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5 Mysterious Videos That CANNOT Be Explained! #2

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Text Comments (1497)
rawx2012 (1 hour ago)
No1 was a hoax you should know
JOKER KNIGHT (14 hours ago)
ape or a gorilla or big foot
Craig Davies (22 hours ago)
tiktok000VS000ushi (1 day ago)
How to block this channel from showing up? I don't need 30s of clip artificially bend to hit the 10 min mark so the channel can get extra income. Instead I don't want to have to watch any more of this channel's content offering. So, please let me know, how to block this channel? Thank you!
Oscar Holguin (1 day ago)
How about you shit the fuck up for a while and show the fucken clips..... Ass-wipe
Matthew Crawford (1 day ago)
Number 3 WTF is the matter with you guys??? Play the dam video FFS, try not interrupting it constantly
merncat75 (1 day ago)
What I don't understand is why people use Ouija boards if they're going to get freaked out when something actually happens.. What's the point if you're just going to run away?!
Queen_ Hine-Raumati (1 day ago)
mirrors demons ghost etc are called Gouindi go sub to Imjaystation he taught me a lot of demonic things
teacup3000 (2 days ago)
The editing is horrible. You show too many images in a short period of time plus the images most of the time are very random. If a picture is visible for less than 5 seconds, delete it, it's not important.
marivic villarante (2 days ago)
And the number 4 ...... They forgot to say goodbye
marivic villarante (2 days ago)
The number 5 was an elevator ritual.
simpil as (2 days ago)
Fuck utube is full of shit..what crap
simpil as (2 days ago)
Next time dont use battery operated bear..
Jane Ferraz (2 days ago)
The black image amidst the trees moves like a bear.
freda mary tomlinson (2 days ago)
The moving bear reminded me of Sooty (a glove puppet).
Juliett 1313 (2 days ago)
Uuuuum...I didnt see anything out of the ordinary with the kid and the bathroom. Did I miss something?? #2 could very well be a black bear. It moves a lot like a bear and Ive seen black bears before. However I can see why the kids would have been very startled. The little girl in the mirror is probably still capture. U can see the reflection completely freeze and it freezes with a slight blur. The blur kind of gives it away as the image would need to be stopped and captured before it turns like the girl is. So they have but a split second to capture the image and freeze it in order to give the video the creepy effect.
Juliett 1313 (2 days ago)
Stuffed bear looks like a puppet to me. I think someone is hiding in the dresser with their hand in the bear. But I dont think the guys playing with the board are in on it as they really do look horrified. I think someone was playing a damn good prank on them.
Juliett 1313 (2 days ago)
Im guessing with Elisa Lam, she is acting like that because she thinks the elevator is malfunctiong so shes trying to trip the sensor. HOWEVER, I think she is being stalked or chased by an employee. Maybe she spurned his advances or pissed him off. An employee could have controlled the elevator doors from a control room ( or been working with someone else). An employee also would have had access to the roof and been able to get her up there without tripping alarms and he would be able to get through the locked doors. Also the Cecil is in a bad area and has a bad reputation, so its not a stretch to think they may not be as picky with background checks and the like so they may well hire a few more unsavory people, unknowingly, who may be rapists or capable of murder just to get enough workers.
Mommy Peapie (2 days ago)
I mean, that was a boy coming out of the bathroom? And I didn’t really see anything weird. Lol. The figure in the woods looks like a dog running with some sort of edit to make it look different. Whatever. 😂😂
Tarsan97 (2 days ago)
https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/death-of-elisa-lam/ In the case with the small boy the security cam cuts of when he got lifted up, why ? There is also a security cam filming the stairs.....This is all to much staged. Japanese girl in mirror : https://special-effects.wonderhowto.com/how-to/debunk-mirror-ghost-girl-videos-211419/
Aleister Midnight (2 days ago)
boards don't actually work....lol. what happens is you've put yourself in such a stressful type state that your brain strts.m thinking shit is happening when it's not. as for the wet backs and the stuffed animal. well, it's simoky. Mexicans have a strange desire to mk fake videos. they're all faked. boards are nothing more then that. boards wit writting.
John Shane Gladden (2 days ago)
*R.E.P. E.N.T* , #SAVED , *R.E.P. E.N.T..*
Eric Chase (2 days ago)
ok this was edited
Eric Chase (2 days ago)
oh that was a bear in the woods so "unexplainable"
Eric Chase (2 days ago)
so fake
Forze (3 days ago)
Why start the clip then stop when "whatever" is supposed to happen!!!??? ...yet another streamer who shows random pictures that have nothing to do with the clip!!!
Rodolfo Valencia (3 days ago)
At 7:45 It's a black bear, even Joe Rogan made fun of people mistaking a black bear for a werewolf, it even runs like a black bear, and it's the same color too.
Odelia Van Heerden (3 days ago)
Do not 0ost this thing pls
Odelia Van Heerden (3 days ago)
Sorry post
Thomas Bowe (3 days ago)
Your video is trash. Please stop
Nicolas Darago (3 days ago)
The filming didnt scare me but the images before it stared me down and i wasnt sure if i wanted to continue
botchedonce (3 days ago)
All fake. Except the Lam story. That one is scary.
Jerry Neal (3 days ago)
All except for the 1st one were FAKE AF! Come on Top 5, get better, or rename yourself Top 5s Fake Fest!
gillslaw (3 days ago)
1 was debunked years ago. She had a history of mental illnesses and of acting strangely and running off and hiding when off her meds. They found her footprints going up to the water container. She had gone in there to hide and drowned. I didn't bother to watch anymore of the videos if the lead one was so old and not paranormal at all.
Logan Johnson (3 days ago)
The the very first one reminds me of a movie I watched. A girl goes to this apartment with her daughter and there was a girl in the silo on the roof. And the girl wanted the woman to be her mom, so she tried to drown the womans daughter
Shane C (3 days ago)
You can get a stuffed animal that moves at any toy store.
Prasanjeet Debnath (4 days ago)
Fuck you benchod. The video is messed up. Which one is real and which one is from movies are not able to recognize.
Thwompthing (4 days ago)
cocaine is a helluva drug
Nathan Gamer (4 days ago)
Maybe the video in the forest is just a gorilla because of the way it run
Jesus Christ (4 days ago)
The mystery of the creature in thumbnail has been solved,it's a manbearpig.
Tile Tish (4 days ago)
That ouija design they were making is used in the occult damn it! it was an activation!
Ugly Maid (4 days ago)
Fake, fake, oh... fake... Laim committed suicide. The stuffed animal moving...funny how the camera was set to include the toy and not to the board. (Good grief to the gullible) all of it is not true. Find reality, this is not it.
Jessica Vandorsselaer (4 days ago)
I am protected by god I have seen him in my dreams and marry also they said we will always be here to protect you and I know it is true because I almost died 5 years ago they where going to pull the plug but god said no he still had plans for me
Jack Frost (4 days ago)
This is retarded
Scott Conrad (4 days ago)
Dood, that clip was from Paranormal Activity
ankhisis lunablu (5 days ago)
And you hardly show any of the video, puting confusing clips and talking rubbish
ankhisis lunablu (5 days ago)
Do more research most have been verified as fake videos
Sally May (5 days ago)
There never is a clear view when it comes 2 things like that
Dont Quit (5 days ago)
For #4 i have a simple explanation about that stuffed toy moving it's own... did anyone notice that the only part was moving its his head? ... simple there's a man inside the cabinet they make a hole on a top then a stuffed toy puppet.. it's actually a hand that moves the toy freely specially the head part.
Cat Man (5 days ago)
What a load of nonsense. Filled up with irrelevant clips that interupt the main story, we never really get to see the mystery. Waste of my time.
Peteru Mamoe (5 days ago)
nice camera effects...just like they do to the movies...all very good
Liza Arguelles (5 days ago)
The story of elisa lam, i've read it in an article, i think last 2016 (not sure). And it's phenomenal. Rip.
John Doe (5 days ago)
The #1 is the elevator game. See she keeps playing it. Abd everything keeps pressing the buttons and stuff.
Slim Pickins (5 days ago)
This video is cut up so much and the guy doesn't stop talking for a millisecond! What the hell are we supposed to be seeing? Terrible job. And quit telling me to hit the like and subscribe buttons!
Dark Miss (5 days ago)
4:43 Skyrim, is that you?
Toxic Siege (5 days ago)
The 2nd one looks like a dinosaur
Andrew Pino (5 days ago)
You videos sucks
orahova kotorvaros (5 days ago)
Man you talk talk too much and miss the point and not to mention outing all this different video inserts from movies.
Deez Martin (6 days ago)
Number 2 is a windigo
Evelyn Williams (6 days ago)
Revin2O Plays (6 days ago)
Science said something that you cannot see or hear doesn't exist. Yes you see it but you can't touch it.
Revin2O Plays (6 days ago)
Uh-huh... I stayed up late until 4 am nothing really happened but... I got scolded for not sleeping :/ they said "Don't play Roblox at 3 am" oh I played from 1 am to 4 am :/ though I felt like there was someone protecting me And watching over me, it wasn't bad vibes :/
GAR A (6 days ago)
dont be scared of monster and shit............ be scared of a Human...
Jonathan Rossi (6 days ago)
You talk tooo much and show stupid unrelated crap that does not have anything to do with what you are talking about.
Jeffrey Allan (6 days ago)
The stuffed animal is on the dresser. I was always on the dresser not in a closet
As chilling as these clips were, I do not think most of them were real in anyway, except maybe the Lisa Lam story. Creepy though! Thanks!
Nandu Kavalam (6 days ago)
unnecessary graphics , clips from other movies etc ruined the video
Shelly Brown (6 days ago)
She hid in that water tower. Something we couldn't see was chasing her. She thought if she hid in the water tower she would be safe but whatever it was scared her to death
yessy iriene (6 days ago)
Your editing style is confusing mate..
CaM D SaVaGe (6 days ago)
You talke to much
Erin Hanlon (6 days ago)
I think she was drugged and killed how cld she get to that roof and water tank lid open
tom studer (6 days ago)
This is all bullshit, black bears and trick photography. Stupid
The Farce Awoken (6 days ago)
Kyle B (6 days ago)
At least show us the videos!!!! Cut down the talking and show more content. Horrible editing
Goιden (7 days ago)
It will be cool if #2 was a skinwalker!!
Jay Dee (7 days ago)
Bullshit narration and unnecessary photos.! Waste of time
Len Welch (7 days ago)
The stuffed animal is just in the original shot because it was a set up . The stuffed toy had a battery which made it move .
Devarshi Chendvankar (7 days ago)
That reflection was madeup
Devarshi Chendvankar (7 days ago)
Bro that was monky
kiwicooldaddy (7 days ago)
Your commentary is weird, and so is your voice. beating around the bush and going on and on
Here Now (7 days ago)
#4 Someone is in the cupboard with their hand up the toys arse. This video is shite. I'm not surprised it has 2.4k dislikes.
Christina McGuire (7 days ago)
If I see one more damn video with Eliasa Lam! Over her. Wow this whole video sucks. Not watching this channel again. Which sucks because he actual has a good voice.
Ruby James (7 days ago)
Top 5's dumbest
Brandon Kelly (7 days ago)
Too much talking, not enough action. Too many edits. Keep trying.
Jose Juan (7 days ago)
This is too funny. Between all the editing and poor video quality it is hilarious. If anyone believes in ghosts and other tripe, they should love this very poor made video.
Dream (8 days ago)
Ok I can’t understand what you’re always trying to show us!! There’s too much unneeded editing!!! It’s so frustrating!! 😤
Dream (8 days ago)
#4 why would they angle the camera at the stuffed toy instead of at what they were doing?🤔
Paul Lindley (8 days ago)
Omg its a man in blue shorts circled
linyyys (8 days ago)
ujidji boards... all videos with the boards are fake. if you record your self playing it, why you filming just your head and whats above? why we cant see the board? probably teh toy gets to less space in the screen...
steven Ryan (8 days ago)
Ah. Phooey!
Scott Watson (8 days ago)
All of them are real
Vador Aid (8 days ago)
Andrew Lach (8 days ago)
5 is the elevator game you press a bunch of buttons in a certain order and when you get done u gt transported to a other dimension and if u dont do the same order of buttons and same elevator something bad happens to u
tyler maloney (8 days ago)
Elisa Lam was playing the Elevator Game and lost.
Lemons (8 days ago)
Wtf, why is that the thumbnail? That a picture of a girl on vacation taken before a tsunami killed her
Ben Gaarder (8 days ago)
Don't buy any of this.
Betty Alford (8 days ago)
My lights are never on
Zodinzayama (8 days ago)
Awfully edited. I can't figure out which videos your talking about because there are so many clips of irellevant shit stick in between. Just play the full clips and stop trying to edit things and be clever, because it make you look more like a retard.
OddBoyy (8 days ago)
the first time I saw the movie mirrors I couldn't look in the mirror for a week..
Tea 1978 (8 days ago)
#2- Definitely a bear ; we live in the forests and have seen bears a lot!
jacob barnet (8 days ago)
He wastes time trying to stretch the video over 10 mins..so he can try and make more money.boycot this MF

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