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Drunken Jane McGarry

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This is a story about a non story concerning a drunken news anchor in Dallas, Texas.
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Blah (1 year ago)
You left out she was fired from NBC 5 within a few days with nothing really said about it, odd thing is she's been on WFAA channel 8 for the past few years.
YaValioCacaWates M (5 years ago)
If Jane wanted to slam down a few, all she had to do was call. I would have picked her up any time, any place.
MaVs FaN (6 years ago)
At least the station hasn't given in and let her back on the air. She deserves what she gets just like anyone else for driving drunk. Take care. :)
MaVs FaN (6 years ago)
I beg to differ. I just happened to be watching the 4:00 hour of channel 5 news and they did lead their news off with a segment about Jane Mcgarry!

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