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Fredbear and Friends are BACK.. What monstrosities have JeliLiam cooked up for us THIS time!? Join The Samurai ► http://bit.ly/1vKSGtU That Twitter Tho? ► https://twitter.com/coryxkenshin Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/CoryxKenshin Instagram ► http://instagram.com/coryxkenshin Get some CORYXKENSHIN GEAR! ► http://coryxkenshin.spreadshirt.com/ http://coryxkenshin.spreadshirt.co.uk/ Outro: https://twitter.com/leedalangin - Animation! https://www.youtube.com/user/MavAttackOfficial Music: https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/music.html -- SEND A BROTHA STUFFS -- PO BOX 3089 Farmington Hills, MI 48333 Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you. ~CK
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Text Comments (15115)
Papâ Bear (9 months ago)
I thought that fart came from the game! 😂😂😂
B.T.S Fantasies (2 days ago)
It sound so realistic to the game though
Luis Diaz (15 days ago)
Papâ Bear sane 😂😂😂
Nuno Channel7740 (1 month ago)
Mr. Fish (2 months ago)
Papâ Bear 500th comment
Joyce Eboigbe (2 months ago)
Muhubo Jeylani (51 minutes ago)
I love your rap
Black_ Assassin (8 hours ago)
I think he says shed the past of the key at least 1:46
ItzMikey (9 hours ago)
Cory walked into the game like “man this finna be easy” but the beat drop CORY GO HARD!!
Tanaja Bledsoe (14 hours ago)
The first time I seen this vid when Spiderman poped up it scared the heck out of me thanks Cory thanks
Zep Viper (20 hours ago)
I think cory drink 2 diet Coke's
Cool beats cory keep it up 🖒👌😃
Chloe Perkins (1 day ago)
3:54 your welcome 😂
Tiffani Steinhagen (1 day ago)
Cory you got mad bars
Catzila The Plague (1 day ago)
funtime foxy (1 day ago)
I'm real
Diamond Wolf girls (2 days ago)
Hey bro yo sho be a raper bro :D
Enrique Canales (2 days ago)
You farted in 4 minutes in the episode
hammerhead 123 (2 days ago)
6:17 this dude look like an anime character
Domifoxynic Dykstra (2 days ago)
the other part scard me half to DEATH
Domifoxynic Dykstra (2 days ago)
the puppet tho :D
Domifoxynic Dykstra (2 days ago)
Domifoxynic Dykstra (2 days ago)
I think your real name is cory is it?!
Cory. Am gotta feed you idk Fredbear. Why wound I be feed when am eating you
pokecraftcj 17 (2 days ago)
caleb reid (3 days ago)
5:12 did you guys hear the humming
carmen noyola (3 days ago)
Samurai slice that like butin
Josue Ortiz (3 days ago)
He ate a McDouble
Soulless Sam (4 days ago)
O:05 When that beat so nasty all your muscles contract when you hear it.
ewstardust _ (4 days ago)
Fvck (cause i cant cuss on my christian Minecraft server )
RPGgal (4 days ago)
XD I thought that fart was from the game lol
Josue Zavila (4 days ago)
I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aidan Chidy (4 days ago)
He farted
Thunder 256 (5 days ago)
is Chip attached to the key
Lord Jashin (5 days ago)
i love how this game looks
Surperia AJ (5 days ago)
Omfg your rap made my fukn day XD
Dish Water (5 days ago)
His freestyle was so nasty, I think I’m sick 🤢👏🏼
Blackoreanfemale (6 days ago)
Lmao. I wasnt paying attention in the beginning.
Kevin Futrell (6 days ago)
3:54 that fart was so loud
AHamed (6 days ago)
My nibba back at it again
Aisha Smith (6 days ago)
What are you up to at the air vent I thought that something was coming down so that Means Spider-Man scared me 😆 😂 🤣
Jeffery & Twinkie. (6 days ago)
*Yandere Chan* (6 days ago)
I got so scared when cory made spiderman come down the vent, I thought it was an animatronic for a moment, then started laughing because it wasn't.
Yusuf Pady (7 days ago)
Pleases play midnightman
FELIP3 FEIPP3 (7 days ago)
kkkkkkkkkk 3:56
Madison Jordan (7 days ago)
Omllll when he got scaredddd he farteddddd😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀😂
Madison Jordan (7 days ago)
I love his laughjjj
TheSoyyBean (7 days ago)
ENDERMEN gold (7 days ago)
This game is gucci
ENDERMEN gold (7 days ago)
*corys neck cracks*
beast mode (7 days ago)
When Cory stopped moving I did to
Diana Brutus (3 days ago)
beast mode me to
Random Guy (7 days ago)
I replayed the video just for the amazing intro
8:43 did spider man scare anyone else? XD
Send Help (8 days ago)
Spider-Man scared the shit out of me! Am I the only one who didn’t fart during this game.....like I’m reading other comments and I’m like......BITCH WHAT?!
Keleka Ross (8 days ago)
Cory please please make this beat your intro
sonicx360x12 (8 days ago)
Samantha Jo Brown (8 days ago)
Bianqui .Vlogs (9 days ago)
it's not freddy and bonnie its springbonnie and freadbear
Rebecca Miranda (9 days ago)
Cory how do you get so louckey
NUKER 2000 (9 days ago)
8:41 scared me...plus like 99% of the ppl think it to XD
Savege games (9 days ago)
at 1:48 its hard to translate but it says pacients is the key
You know that animatronic that appeared ? I think that was Jack - o Bonnie
end attempt time was 5:58 then 5:59 then ded
knobody09 (9 days ago)
Why do you fart my dud do you have taco bell
knobody09 (9 days ago)
When I have a warhead I was spitting everywhere and he’s do you I am about to spit
bendy (10 days ago)
that is shadow-bonnie
Soulless Sam (10 days ago)
Ay his name is Cory Kenshin bro, gone 4 months leave you in suspension tho.
Taijon Drinker (10 days ago)
KitKat Kayla (10 days ago)
We’re 3 minutes into the episode, and I’ve already farted from laughing!
lil birb (10 days ago)
It says there was a chip attached to the key
Zoie Vasquez (10 days ago)
Daria (11 days ago)
He said with the key at the end I don’t know what the first word was
Sebouh Sam (11 days ago)
Donavin Widner (11 days ago)
My name Is Donavin
Robert Foster (11 days ago)
Freddie bro
Rihanna Brown / (11 days ago)
This why I don't play scary games, I always end up flinging of the bed and farting ;-;
Ahmed Salem (11 days ago)
he fart and his freinds is watching coryxkenshin and haha and his family say you fart hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Shirley Naidoo (12 days ago)
My real name is liam but sucker I want you to play injustice god amoug us
Kelley Hill (12 days ago)
ThatGuyFTF (12 days ago)
Cory - So..we...On The Final Nights 4, Man, I hear somebody at the door, I aint answering though, You think I'm slow, Naa, sucka I got the katana on the flow(Floor)! Because my name is CoryxKenshin though, I in suspension though, You be at the detention bro, ah ya ah ya, -Laugh-Me - OHHHH LETS GET IT!!!!
TheGoldenMangleplayz (13 days ago)
fredbear's menu: stupid, stupid, stupid, glorious and stupid.
Ziyah Estes (13 days ago)
Part 2 everyone!!!!!
Kahmara Downs (13 days ago)
Is your real name Cory
MR· NEGS (13 days ago)
Cupcom5 (13 days ago)
Is that laughing during the game over from the game or a clip you added?
Bayleigh Cronan (13 days ago)
When you farted I kept watching it but only because of how funny it was. ( P.S. I rewatch any part of any video that is funny. Keep that in mind)
Rocket fire will Cook (13 days ago)
Every five nights game shows you on the camera next to the camera
Kagemori Hamasaki (14 days ago)
Okay I first I thought the fart came from the game I was like "Did animatronic. Just take a poo?" But then I notice Cory started to spray air freshener. Around the room and I was like. "Oh... My Lord😂"
Alena Lanning (14 days ago)
So we on the final nights 4 Man I hear somebody at the door I ain't answering it though You think I'm slow Sucker I got the katana on the floor Uh uh cuz my name is coryxkenshin yo I ain't in suspension yo You be in detention bro Uh yeah uh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Tinysis Gaming (14 days ago)
Cory I don't know if u know but the Puppet master is a Female Or Girl
pachant creats's (15 days ago)
who still is watching this at 2018
Brandy lopez (15 days ago)
good rap cory
Ice Pic (15 days ago)
Who else crapped themselves when cory farted😂
Jake_da_gamer 170000 (15 days ago)
I just now ralilized that the mareonett has BB and JJ on his hands lol
Kylie Lambert (16 days ago)
Cory, Cory, cory, what have you gotten yourself into?
Luna The lazy corgi (16 days ago)
What you didn't know what the guy said in the beginning was chip attached to the key
Nashaunda Estes (16 days ago)
lol i thought he number 2ed himself
Never trust a edited comment
DARRYL Rabon (16 days ago)
Katana on the floor Yea that's safe
van pham (16 days ago)
- _ -
van pham (16 days ago)
: )
Amber Kittle (16 days ago)
U dun goof
Zurke One (17 days ago)
cory i like your videos ive whatcht your videos for 2 years
Arcradire (17 days ago)
That freestyle at the beginning though 😂😂😂

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