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5 Disturbing Creatures Found Living Inside a Human Body!

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5 Disturbing Creatures Found Living Inside a Human Body! SUBSCRIBE TO COME ALONG!: https://goo.gl/nyE4qX Description: The human body is an amazing specimen. The complex system of organs working together to keep you going each day have been studied by doctors and scientists for centuries in hopes of finding a deeper understanding. With all the body has to perform in order to sustain life,there are several organs to do even the smallest process. Most people know the superstars like the brain, the heart, and the lungs. However, there are lesser celebrated organs that have some interesting functions and malfunctions. Check out this list of 5 Strange Body Parts. 5.Appendix 4. Fingernails 3. Wisdom Teeth 2. ?? 1. ???? For copyright matters please contact us: OfficialAmerikano@hotmail.com WORK FOR TOP 5S FINEST: https://goo.gl/Su8DZQ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Top5sFinest Background Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Thank you so much for watching! Smash that like button for more, make sure you share the video with your friends and dont forget to subscribe!
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Text Comments (2138)
Carmela Barradas (2 hours ago)
not sure what tapworm is or how it got there
How 2 Draw (6 hours ago)
5:37 Me- no no no no no no NOOOOOOOOO!!! *feels itching in ear* Me-...oh no
Gaming lillys2 (6 hours ago)
Ew sucks disgusting!
originaLkomatoast (1 day ago)
Why is my ear itching now?
50srefugee (1 day ago)
Now awaiting Lucas the Spider's Ear Adventure. /watch?v=cO5M0vfyEE0
Lovell Evans (1 day ago)
This is so fucking gross 🤮🤮🤢 I’m disgusted
john folger (1 day ago)
so is that oran sex with a squid
john folger (1 day ago)
did the fish make it
Budd Girlll (1 day ago)
Why she ain't sue them🙄🤦🏾‍♀️
Salem Almeqbaali (1 day ago)
Image if the worm is up on your ass hole
Superegular (2 days ago)
You definitely didn't save the worst for last. There's no way a squid cumming in a woman's mouth (LOL) worse than a fish burrowing its way into someone's dick.
The p.e.n.i.s....PRIVATE STAY OFF
NIgHT WølF (2 days ago)
My eyes are hurting..
Gennii B (2 days ago)
😂😂 I s👀e I'm not da only one who w📺tch cr😵zy sh💩t
Delano Louis Michael (2 days ago)
I was clickbaited
Raven (2 days ago)
Who watches this sh*t?
Ian Robertson (2 days ago)
lol you do your dope head
ekel5150 (2 days ago)
Who else got their eye watery for the first one? Hehe, ehh.
savage lee joe (3 days ago)
😨I just saw a paranormal being.😰
Jose Juanjo (3 days ago)
use water and soap.......if necessary repeat
QuayjayX (3 days ago)
Not a bad video but I went ahead and down voted because of the click bait.
Catsavage 0x3 (3 days ago)
I thought I lost my appetite from looking and sucking food from this
Kaylie Coates (3 days ago)
btw for those who think that the person in the thumbnail is a Pregnant woman its not.Its a male that has his unborn twin inside him.
Galaxy Catsofspace (3 days ago)
I threw up
Noah Brown (3 days ago)
Botfly are one in a mill
Eric Chase (4 days ago)
never mind I hated the second one and the first one
Eric Chase (4 days ago)
-keeps watching-
Eric Chase (4 days ago)
Eric Chase (4 days ago)
ok I stoped at the fish one
Eric Chase (4 days ago)
i cant watch this NOPE to weird. ACK! -faints from how gross it is-
Tristan Elliott (4 days ago)
I think he was doin something to that poor fish just a messed up kid ?
Shakira Wasson (4 days ago)
Thomas Grey (4 days ago)
retryretryagin-r interesting stuff I love youtube!
Raul Sanchez (4 days ago)
Yu ck
Fun Time (6 days ago)
Man Said Tiny 4:00
CookieFox Gamer (7 days ago)
3:49 Got spooped
Jaya Lockhart (7 days ago)
Stay active and stay cooked
Omar Noor (7 days ago)
This is creepy looking
Gamer Nikola (7 days ago)
Ewww what the hellllllll my mom let me watch this is was think its not scary BUT IT ISSS WHHHAAATTT
Sharon Frost (8 days ago)
Shish kebab 🥙! How disgusting 🤢 xx
Geraldine Tirol (8 days ago)
Why did you add #3 its fake dislike!!!!! If you dont believe me that its not fake watch bills channel
nina stha (8 days ago)
My eye hurts
west coast LA (8 days ago)
Raw squid that's Insain that squid smells so bad I like kimchee and kbbq I like cooked squid in a shrimp cocktail not raw
ZEENAT FATIMA (8 days ago)
Dude I Have To Subscribe To U
Cashea Harvey (9 days ago)
InquisitiveMe (10 days ago)
Ugh! Why did I even bother to watch this vid???
Angie Van Orden (10 days ago)
Where the hell is the pregnant person? I will NEVER subscribe to your site!
Moon Light (10 days ago)
They are difficult operations conducted by the doctors _,needs expertise and patience.
Hopelynn Oleary (10 days ago)
I don't even want to go out side any more
Christian Odegard (10 days ago)
Nurse offense extra ldxzdf English rain consultant turn cost abandon mutual now interview.
Nadia Dickson (10 days ago)
sorry i was gone for so long....i just barfed
Alberto paul (10 days ago)
This is distrurbing
Linda Jensen (11 days ago)
I don't eat raw Meat or Fish! it's asking for this kind of thing to happen
rohit sharma (11 days ago)
Squid likes to cumshot in her mouth.
Aurora Aguilera (11 days ago)
This why I wasn't a fan of campingbc I knew that if you sleep outside something will get to you
Gabriel Lugo (11 days ago)
For me i think this vidio is scary
Strength and Gains15 (12 days ago)
Obviously that boy lied about the fish bc what did not make sense is why he took a fish to the bathroom in the first place. My assumption is that he stuck it in his dick :/
Strength and Gains15 (12 days ago)
bro gaming (12 days ago)
The nastiest thing I ever saw was a bee flew in a mouth my friend mouth
Kiran Dheer (13 days ago)
Things I Do (13 days ago)
Is it just me or will every person be more alert for now on?
Pusheen ! (13 days ago)
I SHOULD NOT be watching this I have anxiety.
RichestNinjas #1 (13 days ago)
After reading these comment I can’t watch any further lmao
Mohit Tyagi (14 days ago)
all fake
Cj Rocker (14 days ago)
The spider isn't scary... It's actually kind of cute
Brandi Patterson (14 days ago)
that soo scary i dont want to eat anymore
Djalex torme (14 days ago)
Great now I can't sleep nor eat
XxxJim_ the_ ReaperxxX (11 days ago)
+Djalex torme Same
Analiese Gongora (14 days ago)
I was watching this on my mom's phone and then 5 minutes ago I saw a bug and then I told my mom quickly then my mom killed it
jennifer b.awesome (15 days ago)
I dont know why but i thought the little spider in the ear was so cute when he poked his little head out, like "hey guys whats all the commotion out here?"
drabob123101 (15 days ago)
Seriously, I just ate lunch
P6rsasPepu GT (16 days ago)
TRUE STORY: The Doctors founded me in my mum
cloud potato (17 days ago)
I was reading the comments, read that there was a spider in someone's ear, I have arachnophobia, I think I'll just stop the video before I start it Edit: I knew I shouldn't have watched the video because now I'm scared of all that happening to me 😨😨😨😨😱😱😱 this video has ruined my childhood
OMNISLASHER1000 (18 days ago)
Unless there is a pig human hybrid in the thumbnail womans womb, this is stuff I already knew.
Black Wolf143 (18 days ago)
I was vomiting because of this video..
Arthur Leonel (18 days ago)
What heck thats real?
Zebra Warrior (19 days ago)
I have CVID so I’ve only a sub stander immune system. I’ve not been infection free for over 14 months. Watching this????!!!?? I’m shook! 😳
jungkookie's kookie (19 days ago)
Ok forget eating! And sleeping! Nor forget going outside
Kamish kherany (19 days ago)
That is so scary
Bobthe player (19 days ago)
An was eating
Bobthe player (19 days ago)
I was eating
My schoolmate had a cockroach in here ear
Niyah Bledsoe (20 days ago)
I never will watch nothing like this again
My sister got cockroache her ear and was pulled out after 1 day😂😂😂
Pratap Mgr (21 days ago)
Inside eye omg it will be so painful
Pratap Mgr (21 days ago)
How do they cut there brain?
Kiri Williamson (21 days ago)
I can't forget it. I almost fainted..literally! I watch Monsters Inside Me but still it scares me but I love it!
Its Me (21 days ago)
Look like a stye on his eye
Donut fan🍩 (21 days ago)
Even the music is scary
Jacob Elliott (22 days ago)
The spider was cute
Bryce Pagdanganan (22 days ago)
So scary O-O
Bryce Pagdanganan (22 days ago)
Travis Coda (22 days ago)
Yup me to
Jose Martinez (22 days ago)
8:11 he used it to make it suck his dixk hahahah
kaos0357 (22 days ago)
Patty Laya (23 days ago)
I am going to be making a series of videos that first tell you how to get some out...also how through chem-trials and new germs in bugs we are all infected...I can can give you a test that freaks people out, you and your body are not alone please subscribe you get proof for yourself what going in in you...I can tell you how to someone keep them out of your body
MANISHESH SHUKLA (23 days ago)
Spider is kinda cute
Samod Amir (23 days ago)
Dam that fish story and the squid bust in her mouth lol that's crazy
Samod Amir (23 days ago)
Still want your meat medium rare?
DONTTOUCHMEOK 1212 (23 days ago)
Me too
Ok i was outside bare-foot and I was looking at the dirt until I saw a tape worm so a ran inside and put shoes on😥
Arabella Gaskins (23 days ago)
I liked the video only because of the music. Oh my goodness I love this music, can someone please tell me where to get it?
Dean Lee (24 days ago)
ewwww i think i don want to see anymore its disgasting

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