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Top 7 FILLER Expressions: Advanced English Vocabulary Lesson

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Text Comments (175)
Mysty Redz (1 day ago)
But over use of fillers can mess with one's fluency. Especially with some English students. They tend to use the uhhs, umms and maybe ahhs, too many times out of habit. And I would like to know if there are any tips to help them break this habit?
Nido de Ratas (2 days ago)
in argentina that is called "muletilla"
Patrick Gomes (6 days ago)
Well, you know, I was sorta like thinking about going to Spain in my next vacation. :D
Lenka Zemekova (8 days ago)
Very understandable video Vanessa, I like it very much, "you know" :-), you are very friendly, I admire your smile you have all the time, "so" :-) good job :-)
yasna gonzalez sanchez (10 days ago)
Well, uh I was thinking about going to the South
Peter Đức Tuấn (12 days ago)
So cute ^^
William Lima (13 days ago)
Thanks a lot for that explanation Vanessa. I really appreciated it. Another good video lesson as always.
Asser Wert (14 days ago)
How your lessons are work? Please, explain me steps of your online teaching😅
alnilam6969 (19 days ago)
What about "I mean"? I hear it a lot in conversation! Is this also a filler expression?
Ravi Jumani (19 days ago)
Awesome.....Thanks a lot Vanessa👍
kim kws (20 days ago)
I am sorry vanessa they are not fillers overall the last ones a filler has to be to the end of the sentence and SO and WELL are in the begining
thank you Vanessa your vídeos have been useful for my English
Massimo m (22 days ago)
in Italy the teenagers use overkilled the word "cioè". :-)
Bruce Wayne (22 days ago)
Can't help smiling while watching your video. Great lesson, thank you.
Ionut Tataru (22 days ago)
You are too happy!(good marketing)
Joaquin BooZam (22 days ago)
My GOODNESS I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, they help me A LOT u know ;)
Tommy Hilfiger (23 days ago)
Thanks for your videos, they help me improve my listening. I´m Brazilian and student of english language, feel that I am evoluting because I am getting understand the meaning of the phrases. Case read my comment, sorry me for my errors, because I sayed, I am praticing.
Olesya Sen (24 days ago)
Dear Vanessa! You was born to teach us English ;-) Thanks a lot and keep on going!
саша саша (24 days ago)
GABRIEL INACIO (24 days ago)
WELL, I love listen to Reggae Music, YOU KNOW I'm a Bob Marley fan AND I'd like traveling to UH Jamaica. NOW, I have another dream that's LIKE, visit the USA.
GABRIEL INACIO (24 days ago)
Many Brazilians students say: ééé It's kind strange LOL
manjur hasan (24 days ago)
hi, I'm rutban from Bangladesh. I'm an English language learner... I want to improve my English. I need a friend from native English speaker to practice wiht them.. I know English pretty good but cant speak like them.. so if anyone interested to talk with me can cotact on messenger. my messenger id is rutban janiya....
Thiago Teixeira (25 days ago)
Well, I was, kinda, thinking about staying at home next week (As always :( ).
Ranjeet Singh (25 days ago)
Thank you so much ! You are awesome !
JerGui (25 days ago)
Vanessa your way to speak english has helped to me to understand this language... thanks
Jorge Rosas (26 days ago)
thank so much for sharing your knowledge. God bless you for all you do for us. :)
Aung Naing Shwe (26 days ago)
You know, this lesson is really helpful to me. Thanks a lot, Vanessa!
super girls (27 days ago)
Wow thanks 💜
Ram Milan bhaitari 1 (27 days ago)
if i meet a new friend, where to start tolking. we don't know each other, and never met before. We are from different countries.
OcHoa HPC (27 days ago)
One of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen!
Ahmed GUEBBOIUH (27 days ago)
That was very helpful, Vanessa. Thank you. Um , what about these two expressions : uh-uh and uh-oh? What's the difference between them?.
Ferhat Ergül (28 days ago)
Well, I want to go Valencia next summer. You know it's good place
I m from Pakistan I wait your videos plz daily upload new bideo
Miguel Carrero (28 days ago)
I was thinking about going to the gym 🤗
Andri T (28 days ago)
can you help me learn speaking english ??
Rodrigo Augusto (28 days ago)
is this called anchor words?, my fav is '' u know''
Ciano.bosj (28 days ago)
Hello Vanessa. My name is Luciano and I have just found your channel, and after have watched the first video I had to get subscribed to your channel right after have checked its content!!!! I just wanted to thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for you channel! It is way too much helpfull, interesting and cool, you are also very cool. The content of your channel is way too good, I just can't thank you enough!!! Please, just keep doing the good work. God bless you.
Thanks so much for learning with me, Luciano! I'm so glad that the lessons are useful to you. Keep up the good work!! :D
Cláudio Silva (28 days ago)
As Always good job my dear teacher. Thanks a ton.
Kübra Büyüksökmen (28 days ago)
Hi Vanessa. Im big fan of u!😊❤️ i follow each video, please can you express use of would?
TEACHER Jenni (28 days ago)
Hiii Vanessa! Could you please make a video about: KIND OF/ MORE OR LESS ans SO SO!😊😊😊PLEASE!!!!😊😊😊😙
Vincenzo Platini (29 days ago)
Well, in summer I was thinking to go to L.A. to visit some relatives of mine. Thanks to your lessons I think they well be really surprised about my American English. Thanks!
Hurrah! I hope your trip goes well! 😀
Estêvão Araújo (29 days ago)
Pedro C M (29 days ago)
I wanna sorta thank you for your job. Your teaching is kinda miningful for me. Could you explain the tag "what's or ever" or something?
ariane gamarano (29 days ago)
I was uh.... thinking about going to Amsterdam next holidays ;)
Илья Иванов (29 days ago)
Hi, i'm thinking about going to like Hongkong, you know.
Sartika Harahap (29 days ago)
Hi my lovely teacher thanks for sharing these great lesson ideas. Well, I was thinking about going to Bali, and uh I havent set a date yet.
Paola Alvarenga (29 days ago)
You're amazing.
Rocco siffredi (29 days ago)
You missed a great opportunity to say "in my next video... or something..." at the end !
Hugo Nuñez (30 days ago)
I love your classes and you're lovely. Thank you very much
Thanx a million. .you've been doing great job..I'm quite impressed with your way of speaking. .it's vivid and mind blowing. .I'm following you from the middle east
Atila Kara (30 days ago)
How can we use ‘“ as well” ? İs it filler
hazem mohamed (30 days ago)
fortunately, most of the students get improved because of your continuous efforts, you know how to work on the weakness points which so much more of them suffering because of it, this is kind of enormous success, but don't to tell them one of the most important things to enhance the language it's listening. as they say, actions speak more than words, and we already saw that. kind regards. your follower Zeme.
Santhosh K (30 days ago)
Hello Vanessa.... Could please help us in building vocabulary about different topics like daily routine involved vocabulary and vocabulary at work.... Vocabulary while chit chat.... Etc please
Omer Fo (30 days ago)
What about " I mean " ?!
Omer Fo (30 days ago)
Perfect I looove your lessons 💜💜💛💚💗💗💓💓💓💚💛
Daniel Sckarin (30 days ago)
Oh, you know, I'm going to visit the Maldives, kind of beautiful place with a sort of nice beaches like a, you know, with gorgeous palm trees. :)
Have fun! 😀
Bisma Noor (30 days ago)
You are soooooooooo lovely girl thanks for video
Vincent Hsu (30 days ago)
it's very useful in conversation
Koraktsang Yim (30 days ago)
Your expression is awesome 👌👌😍
Hyppolite SESSOU (30 days ago)
I um would like to spend the next vacation in Chicago
O canal de Um ratinho (30 days ago)
I love ur videos I'm learning a lot with u
abdullahi aadam (30 days ago)
Hi Vanessa your English is very atruct thanks a lot
Antar Dahoua (30 days ago)
Vanessa🌺 actually you have a wonderful voice your videos very clear. I've a suggestion if you can make a videos imitation technique. you can make a small talk about anything can happen in real life.i love your videos and I follow you a lot, thank you so much our teacher.
Rv Rohit (30 days ago)
So useful..thanks..
Azad Hassan (30 days ago)
In Kobani city the North city of Syria we don't have a vacations we just have war and people killing around the strate.or something like that
I hope that you can stay safe!!
Hải Yến Nguyễn (30 days ago)
Thank you, Vanessa ❤️
Hamid Ghanjaoui (30 days ago)
I was, sorta , thinking if i shoud go for vacation or not.
M7MD (30 days ago)
I've no one to practice English with so i keep doing conversations in English between myself and i ! 🙃💔😁
M7MD (30 days ago)
English caption plzz 💔
Dorcine Malbranche (30 days ago)
I was like thinking about going to boynton beach
mahmoud sayed (30 days ago)
Hi Vanessa you are very cute and lovly Ifond of you and your style
Gil Anderson Gmachl (30 days ago)
I was like wondering where to go on vacation but when I saw this video, I decided to go to New York you know !
Renat S (30 days ago)
arent you tired of each time saying Hi Im Vanessa from Vanessadotcom? it sounds a bit awkward for me :)
carlos eduardo (30 days ago)
I'm thinking about going to the United States next year. My English is getting better because of your channel. Thank you teacher Vanessa for everything. You're a great teacher and person.
Maycon Luan skate (30 days ago)
I love your voice!
Eman 0000 (30 days ago)
I was thinking about uh going to America soon ,but you now I was broke , will I was kinda changing my mind to stay at home . But I was thinking to take a vacation and watch some movies or something ❤️❤️❤️
Adriano Oliveira (30 days ago)
Oi vanessa.. Faltou voce disponibilizar legendas pra nós... :( 😐
Dany (30 days ago)
Hello Vanessa! :) I was KINDA thinking about going to Canaries Islands next month :)
Fabio Crepaldi (1 month ago)
hi vanessa i love you
Alejandro Ortiz (1 month ago)
Hi vanessa how are you
Alejandro Ortiz (1 month ago)
Where are you from vanessa
Alejandro Ortiz (1 month ago)
I really like your videos
AitBay Zakaria (1 month ago)
thank you so much..i'm from morocco..... both so beautiful you and your channel .... be always smile...thanks....i love you
Victor UnGuise (1 month ago)
well, uh, you know, I am kind of thinking about going to Georgia or something.
Joe Dhoffer (1 month ago)
Jamaican uses to say "yah man". Is it "filler" ?
Rony Vieira (1 month ago)
OMG! You speak too slow. I always have to watch your videos at 1.5x or even 2x.
Raman Kumar Singh (1 month ago)
your smily face Never bores me your lessons and help me learn faster.
Merna Fawzy (1 month ago)
I'm sort of thinking of going to sharm el sheikh 🏊🏊🏊
Merna Fawzy (1 month ago)
Wish you were my professor in college you are fabulous ⚘💕⚘💕⚘💕⚘💕
Favi Cortéz (1 month ago)
You’re awesome! Would be great if you could start a project in which all your videos could offer subtitles/captions. I know of many people that could benefit tons but have trouble understanding English.
levan crack (1 month ago)
Hallo Vanessa
Fernando Leal (1 month ago)
Vannesa wonderful work as always . Almost a year following your channel and It was a hell of a desicion.
Fernando Leal (28 days ago)
Ferhat Ergül Hell of a something = Something was pretty good
Ferhat Ergül (28 days ago)
Fernando Leal what did you mean by saying hell of decision?
Evandro nacle (1 month ago)
Well, I was thinking to travel to NY next year.
Anderson Fernandes (1 month ago)
Hi Vanessa, I was, Kinda, thinking about going to Europe.😁
Anthony (1 month ago)
Very useful
Vĩnh Nhơn (1 month ago)
You are really kind of humor 😁🤣
Well, today I had a kinda personal lesson. It wasn't regular lesson which everyone had in school, you know. She is like skilled collocuter who can correct all my mistakes. And yeah it was pretty good, you know. We talked about sorta politision situation in Russia, resent election. We discussed my plans for future, my next job, possible immigration and stuff like that. And well thanks for episode, Vanessa.
Kiwihh (1 month ago)
Vanessayou are Her-Mo-Sa!!!
Emiaj Zerolf (1 month ago)
Two more: I mean and you know what I mean.
Coskun Toktamis (1 month ago)
You are sooooo jooollllyyyy!! thank you for your tips.

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