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This Is What Happens To Your Body After Drinking Red Bull

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Did you ever wonder what happened to your body in the 24 hours that you drink a red bull. Well get ready to find out! ------------------------------------ STORY LINK:http://bit.ly/1hacMsS ------------------------------------ OUR OTHER CHANNELS: iO Trendz: http://bit.ly/1FNmTNm iO 2 Channel: http://bit.ly/1DX899D iO Uncut:http://bit.ly/12ltqOS ------------------------------------ MAIL US SOMETHING: P.O BOX # 14015 2408 Lakeshore Blvd W. Etobicoke, On M8V4A2 ------------------------------------ CONNECT WITH US: Instagram: http://instagram.com/informoverload Twitter: https://twitter.com/InformOverload Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InformOverload Website: http://www.informoverload.com iO T-Shirts: http://iostore.spreadshirt.com ------------------------------------ IN THIS VIDEO: Sasha Wood: http://instagram.com/sasha.a.wood ------------------------------------ VIDEO EDITED BY: Sasha Wood: http://instagram.com/sasha.a.wood
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Text Comments (3078)
Holly Mcmillan (6 hours ago)
This is so dumb I been drinking atless 2 a day sins I was like 13 and I'm 22 now I feel fine to me it's like my water
Neal Teitelbaum (10 hours ago)
How is this about Red Bull?
Red Bulls just like any other energy drink it's good to have one once in awhile if you're going to have a long day at work or something requires you to stay awake but monster and nos is easily can do the same thing
Kendall Hayhurst (1 day ago)
Rockstar has 240 mg per can. Not a mega a can, a regular. Monster has 80 mg per regular can. Think about what happens to u when I drink a monster, now a imagine a rockstar
albert fish (1 day ago)
Red bull is overpriced
Fruit juice Bo (2 days ago)
I drinked a red bull im 7
Lydia Surridge (2 days ago)
Ahahahahahahahaba I drink about 5 a day
Lance TacoMaster (3 days ago)
Red Bull is expensive
super nova (3 days ago)
Rockstar killer grape
Default User (3 days ago)
Blue Ox was better
Mr LeGend (4 days ago)
This is not true..she is laying..
JeeydianJ Rivera (4 days ago)
We’ll Red Bull gives you wings for real
Julio (5 days ago)
Who else was drinking a Red Bull while watching this?
Kawaii Yt (6 days ago)
Pop a speed then tell what feeling u get in ur chest😂
S S (8 days ago)
You didn't even consider sugar free Red Bull. And with the smallest can that is sugar free I feel alert for 4-5 hours.
You are so cute when you talk about Red Bull 😍😍😍
lil snack (13 days ago)
snifs cocaine :im ok drinks red bull: HOLY SHIT IM DYING
Leon Tangen (13 days ago)
Drinking red bull while watching
Muzammil Kaski (15 days ago)
MONSTER is best🔥🔥
Korri McDaniel (15 days ago)
I drank 7 in 1 day. Not bragging but just saying.
Matthew Jones (15 days ago)
My favorite is rockstar blueberry and pomegranate
Hank Hill (18 days ago)
Your on a energy drink right now, I can tell by your body language lady and your tone of voice.
Sam Devos (18 days ago)
i QUit
black ninja (18 days ago)
Aym drinking 2 monsters a day for 7 yers and nothing happend
IAmzColbz (18 days ago)
I mean the first one i had i felt a bit jittery 30 minutes later, but it didn't feel as good as it was hyped to be.
Babar khan (19 days ago)
I drink sting
San Htun (19 days ago)
Red bull has Taurine also.
CTviral (21 days ago)
Rip ninja
CTviral (21 days ago)
This is so gay
neck beard (22 days ago)
Is it okay to have one 12 oz every couple days?
Rok Bukva (22 days ago)
Mary Williams (23 days ago)
i’m on my third red bull today, so you’re saying i shouldn’t do this..?
The New Life. Pt2 (23 days ago)
I was drinking a monster while watching this video. And was done with it and the video wasn't even half way, is that bad ????!
SkeletalTheGamer (24 days ago)
i have never felt that feeling while drinking my first coffe or redbull first coffee i drank when i was 7 first redbull when i was 8
A_M Gaming (24 days ago)
My favorite is Mtn Dew Kickstart
bam bam (25 days ago)
I moved to redbull after I felt my heart beating out of my chest with monster.
ScrubLord 91 (27 days ago)
Well I drink one once a week so I think I'm good
Connor Holzhauer (27 days ago)
Red bull
TecLoaf (27 days ago)
Thank god I dont drink red bull. It taste like shit
Jake Park (28 days ago)
red bull has 30mg caffeine
Mia Hd (28 days ago)
greater ability to concentrate?? HAHA LOL I JUST DANCE AND RUN ALL OVER THE PLACE
Cheesecake BMX (30 days ago)
I'm a 13 bmx athlete and actually it's not bad if you drink it from time to time but you have to be doing something very active I drink it and I'm fine because I do athletic stuff such as action sports like bmx again I'm 13
Jay'Stripe The warrior (30 days ago)
I drinked Red Bull..I hate it..I mean it..!It's horrible..
My favorite energy drink is Monster White Dragon Tea
ChocolateMilk Lover260 (1 month ago)
Fu** it in drinking it to concentrate
You look like you need some *Red Bull*
Jenfromtheblock _ (1 month ago)
Qirat Siddiqui (1 month ago)
i am watching this while drinking red bull lol😂
DaricDark (1 month ago)
Lol still gonna drink Red Bull.
ScrapBeast (1 month ago)
Ugh! I drunk a can od monster snd now i cant sleep! Great! Im 12 btw. And its 1:56 AM, im from czech republic, czechia, ask me anything xd
Dahoom Omrani (1 month ago)
I watched this and now i wanna drink one !
FrosTyz (1 month ago)
Sasha wood sounds like a pornstar name
Ronaldo Fan (1 month ago)
Boost red bull monster rockstar
Abraham Lincoln (1 month ago)
I'm watching this while l'm drinking red bull lol
Akure Ayune (1 month ago)
I was eating takis with Red Bull.. I feel fine. But, vomit.. Can someone explain why?
Kenny Jones (1 month ago)
Redbull 80mg of caffine. Thats not that bad. Ever heard of a spike? That has 350mg of caffine. Should make a video on that
Helarius (1 month ago)
She is so thin
Abiam Ramirez (1 month ago)
I would love eat your pussy
Alex Lloyd (1 month ago)
Never drunk a red bull in her life
Broth_ass (1 month ago)
Sponsored by RedBull
Dawood Daxh (1 month ago)
Watching while drinking power horse....😈😈
Chief Sobi (1 month ago)
Ahan...oh ok...*continues drinking redbull* ...damn I'm a savage!😎
bubbly emi (1 month ago)
redbulls kinda bitter >.< ugh
matt fox (1 month ago)
80mg of caffeine is not double a normal cup of coffee. Thats average for coffee
Eyeless jack (1 month ago)
I drink energy drinks but I don't drink them every day
JCL theUtuber (1 month ago)
Sorry BS!
vanilla skittle (1 month ago)
i just drank 4 im not on my 5th shiiiiiiiiiiiiii
in my country it only has 32 ml of caffeine it does nothing
Luke Lawson (1 month ago)
All this video did was make me want to go get a redbull so I'm going to
KC Bergman (1 month ago)
nos and red bull are my favorite energy drinks
Louis J (1 month ago)
But it tastes so good
LIL STACK (1 month ago)
Kickstart GANG🔥🔥🤟
Resolve WarClock (1 month ago)
I just take sips of it and i don’t finish it
K H (1 month ago)
Very Informative 👍🏻
Red bull is my faverouite
Devious Mastermind (1 month ago)
My whole life I've been drinking pop, energy drinks, coffee, even as a small child, so although caffeine doesn't have an amazing effect on me anymore, it still perks me up when I need it.
Devious Mastermind (1 month ago)
Dude, both Redbull and Monster have almost the SAME EXACT ingrediants! It's just Monster costs usually atleast $1 less. I used to only drink Redbull, but then I tried Monster and realized it tasted the SAME, but atleast a $1 cheaper! So now I only drink Monster :)
Anton Chigurh (1 month ago)
I drink about eight cups of coffee a day. Will I be fine after trying one Red Bull for the first time?
Kyle Northrup (1 month ago)
Get rid of monster drink s
Pat Vojtaskovic (1 month ago)
I like monster
FergyBoi ASMR (1 month ago)
Rockstar is best
mjbDaBeast (1 month ago)
Im glad Im watching this while drinking my first red bull... aka my only red bull
IVARFX (1 month ago)
i threw my redbull away when i was watching
Verquenzy (1 month ago)
Im watching this while drinking Monster Energy
abdoalhak qatabi (1 month ago)
This is not true
Riley Freeman (1 month ago)
the only drinks I drink 1. mountain dew 2. redbull and some monster from time to time
PJM Delacourt (1 month ago)
u cute
EnroosHugge (1 month ago)
I drank 6 energy drinks on 20 min and felt nothing
Teagan (2 months ago)
Wth. This is legit shit
The Mad Flatter (2 months ago)
Red Bull gives you Mood Sss-wings!
jordan secrist (2 months ago)
Red Bull has less caffeine than most other name brand energy drinks that aren’t trying to be healthfood drinks. Coffee has 60 mg per cup. You didn’t even talk about the other chemicals in it. Thumbs down. 👎
Honey Boom (2 months ago)
I know a guy who drinks like 10 cans of red bull per day. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't had a heart attack yet. I once had 3 cans of V in one day and I thought I was gonna die.
Firstsharkie (2 months ago)
Just had my first Red Bull 2 hours ago, thanksssssssssssssss.....
YoshiSucksAtMC (2 months ago)
Who is drinking redbull as is watching this vid.
newavehal (2 months ago)
press 7 very fast.
ShannonT (2 months ago)
Still love my red bull😂
Derek B (2 months ago)
My brother drank a 16oz Red Bull yesterday and had his first seizure. A bad one. There is a class action lawsuit against Red Bull and if I didn’t see what happened to him yesterday which clearly was Red Bull related, I would think it’s BS. This shit is bad after reading into it. As my brother lay in a hospital bed ask yourself if it’s worth it. I say HELL NO
Ok Toaster (2 months ago)
I’m drinking Red Bull while watching this it helps me focus on making desighns
Skate Boarder (2 months ago)
Adults say all of this but then they drink alcohol smh
Ozea Fortnite YT (2 months ago)
I hate red bull

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