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D&B Nation (1 month ago)
Subscribe To Our Family Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy LETS GET IT 50,000 LIKES & WE WILL PRANK DAMIEN AGAIN!!!
Kaitlyn Rush (2 days ago)
Angelina Mercado (3 days ago)
D&B Nation fgguu
Loretta Dawkins (7 days ago)
I think I think you should really really take care chll prank l
April Beckford (11 days ago)
London vlogs (18 days ago)
At least heal fight for here
Jeremiah Hammonds (4 hours ago)
2:13 that asssss tho🍑🍑
Sanah Taylor (6 hours ago)
When it’s 6:30 and your mom called you to wake up at 5:15 and your still sleep **look at damion** @1:26
Jairus Banks (6 hours ago)
I died when he said I was just gonna take her for some ice cream
Elisha Kuisch (11 hours ago)
Damien chill tf
Elisha Kuisch (11 hours ago)
I subscribe
Shule Bailey (1 day ago)
Big lexx thick asf
Nika n chris (1 day ago)
Lil showtime (1 day ago)
Alexis look nice bent over 🍑🍑🍑
k smith (1 day ago)
Kevin Jones (1 day ago)
Who thinks Rodney looks like lance Stephenson
Chauncey Bowers (2 days ago)
"Damien stop were just making noises" DEAD💀💀💀
Donald Prunty (2 days ago)
8.12 omg I’m dying
Donald Prunty (2 days ago)
Rodney beat Damien
Amira Babys (2 days ago)
Biannca:You Tryna Take My Sister Damian:I ain't Tryna Take Yo Sister.....I Was Just Gonna Take Her For Some Ice cream😊 Alexis Face:Yeah Right No The H*ll You Not Me:I'm Weak😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sheena Joshua (2 days ago)
two days tho biana
Angelina Leonard (2 days ago)
Joshua Grant (2 days ago)
For Some Odd Reason Today Does Low-key Feel Like A Chicken Fried Rice Type Day While You Playing Bianca.🤔😂
Jay Martinie (2 days ago)
2:11 your welcome
HunterMooreTV (2 days ago)
this jerry springer ass reaction😂😂
mykisha davis (2 days ago)
The disrespect is on 1000 why is she walking around her house with her ass all out knowing her husband Is there I mean like have some respect !😡😡
Adonis Eiland (3 days ago)
Hey bianca what up ma big papa here you over 21 what up ma im fine fogrt damien 👿👿👿😈😈💍💍💘💘💔
Sandra/ Tony Castillo (3 days ago)
Shouldn't play games like that because people can get hurt real bad
Milton Peters (4 days ago)
life guard🙃
Crystal Marie (4 days ago)
I like biannca
Avery Crump (4 days ago)
“Why you in the bed with my best friend “ 😂😂😂😂
Itachi Uchiha (5 days ago)
*the next wwe match*
mustaf roble (5 days ago)
Yo why u act so weak why didn’t u punch 🥊 him or something
nicki is best (5 days ago)
The dolphins mean covering up the cursing
Diona Jenkins (6 days ago)
From first glance rod looked fineeee but when I took a second look.. he was UGLY
India Langford (6 days ago)
I love y’all but Damien a women beater he said he will slap Alexis
Demi Ogunyinka (7 days ago)
Watch out Alexis give me these pillow and then he hit her with the pillow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😒😂😂
Devonte McCoy (8 days ago)
This nigga didn’t put 2 nd 2 together when they had clothes on😂😂😂
Channing Howse (8 days ago)
So many dolp
Fernando Garcia (9 days ago)
Your girl a thot ;-;
TSM Reily (9 days ago)
Alexis in thumbnail
Amare Wright (9 days ago)
Damon hands if bad
Gerriah (9 days ago)
Why is Damien and Rodney holding hands? 💀
josiah santos (9 days ago)
These don’t even be fr no more 😭
Latoya Tucker (9 days ago)
Lord Apollo VEVO (10 days ago)
I want to c dem fight fr
Moncia Sutton (11 days ago)
He did the samething to jezz
Elijah Washington (12 days ago)
She said im about to come
Elijah Washington (12 days ago)
That ass tho
Nikayla the littest (12 days ago)
I is actually white white lite skin not trying to be racist
Adriana Cunningham (13 days ago)
imma fuck your bestfriend and your brother
2PACMightyVids , (13 days ago)
I just came to see her booty 2:14 thicc
Shamiya Humbert (13 days ago)
On 1:58 I was dead y’all both push a Damien and it was funny I played it over and over
Hailey Olmo (13 days ago)
Damn tho dolphins screaming
Xavier Brownlee (14 days ago)
No body gone say nothing b said u can going but Damian said not no more
Terrell Ash (14 days ago)
Lol. She gangsta. Hope she dont drive him over the edge frfr
This nigga really tried to take her sister I’m rolling
Damion Bradshaw (14 days ago)
Alexis boody though
Butt Cheek (14 days ago)
Amazing Aaron 13 (15 days ago)
2:02 there like wrestlers dead laughing 😂
Amazing Aaron 13 (15 days ago)
Réré SM (15 days ago)
Team biancaaa
Jay Lashley (15 days ago)
Dude got low key anger issues lol even after he find out it's a prank he still pissed lol
Tadazia Corbett (15 days ago)
Ahh chicken fried rice🤣🤣🤣😂
II suicidal II (15 days ago)
I was just gonna take her for some ice cream
Le Goat (16 days ago)
5:34 rod was like you know I beat yo ass
Jennifer Kendrick (16 days ago)
Psycho Michico (16 days ago)
her sister damn
Catherine Paiz (16 days ago)
Damien hurting people
cash133 aj (17 days ago)
2:14 pause
Nayeli Santos (17 days ago)
I would have beat damins ass if he grabbed me like that
Melanie Topaz (17 days ago)
Everyone onows that no on helps when you say "help", you have to yell "fire"
Malcolm Agee (17 days ago)
Kaylynn Arrington (18 days ago)
To me that's kind of raices
I'mEthannn - (18 days ago)
Anybody see that dog on the bottom left screen on 3:34 🤣🤣🤣 he was under the bed the whole time lol.
London vlogs (18 days ago)
At least heal fight for her
Kory (18 days ago)
Smh he goes to Bianca bc he can’t take down her friend, what a punk
JYRA TAVARES (19 days ago)
Biannca: You wanna join us? Lol that had me laughing
InstruMENTALY ILL (19 days ago)
All I know is them are some bad ass b*tches!
cjsocool sonn (20 days ago)
I think Alexis br like biaca cause he was hard in the intro
susan johnson (20 days ago)
Jamya Crocksr (20 days ago)
I am a bog fan
It's a JDB ting evans (20 days ago)
Queen Asia (21 days ago)
This nigga said “Gimmie this pillow” and then hits her with the damn pillow lmfao I’m dead af😭😭😭
kandi cane (21 days ago)
Why she got them shorts so far up her ass
King Toa (21 days ago)
Where about to prank the dark skin 😂😂😂😂😂😨💀
Sister hood 4 Life (21 days ago)
I felt bad for Damien
bbg.all1k Tyree3x (21 days ago)
Lex cute
Bxbygxrl Ley (22 days ago)
" uh chicken fried rice " 😂😂💀
OwenBLOXs (22 days ago)
Screaming dolphins
Elijah The Prophet (22 days ago)
are the two sisters Puerto Rican???
Red (22 days ago)
“Relationship goals” Alexis AND Damien—THICK
Janiah Sands (23 days ago)
Damien is bipolar
marissa jordan (23 days ago)
Damien gives out to easily , so if Bianca was just talking to a boy from her job for work and they went out and talked Damien would've been like take her Damien at least try and fight for your girl and your family and lol team Bianca and team d&b nation
Leo rivaje (23 days ago)
Lmaooooooo niggu
AshaRanae (23 days ago)
I was just gonna take her for some ice cream lmao
Aashton Fortenberry (24 days ago)
Watching them fight killed me😂😂😂😂
Ray,Nila,&Kenz Life (24 days ago)
Bianca a fool I swear to god😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kenneth Smotherman (24 days ago)
Lexis with that thumbnail🍑🍆.
Enijah Davies (8 days ago)
Kenneth Smotherman I saw u on another video lol
P R I N C E S S K (24 days ago)
Boom 💥 50k on the dot
Prnxess_alexa gang (24 days ago)
She said I like that booty omg I’m fucking laughing hahaha
j prince (24 days ago)
I want that sister
Roselyn Banks (24 days ago)
He took off his earings like a ghetto black girl,😂
Natasha Acree (25 days ago)
That was before or after you're done that prank on Damien and Rod saying that you got beat up by those girls at the gas station.
Claude Auguste (25 days ago)
God damn d can't fight for shit
Steven Mcdowell (25 days ago)
Biannca is a comedian,very funny,great sense of humor

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