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Fortnite Tested On 11 Different Cards Epic Settings

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Text Comments (178)
ViperRo (1 month ago)
Go to titled towers there is a lot of people
Slave Liberator (2 months ago)
I personally... if I enjoy the game I give the devs some money... like Warframe... It was a pleasure to drop them some cash.
bobby boucher (2 months ago)
rx580 OC baby!!!!
MeatPopsycle (2 months ago)
I have spent $530 on League of Legends. Sometimes, the games that are free-to-play are the ones that deserve your money.
Sad Whisky (2 months ago)
What's the test bench?Cpu,ram????
Gripen90 (2 months ago)
Best free game ever is still Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Terrific multiplayer team based FPS. Still going strong since 2003.
Vinicius Consorte (2 months ago)
World of Warships best free game for me so far =)
tunedskillsz (3 months ago)
How do you still enjoy and play games at your age? I love everything about video games but by the time i hit 30 i just lost interest in them. I still love video games but i just cant play them, only thing i can account for it is age.
RighteousBruce (3 months ago)
Good video mang
Todd Buffington (3 months ago)
Seems to run well on all cards minus 4k
Quiets pcs (3 months ago)
18:18 8-} my favorite great video comparison again Elric 👌
Th3Gr8tOn3 (3 months ago)
While it’s obvious that game reviewing isn’t your forte this was a good comparative on GPUs.
Joey Greathouse (3 months ago)
Tech of Tomorrow 'LET'S JUST FACE IT!' Best advice you could really give, honestly. It's deep. It's simple. Let's just face it - 'let's just face it' is great advice. ;)
Sonic Mobian (3 months ago)
For me personally I bought into the Dark Voyager because I want to lock in my Gender to Male only.
Albert Sanchez (3 months ago)
Steve2 Me (3 months ago)
Jumping of your train, Why is Raja Koduri hidden from everyone?
Anthony A (3 months ago)
DAMN SON! MY 2ND 1080 JUST CAME IN THE MAIL (bought for $600 at LIKE NEW lol and honestly it LOOKS NEW, not even LIKE NEW.) What do I do with it?! I don't even have a SLI bridge for it lmao.
Neel Singh (3 months ago)
Fortnites not j running around. If you go to a named place on a map and practice you won’t die immediately. Also spending money is only for cosmetics or the other game mode.
DEAD GAMING_2 (3 months ago)
this would have been much better if you showed which cards do what fps at 1080 considering most play at 1080, the purpose should be to show what cards would b useful to buy
Joey Greathouse (3 months ago)
It will be 2-4X the FPS. Always. 1080p x 4=4K
GamingGUY350 (3 months ago)
hello sir what the keyboard and mouse do you use at 1:27
PingRandy - Gaming4U (3 months ago)
WTF is wrong with ur Benchmarks? My RX 480 in 1080p never drops below 100 fps in epic settings....and thats the non-OC 4GB model... i even have 30-40 fps in 4k and epic settings...
Ho Hwang (3 months ago)
Different strokes for Different folks, Pubg and Fortnite both great games but technically Fortnite does not need high performance gear, so will garner more players
S N (3 months ago)
What monitor are you using ?
Dante (3 months ago)
It's not for me, too cartoonish, not a fan of the building mechanics, I miss the days of CS 1.6 and Unreal Tournament. I'm more of a single player guy anyway.
Pat Gaming Apa's Style (3 months ago)
Triggered when u didn't open that chest at 8:06
Zoltán Sós (3 months ago)
Nowadays if you spend your hard earnd money on a triple A game they still charge you ingame...
Sean Moore (3 months ago)
Benchmarks with elrick owe yea
Carbonawk (3 months ago)
Overall, I very much like your videos (and how controversial they can be lately)..........but sometimes, a bit more research would help. bit of a rant... 1, those store purchases are used for server cost. (how else are they going to pay for it. It's a business after all.) Especially with how many players it got within such a short time frame. Why is this even brought up as an issue? hell, this makes games free without them being pay to win at all. I feel like I shouldn't even be saying this. It's a great business model for many games. (League of Legends, Path of Exile etc..) Those are some of the most popular games for a reason. 2, pubg better graphics? does it? the art styles are really different, while I prefer realistic art styles, most of pubg graphics are just washed out textures Very few things in pubg actually look good. (IMHO) Even with all this, I will still say fortnite has better "graphics" overall. The unreal engine is just poorly used by them and causes BAD performance on all systems, especially on the AMD side.. (fortnite also uses the unreal engine). It's preference IMHO. Playing both is great too of course. Can you please specify what you mean by graphics? pixels? texture quality? etc.. thanks. to be noted, if I want the best graphics ONLY, I would likely play an EA game like battlefront 2 or Battlefield 1. 3, $37.80 that's as far as I know the highest price recorded to date, that's for the UK friends. Where did you find it for $60? You may want to look on the official site. It's about half the cost there. Just a tip. 4, an awful lot of running? never stopped moving? "14 out of a 100" you didn't get a single kill. I wonder how you even managed that :P Typically happens when players camp in buildings and while It's a valid playstyle. I have never seen anyone or had a game myself where this happened without camping. So, "a lot of waiting?" is that what you did there? :P It's really part of the concept, It's a game that's easy and fast to pick up. run to the center of the circle. Where ever that might be and be the last man standing. You hopefully knew what you were getting into when installing, and even if you didn't. What's your loss? you didn't want to spend money on it anyways. Isn't that great? you can always buy pubg if you so desire. (for the same concept, but different execution.) my point is, you can play it without spending a dime. Worst case scenario, you wasted some time. However, If you have that issue (moving a lot, not seeing players), you may want to try another spot on the map, you will find loads of players in the bigger cities. For example, tilted towers. It's very likely you will find 20+ players there all day. Don't blame the game for you not going there and having to "wait" for it. 5, looks like Borderlands? I will give you that they both have a cel-shaded comic look. Great game. 6 the appeal of fortnite is not "that it is free" I didn't get more popular because it's free to play. Many other battle royal games are free and have very little players. It's simply a better-designed game that was "released to the public" at the right time. Fortnite: Battle Royale player unknown battlegrounds Some of these are paid and some not. Yet all of them combined probably have fewer players than 1 of the 2 mentioned games from above. Unturned (Arena Mode) Last Man Standing Rules of Survival Warface - Battle Royale Arma 3: PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale Mod The Culling Rust: Battle Royale H1Z1: King of the Kill A large amount of players buys skins etc.. in the game, and most of those combined costs more than pubg currently is sold for. Hell, out of the 40 (or so) friends on my friendslist, there may only be 1 player who didn't support epic games by buying a skin or "battle pass", and to be fair. They are not cheap for an f2p games. of course, this may be a coincidence. Just for today, a new "battle pass" challenge got released. I didn't see people go to areas like "retail row" which usually is very popular by players. But due to there ("retail row") not being an area with a challenge. In 2 out of the 5 games, I saw no one going there. If that doesn't say anything, I don't know what will. Players clearly buy these battle passes. Just as a heads up, pubg has skins that are being sold too in the form of gambling with keys..... just like csgo etc.. if I buy a game, I don't want to see any of this. If you ask me, epic did what they do best. Make a game with their own engine. ps you can only buy at vending machines from what I have seen so far :P That being said. It was pretty obvious you were a new player. But I am glad you enjoyed the game, loved the pickaxe battle. (where you had a tactical shotgun :P). You even got a few more hits in than I expected, so well done. Glad you "finally" made a video on this. It's a hot game even though it's not fully released yet. Still a thumbs up. :)
Drakus (3 months ago)
Warthunder a good free game
brosch91 (3 months ago)
If anyone has bought pubg for $60 I can safely say you were ripped off. It's only $30 on steam.
ben fuller (3 months ago)
Well it could be the games fun to play
Javi Sánchez (3 months ago)
i have a i7 8700k and 1080 and playing in 1080p i have more than 170 fps average i could even say i have 180 fps, with epic quality, i dont know why you say 144, i dont understand, my card is not oc is a evga FTW, just dont know
Javi Sánchez (3 months ago)
ok my tests are giving me 150fps as average, i never trust my eye again XD
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Yeah you just may not see the dips with naked eye. The higher frame rates, usually the higher dips. I might be wrong though. Anyway, yes, there is very simple, great and free program to a) monitor fps on screen b) record fps log file, which include average fps, 1% and 0.1% lowest fps dips. Fraps. Just google and download that. You pretty much don't need any instructions, it's that easy. Just launch the program, check or setup a hotkey for fps benchmark, default was F11 i think, and press that button while gaming. You will see green light in one of your screen corner's as recording on, and red light means recording has stopped. This will create .csv file, and default folder the file will go is C:\FRAPS. Finally you will need a program called FRAPS Bench Viewer to open that .csv file you created. I'm really not sure why they don't combine those two programs to one, but yeah you need both of those. Both programs are extremely light, free of advertisements and do not contain anything shady really. Both programs are one of the first programs i always install when installing fresh Windows. Basically i have fraps always on, it starts with windows, to show my in game fps always when i'm gaming. One thing though, for some reason when launching Fortnite, the game whines something not being compatible with Fraps, but just ignore that, it will work just fine. I mean if you experience crashing, maybe turn it off when you're not benchmarking, right? Fortnite is literally the only game i'm aware of that ever has whined anything about Fraps. You can also record gameplay video with Fraps. I have never tested this though, personally i use Geforce Experience for recording gameplay. Hope this helps.
Javi Sánchez (3 months ago)
actually yes i have motion blur disabled becouse i dont like it, and yes i checkt with my eye and its always a very high frame rate, anyway, is there a software which let me test this? i would be pleased to know =D
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Javi Sánchez, i have no idea about 1080p but are you sure you don’t have AA and motion blur and such disabled? Have you recorded framerate file with fraps? I mean if you just keep checking fps counter with your eye, it sometimes might appear higher because you may not notice the dips?I tested my 1080ti out of curiosity and it gave me 122fps average all maxed out at 1440p so at least that is pretty much in line with the video.
Azi (3 months ago)
how do you put your graphics card facing the side panel window ?
PackardBelltoll (3 months ago)
the best game to buy is GTA V ONLINE You can do everything in this game .Lots of ppl to play with or against. You can play it how u want.
hinokakera (3 months ago)
Best thumbnail ever, great video as always.
tarek lachgar (3 months ago)
https://yticons.co/market 0.07eth for your card ^^
danmar007 (3 months ago)
I'm glad you guys do this kind of stuff because I wouldn't have the patience even if I had the cards.
gene sochia jr (3 months ago)
enjoyed the video
N. Roy Singh (3 months ago)
In game purchase to support epic games duh Elric. There optional.
TikiShootah (3 months ago)
I epic setting ah...the days when that was a new concepts.
Corgi Butts (3 months ago)
The skins and stuff are optional so I think its fine that it costs money its just a way for them to make a profit and for people to support them
Chris Bullock (3 months ago)
Another good one, but next time use the good smooth 1080p gameplay for your background video...LOL...whatever setting this one was, it was a hot mess...lol. 22fps on Ultra Low...lol
Robson Green (3 months ago)
The fact its free actually entices people to buy stuff in game. Its like " oh hey, i haven't paid for this and I've played X amount of hours in it and love it so I want to look cooler and don't mind spending a little bit of money to do so." They have earned millions and millions through this very idea... I think you will find we see more games take this idea on board.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Robson Green. Well.. Okay then, i guess i'll crawl back to my corner then. I just doubt the existence of good people like you. Sure there are some but you're kind of a rare bunch.
Robson Green (3 months ago)
Not a lot of this makes sense.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Robson Green, that's a nice thought, but i bet most people are just that selfish that they want to buy that skin simply because they want to have it. I mean it's not like Epic is so selfless either. Sure, BR is free to play, but if you think about it, just one skin costs 20€ and that's without the glider. On top of that Battle Pass costs and PVE doesn't have it so much cheaper either. Those Super Troll Truck Lamas you want comes in as two-packs and costs 15€ each, so basically it's 30€ every time you wanna try your luck to get something you need and usually you get only shit. I mean, man, those micro-transaction prices are not low. But don't get me wrong, i love playing a game i can invite anyone to download and play with me. Usually people don't want to pay for a game just because i tell them they should or they don't have enough money in the first place. EDIT: Oh, and this system wouldn't work in every game. In order to get high revenue you need a popular game. If every game started doing this i'm not so sure they all would really succeed.
Bas Gorter (3 months ago)
1:05 You make no sense, of coarse a free game has things you can buy. And it isn’t even pay to win, it’s just skins
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Bas, Tech Of Tomorrow guy, Elric. I mean he is a fantastic guy, but regarding this video he is pretty out of touch what he is saying.
Bas Gorter (3 months ago)
Team Blue Are you saying that about him or about me
Team Blue (3 months ago)
Bas Gorter doesn't seem to understand micro transactions
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Agreed, i was kinda baffled as well what is this gaming tech professional saying.
isra 10k (3 months ago)
everyone jumping on the fornite wagon to get views. -1
Alberto De Girolamo (3 months ago)
Is this a MafiaWorks-friendly game?
Jordan (3 months ago)
Man I always need to go your pages Ill leave your videos online sometimes to make them show in my autoplay but I can only watch one video then it shoots to some other channel. weird but still watching whole videos and liking
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
YouTube has issues and I have been sorely affected by them.
ProGamer (3 months ago)
instruction unclear dick stuck in hdmi port
Max 420 (3 months ago)
I got a 1080ti and 4k + fortnite - AWESOME i say...
trush0t1 (3 months ago)
I think this seals the deal. 2GB cards are officially obsolete. It was fun while it lasted. 10:30 LMAO you get into an axe fight with a tac shotgun in your inventory! Also you run by so many chests lol. I know its a benchmark I know... still going to point it out LOL.
Joey Greathouse (3 months ago)
This is at 'ultra' settings mate, 2GB card will run this great at 1080p/low
Chevrolet Gamer (3 months ago)
What kind of cooler is in your rig, I don't think you listed it or I missed it?
M4TT EXE (3 months ago)
the current trend gonna come and over saturate the market *insert Chinese clone here* one is a mess optimize wise and other is from the guys who gave us Gears of war and let that good MOBO die..... wonder how long these games gonna be around like... a other game.... thet should have been F2P
Braddiot Games (3 months ago)
yes lets play the most easiest game to play on multiple machines lol
Sean Bingham (3 months ago)
I was under the impression that pubg had micro transactions in it too, in a pay to play game. Or am I mistaken? Micro transactions for cosmetics in a free to play game is much more acceptable in my opinion. How else are they supposed to make their money? Put out a free game and just pray to the money gods that they magically get paid?
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Sean Bingham, agreed.
Sean Bingham (3 months ago)
jaybee0507 not that I dont like the guy because I do. Have been subscribed for a couple years now, I just dont think his content in terms of the games content and the devs themselves is researched properly. The actual hardware side of stuff is fine.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Sean Bingham, yeah... Elric is a fantastic guy but pretty out of touch what the hell he is talking about in this video.
calical26 (3 months ago)
Sai Ram (3 months ago)
I have a GTX 770 IAM getting lag spikes I think it's because of my cpu(it's Intel core 2 quad q9550+ 6gb ram)
Romick Vieira (3 months ago)
And still they are gonna release 4K 144hz monitors and TVs this year, even two titan V (dont even know if it supports SLI but atleast the cut down xx80TI will most likely) wont get 144hz. So i dont know why people want it... maybe just for old games or strategy games (or whatever is not very demanding) at that crisp rez and drop to 1440p for new games.
Joey Greathouse (3 months ago)
One of the two has to exist first, and it's usually whichever ends up existing first. Yeah, they are going to release 144hz 4K monitors for people like me who want 4K for CSGO and can easily hit 300 FPS locked in 4K high settings on that game. They don't have to sell much of something at first because the price is high. 1080p monitors have existed since before 2005, even though most people couldn't push games in 1080p back then. What is this comment?
Liemciemdk89 (3 months ago)
They both suck and how sad is the gaming market when these are the top games fps
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Sonic Mobian, my apologies for going off context but how does Warframe look 2018, does it have life left and how it is for new players? I'm kinda interested but i have been put off because it's kinda old and i'm afraid if it's golden days are long behind?
Joey Greathouse (3 months ago)
He covered that entire genre under UT, which has more ownership of that genre anyway.
Joey Greathouse (3 months ago)
These are TPS, not FPS.
Sonic Mobian (3 months ago)
Oh sure you're solution is to take away are Battle Royale games and make us lose are cash that we invested in for cosmetics and get no reimbursement for spending. How would you like it if I took away your game that you spent hundreds of cash over time and gave you no reimbursement, Would that be fair to you? I don't think it would. I played Warframe for example for 3 years now, I spend a ton of cash on Prime Access alone. Well over 500 dollars tops (150 per Prime Access buy) because I am passionate about the game just as much as the developers and I want to help them succeed in there game with as much support as I can give them. Is it truly fair to take away a game that you invested 500 dollars of you're hard earn cash and then lose that game but get no reimbursement? Not even a little? I be solely pissed off about it. I spent like 70 Bucks for a battle-pass (10 dollar version) and a tier buyout to catch up 60 bucks worth of V-Buck because I felt that Fortnite both BR and Save the World has the same success rate as Warframe and felt both Warframe and Fortnite are the most successful games.
Ivan Štefanek (3 months ago)
Check new game that is coming out soon "SCUM", you gonna like it.
D C (3 months ago)
Fortnite FTW! The player population says it all.
SlayTheSins (3 months ago)
Fortnite and gfx won't go in one sentence unless there is "no gfx" used Sorry for saying this I just got tired of this "cartoon style" games being a good excuse for not making gfx... When I was a kid I dreamed for games being as real as real is... not some comic/cartoon The only thing with cartoon its safer for kids, but see the above sentence, is that really what kids want?
Carbonawk (3 months ago)
"The only thing with cartoon its safer for kids" This alone already says enough about you. An art style does not make it "safe" for kids. This game has murder in it. Safe for kids? what? shaking my head.
Schmitz Gaming (3 months ago)
SlayTheSins not everyone shares your views
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
These ultra benchmark videos are so stupid. Everyone please remember you can easily double those frame rates by slightly decreasing graphics settings.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
No matter how clear you state it in the video, most people still see just the raw numbers. I know ultra settings are the baseline to benchmark to be inline with other reviewers, but usually, like this time, they are really misleading how well games actually perform. I'm not saying anything in the video is wrong. I'm just reminding people about this fact.
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Just like I clearly stated in the video, which you obviously did not watch,,, :-)
Basically Nutshell (3 months ago)
Sry but I'm going to pass the like button for this video (not going to dislike you dont deserv it), you can pay me an i will not play that game, but yeah it's just a copy and rip off pubg and wasnt necesary at all cause pubg is already a copy of the H1Z1 and we didnt need a ripoff of the ripoff just penibile
Jon Hattan (3 months ago)
These are all revolves of DayZ end of story. But FortNite FTW.
Schmitz Gaming (3 months ago)
Basically Nutshell these games have different mechanics they're not copies of one another it's stupid to believe so
Wang Computers (3 months ago)
I tried it I found the game to be too childish.
Carbonawk (3 months ago)
Shooting people was childish?
Wang Computers (3 months ago)
GameGame fall I'm sure you love it . Autistic children such as yourself are drawn to bright colors and shiny things.
GameGame fall (3 months ago)
mustard guy You're retarded and clearly lying
Karl Rabaya (3 months ago)
You're about to get so much hate for this video
Fa1L (3 months ago)
This triggered so many pubg fanboys lol 24 dislikes 88 likes
CORAL (3 months ago)
jaybee0507 yup, 100% agree.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Yep. I think the amount of dislikes was because the reviewer didn’t have a clue half of the time what he was talking about. I mean he implied free games can’t be as good as paid ones and why would you spend money on ingame purchases because with that money you could buy pubg...yeah fortnite has actually more players and is technically better game, i mean optimised, graphics and smooth movement. Pubg is a bit clunky, right?
CORAL (3 months ago)
Fa1L because he said the biggest game is pubg, that its a decent game of all games, the v bucks thing, that its slow paste, reminds of borderland, worse graphics. And so on. A lot of bull shit stuff
Fa1L (3 months ago)
and how is that lol, i mean i play fortnite and didnt dislike
CORAL (3 months ago)
that most of the dislikes are from fortnite players
Lucas (3 months ago)
Nobody uses shadows on and effects bruh so lets say the fps get a buff like 20%
Iordan Sorin Titus (3 months ago)
None are my cup of tea. I'm really not into battle royale games. Still if I were to chose one, than I'd go for Fortnite as it's free.
GameGame fall (3 months ago)
Iordan Sorin Titus go for save the world mode, its much more fun
Romick Vieira (3 months ago)
Iordan Sorin Titus Humm i have not much right to talk since i dont even have a pc!! (sold my build two months ago) 😕😕 BUT for me THE shooter to play is battlefield, th e destruction, vehicles and map scale is completely different. I did play fortnite but only the PvE and i liked it alot, never plaied the battle royal part, i could try it, but its not my thing, and PUBG seems the less interesting out of the two.
Chemy Torres (3 months ago)
Hahaha, I wonder how many stupid people will comment something silly about you "giving away free copies of the game" hahaha nice tests my friend! Video liked as always.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Well that’s not entirely incorrect because you still need the paid version to unlock the full game. Only battle royal mode is free. You know. Just saying. You can even get a free copy of Fortnite (friend invite code) from someone who has one of the more premium editions, so that’s not really far fetched for someone to want one.
rongaro (3 months ago)
This gameplay was hard to watch 😂
PG Channel (3 months ago)
You Rock.Happy Easter Holidays.I prefer PUBG also ,Fortnite is for 12 y olds
Mustang Loyd (3 months ago)
Most Free games have that formula of free to play but if you want this or that you have to buy it.( War thunder, WOT....) they claim it's to keep the servers up and running, and to add new content.
Devgru (3 months ago)
Saša Igić (3 months ago)
Rohan.S. Jamadagni (3 months ago)
00:40 lol his thumb
TheBigManUno (3 months ago)
That 1080Ti performance was kind of strange. Any thoughts on the 1080/1440p matchup? And that gameplay was a little long without that sweet reviewers voice talking about anything. 😆👍
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
TheBigManUno, yes that is how i remember it been. Makes much more sense:)
TheBigManUno (3 months ago)
jaybee0507 no worries man... And now that I'm looking at it, I was seeing 117 fps for both resolutions. But after looking carefully it looks to be the numbers against the colours of the game at times. It's 117 & 177 fps right?
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
TheBigManUno, Oh my apologies, i misunderstood. How do you mean gtx1080ti performance was strange? I benchmarked my gtx1080ti and 7700k, at 1440p, i mean 16:9 and same absolute max settings as the video. Average: 122fps, %1 lows: 95fps and 0,1% lows: 77fps. So at least 1440p pretty much inline with the video i think.
TheBigManUno (3 months ago)
jaybee0507 yes I have an ultrawide too I'm aware. But I don't think there's a reason to assume ultrawide in this review. Which means results are still strange.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
TheBigManUno, yes. My monitor is 3440x1440p ultrawide. With gtx1080ti framerate never drops below 100 which is my cap. AA slightly reduced, everything else maxed. However with gtx980ti i need to drop to high settings to maintain 100fps with no dips below. I have also played a lot with 2560x1440/144hz monitor and with same settings as above it hits my 120 fps ceiling all the time with no dips. Short answer: Gtx1080 paired with normal 1440p monitor you can safely get over 100fps at epic settings and with maybe with little to nothing tweaking you’re at steady 144fps. I mean surely you don’t need AA or motion blur or such...
Aaron Taylor (3 months ago)
why are you benchmarking a mobile game?
David VanHouse (3 months ago)
Aaron Taylor he's using phones with amd and Nvidia GeForce cards duhhh
Blane Glover (3 months ago)
Just play both games pubg for the realism and fortnight for the faster pace
Blane Glover (3 months ago)
This is weird because I have a 1070 and play at 1440p and I hit 100fps on average I have to turn v sync on because I have a 60hz moniter and screen tearing is bad
Blane Glover (3 months ago)
I get higher fps in pubg
Schmitz Gaming (3 months ago)
Blane Glover screen tearing in pubg is worse
Wooblidoo (3 months ago)
As soon as I heard him compare Pubg to fortnite I knew this video was going to get a ton of dislikes no matter the quality of content. The purpose of this video is "I think fortnite is a good deal because it's free, halfway decent, and it runs well on almost anything". That is good info for somebody who does not know. I didn't know Fortnite was free for quite a while after I discovered it on twitch. I wasn't into buying games at the time so I didn't think about checking the price. If I had seen this video pop up in my news feed I would have had something new to do. Doc's always trying to bring us the best deals he can find, whats better than free?
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Well, usually nothing is ever actually free and free games introduce very much different cash grabbing schemes which i would gladly avoid by paying for the game in the first place, but i have to say Fortnite BR is a magnificient exception, where you can spend money only in cosmetic stuff. Bravo.
xFaDedColorZz (3 months ago)
Tyler Perrys BoringGrounds and Chuck E Cheeses Forthouses?
RipJawsX 95 (3 months ago)
10:25 LOOOL funniest part in the video XD
Gaurav Das (3 months ago)
Just wanna say this, the the things that are monetized on Fortnite BR are cosmetic items, which are also present in player unknowns battle grounds as well, that's it.
Anestis Papadopoulos (3 months ago)
join a match, jump off the sh it, after a moment you open parachute you see a guy fall faster than you with open parachute, you are like wtf he get the guns and shoot you down even before you land on the ground, you are dead you quit the match you find that there is a store wow buy faster parachute with money but but no pay2win
Azuma G (3 months ago)
PUBG is 60$...in what parallel universe???? EDIT: Absolute best free game...haHAA And also...stop showing 15fps 4K gameplay...THX! 4K 15fps +motion blur +stutter......@Tech of Tomorrow PLS....my eyes can't take it....
Silver Werewolf (3 months ago)
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Romick Vieira, makes sense. It would be nice to benchmark both, ultra and high or medium settings, but i understand that's considerably more work.
Romick Vieira (3 months ago)
jaybee0507 Yeah, very true... ultra sometimes offers unoticeable things than can be turned down. But performance measuring its good to have presets so that you can see the performance globaly, same preset for all reviews, if everyone tested their own settings you couldnt truat anyone or would have to go reading every big of info about specs xD Presets simplify and "globalise" the process.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Yes, i was referring 3440x1440 as baseline to compare as a closest resolution to 4k i have enough fortnite experience with, and my whole point was to remind people not to just watch the raw numbers in videos like this. Yes, GTX980TI will easily get 60fps and more on 4K with High-ish settings, and that's double, give or take, than the number presented in this video for some what similar performing gtx1070. I mean, sometimes i wonder, why we even want to see Epic/Ultra graphics benchmarks?
Romick Vieira (3 months ago)
Fa1L The 1070 is basically a 980ti in performance, 1070 should edge like 5 frames maybe :p if any
Fa1L (3 months ago)
yah but not on 4k with the 980 ti, you probably get 60 fps on 4k high
duha noree (3 months ago)
I see where you are coming from but you are still In the beginning so my recommendation is to watch ninja and then you will now why 45 million people have downloaded this game
Greg McCune (3 months ago)
Pleasr heart your a good youtuber
Chum Buck (3 months ago)
Greg McCune you're*
Marek Nowakowski (3 months ago)
Did you just use your thumb for ctrl/shift??
auriskv (3 months ago)
I never comment Elrich but your comment on free games kinda shows how reviewers can be very out of touch with the market. Free games are huge cash cows, and have been for a while. Look at League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone and the list goes on. Making your game free lowers the barrier of entry drastically, and means that it's far easier to build an audience than a conventional 60$ title. Not to mention I know plenty of people (myself included)who spend way more than 60$ on "Free to play"games they like... Free to play doesn't mean bad, like it did 10 years ago. It's a massive part of PC gaming now.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Rage, i don't think your pc is that bad if it runs Fortnite. Pubg is the one that is bad. Unoptimised and clunky. I have gtx1080ti and i refuse to feed Pubg to her out of respect.
frederic vervaeke (3 months ago)
Rage have you tried the mobile pubg yet thats fun too if you dont have the hardware to run pubg on pc
Rage (3 months ago)
yeah true I've played 5k hours of CS yet my pc is so bad that it can't run pubg which would probably be a better suit since that is more centred around gunplay...
frederic vervaeke (3 months ago)
Rage i like the game to i play it a lot with my son but i dont seem to get the hang of the building thing 😜 thats why i play more pubg because its a little more realistic but playing with more people together is defenitely better in fortnite
Rage (3 months ago)
I had a similar opinion of fortnite too however once you get quick at building and make 2-4 bases a game that you can just sit in and wait for other people with a vantage point the game becomes more fun IMO. However TOT is right about the amount of running, there seems to much even for the tryhards.
Ben Johnson (3 months ago)
Whoever pays $60 for PUBG is a sucker and deserves his or her money to be taken
frederic vervaeke (3 months ago)
Welsh Tech Savvy at the moment pubg on a console sucks big time dont waste the money the mobile version is better then the console one
Welsh Tech Savvy (3 months ago)
I love fortnite, haven’t tried pubg yet in console..
Welsh Tech Savvy (3 months ago)
Ben Johnson PUBG in the uk is £25 for both consoles, and in pc it’s £26 on steam.
jaybee0507 (3 months ago)
Fortnite however is the more advanced game. Better graphics, better performance, smoother controls and the building aspect makes it a unique pvp game. These are the facts. Pubg is a great game but it’s hard to go back to because it fully lacks the building and demolishing and it feels ”just a shooter game”. That’s my oppinion.
Devgru (3 months ago)
pubg isto Dayz as fortnite is to H1Z1
frederic vervaeke (3 months ago)
Im more of a pubg fan but very nice video 👍🏻
Yellow Mustache (3 months ago)
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Good morning

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