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CPU VS GPU: How Do They Affect Video Games?

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You hear these initials all the time: "CPU" and "GPU." They're so common but we don't really talk much about them, so what are they? What do they do? Let Gameranx explain. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Gerardo Mora (7 hours ago)
I think this would be interesting also in another perspective: Video Rendering with Software such as Vegas or Premier.
THE GROX (1 day ago)
is that Youtube whore (Song created by pewdiepie) piano in the background 02:27
I'm sorry but I couldn't concentrate on the video because of the background music being the same music used in PewDiePie's old 'Youtube Whore' song....
Ed Bek (1 day ago)
Very bad done.... And the pic of the xbox apu made me cringe
lldog13 (2 days ago)
More videos like this!
CyberPunk Girl (3 days ago)
Suggestion for next videos: playing & running triple 'A' PC games in 8Gb RAM vs 32Gb.
Sunny Senpai (3 days ago)
CPU also provides raw pre processed frames to GPU which does all the coloring, post processing effects, etc. Another reason why processor needs to be even with a GPU
MZagnge TV (4 days ago)
what is the music 0:02
Cary Ballard (5 days ago)
Still more powerful and better UI than PS4 Pro. But let's imagine that xbox goes away. What stops Sony from overcharging and underperforming, with no competition? It's the uneducated that insist power matters in 2013, but doesn't matter in 2018. Of course nobody understands capitalism, millennials think socialism is the savior for humanity, but don't stop to realize that capitalism gave us the very platforms like affordable ways to watch and comment on YouTube. If xbox goes away, everyone loses. So instead of pushing a fake console war, why don't you let the free market play itself out. Microsoft has all the incentive in the world to make a comeback. OP conveniently left out the part about xbox being more powerful. He acts as if the CPU bottleneck was something that doesn't affect all consoles, and therefore getting an xbox is a waste.
Dennis Fluttershy (5 days ago)
(3:15) .png is better than .jpg for digital art in most cases.
Husnain Ijaz (5 days ago)
2:03 Last of Us Runnning on GTX 1060 👽👽
reggiep75 (5 days ago)
More importantly...... BOTTLE NECKING!!!!
Wilfried R (5 days ago)
well most modern pc games requires for recommend specs an GTX 1060 6GB video card while they mostly only need an i5 processor does that mean that most games need an stronger video card than an processor?
Pranav Ghandade (5 days ago)
Now, what's APU?
Sunil Narine (5 days ago)
Everything you see is handled by GPU and everything you cant see is by operated by CPU.
if the cpus keep getting better and they will we don't need gpus anymore
Quentin Wade (6 days ago)
show me your face. Or. Waste! TIIIIIIIIME! this video is awesome.
I'm Okay , (6 days ago)
AMD APU master race
Draco Shivam (6 days ago)
i have a really crappy gpu (gt 710) and a moderate cpu (intel core i3 6100 3.7ghz) i have heard that if i disable my gpu i can run games better is it true
Koome Kimathi (6 days ago)
acid_kat4000 (6 days ago)
Gameranx was the difference between hardware software and firmware
Kyudo Kun (6 days ago)
CPU: The one that translate/interpret codes like: Application programming interface, OS, BIOS etc. in a hardware mode. Then sending the information to other PC components like RAM, GPU, HDD and then send it back to CPU. It's like a never ending loop of processes happening inside the system. GPU: A component that is basically build for General Purpose computing (GPGPU) to process number crunching computation - which is more faster than the CPU by miles. A GPU is composed of hundreds/thousands 'Shader Threads/Cores" (Stream Processor or CUDA) to process complicated stressful apps like games's Visual effects, Physics, Tessellation, Anti-Aliasing and even AI.. Something that a CPU can't all handle.
gamer 10000 (6 days ago)
If cpus are about logic, they are not doing there job, look at minecraft
Clayton Hernandez (7 days ago)
Can't these creators just make a GPU that includes the CPU somehow to save the hassle? Hmmm GREAT IDEA!
Clayton Hernandez (1 day ago)
Clint-Excalibur71 Well it was pretty terrible sarcasm because GOOD sarcasm usually has a good point behind it which yours doesn't.
Clint-Excalibur71 (1 day ago)
Clayton Hernandez no shit, it was sarcasm, but you probably didnt pick it up
Clayton Hernandez (1 day ago)
Clint-Excalibur71 I’m talking about with a high quality CPU and a high quality GPU in one. Not that shit “Intel graphics”.
Clint-Excalibur71 (2 days ago)
yeah, it's called Intel, been doing that since 2010
Clayton Hernandez (7 days ago)
What is that game at 1:15 and is it on pc?
I learned more in this video then I did in my math class
Advice Cowboy (7 days ago)
I love you and your videos but this shit is so over my head lol
I have an i7 4Ghz and a R9 295X AMD In a mac why can’t i run fortnite properly? It stutters ALOT
Cockobango RangoJango (7 days ago)
so for short: GPU: can do things much faster but only specific things CPU: can do everything but not as fast am i right?
Gamer Boy (7 days ago)
Are more realistic hitboxes harder to render or harder to make if it isn't why arent developers making hitboxes that are more like realife
James Liu (7 days ago)
I am doing a research about improvement of game design. This is really an interesting video to find out!
Mk Honu (7 days ago)
Nap or watch Falcon explain PCs.. Choice was simple.
Dalton Williamson (7 days ago)
I dig the background piano music
christian tovar (7 days ago)
This is a strange before you buy
Counterpoint Gaming (7 days ago)
That moment when he is saying CPU and showing the Xbox APU. GPU= Bulk Simple Mathematics Visual CPU= Conological Varied Mathematics APU= Parallel Compute i.e Combination
Ailithic (7 days ago)
Cpu low level math equations +,-,x,div. reads code using logic to push around memory and do work with it. Gpu very fast floating point equations, like geometry (or decimal point), more memory 4gb-8gb etc allows for larger, more and higher resolution textures, memory speed GDDR4 8000Mhz-10000Mhz, which is very important for fps and kept close to the GPUs processing core, instead of using DDR4 3200Mhz halfway across the board like APUs. I think CPU "Equations per Hertz or second" effects GPU bottlenecking (IPC).
XxKidnoffxX (7 days ago)
APU for someone who don't update, like a console gamer..... Your right, but Sony and Microsoft sell us their 'update' with a new console for the same generation....
Coldmanmoran (7 days ago)
That explains allot
l roSSta l (8 days ago)
Don't forget APU which is what you were calling a CPU the whole video.
Jacky Bryant (8 days ago)
Sooo Is it like ?? Cpu is what happening Gpu is what you see ??? CMIIW
troy pomerantz (8 days ago)
Don't forget about Physx too. The gpu is more capable of the physics in video games.
EscapeVelo (8 days ago)
Spend twice as much on your GPU. So if you had $300 to spend. Spend $100 on your CPU and $200 on your GPU.
EscapeVelo (8 days ago)
If you had $600 to spend, then $200 on your CPU and $400 on your GPU.
Nonetrix (8 days ago)
I have a gtx 1080 and a fx 83500 who has a bottle neck I’m getting a new cpu but who else one
DEAD KILLER (8 days ago)
i did not get a single word u said but hey its falcon baby
Aaryan Negi (8 days ago)
What if in future we made quantum computer enough small to use at home and invented programing languages, softwares and even games then how it will be used as a cpu or gpu or apu? Or maybe something different i don't know but i wanna know.
Starman Gaming (8 days ago)
The way you explained it, Falcon, reminded me about the Left and Right hemispheres of the brain, where the left side (CPU) handles logical thinking and reasoning, while the right side (GPU) handles abstract thinking and creative processes. Weirdly, the APU reminded me of how some brains function by using both in a singular process, like some select cases of Autism or Aspergers. So, the whole group of Processing Units are just parts of a Mechanical brain.
Megan Jones (8 days ago)
I love these technical videos that explain things about games. It's a fun and simple way to learn a little bit about games and computers.
Aman Pathak (8 days ago)
thanks for all these fun educational vids mate
Jaqueem James (8 days ago)
can speak English plz
wolololer (8 days ago)
sry gameranx but this video was boring as hell and you just talked and talked not saying anything
Bowen Briones (8 days ago)
So basically if theres no gpu theres no visual if theres no cpu theres no movement
Rizky Wahyu Ramadhan (8 days ago)
CPU excels at Complex calculation with a small amount of data. GPU excels at Simple calculation with a huge amount of data.
Crafty Coin (8 days ago)
Would you say my FX 8350 is bottlenecking my 1060 6g or at least, holding me back from getting better frames in some modern games at 1080p? Witcher 3 Ultra can get to low 50's in forests and FF15 can run in the 40's with everything set to average during intense fights and 50's in car rides.
RhythmGrizz (8 days ago)
My brain exploded
df1phantom (8 days ago)
school of gameranx on datass
In the end, Having a good gpu is better with an average cup, than the vice versa. Talking by expirience. You cant go with trash cpu ofc, use reasoning, get an average cpu and a good gpu and youa re done. Period.
Pierre Paolo Jordan (8 days ago)
Love this!
McMexicans (8 days ago)
CPU: physicists doing complex calculations GPU: a shit ton of first graders doing simple addition Is that about right?
Lost Cause (8 days ago)
Excuse me, allow me to clear your confusion: CPU + GPU = APU (Accelerated Processing Unit by AMD)
Nathan Reed (9 days ago)
7:05 whoever thought this combo of music is great is so wrong. Please don’t this again
Victor McCallum (9 days ago)
So if I had to spend more money on either a gpu or a cpu on my new desktop for making games (Maya,Substance Painter & Designer, ZBrush, Unreal Engine 4) Which do I put more money towards?
Mr. Lan (9 days ago)
cpu if u are programing. gpu if working the graphics
Arnold905182 (9 days ago)
FU miners!
Ritz Kola (9 days ago)
What about rpu?
Guinea Pig Racer! (9 days ago)
How about doing a video about how the weather effects like rain and snow works.
luis ruiz (9 days ago)
So basically start with an i7 and a gtx geforce980? Of course u will have to upgrade but its a decent startin set up imo
David Nikolić (9 days ago)
To be more precise: CPU is optimized for all around tasks and serial operations (SISD) while the GPU is optimized for a specific task and parallel operations (SIMD). Back in the days the cpu did all the work including graphics but as graphics became more computing intensive a seperate processor was designed just for it in order to off-load some of the work from the main processor (graphics related operations were by far the most intensive a cpu had to do). In recent years GPUs have been put to use in applications other than graphics; these were the kind of tasks which required relatively simple but repetitive operationa (for which parallelism was ideal) and thus came the rise of GPGPU. As for Bitcoin mining: yea GPUs would be better at hash calculations than CPUs but bitcoin miners use an ASIC for that (which is waay faster than a GPU for that purpose)
Hell-Raizer 15 (9 days ago)
Falcon is basically my game guru.
BowGunner (9 days ago)
7:23 on a single dye.
papi wolfy (9 days ago)
I showed my grandma this video he had brain damage after the end of video
Wilson Minuscoli (9 days ago)
Indeed another great video by Falcon and the crew Gameranx!! Plz, never stop! xD
Saucey Boy (9 days ago)
I thought they just stood for computer and not computer.
TheeAdeptBranch (9 days ago)
funny consoles don't have either.
TheeAdeptBranch (8 days ago)
No an apu is a mix of the two and is still a different product.
VENOM 6236 (8 days ago)
TheeAdeptBranch they have Apu's which includes both GPU and cpu
JB (9 days ago)
Could the narrator sound a little more bored, or is that not possible?
68dodgeboy1 (9 days ago)
4:52 My computer in a nutshell. It has a 1050ti, but only an intel Q9400. Also which game is being played at: 5:05? Horizon 3?
Wasn't this done a very long time ago? It was one of the first Gameranx videos I ever watched
King Ethan (9 days ago)
0:18 it’s spelt centre
Thato Seluku (9 days ago)
7:35 is where you'll get your answer
EchoMecho14 (9 days ago)
Your PC is only as fast as it’s slowest part.
CFCninja (9 days ago)
How did 60fps become a standard for games? Can you do a video on that?
Royal Archer Gaming (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who sometimes doesn't take their sleeping pills so they can game at night? I pretty much CAN'T sleep without them so I can pull 24's.
Samer Salman (9 days ago)
Confusing.... 0100011100101100010001111001110001111101001011001110111001101001100001111000110010100100011100010011
KnifeTheKnife (9 days ago)
That’s just a basic knowledge of a PC gamer...
Oen713 (9 days ago)
CPU/GPU = Left Brain Right Brain. The best systems/people combine both. An emanation of a natural law/fact/method.
Tyson Rogers (9 days ago)
Can a strong CPU paired up with a weak GPU cause negative effects? For example, I will be installing a I5 7500 CPU and it will be paired with my radeon 6870. Please any input would be appreciated as I’m new to the computer gaming scene
vKevoo (9 days ago)
I want to build a budget gaming pc for my brother, here are the specs: Amd athlon x4 950 Gtx 1050ti 8gb ram Any recommendations? And is there going to be bottleneck with these specs?
Nathan Flannery (9 days ago)
So tired of the 60FPS trope that continues to get pushed. There is nothing wrong with 30 FPS, especially when dropping from 60FPS to 30FPS lets you run at a higher resolution.
Martin (5 days ago)
Nathan Flannery Clearly you're the one trolling here or just being intellectually dishonest comparing watching a video with playing a game. Frame rates impacts perceived input delay. When you're playing a game with low frame rates, the mouse/controller input feels much slower and more sluggish. When watching a video you don't control the game, so input delay doesn't matter. And then there's frame latency. A movie will not fluctuate, digital playback is different to real-time processing.
Nathan Flannery (5 days ago)
You've got the translation wrong. You are an outlier to the standard, because of your vertigo you actually have a reason to call 30FPS a less desirable experience. The point I'm trying to make is that boneheads like Martin here are just trolls, claiming that anything less than maximum is unplayable. So I wonder how they deal with movies/TV/Youtube at 30FPS.
Martin (5 days ago)
Nathan Flannery Less than 144FPS is garbage.
BootLoxes (5 days ago)
But on a serious note, while 30fps isnt unplayable, it does affect the experience. A more fluid experience is overall just better.
BootLoxes (5 days ago)
"but in my eyes it is a moot point to the argument I'm making" Translation: "Because It doesn't affect me personally it doesn't matter."
Ashley Carstens (9 days ago)
Lol im still lost
الديب - The wolf (9 days ago)
I have an IQ level above average and can't understand this shit............ Great video though.
Moonbogg (9 days ago)
So boycott Intel and buy Ryzen then?
dodgy dave (9 days ago)
this video SUCKED
DeathByWii (9 days ago)
Falcon u are such a nerd and I LIKE IT
Fyre (9 days ago)
I don’t know about cpu, gpu, effects and stuff but all i know is that my pc is shit and i can’t afford a good one
pmcollectorboy (9 days ago)
Try running a PC game from even five years ago on "integrated graphics" and tell me how that goes.
Jeff Redmond (9 days ago)
Nice Job Falcon.  Very Informative.
Winty Free (9 days ago)
what was that racing game? with the mustang
Annish Vykera (9 days ago)
Nicely done
Chandler Ping (9 days ago)
1:21 sums up the whole video.
Derek Cantwell (9 days ago)
when does this game come out? Also should I buy it?
Douglas Aranda (9 days ago)
Well, it calculates everything, from positioning in x,y,z, to size, and after that, it still has to render all 3d scenes in a 2d manner where it can be displayed on a monitor, that's why PCs have to have a separated microchip to handle graphics, it would be too time consuming for a CPU
Singer Gaming (9 days ago)
cool, I'd want more videos like this.

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