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$7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu

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Text Comments (18526)
paul odusanya (8 hours ago)
$29 for a burger, America is crazy
Shmurple Purple (9 hours ago)
"It hasn't crushed your soul yet." HIS TONE AND FACE WHNE HE SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
MsFatal (1 day ago)
6:19 looks like a krabby patty
Dizzy (1 day ago)
They sharing a bed?
Lah mak ayah orang malaysia ke? Knp tk ckp awal2 yial
Alex Mendez (1 day ago)
Adam is the best 😂😂😂
Edlomaja (2 days ago)
Adams roast of the day
American Survivalist (2 days ago)
Soy boys
naszata (2 days ago)
Shandy - Europe know this sh** for long time. Steven favorite Asian dramas.... please!!!
CompulsionHD (3 days ago)
Kay Bee (3 days ago)
....welp. Not so secret anymore..
Lavar Edwards (3 days ago)
BIG DOG (4 days ago)
Why u guys so mean to camera guy. Not in this video but in other videos.
Mylo Azam (4 days ago)
Proud Malaysian Here!!!!!!!!
LoomyNarty (4 days ago)
Penis sauce flowing like a river
Alyssa Frantz (5 days ago)
*A* *D* *A* *M* . Thumbs up if you agree.
Aishah Khan (5 days ago)
5:50 the background music just reminds me of Man About Cake
Sadhana Saikia (5 days ago)
16m subscriber 16 m views ..that's cool
pranav mahanubhav (5 days ago)
That last dish cost my graduation money
Shawn Adams (6 days ago)
Penis sauce, Steven?
John Henry Tennant (6 days ago)
Adam is best boi
Tristin C (7 days ago)
The way the shake shack guy says “Missouri”
Mayon Volcano... i knoe that volcano its in the Philippines its the volcano that has the perfect cone shape
Hazal Deniz Aygun (8 days ago)
That beer and lemonade combo is not a "secret menu" item that is literally a Radler ..
Blue Eagle (9 days ago)
I live in Malaysia
ViralVelocity (9 days ago)
"You like making the sign of the cross there" 😂😂😂
ulvenNixie (9 days ago)
I love watching Worth It videos for a lot of reasons. Everything and everyone involved is obviously awesome..... but Andrew's dry, dark humor is life.
Enderninja483 (9 days ago)
DID HE SAY PENIS SAUCE??? Like if you heard it to
DDomino Geronimo (9 days ago)
the average vs more upscale is my goals !!!! my life!!! iconic !!!
Alvin Wong (9 days ago)
Steven I am Malaysian but good at English and so are my friends big fan
Angela Sojan (9 days ago)
That soufflé dish is more expensive than my dog.
Me Yes it's me (10 days ago)
"It's like in the mcdonald commercial but never in real life." Hey, mcdonald are you there ?
daren joe delen (10 days ago)
Why are expensive dishes always so small and looks less appetizing than cheaper food?
Noyi Soto (11 days ago)
6:19 If that burger looks like what McDonald’s burgers looks in the commercials- What would that burger look like in a commercial??? ⁉️‼️❓⁉️
truthfully, i love adam than those two guys
Amirr Muhammad (11 days ago)
Ahhh.. So how about Worth It series with Malaysian foods?
Gabriel Kawa (12 days ago)
Whoo secret menus
ZachThePanda (12 days ago)
Adam is the best
enk989 (12 days ago)
Flowin' like a river, streamin' like a Netflix... 👌
Seize Fire (12 days ago)
Yasmina Kenza (12 days ago)
Wait your family is from malaysia That means... You can understand my language
Gök Berk Çiçek (13 days ago)
I want Adam talks more
David Lopez (13 days ago)
10:17 the minute the champagne hits you 😂
thesingingsaint (13 days ago)
Adam makes the show for me. 100%.
Little_ Gamer_11 (13 days ago)
You guys should do a burrito worth it video
mena seven (13 days ago)
For $2500 I need a bigger souffle'. Would that souffle make my excrement more valuable? maybe I can sell it to a fertilizer company.
Lee Kay (13 days ago)
Malaysian +1
Zhi Moon (14 days ago)
I would pay to see a James Bond movie with Steven as Bond and Andrew as the villain.
Kyrah Dames (14 days ago)
Steven is sooo underrated. He is my favorite and he is the sweetest
Cherilyn Murray (15 days ago)
Andrew is FUNNY!!!!
Cherilyn Murray (15 days ago)
Adam was between them like he was their child🤣😂
FRANKIE STOUT (15 days ago)
Do a worth it vid on unique milkshakes
spicy (15 days ago)
Hanan Lee (15 days ago)
Never knew Steven's parents were Malaysian? Mind blown
Kim Taehyung (16 days ago)
Their parents never knew that their sons would be filling their mouths with hella expensive food that are also world records. This is their fricken job, to eat. Screw my life man
AJ Lynch (16 days ago)
isn't Adam a vegetarian?
Elias Yazigi (16 days ago)
S: I love New York! A:that’s bc it hasn’t crushed your soul yet You don’t know how true that is
Thilina Akash (16 days ago)
I cant consider this really expensive meal worth it just bcoz they mostly making it expensive just by adding caviar n edible gold mostly. Its like a scam..
David Reyes (17 days ago)
WORTH IT Trio or Mysteries Unsolved Duo?
creamy potato (18 days ago)
that price could buy me a couple big mac
Ethan Malin (18 days ago)
I was drinking a Michelob ultra while watching a michelob ultra
Nican Lin (18 days ago)
LaZe Alfa (19 days ago)
You guys should do a cookie worth it
vide0gameCaster (19 days ago)
Those arrogant chefs need to stop with the edible gold scam...
R Λ V I O L I (19 days ago)
steven should make a vid with eugene
Keidy Sisneros (19 days ago)
When it comes to burgers Me: where is “in-and-out”
Jamil Mejia (20 days ago)
are you from vampire diaries
PikaPikcat 8000 (20 days ago)
why did i watch this last night
Jesus Camargo (20 days ago)
Don’t really like the white dude.. lol
Betty Crocker-Page (20 days ago)
I to love little silverware;-)
Megan’s Animations! (21 days ago)
I’m allergic too peanuts! 🚫🥜
AngThePanda X (21 days ago)
“Peanut” or “penis”? It’s like that “what do you hear?” Videos.
wackyabhi (21 days ago)
I feel so sorry for adam
Totally logical (22 days ago)
Sorry for disgust you guys but....... When Steven or Andrew go to the toilet, their poop will be 2500$
Nia Ahmed (22 days ago)
10:41 is Steven in love?😍
Annie Lim (22 days ago)
Only now I realised that Steve is from Malaysia, I'm so surprised with that
Cassie Esmee (23 days ago)
I NEED a job where i can eat this expensive food for a living. Like imagine getting to eat that caviar thing for 2500, and getting PAID to do it. GIVE ME YOUR JOBS!
Harry CHEUNG (23 days ago)
10:05 when he starts saying ‘yes yes yes’ i started getting uncomfortable
D3adDr0p 782 (24 days ago)
Id rather enjoy a 7$ burher and beer than a 2500$ stuffed egg with caviar.
Ai Ling Loo (24 days ago)
Whattt stephen parents are malaysian hahahahwow mindblown
Angelina Tsao (24 days ago)
Poor Adam
Good Savage (24 days ago)
when I was younger I once made a peanut butter cold cut sandwich on accident. it was horrible. Recently I made a peanut butter turkey sandwich on some honey wheat bread. I had to make another. I will perfect this recipe for I am the cold cut chief!
sarah naffa (25 days ago)
Adam at 3:38: *eats burger, holds up peanut sauce* "hey look, it matches your sweater" hahaha
CcpupAWSOME (25 days ago)
$ / $7 is the most worth it
Samer Al Ashhab (25 days ago)
You know how in tv shows their is a happy joyful person and a dark person that's like Steven and Andrew
Ashish David (25 days ago)
You both are so cruel to Adam : |
Arjun Singh (25 days ago)
anyone notice that all the expensive food on this show, is only expensive because it has caviar and gold leaves
OHHCAMPZ LOL (26 days ago)
Do burritos @cali tacos, get the monarch burrito
Dayne Cesario (26 days ago)
do they also have that secret menu here in HK's shake shack?
Pedro Vaz (26 days ago)
TwinAsians (27 days ago)
My religion is science
Pongze Lor (27 days ago)
How can a secret menu be a fan favorite
ReTRACKZ (27 days ago)
here's the real thing its not from malaysia it is from INDONESIA
woon tong (27 days ago)
SuperDario719 (27 days ago)
“This matches your sweater” *right away changes his sweater 😂
Elijahggchap X (28 days ago)
That was the loudest I ever herd Adam
no one needs gold on their food. that's just cheating when a restaurant puts gold on their food to jack up the price. imo
Snackler Snookler (28 days ago)
Awe man I love Shake Shack. Gotta try that sometime!
Darthplagueis13 (28 days ago)
How is the burger a secret if you knew it would be a peanut butter bacon burger? I thought thus basically would be a you only know what you'll get once you order it thing.
Darthplagueis13 (28 days ago)
Gotta admit, the burger looks really tasty though.
Bella Swaa (28 days ago)
Actually satay is from indonesia
はるか けんし (8 days ago)
Bella Swaa claim it all

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