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I Found Steam's Worst Horror Game

More From: penguinz0
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This is the greatest dark house of All Time
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Text Comments (1293)
GAVIN ROCK (5 hours ago)
the front door you tried to close the bedroom door
ARDEACT (1 day ago)
It seriously sounds like the guy motor-boated her to the point of suffocation. Maybe she's not the killer, maybe the victims are killing themselves.
Chillidontknow (3 days ago)
Reminds me of Where the Dead Go to Die
Purpleberries Twelve (3 days ago)
Add some fat to that woman and those would be my boobs!
SanicDaHergedog (4 days ago)
Regardless of how shitty this game is, it's shittiness did make my heart slightly jump when the killer arrived. No warning, no approach, the door was open, it told you to survive, then fucking teleports her right in front of your face as she turns towards you almost killing you with her breasts.
Miss Monday (5 days ago)
haha oh god you crack me up
Go lock front door
Andrew Spud (6 days ago)
Doesn't matter had snu snblaaargh-ha!
Kiefer KProdigy (7 days ago)
Charlie charlie does this game suck?
Mileidy Class (8 days ago)
That screaming at the end when the serial killer lady came in sounded like a bunch of pigs squealing.
zanocco641 (8 days ago)
You play as Doug Walker
Gunner Dohrenwend (9 days ago)
I don't think these games are made by anybody they just appear
1:33 Sans FANGIRLS be like...
Pieguy 123 (9 days ago)
So they didn’t kiss, go on a date, or hug, yet he has a daughter? Wtf?
Ry-yun Ott (9 days ago)
Not gonna lie you’re dumb as hell for not figuring that the front door isnt the one to the room 😂
Lucas Whitfield (11 days ago)
Ok this game is terrible, but you still didnt realise that the reason why the door wouldnt close was because it wasnt the front door for 5 minutes
prickle (12 days ago)
3 minutes into the video my dick was already retracting into my body with frustration because of the shitty flashlight that doesn't follow your fucking mouse which doesn't even stay in the middle of the screen.
Ezra F. (13 days ago)
Oh my god his chesthair was poking through his shirt.
v220t86 Gaming (14 days ago)
zoidberg dies in infinity war
R L (16 days ago)
You and Jim Sterling both ripped this game apart and the world is better for it lol.
Nitfluad (17 days ago)
7:30 😂
ShadowShock (17 days ago)
Those fucking jugs reminded me of those vids of women with huge jugs smashing watermelons..
Charsie (20 days ago)
*saw first 10 seconds of video*. Oh yeah, this gonna be good
MY NAMA CHEF (21 days ago)
7:30 please make that your sponsor sound effect
Nitfluad (17 days ago)
MY NAMA CHEF YEAH, DUDE! Great idea! 😂
Andrew Cullen (22 days ago)
Front door finding simulator
Arheisel (23 days ago)
* motorboating death sound effect * I loved it
Christian Martin (23 days ago)
You sound like depressed Ross Geller
RogueAgent GamingX (24 days ago)
dude thats not a front door! =D
Matt Gamebro (24 days ago)
Still better than Hello Neighbor.
DarkSideGryphon (25 days ago)
0:00 to 0:08 bad horror in a nutshell.
Ankit Khandelwal (26 days ago)
You're really funny.
WhiteCourtain (26 days ago)
you misunderstand. the horror is the game itself
dadangdog (26 days ago)
I could make a worse steam game if you give me 2 hours, $6.59 in pennies, and as much belly button lint you got.
Lord Wojtek (27 days ago)
should have been fnaf
stupid 3some (27 days ago)
That's not the front door dipshit
Meino (28 days ago)
For some reason when I read worst, I thought you meant like the most scary game. Took me a couple of minutes to understand lol
Dr.Dylan`s game (28 days ago)
No trust me this isn't as bad as some other stuff just go look up the game lone leader on steam trust me it can get a lot worse
WolfmanXX Alexander (1 month ago)
Worst horror game, even the tities are tasteless.
Ng Qi Ying (1 month ago)
It’s high
The Paladin (1 month ago)
3:46 sorry but a mirage is caused by the sun reflection of the ground I've seen it myself and perfectly hydrated boom science and stuff
xX Tyler xX (1 month ago)
Hey I play the trombone! I'm cringe.
Zerstoren Heartz (1 month ago)
I think the noise was the guy getting motorboated to death.
Yurrupt (1 month ago)
friday 13th game: incognito mode
PeenPlays (1 month ago)
cringy (1 month ago)
it took you too long to find the door lmao
El Virus (1 month ago)
You're just 3 minutes into the game and i already feel anxious because the flashlight is useless and you can't see anything.
themelonn (1 month ago)
yooo i die at the death scream. hahaha
ben posavad (1 month ago)
Dexter O (1 month ago)
Sounds like vinny
Katja Merlung (1 month ago)
Some one is happy XD 00:32
Versatile Pit (1 month ago)
AbyssalMagister (1 month ago)
he kept trying to close the bedroom door instead of the front door......
lxjoe96 (1 month ago)
God I wish that were me
Timmy Reobed (1 month ago)
7:31 I swear that’s Uberhaxornova.
Scarecrow Slayer (1 month ago)
I expected fnaf video
Miciso (1 month ago)
How drunk was the dev
Plokgi Hapee (1 month ago)
it's a house, not a room, you know what a house is right?
psycosanches589 (1 month ago)
Those fucking jiggle physics, tho, god damn....
DroneLockerOfficial (1 month ago)
I will top this - try video game 'Inner Voices'.
TenHitCombo (1 month ago)
Music is quite nice though.
NinjaKitsune (1 month ago)
Question... Since when did a woman having breasts that take up her chest, twig like proportions and squealing like a rabid pig count as being sexy?
Umbra Veil (1 month ago)
Also the death noise I need it
Umbra Veil (1 month ago)
Too get 5k likes say something that the was said in the video
_abbiegale_ (1 month ago)
This game is so frustrating to watch someone play.
Isabella Tiberi (1 month ago)
It was a mistake to watch this at 3:00 am.
Simona Marie (1 month ago)
0:00 that's some beautiful content!
Oh ok then (1 month ago)
"This isn't just darkness... It's..... Advanced darkness!" -Spongebob
woah hope calm down (1 month ago)
i love your voice man you can say the nastiest things and it'll still sound calming
Alen Devlin (1 month ago)
that sexy rack tho
Pr0cly (1 month ago)
It really hurt to watch the start...
Keemstars Mum (1 month ago)
This looks pretty thicc
ZERØ (1 month ago)
it sounded like he got motor-boated to death
Ramesses DePlug (1 month ago)
6mins of thinking a hallway is a porch gg bro videos almost as trash of the game
Demint Monroe (1 month ago)
Door clicker simulator
Alex Carter (1 month ago)
That obviously isnt the front door
Kenossa (1 month ago)
filmsoft (1 month ago)
>objective: lock the front door >spend 5 minutes looking for the front door >find front door >open it
ツ尺ムキム乇レ (1 month ago)
Anything is scary at 3AM
Quality Content (1 month ago)
Why can i still hear it? *GET OUT OF MY MIND*
Donald Baker (1 month ago)
*Sees killer* This'll do. *unzips pants* *Sees vomit worthy gameplay* *Zips pants*
тнєʟєɢєɴᴅ 27 (1 month ago)
123123sora (1 month ago)
Dead by Daylight crossover when?
Just Cancer (1 month ago)
Dude that old man ia high as fuck
Kizmoos (1 month ago)
Baby sitter blood bath 2
RabidBadger_ (1 month ago)
Worst horror game played by worst gamer.
Cancel (1 month ago)
"Maybe I should try echolocation" "BLEBLEBLEBLEP"
Savage Jenna (1 month ago)
Horrible? You mean Horribly sexy ;)
Zach Ruminer (1 month ago)
*looks at title* how bad is it?*vuvuzelas having sex in background* Ohhh noooo.
Death Soul (1 month ago)
oh my god you are in a mansion you stupid
Orion Durdaller (2 months ago)
Damn. That's one thicc bih
TAXie Light (2 months ago)
His chest hair is going through his shirt.
ARealLifeOtaku (2 months ago)
Legends say, he was never able to lock the door.
Love Horizon (2 months ago)
The ending sound was his echo from the turkey call
Faceshot Gaming (2 months ago)
You havent been playing a lot of horror games have you? There is even worse horror games out there on steam
Austin Hammond (2 months ago)
"Id be better off just pissing in 360 degrees and measuring the distance between where the piss lands judging by the sound based on my location and then running that through Pythagorean theorem as well as walking it back down to bose-einstein condensate" - penguinz0 Holy fuck that made me cry laughing lmao
BZgA (2 months ago)
7:30 what the 😂
TrapMpG (2 months ago)
Alright why would the front door be in your bedroom? Why did you think that?
Paul Godden (2 months ago)
If this is the worst horror game on steam, what is paranormal psychosis then? Seriously, look it up. It's just, oh no.
Salty LP's (2 months ago)
You haven't played NANINIGHTS yet, have you?

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