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Picard Warns Against Witch Hunts & Mob Rule

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Text Comments (952)
Nathan Allen Pinard (8 days ago)
This could go both ways honestly.
base vegeta (9 days ago)
Vote Picard for priminister???
Gamer Max (15 days ago)
ah, this is star trek politics done right, this is a model example of everything the show stood for.
Comment Freely (21 days ago)
must be one of the few episodes i haven't seen.
Christopher Cline (23 days ago)
Newest victim James Gunn
Davey Coyle (27 days ago)
Love Star Trek TNG this episode is very apt for todays social climate.
EBOWARRIOR (27 days ago)
Shame Patrick Stewart doesn't actually subscribe to Picards way of thinking these days.
BayStateObserver (1 month ago)
And yet the Federation has done this during it's history. Ironic.
CaptainEnglehorn (1 month ago)
Umm you do know that Picards argument is more in line with modern liberals than with any conservatives.
Joe Francis (1 month ago)
It helps if you can shed the idiotic notion - however unspoken it might be - that "progress" is automatic and things (and especially people) today are SOOOOO much better and more evolved than our ancestors.
N F (2 months ago)
The irony is Patrick Stewart doesn't believe in such ideas, because of his rejection of US election results and as such he is seeking to undermine future US election by becoming a US Citizen and voting in 2020 for a Democrats.
John Pendltton (2 months ago)
You are so right. This episode seams to speak volumes in liberal belief.
WelloBello (2 months ago)
McCarthyism at its finest.
barton havens (2 months ago)
if only Patrick Steward heard these word in his head think how apply today. such foolish man he become
Filthy Disgusting Ape (2 months ago)
Yet in the very next episode didn't the Romulans brainwash Geordie to be an assassin?
Carly Mason (2 months ago)
Totally love your channel mate
William Johansen (2 months ago)
this is all government, taxation is theft
Frank Brown (2 months ago)
A very Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman moment.
Humbilly (2 months ago)
Excellent review! I can understand how terrifying this ‘drumhead trial’ could be for someone accused in such a situation. Bringing any ideology into any courtroom will ultimately harm the process. I thought Michael Dorn was also very good in showing that Worf was treating the investigation in a neutral manner, but not being the one who was leading it, felt guilty for helping.
The West is the Best (3 months ago)
"Spreading fear in the name of righteousness." Man, that's Antifa in a nutshell
The West is the Best (3 months ago)
This is basically the Left and Trump and all his supporters. We're all guilty until proven innocent in their minds and that's a morally wrong way to live
That Sodding Gamer (3 months ago)
Looking at the comments, I just want to say it's not a 'left' or a 'right' thing. People like that exist in all places, championing all sorts of opinions and causes. They are the hypocrites, the grandstanders, the false champions. They say what *some* people want to hear, and it gives them power. What they say *sounds* good in a way, but their actions can betray them, as it did in this case, where an 'arbiter of truth' (so to speak) presumed naught but villainy in everyone that didn't agree with her. They are the 'nice guys' who are misogynists, they are the 'freedom and truth' champions that are suspicious of anyone different than their own narrow definition of 'us'. They are those that think themselves above decency because they have 'right' on their side. Sadly, a lot of commenters are rather missing the point.
M_ Hub (3 months ago)
the issue i have is that someone taken over by the Borg and used as Picard was used would not be ever fit for command again but this is a TV show.... with valid points on issues like this one, predicting what is being done to Trump
Tall Order (3 months ago)
Taking a look at the Twitter accounts of most of the actors and writers of TNG tells you they mostly all fell into this very same trap and don't even realize it.
Textra1 (3 months ago)
This is one of the greatest episodes of the series. It gives me chills when watching it.
SupaFlyJedi (3 months ago)
This episode, and indeed this series, was so ahead of it's time, you'll notice that she accuses Picard of being in league with the Romulans, of which she has absolutely no evidence. Same thing happens today, just think of any SJW accusation: "racist" "bigot" "anti-feminist" etc. none of which has any teeth, but they scream it anyway.
Neodekapon (3 months ago)
As long as society is obsessed with political correctness, and authoritarian rule, space exploration will be nothing more than an unachievable pipe dream, and the possibility that this planet will be our tomb, is very real indeed.
Tammy Mygrants (3 months ago)
Twatter won't let me share this
Eoval (3 months ago)
I used to ditch school and go watch TNG (and smoke weed) several days a week. Classic show. Oh, and #FREEDANCULA
ukkr (3 months ago)
The Dave Cullen Show WELL SAID! In a way, "Antifa" and the "SJW" are just LARPERS! They are like the little boy in the alfred Hitchkock suspense "BANG you're dead". though FAR less innocent. In that suspense, nobody got hurt, he was a little kid, and thought he was playing....Though, at any moment, the target could have been KILLED. Antifa and the "sjw"s feel they have NOTHING to lose, and go out to play superhero, or more appropriately super VILLAIN, BUT, in the end, they just go back home to their grandmothers basement.
progKansas (3 months ago)
Now authoritarianism comes from xenophobia and bigotry.
Brained05 (4 months ago)
I find it so funny how people can watch this episode without realising that it is based on McCarthyism.
Yautja Prime (4 months ago)
Donald Jerkoff Trump is the biggest piece of shit every to run, much less become POTUS. They should just change POTUS to POS because you don't even have to be able to read or have critical thinking skills now. I can tell you're a republican by other videos you've posted. I can't fathom why. You don't seem like an inbred moronic scum bag.
Words of Welke (4 months ago)
Star Trek Next Gen will never be dated. The issues it tackles is done in such an organic process it's writing sises to amaze me, give or take an episode. It needs to be school material! Rather then Commi shite.
willd3rbeast (4 months ago)
It's far from an accurate trial, and yet the concept is so relevant even today.
Unanimous Delivers (4 months ago)
JRPGFan20000 (4 months ago)
Witch hunts aren't bad because they burn witches. They're bad because they burn non-witches.
Halpin2006 (4 months ago)
Dave Cullen, ME LIKES YOU!! This same type of concept on reasoning also reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas, when Tommy keeps asking Henry "How am I funny?" After some manipulation, Henry realizes that Tommy is just pulling Henry's leg, and calls Tommy's bluff. In turn, Tommy laughs "I worry Henry. You may fold under questioning!" A sadly true fact, seeing as Tommy was just bullshitting around. Whereas police and FBI use many forms of deceit and manipulation in trying to probe for whatever they can, even if what they say is completely false. A technique not born from, but enhanced by, Nazism, and then McCarthyism! Satee's investigation is not only a fiasco, but also a complete FUBAR! And we all know what FUBAR stands for!
JimboLogic (4 months ago)
Come on, we all know it was the Russians who sabotaged the warp core.
Warren Marris (4 months ago)
OMG! I just read some of the comments... THE IRONY OF THE COMMENTS SECTION IS BEYOND BELIEF!!!
Warren Marris (4 months ago)
Hmmmmm! Interesting Video @The Dave Cullen Show - Its an episode of TNG I have not seen but one I must watch... I have been critical of your opinions on some of your videos, but they are just that - Opinions... And Opinions are like Arseholes, We all have one... But here in this video, I see that you are a far smarter man than I have ever gave you credit for! I am proud to say that just watching a few select videos that have come in my 'Recommended feed' has gave me a false impression and I was WRONG ABOUT YOU! You know, I think you may just have quite a few more views coming your way... :) I am never too arrogant to admit when I am wrong and I did indeed misjudge you and your channel! I WAS WRONG and I am looking forward to viewing many more of your videos!
Celrek_Lonebomb (4 months ago)
Wish I could like this more than once so more could see it.
Superior Potato (4 months ago)
I have been thinking about the quote from picard a lot lately, but the final message of the episode, so true to today even the part about clothing themselves in good deed. I miss the 90's
Tenderfoot Prepper (4 months ago)
"I don't say Sabo-tahhhz, I say Sabo-TEEAHHHZ."
Rory Morris (4 months ago)
I miss the 90s so much .. we had it right for a while
Jeremiah Tothenations (4 months ago)
Damn like button isn't working, it's only letting me click it once!
Thyandyr (4 months ago)
I got goosebumps
Dark Guardian (4 months ago)
This should be required viewing in schools. We were warned in the late 80s...and here we are living it out in real life.
Dark Guardian (4 months ago)
Also, there’s “The Galaxy Child” where La Forge was accused of virtual rape and by today’s standards would have been guilty by social media.
sinephase (4 months ago)
Great example. Now I want to watch ST:TNG :P
Dinoslay (4 months ago)
Food for thought.......
orangeapples (4 months ago)
I find this an interesting episode for you to review. You speak of how terrible SJWs are and compartmentalize their views. You’ve turned SJWs into this boogieman that any sign of a minority in power is SJW propaganda. Any time there is a white villain it is SJW propaganda. Anything not “traditionally good” is SJW propaganda. You’ve effectively countered their drumhead trial with your own drumhead trial. This is my view on what is going on: We hit a really good sweet spot with representation of races, genders, orientations in media about 15 years ago and things were good for about 10 years. Around then it came out that minority and female thespians were still being paid less than their male counterparts on average. When that blew up things shifted. The trends at the time I felt were good continued, but people were making it a political statement. In response, the group now being marginalized “white males” answered with their own political stance. Because one side was on the left the other side had to be the right and that is further dividing the country and because everything is political we are getting less good media. Just like with so many other problems in any country we need to bring this back to the middle, have a conversation instead of yelling at and blaming the other side and understand that both sides have many legitimate grievances and many more petty stupid things that are not big deals. Yes, I am saying that the left and SJWs started it, but it isn’t the right’s job to finish it.
BIG SCREEN (4 months ago)
Is this channel made for conservatives?
Robbie Shand (4 months ago)
Nice way of shoehorning your politics into a discussion about Star Trek.
ACGreyhound04 (4 months ago)
Many people on this thread seem so quick to point out that Patrick Stewart was just an actor, and that celebrities should not be confused with the characters they play (like Jean Luc Picard). They also shriek about how celebrities should stay out of politics, and “shut up and act”. Or sing, or throw a football, or whatever they do to get famous. How ironic is it, then, that so many of the people who say these things are the same sort of people who are most likely to be up to their eyeballs in hero worship for the phony celebrity “businessman” Donald Trump? The producers of Trump’s “Apprentice” show have admitted that they created a character for Trump to play, and his actions on the show were scripted to make him seem like a powerful, smart, decisive tycoon, because that’s what he imagined himself to be. In actual reality (as opposed to on a “reality-show”), Trump is a two-bit thug and failed trust fund baby who couldn’t even run his tiny family office, which never had more than a hundred employees at its largest. After he bankrupted that company for the SIXTH time in the mid-1990s, Donnie reached out in desperation to a collection of shady foreign mafia figures, who now dominate Donnie’s company, and let him and his moronic sons think they’re still in charge. Trump is nothing but a bad actor. Now he’s trying to act like a President, but the part is way too big for him, and he long ago lost the script. People who support him have a lot of nerve to criticize people like Stewart for being “just an actor”!!
Steven Li (4 months ago)
Drumhead is a brilliant episode I loved. It is a very deep episode and have a really nice speech in it.
James Hansen (4 months ago)
There are no mustache-twirling villains, but not for the reason Picard gives Worf. The bad guys may sometimes masquerade as good guys, but actual villains don't know (or don't believe) they're villains. They think they're the good guys doing what''s right. Why? Because most all mistakes are made with good intentions, and certain mistakes once made can be too painful to admit (especially if they're criminal) (see TNG episode _The First Duty_ for more). To try and fail is hopefully to learn that good intention alone is not enough to make things right, but those who do no learn that lesson will refuse to admit they are wrong whenever they make mistakes. It can be a very painful lesson to learn; when their best isn't good enough, they have to admit that they lack some virtue or strength or skill or the willpower to succeed. Any who refuse to make that humbling admission go on to make more mistakes, proudly continuing to do what they still think is right, blind to the mounting evidence that they are wrong. Eventually after a long chain of mistakes, the cognitive dissonance they experience becomes too much, transforming them from redeemable sinners into irredeemable villains. In other words, if they look like the good guys, it's because they _want_ to be good. And if you fail to detect the evil in them, it's most likely because they fail to see it in themselves.
Got Nothing (4 months ago)
The Next Generation is full of fantastic quotes and wisdom. Even with its age, it's one of the best series I've ever seen. It blends education and entertainment flawlessly.
lordkayx (5 months ago)
I wish they would keep record or mention in the commentary at least what was going on in the news at the time to inspire them to write episodes like these for posterity's sake
marcboss6 (5 months ago)
Boy talk about missing the entire point of an episode. Only a dudebro would twist this into an attack against the dreaded SJW ie anyone who defends minorities against guys like you...wow. Stop using Star Trek as a platform for your bullshit
Juliano Ciaramello (5 months ago)
Do you lot think that repeatedly calling the trump/russia investigation a witch hunt will make it one?
MrNorthern Spitfire (5 months ago)
Villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot, but those who clothes themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged. I remember that I instantly though back to this quote when the Jimmy Saville scandal came out in the UK.
Peter Gianakopoulos (5 months ago)
This is a masterpiece of writing.
Night Porter (5 months ago)
pleaseyourselfsir (5 months ago)
We have a Trekkie fan over here ! .... Yipee ! ! ! Eternal Vigilance ! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧❤️❤️❤️💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼👀👀👀
DaemonEX0 (5 months ago)
Amazing episode, but you twist the message. Social justice wasn't vindicated by her, but threatened. A bias-free attitude versus those with Romulan heritage was what Picard stood for.
Phil K (5 months ago)
The same Patrick Stewart would defend the same thing now with the anti-white anti-hetero student morons, sadly like rest of the Hollywood harpies - and a fanatic feminazi being the baddie ? Ha Ha Ha ! So accurate today
MrTimeless101 (5 months ago)
Episodes like "the drumhead" is what made Star Trek great before JJ Abrams took it over. I always enjoyed the poetry and philosophy in many of the episodes, it was the thinking man's science fiction.
baldon26 (5 months ago)
I wish more people had your faculty for critical thought. Your review is spot-on.
CRYOKnox (5 months ago)
Thank you. Im not a subscriber til now. I watched some of your vids but it never sparked realy. Well with your words of wisdom you suceeded. Our times can be scarry familar right now... To things we have seen in the past but what most of us need to understand. Nor Trump, nor the NRA nor the AfD (Germany) or Erdogan (Turkey), Putin (Russia) or how they are named and where they live are spokesman for majoraty... They are loud screaming minoritys. Sadly Minoritys who are moved by screams their force is fear and loud proclamations. But they arent right. They say no to everything because its easier to be against spmething than to be for something. They want you to say no too. So they can pull you into their machinery of more fear. How it worked out we see in the US and Germany, In Russia and so on... The good hearted humans are far more. But we make the mistake to think that our words dont weight, we dont want to be responsible, we think its better not to vote ro shut up and live on because its easier and who am i to save the world? We are humans we all bleed red, we all breath air and we all know fears... If we want to become a easier societie a better societie we need to watch, wake up, say yes to us because whe as a single person matter, yes one person alone can't change the course of our homeland Earth... But we can build a better future where no one need to be feared. If you still want it easy and say No. Say No to guns Say No to fear Say No to witchhunts Say No minorities who try to shove there fears down your throat! Say No to every one who says you must be in fear. Say NO to everyone trying to manipulate you like a puppet. Your words matter, your actions matter, your decisions matter. You matter. And you decide. ❤ from Germany.
Jacob Hoss (5 months ago)
As progressive as Star Trek is, TNG gave a very realistic depiction of what happens when you give power to the wrong sort of women. Admirals Satie, Brand, Nechayev, etc were all mentally unstable tyrants who were outraged when Picard or another shitlord dared to defend himself when made the target of baseless accusations.
Anna Alu (5 months ago)
This episode needs some updated catch phrases. "Jet fuel doesn't melt diilithium" "What if one Romulan smuggles a dirty bomb in with the refugees" Leaving out the most famous quote though? "Must we extinguish a man because he carries the blood of a current enemy?" You also let Worf off the hook really, really easy.
Nick McCabe (5 months ago)
It's kind of funny that you have a video titled "Picard Warns Against Witch Hunts and Mob Rule" to make gross over-generalizations about groups of people. Not all people who stand up for minorities are bad.
DozyProductions (5 months ago)
Damn, even through all of some of the boring episodes, TNG was too good for most of us.
Ghettobible (5 months ago)
You got people who crave it, people want to overturn the electoral college and install mob rule.
Vela S (5 months ago)
I've been thinking about this episode and the parallels it has with our brave new world recently. Picard's last few lines should be seen as the devastatingly accurate reflection of the world that they were and are.
Genericname123 (5 months ago)
Picard(Patrick Stewart) was hands down the best startrek actor to ever exist, with Brent spinners data coming in hot for the #2 slot But even richers blatant rip off of Kirk was way better than even Kirk(we even have the growing beard idiom now because of how well he pulled it off). I'm so infuriated that we will never see a good star trek again,im sorry but the fact is Gene Roddenberry knew his show and knew his fans and he produced a damn good thought provoking show that inspired half the tech gadgets we have today. What is a tablet other than a tricorder? The reason why DS9 sucked and why all the new iterations suck is simple, gene Roddenberry said it himself, people want to see the good guy win, people love a black and white easy side to pick conflict ds9 was shit because it attempted to do grey scale morality mixed with a space soap opera(ehk). No that's not what people want they want the good guy to get the girl and beat the evil guy, they want to see justice done because real life has no justice. They watch startrek to live vicariously through these officers in a world where all problems are solved and the good guy always wins and the bad guy acually learns his lesson and changes(somthing Japanese shows are great at is when they defeated a foe they don't just kill the guy,no they change their morality like in DBZ, every bad guy from the last arc becomes a good guy in the next, vagita,majin buu,android 18 ect... This level of defeated is a million times more satisfying than just killing the foe,it proves to all YOUR morality is the right way,that you are ultimately right.) The reason I bring this up is because gene Roddenberry also did this, for instance the Klingons were bad guys but ultimately they saw the light,the federation didn't destroy them they *changed their mind* thats so much more powerful then imperial conquest. Same for the Andorrans they changed their mind. The new startrek is horrible they used it as an sjw talking piece when that's not what startrek was! Yes it was always liberal and progressive as fuck the first black and white ppl to kiss on daytime TV very powerful! But they didn't push it on us,it happened naturally it wasn't cringy it was exiting and new. They could still push progressive agenda in this way but since they lack a visionary like Gene they will always fall flat and produce cringy sjw garbage.
FFcecil1991 (5 months ago)
Well done! Only thing I'd change is to include the other 30-or-so seconds of Sati's outburst.
KD84Afc™ (5 months ago)
The last scene was where you spoke of authoritarianism and the opportunity for certain groups to gain power spoke very clear to me, if you look in UK, The Brexit vote and how some of the Pro EU camp and many are saying people should not have had a say on the subject as it was too complex for the average person and decision like that should be left to the "experts" to decide the fate of the population, I find that authoritarianism. During the campaign I found many people who I spoke to who wanted to stay in the EU unwittingly supported authoritarianism in their reasoning, The theme of the experts was the common one, That they're educated enough to make these choices for us but many contradicted themselves in their arguments especially when I asked why are you voting. I found it strange why people are in favour of someone else taking their freedom away to vote on certain subjects that greatly effects them personally. Weather or not the vote to leave the EU was right or wrong isn't the point, Advocating the idea people cannot vote on certain subjects is dangerous and I cannot believe many people are willing to let other people decide for them. Because once they take away something from the public then what's stopping them doing it again?
originaluddite (5 months ago)
I think what is missing here is compassion (and possibly also curiosity). Satie could have become draconian for the sake of power but there may be more to her back-story than this. She is a prominent office-holder in what is usually depicted as a very civilized body politic and had a renowned freedom-loving father. Why has she lost her way? My speculation: Romulans and the Federation are in a cold war. It is likely that she has had to deal with genuine instances of Romulan deception in her career (behaviour we _know_ is characteristic of the Romulan regime). She has thus become fatigued and suspicious as a result and now simply assumes Romulan intrigue rather than seeking proof. Ridiculing and isolating Satie may have been a necessary short-term solution but in the longer-term it would be better to look at why she became jaded and how to address that. If nothing else, quasi-legal officers need fully-paid holidays from the rigors of spy-hunting. Indeed, we all need to take a step back, now-and-then, from our various cold wars whether real, exaggerated or imagined. :)
Joe Blow (5 months ago)
Of course the admiral is a black man, I guess there is still affirmative action in the distant future. It's the rule of tv, the boss/whoever is in charge must be black. Star Trek was pretty sjw before there were sjws. I love the show but it def had its share of PC progressive bs shoehorned in there.
Tom Hadler (5 months ago)
7:30 to 7:54. Cut it out and republish as a video in its own right. Give it a click bait title and voila. I think it's the most profound message here and needs reiterating
bigwhitehound (5 months ago)
This is the truth of the world. BTW how the hell could a reasonable person vote this down? Oh yea.. some people are just ass-holes.
DigtBrain2 (5 months ago)
the more of those old episodes I revisit the more they resonate with me ... what the fuck happened to us since those brighter times?
Dydreth (5 months ago)
"...all they want is an opportunity to gain power and control."
True north 30 (5 months ago)
Excellent video..a warning then and a warning now
Thomas McCarthy (5 months ago)
Great review. The sjw left is truly a horrifying foe.
Andrew Williams (5 months ago)
Nice analysis of a fantastic episode, that is applicable to all, no matter one's political affiliation or system. There are similar concepts and metaphors that come about. The road to hell is paved with good intentions... For evil to flourish, good men have to do nothing... It is reminiscent of the modern concept that one who sacrifices freedom for security will lose both and deserve neither. (Of course, the correct quotation from Benjamin Franklin was referring to money, and not liberty or freedom, as the message of the modern equivalent has mutated into. The quote is below: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." — Benjamin Franklin, 1755 letter.) I did think the episode was a little ham-fisted at points, and why would the current admiral who was supervising say something instead of walking out? As an admiral, surely he can restrain his emotional response and take action — it didn't seem right for him to just leave, although it works for a story/teleplay. There were a couple of other niggling parts, and it seemed out of character that officers would allow the tribunal/hearing to get as far as it did.
jorklind (5 months ago)
You, sir, have just earned a subscriber.
Joshua G (5 months ago)
To bad we can't blanket people with this message.. Sad thing is, most of the ones who need it, will not be able to see the point..
Paul Mann (5 months ago)
Unfortunately it seems a part of human nature to distrust and even fear the other as if even exchanging pleasantries is enough for the other to do unspecified unspeakable things to what one holds most sacred. This is one of the most pitiful aspects of the human race.
Allen Allestor (5 months ago)
Amazing. I totally forgot about this episode. But carries a heavy important message.
MtDew Girl (5 months ago)
Kinda like what the media is doing in 2018, huh?
Alasdair Watson (5 months ago)
On 7 March 2018 World at One on BBC radio 4 played an item about “sensitivity readers” who can be hired to review new books to check whether the material written will offend people. One novel being reviewed concerned the romantic relationship between a slave girl and a master’s son in the antebellum South. Due to some notes made by the “sensitivity reader” the work was dropped; to be fair the writer seem to over-romanticise slavery.... but still. In the same piece, to the best of my recollection, the same female reporter stated that “literary criticism is alive and well in New York and people gather to laugh at the works of established male authors.” It would be best if you confirm this by using iPlayer.
Shaneconnington 27 (5 months ago)
I could start watching all Star Trek for Picard alone (the series he's in). Their insight is astounding, and that video from 1955 predicting this time. The Betas are rising wherever I go.
Xander Guldie (5 months ago)
Everyone should see this video and that episode
David Cartland (5 months ago)
"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured...the first thought forbidden...the first freedom denied – chains us all, irrevocably."
psovegeta (5 months ago)
Odd that as high tech the ship is, you'd think they'd have security footage. But then that doesn't make for good story telling.
mewkuro12 (5 months ago)
That resonated with me a lot. I’m a woman and disabled. Sjw’s who use people like me as shields to deflect from their wrong doings can go fuck themselves.
mewkuro12 (5 months ago)
I’m not a fan of star trek. But whenever I see that character that Patrick played I feel a sense of comfort. He’s a very cool character even to us non-star trek fans.

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