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Minecraft Xbox - Mutant Dog [56]

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Part 57 - http://youtu.be/30Reco9bJ9E In this video I continue building my creeper coaster and meet a mutant dog. Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. All of Minecraft - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL455493CB1440221D My main channel - http://www.youtube.com/stampylongnose Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/stampys-lovely-podcast/id590290102?mt=2 Email - stampylongnose@hotmail.co.uk
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Text Comments (10386)
Rollerskate Plays (5 days ago)
What about xbox one
Kitty Kicks (9 days ago)
S tampy's lovely world T he amazing cat A stonishing fun land M aster of minecraft P umpkin head stampy Y eah it's done !
Man U Fan Squad (1 month ago)
You are awesoooome
Paige Fridayy (1 month ago)
2013 Stampy: hello this is stampylongnose. 2018 Stampy: HELLOOOO THIS IS STAMPYYYYY. lmao it changed😂i love him.
MLG SAVAGE THEO (1 month ago)
Tony Lam0 (1 month ago)
You do so much work off camera😘
Mena Marie (1 month ago)
Fortnite SUCKS!
MATTHEW VASQUEZ (1 month ago)
Are you British Stampylongnose? Because you said bloody and not much Americans say that.
lynn salt (1 month ago)
Can I see pc videos stamps
Jessica/jackie Stewart (2 months ago)
Marito Blanco (2 months ago)
19:41 why we all came here for!
Jack MCINTOSH (2 months ago)
Did anybody see the spider jockey
Roxy tt (2 months ago)
19:39 !!!!!!!!!!!😮😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ultra Zombie (2 months ago)
along time to buid a long time to ride
Zaina Mustafa (2 months ago)
Episode 56:hello this is stampy.... Episode 635: HELLOOOOOO THIS IS STAMPYYYYYYY
Zaina Mustafa (2 months ago)
I commented to my own comment
Betty Hall (2 months ago)
You should do creative mode I always do it i always die on survival
Luksh Patel (3 months ago)
AysizTheGreat (3 months ago)
The days when’s stampy made all his buildings with planks and wool.
Keemu Playz gamez (3 months ago)
I know this comment is years later, but PLAY PC!!!!!
CupidDoesGachaStudio (3 months ago)
19:39 is when the mutant happens You’re welcome :)
Isabella P. (4 months ago)
5:10, now, you can just place the trapdoor.
Ernesto Garza (4 months ago)
You're the best cat in the world can help me go on your server maybe you could come to my house I want to see how to build your creeper coaster and your whole amusement park that is awesome my user for the Wii U is Erine
Nelline Cronje (4 months ago)
Adam Turner (4 months ago)
Started on Longbows world
DeerBoy Gamer (4 months ago)
I saw a spider jockey in the creeper coaster
Annalise Dunn (4 months ago)
How about you play your creeper coaster
xXKitty_ Kawaii Xx (5 months ago)
Oh gosh he has changed a lot The quality His voice The love garden His intro His outro The dog collars And most importantly...... HE DOESN'T EAT HIS BREAKFAST(CAKE) that's a lot of changes
Samantha B. (5 months ago)
kelsi smith (5 months ago)
love you forever stampy
Nice dogs
In mindcraft a wolf is a dog a ocelot is a cat
U spelled Stanta. Notsanta in Christmas video
Harvey Peters (5 months ago)
Stampy your amazing I wish I could play minecraft with you!
pink princess (5 months ago)
No creepers allowed in the creeper coaster
You are the best
Nicola Daintith (6 months ago)
Nicola Daintith (5 months ago)
Ùdds,nv BBC 8 Beautiful question You sitting on my bed looking to talk on my face,
Nicola Daintith (6 months ago)
Nicola Daintith (6 months ago)
Stampy why did Benton die because he wanted to see his dog dead friends
Nicola Daintith (6 months ago)
🐼 Panda 🐼 (6 months ago)
2013 stampy - hello this is stampy... 2018 stampy - HEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO THIS IS STAMPY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😝😛🤣
Winged Wolves (6 months ago)
ramlal naithani (6 months ago)
dogs dogs everywhere
M Oliveira (6 months ago)
Stampy your the best Youtuber EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
M Oliveira (6 months ago)
I have Minecraft on my i-pad
M Oliveira (6 months ago)
I send you pictures of what I draw for you, but you never add me to the love garden.
GAMER__ PRO (6 months ago)
.-. me to
how can i join your world
Doreen Smith (6 months ago)
stampe you my world's most famous you Tuber I love your videos so so much l also try to build your luvley world 😊😊😊😁🤗😂😂😁😁
Cool boy 2.0 (6 months ago)
Can I play with you I have an Xbox I just don't know how to join
Jayne Livergood (6 months ago)
I have watched you're channel since I was 5 years old. And if you give me a shout out it would be amazing!Plz.
JTheMelon (6 months ago)
3:00 "White Woman"
conner sweeney (6 months ago)
Don't forget the other ritual of your dogs dying lolol
Elven Ferret (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Elven Ferret (6 months ago)
"Maybe I'll do some PC Minecraft." (Literally releases 1 video 4 years later on PC)
That one guy Nirav (7 months ago)
Play on ps3
Ronald Cruz Garcia (7 months ago)
stamy how do you no banjo kazooie?
KINGLICOR (7 months ago)
Sarah Duffy (7 months ago)
Amorn H (7 months ago)
Pls play on PC
dap and sub 67 (7 months ago)
Stampys can I help you on Minecraft I have a Xbox 360 when I contact to Xbox live
Matthew Ton he (7 months ago)
Good Job
Western Properties (7 months ago)
Jarek MIK (7 months ago)
Can you show me how to make an medicine for dogs
Lol (56) so old
Jack Playzzz (7 months ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Benton is stuburn And Barnaby’s not
Bao Nguyen (8 months ago)
Benton-Stampy is coming he's gonna pick me *stampy came in and picks benton* Benton-yay he picked me
Hollie Winchurch-Burns (8 months ago)
WOAH gravel looks so different also 2018?
GummyBearicorn Gum Gum (8 months ago)
This was uploaded on my 5th birthday (I'm 11)
Reading_Sydney (8 months ago)
It's not power wails its power rails people lern people lern
TenzookiGaming (7 months ago)
Reading_Sydney I do not know if you did this on purpose but you spelt learn wrong
It's Brooke (8 months ago)
I love this video!❤️ and the all the rest of your Minecraft videos! I can believe I have been watching you for 4 years already!😱
Big Z M (8 months ago)
Stamp be your love garden is so cool. It actually puts out burning skeletons and when someone comments a bad comment!
plushy comunity (8 months ago)
Watching your vids gave me a idea to make my own channel
plushy comunity (8 months ago)
I look up to you
Kelly Brown (8 months ago)
It's. Fun. On PS3
Man YouNited (8 months ago)
are you big shaq
TheTrainMaster 092 (8 months ago)
Can u get minecraft PE
Jennifer Rogers (8 months ago)
here kitty kitty. ps stampy cat
Daniel Daniel (9 months ago)
The dog is cool and weird
Georgena Fothergill (9 months ago)
DanTDM Buider (9 months ago)
that was funny when the 2 dogs nod there heads
Manas Gupta (9 months ago)
You noob place gravle so hi so that is why you fell
Monita G (9 months ago)
You are not a noob
Christina Hendershot (9 months ago)
That was so funny and weard
Christina Hendershot (9 months ago)
I no right
Steven Newman (9 months ago)
you are boss
Flick Lewis-Driver (9 months ago)
I saw a other player putting the new sign in your love garden
Lily flower (9 months ago)
I mean stampy me auto check is always playing up☹️😅
Leandra Ruiz (9 months ago)
hit the target is on stampys friend list
Ron Roberts (9 months ago)
woo I Liv you stamps
Nina Westbury (9 months ago)
you are not a rabish builder.
That was an awesome mutant dog.
Zoe Burton (9 months ago)
Make a dan tdm
Joesph Langford (10 months ago)
Spot the difference 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
ML LM (10 months ago)
Nok nok who is there cows go goo. Cows goo who no cows goo moo no cows go goo
Dylan the human (10 months ago)
How do I join the lovely world?😕
Valerie zuniga (10 months ago)
Do you play on 360
OliviaSparkle 789 (10 months ago)
Me gotta joke for you.-why did the elephant cross the road answer:cause the chicken laid an egg
Stefan Larsen (10 months ago)
Hay stampy I drew a picture of you
dogs rule (10 months ago)
ps can you get X be one because I am getting one and I was love to play with you
Corporeal Theatre (10 months ago)
WaggaKids U (11 months ago)
I love how you say banjo LOL it's my fav game
At least if you don’t change your minecraft Xbox setings crafting will be easy

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