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Top 10 Games That Let You Build Whatever You Want

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► SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/fragherosub ► http://www.gamebyte.com ► http://www.facebook.com/fraghero What's your favorite game to build things in? Let us know in the comments! ======= Video games have always allowed us to escape reality and a surprisingly large amount of them do. that by letting us have the power to build whatever we want. Whether it's a huge castle, a giant calculator or some weird robot that there isn't a name for yet. Games like Minecraft popularised the idea but there's plenty more in the gaming world when it comes to building things in games than Minecraft. This list of 10 games delves into them... and yes it does mention Minecraft... sorry. It's hard not to. ======= Games mentioned include: Minecraft, Scrap Mechanic, Garry's Mod, Rust, Terraria, Fortnite, Trove, Cities: Skyline, Besiege, Craft the World. ======= Have you got an idea for a FragHero video? Let us know in the comments 😄 ======= Narrator: Conner Rush
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Text Comments (101)
James Weideman (28 minutes ago)
City skyline should not be on this list. It is not a game about building whatever you want, it’s a game about building and managing a city, which is a very specific thing.
Funtime Freddy (58 minutes ago)
*When I saw the title I thought of these games:* Minecraft Fortnite Roblox Terreria
khesrow karimi (14 hours ago)
Is scrap mechanic online?? Answer pl
Hizkia Jeremmy (1 day ago)
Trove, will always be in my heart. Played since 2015 ❤😄
Ajit kumar (3 days ago)
why they are not available in Play store ?
KiwiTet (3 days ago)
I'm surprised spore isn't on this list... you create your own player, from single cell organism, all the way up to the space age where you build your own houses, factories and such, also including building your on spaceship and tanks/planes. you can also create your own creatures for inside the game
Ahmed MLG (4 days ago)
iiTzRileyMidnight (4 days ago)
What about Doodle God? Blockheads?
Thecrazymelonman (5 days ago)
Why not space engineers ? For crying out loud I’ve got a zero g mech with welders and clamp
R4ne HD (5 days ago)
Where's littlebigplanet
Major Radness (5 days ago)
Jody Resnanda (5 days ago)
Can i build a gf
EcoDirts (5 days ago)
Endri Limani (7 days ago)
is cities skylines free
Frenchiest FryBitch (7 days ago)
That moment when you realize that you already own every game in this list. 0.0
Embers (7 days ago)
i hope minecraft isn't on here because everyone expects it lol even though its been one of my favorites since i was a kid.
Roga atnine (8 days ago)
No little big planet?
BlankFX (8 days ago)
No Ark: Survival Evolved?
TristanJay Ouano (9 days ago)
I like Minecraft 💕
Riley Devoss (9 days ago)
There were a ton of games like rim world, fallout 4, and prison architect it would be a top 20 or 30 if they were to put all the games on the list people were thinking about
imSpeedyGonzales (10 days ago)
putting garrys mod in. showing a dumb mario map instead showing the building gameplay... thumbs down for that
Charlie D (11 days ago)
i have all of these games
Charlie D (11 days ago)
except Craft the world
Pyraso (11 days ago)
you should have put Stonehearth!
bouletmarc (11 days ago)
worst exemple of gmod ever, what is this honestly ?
MrManiac3 (12 days ago)
http://store.steampowered.com/app/325420/Homebrew__Patent_Unknown/ you're heckin' welcome
MLGgamingdoge101 (13 days ago)
I am 100% positive that Minecraft is in this list Edit: yep I was right
Nathan Panjaitan (14 days ago)
Okay but which one of them is free
AverageShows (15 days ago)
if i dont see minecraft here oh boi
Chubes Meow (15 days ago)
this normie forgot about roblox, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
MrPixel Gamer (15 days ago)
Nokyz_noob (15 days ago)
lol. i got already all games in the video D:
Sweet Boogie (30 days ago)
No Starbound?
lennart pohl (1 month ago)
theoretical size recognition public two monitor address today stop abuse scared.
Jesse W. (1 month ago)
This list kind of sucks.
colddust21 (1 month ago)
When u don't see 7dtd
Elite Zapper (1 month ago)
Growtopia And Pixel Worlds Where Are You?
Sathvik Hegde (1 month ago)
There is any game in this list available for android
Sathvik Hegde (13 days ago)
No bro I have a pc but l like Android and iOS
Stenky (13 days ago)
What the... Maybe he doesn't have money to? Maybe he likes Android more as you can take it with you at all time? Maybe he does have pc but wants to know are games for Android too?
What the... (13 days ago)
bruh buy a pc
Stenky (16 days ago)
Sathvik Hegde Minecraft Bedrock Edition ... I think it is 24.99
rashed09091 (16 days ago)
Sathvik Hegde terraria 4.99
legit booty29 (1 month ago)
Fella Teh God 06 (7 days ago)
LMFAOOOOOOO. I watched one of your old clickbait videos, and the shit had WAY more views than anything you have recently. Lmaooooooo
What the... (13 days ago)
Capitalism my friend. -Join the socialist movement-
Major League Gamer (1 month ago)
LEGO world should of been on the list it’s like Minecraft but with legos and u can discover anything build it if you discover it and go to new worlds to discover more things
ZACH SPEIGHT (1 month ago)
Crossout should be on this list.
Rafał Filipowicz (15 days ago)
MrPixel Gamer (18 days ago)
Hartforbj (1 month ago)
How do you not include planet coaster? That game gives you probably more freedom than any game out there. If you don't believe me go look at the aliens ride a guy just put out for it
The Observer (1 month ago)
mine craft may give freedom but block details its not my game besiege is a good looking game now make that with castles too and such id be happy and no survival modes such a pain having to survive when all i wanna do is make something big and bad
Melon gamer (15 days ago)
"hard mods" you mean dragging a file into a folder
The Observer (15 days ago)
1 example which idk is fixed by mods or not u cant put something on a corner with out putting a piece right next to where u want to put it, and then take out the guiding piece. then i couldnt find any of the other color bricks other then 1 basic wood color a few different stones the ground its self and glass. again idk if its all mods or what not or if i didnt play long enough but minecraft isnt for everyone and certainly doesnt work the way i wish it would
Stenky (15 days ago)
The Observer what do you mean by controlls?
The Observer (15 days ago)
regrettably mine craft still isnt my game i have patience but the way minecraft plays the controls are too limited and i have no idea how to use "mods" that people use to make it easier and look good
Stenky (16 days ago)
The Observer Yes but when you think about it all games use blocks/pixels/triangles to make those amazing 3D models... If you have enough time you can make realistic houses and statue's.. Btw there are people making pictures in Minecraft (where every block is 1 pixel) so as I said.. if you have enough time you can do pretty much everything
robert wal (1 month ago)
7days2die should definitely be in this list.
Blue zK (1 month ago)
Rim world is a great game too
BlankFX (8 days ago)
Blue zK True! Need to replay Rim World!
MrPixel Gamer (15 days ago)
there are a lot of games that are better than the ones in the video
AgeOfChange (1 month ago)
I like 7 days to die lets you build what you want but seems more real watch JohnMegacycle he does a good job
Joe Lippeatt (1 month ago)
AgeOfChange how does 7 Days not even make this list? It’s the best open world build game out there. And zombies
samuel john Kellie (1 month ago)
I liked this video but I don't think 10 was enough, I know u can't do the same thing over and over but another one in the future would b nice
CK_32 (1 month ago)
How does fortnite make it on this list? But GTAV DOESNT 😂😂😂
armoredbandit (18 days ago)
CK_32 you cant build in GTA V dumbass
Blue zK (1 month ago)
CK_32 because you can't build in GTA
Forrest sos (1 month ago)
"Whatever you want" If everygame was put into 1 even then you can't do anything.
Roga atnine (5 days ago)
It's nothing compared to little big planet or project spark but seriously look up dreams. You will be able to make any game ever made on dreams. You can even sell your games in the ps store or make money from making anything which you share which gets used in a game. It's really just as good if not better than any other game engine but it's incredibly simplified. You can even 3D print things you make
with minecraft, cities skylines, besiege and Gmod you can build quite a lot xD
Roga atnine (8 days ago)
Yea but technically even the most advanced game engines have limitations. Dreams isn't out yet but it's worth a look it's a game engine coming to ps4 that's very simplified
Brother Corps (1 month ago)
EdgyTrike (1 month ago)
Ragna Gullesen (4 days ago)
EdgyTrike i got ark its soo good
unnamed (10 days ago)
Ark had sht optimization.
Rafał Filipowicz (15 days ago)
Ark is good game
Blue zK (1 month ago)
EdgySaurus your not wrong but rust has better graphics
Tiger Wing (1 month ago)
Nice video
George B (1 month ago)
Grey Crimson (1 month ago)
Ah, i still have so much to discover in Terraria
SupremeTacoGames YT (6 days ago)
Grey Crimson I love Terraria so much
rashed09091 (16 days ago)
Grey Crimson what some people can make is beyond 2D it's 2.5D
Grey Crimson (1 month ago)
Yup, sometimes i just feel kinda stuck, like i've already found all that i can find but i haven't
Blue zK (1 month ago)
Grey Crimson yea game takes forever to discover
XENOpz (1 month ago)
How about... Unreal Tournament, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and StarCraft 2, hmmmmmm?
XENOpz Editor software is just an engine-tools, not a game you dumb. And you can using editor in almost every games today. Never hear about SourceDK? Valve Hammer editor? UnrealDK? You can make porn video, movie with SFM. You can buit your own home with Source engine and put it into Half-Life 2, Portal 2. Not only some shitty games lke Starcrap, Unreal.
XENOpz (8 days ago)
All three of the games I mentioned contain an editor. Thus, you can build whatever you want as per the video's title. While HoMM3's editor is more or less entirely constrained by the rules of the game, people have built pac-man in StarCraft 2's editor and strategy games in Unreal Tournament's editor, so there. Additionally, none of these games are an RPG. UT is an FPS (First Person Shooter), HoMM3 is a TBS (Turn-Based Strategy) and SC2 is a RTS (Real-Time Strategy).
XENOpz It’s RPG, turn-base games you dumbass.
What the... (13 days ago)
Tylon Holmes (1 month ago)
Was the besiege gameplay from draegast?
Brendan Hearn (1 month ago)
If anyone subscribe me ill subscribe you back
Shibu Kamiya (1 month ago)
It's called a sandbox game
杨伟讯 (5 days ago)
GBranade no,it call the games that can let you build whatever you want!
GBranade (11 days ago)
Shibu Kamiya its called creative and building games
ZIGGY (1 month ago)
sooo early
Rizwan Bhangar (1 month ago)
FragHero (1 month ago)
First again.
Andrei Monta (8 days ago)
are those offline
oygurd (17 days ago)
wow good question wtf
cooteyman 202 (1 month ago)
FragHero why do you guys have so many subs and so few views?

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