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Online Illegal Narcotics Pharmacy & Grant scam

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I called the DEA and reported the Illegal pharmacy that is selling Narcotics online in the US. They will be taken down soon and I called the Grant Scam to get my $9000 but they wouldn't give me my money.
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Shirley Harrison (1 month ago)
Love your channel.. Thanks ..
Shirley Harrison no thank you for watching and your support my friend 🤗
Shirley Harrison (1 month ago)
Not very professional talking or acting was he ? (2nd one )
You have very good interrogation skills Francine lol :-0)
you found me out lol and I've learned from the best ! :)
Alogical (1 month ago)
*2:33** Why are you scamming! That's the question here.* *Ugh that Grants Department Zoo!*
Alogical thanks for watching my friend 😊
Brandon McClain (1 month ago)
Great work
Brandon McClain thank you for watching my friend 😊
Little Peace (1 month ago)
Wow, the mouths on these grant scammers. You do sound pretty tho, that is the only thing the scammers got right. Rock on, Francine. 👍👍
Little Peace OH your so kind, thank you. I've never gotten any complaints for my looks 😉😎
OJAS (1 month ago)
Thanks Francine. Have a nice evening!☺
Michael Leeper (1 month ago)
Piemangeo (1 month ago)
Piemangeo yeah I don't have no Twitter
Piemangeo (1 month ago)
Francine The Scammer Slayer idk it sounded almost real with him out of no where tell I g me to post the number
Piemangeo if it's not true no , I'm not sure what I can do . If he is kidnapped than call the police. But not sure what kind of scam he's pulling
Piemangeo (1 month ago)
Francine The Scammer Slayer do you want the number ?
Piemangeo oh okay
Lovelygirl est. 1982 (1 month ago)
I went to this website and spoke to someone on the live chat they had and asked if you needed a prescription they said no and I said that it is not legal and I'm reporting this company (and I may have called him a madarchod) and he disconnected from the live chat.
Jenny Wright (49 minutes ago)
Lovelygirl est. 1982 (h
Maybe they are on their way down already :) The site might not work right if they were snagged not sure. I will have to check it out. ...hehehehehe Another one for the good guys
Lovelygirl est. 1982 (1 month ago)
Francine The Scammer Slayer I reported the site yesterday and I went to talk live chat again and I think they blocked me from doing it somehow it isn't popping up anymore.
good, you should and can report this website as well the more complaints the faster they will get this site down. Go to the DEA Website and click on file complaint. We need to exterminate these rats
ScamJam (1 month ago)
(4:45) Hey! That's my $9000 grant you were asking for, LOL! Yep, $200 charge for free money. "S as in Scammer" :-) This video is chock full of goodies plus some useful Hindi words...
Yes I snatched up your grant when you said Francine will call , so I took that as my go ahead ! oh yeah lots of good swear Hindi words lol and than some...
Nigella Blum (1 month ago)
That Indain gran scammer is *_Ghattia Aadmi!_* _an inferior, low class, cheap, seedy, sleazy, gross man!_
Nigella Blum (1 month ago)
Sure. Will do
OJAS (1 month ago)
Thanks Nigella. If you find time, help David Jones with translation. Thanks and have a nice evening!☺ http://youtube.com/watch?v=1vdvApb753A&t=161s
Nigella Blum (1 month ago)
You and Alogical (and others) bear with so much filthy language from these scammers . I admire your courage. You know your mission is to expose these rotten scammers.
he sure was Nigella I tried to ignore his sleezy talk I don't like to feed into their gross sex talk. I always feel dirty when I get off the phone with them.
Aimée Hogan (1 month ago)
Excellent job, Madame Francine! ♥
thank you for watching Aimee :) and thank you very much.
Ismail Ali (1 month ago)
This scammer need kick off. You're great.
thank you for watching Ismail. cannot wait for another one of your videos !
Mary Madkins (1 month ago)
They make me sick pick shit

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