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Learn English: 3 easy ways to get better at speaking English

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There are easy ways to learn English, and here are 3 methods NOT taught in language schools or textbooks. These methods are fun, fast, and easy to learn! You will learn how to make studying English easier, and learn how to spend less time studying. Take this lesson and learn the secrets to getting better in English right now. "The Prosperity Plan." It's empty. Why? Well, hi. James, from EngVid. I have a book, and it says "Prosperity Plan". I know you're here to learn English. This is a book full of secrets on how to make millions of dollars. Empty. That's because when people tell you there's a secret, there's not really a secret; there's a method behind something, and you may not know it, so to you it's a secret, but you know, just like that book, there are no secrets. The only one is hard work. Let's look at the three methods I have for you today in order to learn English, okay? Call them the "Secrets you need to know" because most people don't know them because the funny thing is, although they're not secret -- I said it again -- they're not methods that are usually taught in ESL books. The Kaizen Method, the Process Method, and the Writing Method are actually books I read on something completely different. But what I found was they were very, very handy for learning English. Personally, I'm trying to learn Spanish, and when I apply these different methods, I found my learning going faster and faster, and I actually enjoyed it. So I called them "secret" for you because I'm quite sure that your teachers haven't sat down and gone, "Today, we're going to learn the Kaizen Method of English. Then, we'll do the Process Method, and then we'll do the Writing Method." No. Because they're actually three different books, all right? So I'm just going to give you a part of each book, and if I come across to the end, I'll give you another lesson on it, all right? But these are three things I liked out of these books. All right. Let's start from the first one, the Process Method. I know -- and it's in red, and I start here why? Most of the times people are learning a language, they want to -- and this is what the Process Method is about. People start with "product", "product". What is a "product"? A "product" is something you can touch or hold. This marker is a product. But this isn't how the marker started. I'm sorry. Okay, the marker started a little differently. I mean, that's an alcohol base that I'm sniffing. When I go [inhales], there's liquid in here. This is plastic -- came from oil. So why I'm telling you all these things -- you're going, "Why are you telling me?" Well, things start in a certain way, but they end up like this. In fact, you can think of the Process Method versus product as being a tree and being a seed. And a seed, you know, little thing, you put it in the ground, and it grows into a tree. Well, when you have a seed, the seed has no idea that it's going to be a tree and a big tree -- how long it will take. But humans are funny. They want to start a language, and they think right away, "I'm going to learn English." And then, they sit down; they open the book; they open the book; "I'm going to learn English. I'm learning English. I'm learning English." And then they get upset one hour later. "I don't know any English. I don't speak English." Well, it's like being a human. You start as a baby, you grow to an adult. When we talk about the Process Method, what you want to do is don't think about you want to speak English. Yes, I know. That's why you're watching this video and why you're studying. Think more about what you're doing while you're studying English. And this is called the "process". Go into the step. Concentrate on what you're doing. You'll find a couple of things happen: Sometimes you'll say English is hard or it's boring. If you do this method, you'll actually stop finding it hard or boring, and you'll enjoy it because you'll be working on something specific, mastering that, and then you're going to start noticing that the final product -- English -- is coming to you. And it will come faster than you think. Why? Well, if you're thinking, "I don't understand this English", you're focusing, really, on you don't understand English or you don't know English. You're not focusing on what you're doing. If you take a breath [inhales] and go [exhales], "Okay. I'm just watching this video of this crazy guy who speaks very quickly in English, and just now, he told me to take a breath. Oh, okay. I understand." And you're ahead. That's the Process Method. Take time to actually go back -- when you're thinking about it's hard; it's difficult or boring -- and say to yourself, "What am I doing now?" And then look at that. Each time you do that, you get further in the process and you will end up with a product before you know it. Okay? Sounds simple, but try it. You can even do this on a date. That's another story.
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Burak Keküllüoğlu (10 hours ago)
Hi Mr.E , Have you ever tried a ' Rakı ' ? a kind of alcohol in Turkey.
sathiya sara (14 hours ago)
I like this methods
vinod sharma (17 hours ago)
Nice Keep it up
Afhb Vbjv (2 days ago)
Your the cream of the crop on engvid.
Marta Z (2 days ago)
Andinet Abebe (3 days ago)
Thanks. 👏🏽
Zidan Silverlane (3 days ago)
Hello James. I find you to be a fantastic teacher. I would to you great create a series for more advanced speakers seeking to improve their skills on how to speak Professional English.
Man Ender (4 days ago)
1000 likes for this video
Man Ender (4 days ago)
Wow! It’s so interesting!
B_o_y.Games sa (5 days ago)
Awesome 😍
Xirsi Mirre (5 days ago)
is he in sound and super senses?? prosecutor asked my translator, and my translator did not understood and I translated this to him. that is the day I have realized that my English is better.. lol
Саша Серый (6 days ago)
The drawn guy from Kaizen Method looks like he is peeing
cristo martinez (8 days ago)
Thanks for this classes !!!!😁
miss LPS (9 days ago)
Omg thanks!!! You're very good teacher, who explaines everything perfectly. You're helping me improve my English :)))
Raave Rathee (11 days ago)
You're an amazing teacher. The teaching method is really interesting and you always come up with something different, something more fun and more efficient way of learning. Thank you for making such great videos.
Chevron (11 days ago)
I'm currently learning another language right after english. And the best thing is that - as you said - you can adopt those methods for it. But the coolest thing about it, that you explained these methods so nice and calm, that you really feel good about learning. That's really what it should be so thank you very much James! I really wished my teachers back in school would be more like a real teacher who motivates his/her students instead of pressing knowledge into adolescents or kids. Nice Video, helped a lot. I appreciate it and wish everyone here learning english top motivation to go on! :)
Elie Abou Rached (11 days ago)
The amount of views on this channel keeps amazing me
X. Breogán Costa L (12 days ago)
very good advice for much more stuff than languages. I will read those books, thanks for the advice.
Aasma Mehak (13 days ago)
I really like your way of teaching
Jassu Chahal (14 days ago)
Coolest teacher 👨‍🏫 ever
Nabilah __ (14 days ago)
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James.. Thank u :).
Angel Rivera (16 days ago)
Hi, first of all thanks for your channel You talk so fast brother, I like the way you do it but i can´t keep the rythm of your speaking, sorry I´m not an expert but I will be soon ;)
pawan singh (16 days ago)
Thanks for showing the great way to learn.
Sorry I'm not Perfect (18 days ago)
English is not a science. It is a skill. Don't study it. Use it.
علاج طبيعى (18 days ago)
lil peach (19 days ago)
i'm pretty fluent in english, when i write something, when i talk or when i read, but my pronounciation is sooo bad
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Guys I'm really desperate for looking for someone to practice my English Accent with via Facebook group or Facebook voice calls or texts! If you are interested in helping me with that plz let me know in a comment below. P.S. It will be ethically and with privacy. Thanks:)
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cebollo cepollo (25 days ago)
I could understand the whole video, do you think i know much english?
Renas Shahab (25 days ago)
I really understand everything you say but I can't speak quickly like you 😄 this is my only problem
Abdullah A. MOHAMED (25 days ago)
Thanks a lot
Michelle Thorson (25 days ago)
Didn't you break your own rule by saying very, very handy? How about just saying, useful? I love your videos by the way.
House of Ram (26 days ago)
But now I want to know how to do the Process Method for dates. ;)
your explanation is so easy to understand I catch it very quickly, thank you *_* !
Rachel Brenner (27 days ago)
What an interesting approach to​ learning languages. Thank you, James!
Vishal Kumar (28 days ago)
If i dnt knw english thn i cant understd this video ok sir
Alan Martins (28 days ago)
I have dreamed with Mr. E, Hahah
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You are the best teacher keep this standard
A.R.E.S Vision (1 month ago)
A.R.E.S Vision (1 month ago)
James, You teach english Really interesting way. Teacher James I want you to create videos teaching IELTS, Academic Writing and Speaking, PLEASE. Im LOOKING FORWARD YOUR RESPONSE PLEASE, TEACHER JAMESplzzzz
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Thanks teacher for that superb video , just one thing What if I didn’t have dreams😂 , what I must write to do step three of your secrets . Thanks again
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I’ve only known your channel for two days now but so far the best English Channel I could ever found! Thank you so much from Spain, I hope your enjoying my language:)
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U r really good and best teacher i have ever seen. I like the way you delivery your thoughts. And u r lessons are superb to listen
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asdasd ADASASDAS (2 months ago)
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Nothing interesting
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i want to learn this language anyone can help me?
Gracias, saludes desde Colombia!
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you're so good teaching, at first it was difficult to me to listen to you, but now a can follow your video with no problem. Thanks a lot!
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اريام محمد (3 months ago)
Potet Potet (3 months ago)
OMG i like him, i wish i could have a teacher like him in my English classes...XD
Eman Salah (3 months ago)
I learn English because it is amazing to know others culture, to educate from wide-range resources, inspired from peoples' thoughts.

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