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Learn English: 3 easy ways to get better at speaking English

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There are easy ways to learn English, and here are 3 methods NOT taught in language schools or textbooks. These methods are fun, fast, and easy to learn! You will learn how to make studying English easier, and learn how to spend less time studying. Take this lesson and learn the secrets to getting better in English right now. "The Prosperity Plan." It's empty. Why? Well, hi. James, from EngVid. I have a book, and it says "Prosperity Plan". I know you're here to learn English. This is a book full of secrets on how to make millions of dollars. Empty. That's because when people tell you there's a secret, there's not really a secret; there's a method behind something, and you may not know it, so to you it's a secret, but you know, just like that book, there are no secrets. The only one is hard work. Let's look at the three methods I have for you today in order to learn English, okay? Call them the "Secrets you need to know" because most people don't know them because the funny thing is, although they're not secret -- I said it again -- they're not methods that are usually taught in ESL books. The Kaizen Method, the Process Method, and the Writing Method are actually books I read on something completely different. But what I found was they were very, very handy for learning English. Personally, I'm trying to learn Spanish, and when I apply these different methods, I found my learning going faster and faster, and I actually enjoyed it. So I called them "secret" for you because I'm quite sure that your teachers haven't sat down and gone, "Today, we're going to learn the Kaizen Method of English. Then, we'll do the Process Method, and then we'll do the Writing Method." No. Because they're actually three different books, all right? So I'm just going to give you a part of each book, and if I come across to the end, I'll give you another lesson on it, all right? But these are three things I liked out of these books. All right. Let's start from the first one, the Process Method. I know -- and it's in red, and I start here why? Most of the times people are learning a language, they want to -- and this is what the Process Method is about. People start with "product", "product". What is a "product"? A "product" is something you can touch or hold. This marker is a product. But this isn't how the marker started. I'm sorry. Okay, the marker started a little differently. I mean, that's an alcohol base that I'm sniffing. When I go [inhales], there's liquid in here. This is plastic -- came from oil. So why I'm telling you all these things -- you're going, "Why are you telling me?" Well, things start in a certain way, but they end up like this. In fact, you can think of the Process Method versus product as being a tree and being a seed. And a seed, you know, little thing, you put it in the ground, and it grows into a tree. Well, when you have a seed, the seed has no idea that it's going to be a tree and a big tree -- how long it will take. But humans are funny. They want to start a language, and they think right away, "I'm going to learn English." And then, they sit down; they open the book; they open the book; "I'm going to learn English. I'm learning English. I'm learning English." And then they get upset one hour later. "I don't know any English. I don't speak English." Well, it's like being a human. You start as a baby, you grow to an adult. When we talk about the Process Method, what you want to do is don't think about you want to speak English. Yes, I know. That's why you're watching this video and why you're studying. Think more about what you're doing while you're studying English. And this is called the "process". Go into the step. Concentrate on what you're doing. You'll find a couple of things happen: Sometimes you'll say English is hard or it's boring. If you do this method, you'll actually stop finding it hard or boring, and you'll enjoy it because you'll be working on something specific, mastering that, and then you're going to start noticing that the final product -- English -- is coming to you. And it will come faster than you think. Why? Well, if you're thinking, "I don't understand this English", you're focusing, really, on you don't understand English or you don't know English. You're not focusing on what you're doing. If you take a breath [inhales] and go [exhales], "Okay. I'm just watching this video of this crazy guy who speaks very quickly in English, and just now, he told me to take a breath. Oh, okay. I understand." And you're ahead. That's the Process Method. Take time to actually go back -- when you're thinking about it's hard; it's difficult or boring -- and say to yourself, "What am I doing now?" And then look at that. Each time you do that, you get further in the process and you will end up with a product before you know it. Okay? Sounds simple, but try it. You can even do this on a date. That's another story.
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Calabaza 18 (7 hours ago)
You can apply this method in everything!!! Thanks!!! 😘
اريام محمد (8 hours ago)
Potet Potet (1 day ago)
OMG i like him, i wish i could have a teacher like him in my English classes...XD
Eman Salah (7 days ago)
I learn English because it is amazing to know others culture, to educate from wide-range resources, inspired from peoples' thoughts.
enigma 21 (14 days ago)
I think if u wanna talk to english u have to inprove yourself every single time.and by the way u have to talking to someone who can.that will help u with your english)i swear
Sabrin Belouadah (16 days ago)
I really want to speak it 😭😭
yaser alp aslan (21 days ago)
i liked this guy
Gakiza Lewis (22 days ago)
hey Teacher plz speak slowly cuz am at 30% of listening ....
JiaMing Liu (22 days ago)
Ok, that's it, nothing to improve
amin duale (23 days ago)
Good learn language
Engineering (27 days ago)
I like the way that you use to help a non English to speak a lovely language English.
Nabanita Mukherjee (29 days ago)
Hello sir. I understand english language but i don't speak in englih properly.
Max Doter (30 days ago)
Hello from Poland and Ukraine ) You know, your lessons are AMAZING! They are helping to improve:Grammar,Listening and Thinking. Thank you so much )
Pixel's Universe X2 (1 month ago)
If teachers only told kids in public or low incomes schools about the "secrets".They will me more forced in school and better in the world.For example, I am in a Public school but big that I am watching thus video I am thinking more higher in a sense and I am wondering how I could change something.
Abdi Naasir (1 month ago)
Wino ca (1 month ago)
Si he really help you guys?
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lanh duong (1 month ago)
+84 1678 218 279
gigi pen (1 month ago)
From egypt big thank you ❤
Fatma Ghorbel (1 month ago)
you said that you are learning spanish , so are you taking e-courses ? and what are you doing exactly to learn it ?? ( Im so interested btw) something else, I speak english but when can I say I master english ?? I really need that answer because Im up to start writing my cv and dunno what to put in it ?
Setha Setha (1 month ago)
Uhhhhhhhhh wait wait I can't understand what you saying I am not good at english cause I am cambodia I came here for learn english can you just put subtitle please My teacher🙏🙏🙏🙏
amrita jairu (1 month ago)
i want to perfect in english coz my english is poor so if anyone would like to help me plz tell me which video or way is good for make english good
RIDER (1 month ago)
hi my name is muhammad anees we can practice our english skills if you are interested my skype ID is anis.cheema
Sakib Ullah (1 month ago)
Great teacher. You would be a teacher.
Vivek Patel (1 month ago)
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Computer Engineering (1 month ago)
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Spike jump (1 month ago)
I talk English good but like sometimes there some words that I say it weird
Антарес Кази (2 months ago)
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Mateusz Grzonka (2 months ago)
Great work! Excellent video!
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Sky Force One (2 months ago)
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Rafiq Ali (2 months ago)
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Rafiq Ali (2 months ago)
Thank you so much And God keep you My brother .
Nut Rukarcheep (2 months ago)
got damnnn best English teacher for me..
Nabila Rahmani (2 months ago)
Love your video =) hope that it will help me to improve my english !
sakariye faysal (2 months ago)
2522 0634048372
AgentBanana (2 months ago)
People that doesnt understand english watch this and still, doesnt know anything😂
HOWARD VILLANUEVA (3 months ago)
Good video! `
陈孟霞 (3 months ago)
I want study English, and I can teach your Chinese if you teach me English
عيون الصقر (3 months ago)
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lukas pro (3 months ago)
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Rania Rani (3 months ago)
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Hello from Russia 🇷🇺 I love your lessons ♥️♥️♥️ I love you 😘💕
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SWE LARDS (4 months ago)
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SWE LARDS (4 months ago)
SWE LARDS (4 months ago)
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Sadia hussen (4 months ago)
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Mason Chang (4 months ago)
Hi, I’m new to this channel. What is the creature drawn by James around 10:35? Does he/she have name? Thanks
Alexandra Pruijt (4 months ago)
So you guys are probably gonna be like: shut up but here I am. I am Dutch (not very relevant but it will make sense later) and so movies, series and almost everything surrounding me is or English or French. Not many things are actually in Dutch. That way I cannot escape it. What I noticed is that just watching your favourite show and series without subtitles or with even. You won't notice it and you aren't 'actively' learning English. Also putting sticky notes of English words on normal items like doorknobs and it will be normal for your brain to see it as a doorknob just as much as deurklink. For me that helped because you kinda have to play you games in English- even as a seven-year-old- it just isn't available in Dutch. Speaking helps a lot too. Maybe you do it wrong but it will help you. Just as writing! I write books now and I see myself improving. If you find something you love go do it in English. It will really help you. Also grammerly! If you use this when writing you can see every mistake and grammer mistakes when you're typing. Hope this might help you!
Mamoon Rashid (2 months ago)
Alexandra Pruijt ,hello Would you help in learning English plz?
Emy Bed (4 months ago)
You are a perfect teacher,❤️❤️
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You are cool!)😊
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Pola (5 months ago)
hi I'm going to find a people to talk with each other to practice English . I know there're a lot of people who need help on this way and I'm one of them . I don't wanna know your phone numbers because that's not free and I prefer make a conversation on Facebook , massager . So if you want to join give me your Facebook down bellow c:
Le nguyen thi my (28 days ago)
Hi pola! I want talk with you. Are you ok?
Nicolas Gonzalez Acosta (5 months ago)
Thank you very much.
岳诗鹏 (5 months ago)
中国学生表示已经学了十二年的英语 as a china student,i have learnt english for 12 years
Stanislav Kobes (5 months ago)
Hey everyone! I looking for some friends what are able to speak english like native...please if you want, help me improve my english :)
Freda Turk (5 months ago)
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He's a marker pervert 😂😂😂
Nona N (5 months ago)
I like your teaching English thank you sir I'm from Sri lannka
MEHROJ BERDIEV (5 months ago)
who can help me with my English? please add me on we chat, this is my we chat Id m900983821
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What a lovely teacher. <3 Motivating and supporting. That's how a teacher should be.
AGBO (5 months ago)
you can practice english by reading and writing a comments like i do now
Martin (5 months ago)
i'm going to learning English!!!!!I'm learning English!!!!I'm learning English!!!!But few moments later.I DON"T KNOW ENGLISH hahahahhaahhaah nice joke you so crazyyy))))))
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Дима Красько (6 months ago)
I m not from English speaking country, and i just just studying English by studying my ordinary courses from university in both in English and my native language. Physics and Math dont become other in different languages, and i just read book and understand words without previous translating in my language
Cintia Paoloni (6 months ago)
Thank you!!! Yes you have fans!!! I'm one!! Your Training is so simple to follow. Thank you again. Soy de Argentina cuando tengo tiempo veo tus vídeos y me divierto mucho sos un genio!!! Éxitos!!!
karan bairwa (6 months ago)
You are the fastest English speaker I have ever heard and your tricks to learn English are amazing sir but plz speak little slower so that I may get fully what you say and you are what a teacher should be like. Thanks keep teaching
RASENGUITO208 (6 months ago)
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Chetan Shende (6 months ago)
Thank you 😃

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