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D&B Nation (2 months ago)
Subscribe To Rodney & Alexis Channel: https://goo.gl/25tMBC Subscribe To Our Family Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy LETS GET IT 50,000 LIKES & WE WILL PRANK DAMIEN AGAIN!!!
FELICIA POLLOX (3 hours ago)
Blaine Townsend (6 days ago)
D&B Nation bianca is a hoe she dosent trust damien slut
Anza Shahid (10 days ago)
D&B Nation is
Wanda Moody (20 days ago)
D&B Nation to get out and n,vaeh
Wanda Moody (20 days ago)
D&B Nation army and family
Ky'Arah Foreman (2 minutes ago)
Damien abuses Bianca you two should break up
Massiel Pena (10 hours ago)
I swear Damien like B sister and Lex like him too
Nikki Bella (10 hours ago)
Ayye my last name Sanders
SwattyTaps (12 hours ago)
rodney smaller than damien but way stronger bruh
Unicorn Queen drawer (15 hours ago)
When did dolphins get out of the ocean Ima try that 😁
Jeremiah Tolbert (16 hours ago)
she funny
Jordan Partman (1 day ago)
Damien can’t bam nobody😂😂
Marley M (1 day ago)
What about their baby
Neal Le'Quinn (1 day ago)
Why y'all talking about her sis that is how she is the f**k
Marqueriuz Abney (1 day ago)
Rodney was hard I'm done😂😂😂😂😋
Stephy the Goat (2 days ago)
Damien got tired with his big self he don’t know how to really fight either lol 😝
king_ badboy12 (2 days ago)
cuteemoji Queen (3 days ago)
cuteemoji Queen (3 days ago)
Rodney look like he wanted to beat Damian's ass so bad
cuteemoji Queen (3 days ago)
Look at Damian stomach
Usama Thabit (3 days ago)
Damien get's sooooooo jelouse😂
Deyton M (3 days ago)
She orgasming to them fighting boii she wild as freckk😂😂
Cringe Lord (3 days ago)
Fuck his shit up
Katina Scott (3 days ago)
I love you so much biannca you look mad fleeky
Chicken Nugget (3 days ago)
Relationship goals
rosa escamilla (3 days ago)
Damien really gotta stop he is so aggressive he is a women beater
LAYLAY DANNAE (4 days ago)
Its no doubt in my mind that Damien don't lowkey like Alexis
Team Bianca
ybn_ babygirl (4 days ago)
Lexi thicc
James Benson (4 days ago)
How yall think was going to win
Hunter westbrook (4 days ago)
Dude there fighting like girls
Jocelyn Blood (4 days ago)
Alexis Fiine
Robert Wimbley (4 days ago)
Damien won that fight
Reid (4 days ago)
Rodney lucky damien don't have hands if I did this to my best friend he would easily beat the shit out of me and forget that we boys.
tiffany washington (4 days ago)
tiffany washington (4 days ago)
Team Damien
Maribel Arciniega (5 days ago)
Alexia got. Big ass
Swedishh Fishh (5 days ago)
Big Lexx should do a proposal prank
Divine (5 days ago)
i was gon take her for sum icecream
Messiah Williams (5 days ago)
Teen Bianca
jessica garrett (5 days ago)
Hi d and b Nation I love you guys so much team Bianca good prank on daiemn Prince Jr
Alex Miller (5 days ago)
No lie but I feel like that was real racist and you shouldn't have did that Bianca I meant the prank was fine you could have did but saying that that was just wrong
E K (5 days ago)
Rodney was like chill I just fucked your girl
E K (5 days ago)
TheSargentkid (6 days ago)
Damnn the way alexis be looking at damiens dick tho 😂😂😂
Anthony Wolford (6 days ago)
Rodney stronger than I thought
Zanaya Howard (6 days ago)
Team Biannca
O.W Toons (7 days ago)
I got exited when Damien and Rodney was fighting
Desiree Reyes (7 days ago)
Rod thooo🤤🤤🤤🤤
H 831 (7 days ago)
that's a good one Damien "have you seen white chicks leave you in a wheelchair " Funny
Tyand Nea Harrell (7 days ago)
Alexis has a fat booty 🍑
zaniyah carthorne (7 days ago)
Chicken fried rice yummy I’m hungry
Fearless Legacy (8 days ago)
I love how they scratched out the cussing with dolphin sounds lmaooo 😂
Fearless Legacy (8 days ago)
Biannca freaky af😂
Ruth Baby (8 days ago)
damion and rod when they was fighting im dyin oml
thegaming god (8 days ago)
Rodney the only nigga that fight back when damien say shit or hit em he a real nigga nate a bitch so it dont matter all dese other niggas was talking shit about pranks damien beat they ass dey tucked aceept rodney factz
Jennifer Paul (8 days ago)
why is he gentle with Alexis but beats b
Jennifer Paul (8 days ago)
Kimberly Melendez (8 days ago)
it looks like abuses her on the reagular
Tha King (8 days ago)
When she said she was gonna fuck his brother and his best friend if he took Alexis I'm like damn that's hella wrong to do that.
lillian carter (9 days ago)
Damien can’t even fight bruhhh 😂😂😂
winsley jacques (9 days ago)
it like damien wants alexs and damien wants bianannca
K fam (9 days ago)
First of all if i was bianca and he touched my sister prank or not i would punched him so hard bitch there would be a earth quake lol frfr
King_ Modz (9 days ago)
Lex booty is big as f*ck
Toffee Jr. (9 days ago)
I'm kinda confused on why Damien got mad because when he pulled the blanket no one was naked or kissing so he should've already known it was a prank
djtoocool (10 days ago)
Damien you are triping
Sessy Allen (10 days ago)
OMG 😂 this was halarious
Thereaka Hunter (10 days ago)
She took it to far!😱😱😱
Miguel Rage (10 days ago)
Sorry Damien but u need to take boxing classes
isaias caines (12 days ago)
This nigga Damien always trying to wrestle somebody 💀
JayLove 1 (12 days ago)
Damien grabbed that whole manz face dead asf 🤣🤣🤣💀
Alyssa Kuhn (12 days ago)
Daimen is an instagater
C&C squad (12 days ago)
I cant😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cinnamon's Top 5s (12 days ago)
wey the child at at this time
Ziya's World (12 days ago)
Damien be all over Alexis
Jamel H. (12 days ago)
lex got ass
Alexander Reyes (12 days ago)
Idk which man is with wat girl
Lauren Thomas (13 days ago)
Pooh Bear (13 days ago)
ŸHÏTÄ MÖBÏŁË (14 days ago)
Bianca its bitch
Kimarri Wiseman world (14 days ago)
I’m sorry Damon you cannot fight
Matthew Cerda (14 days ago)
Bianca fucking ugly
Extreme Stunts (14 days ago)
That must be a slippery ass floor...
Lamiyah Williams (14 days ago)
Rodney is cuter that damien
Sevati Anderson (14 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Phillip Mason (15 days ago)
Rodny beat his ass
Gamer260 (15 days ago)
All they did was dance when they was "fighting"😂😂😂
FutureCable (16 days ago)
Damien be squaring up with nigga😂😂
Grace Nelso (16 days ago)
Biannca rly wildin😂
Michelle Sanchez (16 days ago)
Damian is going to end up with Alexis !!
Michelle Sanchez (16 days ago)
Wow they think this is a healthy relationship ????
Taigan Davis (16 days ago)
Isn't this shit insest
the_ mobile_lex (16 days ago)
This mother fuckin shit is funny
King Snipes (16 days ago)
At one time 😘👁👁💦💦💦
Villainous Villain (16 days ago)
Stop hitting people Damien. Jeez just chill.
G Face (16 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 That Cover Pull Though... Gets Me Every Time
John Johnson (17 days ago)
This channel dead
xSGx S4VAGE N4TION (17 days ago)
Dammnn Alexis😍😍 ALL DAT ASS😍😋🎂
Tre Jones (17 days ago)
bianca and those dolphin dolphin sounds
iiKvngADon (18 days ago)
Damien struggled trying to handle that nigga 😂💀
Paris Morrison (18 days ago)
Gang gang
Paris Morrison (18 days ago)
Team Biannnnnnnnnca and big lex and team Ronnie
andrew Drake (18 days ago)
Ik y’all peeped her sister
Emely production (18 days ago)
Rodney won Damian lost sorry Damian

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