for listening to this cover and reading the description, my precious viewer :*
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Text Comments (40)
pelmeshik c: (16 days ago)
я люблю лишь 1,2,3 и 5 сезоны ;(( а другие не весьма...
pelmeshik c: (14 days ago)
Isabella Quinns МОРСКОЙ БЕЗДНЫ*
pelmeshik c: (14 days ago)
Isabella Quinns мне ещё + нравиться потаенна затерянной пучины (если этот кинофильм этак именуется, я не помню)
Isabella Quinns (14 days ago)
Да, к огорчению, многие этак и молвят, что потом 3 сезона и кинофильма нужно было окончить на Энчантиксе...
Итальянский Русский Английский
Bloom Sparks Peters (27 days ago)
Bloom Sparks Peters (28 days ago)
english! 😍
Bloom Sparks Peters (28 days ago)
WinxClubCreativeMovies (2 months ago)
Hi!May I use the english part for a fandub ?I just wanna do de roxy transformation and I would love to use your believix cover.I will give you credits!
WinxClubCreativeMovies (2 months ago)
You can check it out on my channel :)
Isabella Quinns (2 months ago)
WinxClubCreativeMovies yes, sure! And thank you very much! ♡
LadaFunDesh (11 months ago)
I know Italian Russian and English. It was PERFECT! !!!
Isabella Quinns (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot!
Ottaro546 (1 year ago)
I'm German and I can tell you that the German part was really really good! I think you pronounced everything right (of course I could make out your accent but it sounded really good) :) Also the whole song is absolutely awesome ^^
Lea Jobbágyová (1 year ago)
wow I wonder why it hasn't got more views. It's really good.
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Thank you! :3333333333333
Special AnimeLover (1 year ago)
Hi Isabella, i am so in love with your cover!!! your voice is so magical xD i actually wanted to ask you if you wanted to join a project that consists on making a cover of Siamo Noi Le Winx from Winx Power Show and we already have most of the fairies/singers but we need someone as Tecna and your voice is so special i couldn't resist to ask.
Special AnimeLover (1 year ago)
Isabella Quinns I'll ask my friend who is the produccer of it to send you an e-mail ASAPQ
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Hi there! Well, maybe I could try, send me the instructions via email (isa.quinns@gmail.com) or Instagram
российский с русским акцентом... Вы руссковорящая?
RUSSY SWASTI (1 year ago)
Crazy_Dreamer_ Channel На самом деле она российская по национальности.
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
будто бы я это и не скрываю
Hiendral (1 year ago)
No french T^T
Paula (1 year ago)
Спасибо за русскую версию,решила припомнить младенчество)
Yumi Kazamy Dracula (1 year ago)
I'm Italian and I should said that you have sung the Italian part very very good! I liked it a lot ^~^
promi to manga (1 year ago)
wunderschön gesungen<3>
promi to manga (1 year ago)
promi to manga (1 year ago)
Rainbow KISS (1 year ago)
i can germany russian englisch
Magic Winx Switzerland (2 years ago)
are u netherland?
Magic Winx Switzerland (2 years ago)
+Isabella Quinns ur accent in german i thought maybe dutch
Isabella Quinns (2 years ago)
Hi! No, I'm from Russia.
ĆYTV-CLOSED (2 years ago)
Can you sing in Cser or Hungarian?
Aquatica Energix (2 years ago)
You are not Russian? Just in the Russian version your accent a suspicious. Just too right it sounds. I tell you as a Russian.
Isabella Quinns (2 years ago)
+Aquatica Sirenix благодарю огромное, мне весьма приятно! :)
Aquatica Energix (2 years ago)
+Isabella Quinns Молодец) Кстати, кавер-супер!
Isabella Quinns (2 years ago)
+Aquatica Sirenix I am Russian indeed :D Английский изучаю издавна уже, учусь на факультете зарубежных языков
Wow du kannst in deutsch wirklich gut singen ich konnte jedes wort verstehen( Wow you can really good singing in German, I understanding every word :) I'm german but I can understand and speak English a little bit, but I try my best
you're welcome ;-)
Isabella Quinns (2 years ago)
+Catty Noir EuropaparkSuchtiGirl thank you, I'm very glad to hear this because I don't speak German :) Also thank you for being nice :3

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