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Confusing Sex & Gender Words in English - girlfriend, guys, partner...

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http://www.engvid.com/ Do you know when you can call a group of girls "guys", or when your "girlfriend" is just a friend and not your lover? Do English speakers give you confused looks when you talk about your partner? Well, watch this English vocabulary lesson, and be confused no more. Understand what REAL English speakers mean when they say someone is their partner, brother, girlfriend, and more. Test your understanding of these words with the quiz at: http://www.engvid.com/confusing-gender-words-in-english/ TRANSCRIPT: No entiendo nada. Hey. James, from EngVid, speaking Spanish. Si? I'm looking at a French book, but you guys understand. It's good for a teacher to learn different languages because as they get better, they understand how to teach you, right? Right, guys? Come to think of it, there's a word I was thinking about. I've been asked by many a student, "When we say, 'guys', can we use it for everybody or is it just for men or" -- because they get confused because in North America, we use the word "guys". And when we do, we use it for groups of people that could be male and female. Now, in our language, you don't have, really, gender. There's no "el" as in -- excuse me for a second. You know, in Spanish, you've got the "el", or the "le" in French and the "la" -- we don't have any of that. No. Not at all. So most people assume there's no gender, but I have a secret. In English, we do have gender. Come on. We're going to go to the board. We're going to work it out, all right? So what do I mean by "gender words"? Well, there will be no cue like this. And this is what makes it confused, and that's why this is "confused words in English". Because they're confused gender words -- words that can be used by only one sex, and only one sex uses them in this way. And if you say it a different way, you will confuse us. Okay? So why don't we start off with, well, No. 1. See? Confused. Two is over here; one is over here. The lesson has begun. Mr. E secretly is watching me teach this lesson. This is the female symbol and the male symbol because these are gender words. "Gender" means "sex", and we mean "boy", "girl", "men", "women". Your "gender" is your "sex". When you fill out forms in English, it will say "male", "female" -- that's gender. Okay? Are you male, man, female, woman? So now we're there, why don't we go and take a look. "Guys", I started with "guys". You'll notice that "guys" has -- well, we got two guys and a girl. We can also have mini guys, Mini Mes. Okay? A group of men can be called "guys". A group with even one woman can still be called "guys". And a group with all women could be called "guys". But you cannot call a group of men "girls". If you go, "Hey girls! Hey girls!" They're all gay. I'm sorry if anyone says, you know, "Whoa!" But it's -- "girls" would be gay, you know. Or we use it as an insult to guys, "Look at the girls over there." Because we're saying, "They're not He-Men like us. So they're a bunch of girls!" Right? "Quit crying, you girls!" So when we use "girls" as a reference to guys, it's an insult either in, "You're not a man" or we're saying they may be of a different sexual orientation. You like those big words? I do, too. Okay. So that's one thing to think about. So you're going to think, "Okay, so I can use 'guys' all the time." Well, you're right. But there is one difference. You don't use "guys" with older, mature women because it's almost insulting because they're going to say, "We're ladies. We're women, not guys. We're not little girls." Right? Even older businessmen like being referred to as "guys" because it's that sports, macho, manly thing. Right? "Look at the guys." "Let's go, guys." But if it's an older woman or a group of older women, please say, "ladies". All right? Or "women" -- do not call them "guys" unless they have moustaches, and they're really old. Anyway. That's different. So "guys" you understand that one. That's one of the confusing words. So simply, to make it simple so you understand exactly what I want, "guys" can be used for any group with a female in or a completely -- a complete group of females, okay, and males. For males, it can be used for young males to older males, no problem. Our exception is with older females; you must actually call them "ladies" or "women".
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We are all as students taught English Language by our education sytem in Turkish Republic. I need to confess that James has the best explanations to improve/get better my foreign langueage skill. He does his job in the best way i've ever seen. Wishing you all the best in your life James! Fm Turkey
Jose Art (1 month ago)
You are not my partner anymore😂😂😂😂 Really confuse
Paulina Stępień (2 months ago)
Hahaha thats so funny, I like it. Be my teacher from now on. XD
Wimal Knanda (2 months ago)
It's a good. ...
Ankit Makawana (3 months ago)
j fgggo
Heba Hadi (3 months ago)
I really love your videos😁
Readthe Lyric (3 months ago)
What is wrong being a homossexual person? 🤔🤔
AYOUB AIT_LACHGAR (3 months ago)
you are habibi hhhhhhhhhh
Sarah Bright (3 months ago)
Does women call men "brother" in any case? (Except actual brothers)
abdir hazan (4 months ago)
*Habibi you confused me* .*(
Edo Anta (4 months ago)
Your video is "$uperb" Btw,i knew this word from u.
alberto garcia (4 months ago)
Thank you teacher appreciate the class you provide on YouTube. I like a lot and the best thing it's I'm learning more and more.
Ange Layani (4 months ago)
Ooooh I love u James, u make this very easy😙😙😙😗
Nazil Khan (8 months ago)
ha.ha you're so funny sir, and please make one video on aspect of tenses
Super Star (8 months ago)
9:40 LOL
Ivana Gaiden (8 months ago)
You're so funny and pretty accurate 🐯
Super Star (8 months ago)
Also, Imma white and my thing is YO BRO SUP MAN YO!
Super Star (8 months ago)
Imma girl and I call women guys
lego masia (8 months ago)
hearing that you have a "bro" who is Turkish made me happy Greetings from Turkey
HASSANI ABDOU-LLAH (9 months ago)
James thank you so much for you amazing videos! I really enjoy watching them! Thank you once again.
T3Y (9 months ago)
if lesbain girl said my girlfriend What does it mean ?😕
Vagno Fernandes (9 months ago)
Why should people be careful about homosexual words meaning?
Roman Roman (9 months ago)
This is the most creative video teacher in the world! Who click 100 dislikes it's stupid idiots.Thanks James! You are the best!
Gagandeep Singh (10 months ago)
Excessive consumption of organic food is being increased among people irrespective of their negative consequences such as obesity, dipression and cardiovascular disease. SIR PLEASE TELL IS THIS STRUCTURE GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT??
Ita White (11 months ago)
Спасибо огромное! Я, будто, сообразил.
Hasti Dandelior (1 year ago)
I just lovve ur vids and ur personality and ut jokes!
TURNER GRACE KING (1 year ago)
isaid stream (1 year ago)
Emoke ASDRASI (1 year ago)
EDU (1 year ago)
What about "dude"? Peace out!
Wendy G Kennedy (1 year ago)
Guys isn't a gender neutral word, it never was and never will be no matter what excuses you'll make.... Guys = Men and Gals = Women, end of story.
Wendy G Kennedy (1 year ago)
Simple, Guys = Men and Gals = women. End of story.
Ilyas Kha (1 year ago)
this guy is really awesome
Hello James and everyone. I am from Mexico. A very common mistake in students (Spanish speakers) is that they confuse the word "pareja" with 'couple', specially when they refer to it using a posessive: "Ellos son pareja" = "they are a couple". Is it correct or they are just making a mistake?
ocnrl (1 year ago)
"They are a couple" es correcto.
Verissimo Silva (1 year ago)
Nobody is my friend... Feelsbad Man
Rodrigo Esteves (2 years ago)
really good, thanks!
Toufik Rabhi (2 years ago)
the best in the west, damn <3
Ku ToVat (2 years ago)
Lol,I already know this
Piggy (2 years ago)
._. all i wanted to know what simbol means what
Craken sushi (2 years ago)
What symbol?
ian w knitter (2 years ago)
Hey, I feel like you shouldn't be the spokesperson for this kind of stuff lol
Hamzawi Something (2 years ago)
Holy cow, James knows habibi,damn....I use that word with everyone
Thanks a lot , James !
Leljasweet (2 years ago)
...good sense of humour ,habibi! :)))
By the way .. You're great Actor 😂😂
ramy ginidy (2 years ago)
May I ask u guys for a favor .. I need a Skype partner to practise speaking English.. any one who is willing to help me I would appreciate it, I just need 1 or 2 hours per week my Skype id is romio_200548 I'm from Egypt and I'm taking an ielts test within a month
NATIONALBANKER (2 years ago)
Wow! Nice Turtleneck. Which brand is it?
Stinky Mekky (2 years ago)
9:48 Dude, that's great LMAO :D , Thanks for the entertainment, James :)
shankia Frenchie (2 years ago)
man, you are the best. you make learning fun. i wish you was in my elementart school
Ry (3 years ago)
Gender doesn't mean sex...I'm agender. But my sex is female... I don't have a gender.
Old Uncle Silas (2 months ago)
Christ what are they brainwashing you with in school these days?
Dead Rat (3 months ago)
Ry your “gender” doesn’t exist
Ry (2 years ago)
+Josue Fabian Marona fuck dude. I was dumb in 2015. Im a fucking boy, there are 2 genders...wth was I thinking though?
Josue Fabian Marona (2 years ago)
are you a man ?
Anne L (3 years ago)
good lesson
Felix Phang (3 years ago)
what about if i have sexual-relationship with the girl but we are not in relationship what should i call her?
josh mack (2 years ago)
Lastly, in situations where appropriate such as friends or your brother or sister you are close with, you can also use the English phrase "friends with benefits". This is considered fairly inappropriate however so be sure to avoid this phrase in a business or formal situation, or around people you are not close with because it will make you seem like a prick. Example, "Shannon and I are going to a movie tonight. We enjoy eachothers company but neither of us are interested in a relationship, so we will remain 'friends with benefits' for the time being. just remember- if it isn't necessary or crucial information, you don't have to tell anyone! It can be confusing and these terms can lead you into very awkward or inappropriate social situations when not used properly, and you may end up in serious trouble at work if you talk about another person sexually. Keep in mind that workplaces have strict sexual abuse policies.
josh mack (2 years ago)
Hey Felix, I understand where this confusion comes from because in English, we don't really have a specific noun like "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" to describe someone that you are sexually involved with but not in a formal relationship with. Consider the following: 1) If it is not appropriate to explain to someone that you are sexually involved with someone, consider just calling them your friend. Because in %90 of situations, the person you are speaking to will consider it inappropriate and probably rude if you go out of your way to tell them that your're having sex with someone but arent involved with them. Unless youre talking to your friends or close acquaintances. 2) If you ARE talking to someone and want to give them the information, consider using the words "seeing them". Such as, "No, we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend but I've been seeing her lately". Using those words can insinuate that there is another type of relationship going on, but you don't have to directly mention sex
Ilham Sâd (3 years ago)
habibi hahahaaa...you are great man lol just kidding...greetings from Morocco
Sean Megan (3 years ago)
I get where you're coming from and that it is difficult to get across why one would be able to call a mixed group of ppl guys, or even a group of girls for that matter, but your wording is still rather offensive. To girls in general - but hey, not your fault, just the way it is that being a girl is considered less than being a man - but if you had a gay student in your class he might be offended. I think it's time that we teachers stop thinking everybody in our classes is straight cis people.
Joe Cotom (3 years ago)
Good lesson James.  Many things have been cleared-up
Ricardo Hernández (3 years ago)
do you speak spanish? oh!..
Mohammed OmaR (3 years ago)
in islam religion....if you are muslim, every muslim (black ,white,arab,European,indian) is your brother ^_^
Вася Пупкин (2 years ago)
+Mohammed OmaR even if 1 man is sunni and 2 man is shias?
smiling dalia (3 years ago)
James, I like  the way you have  opened the lesson: "No entiendo nada"  in Spanish!
Ágatha Aleixo (3 years ago)
Hi, James! I'm from Brazil and I finished the last lesson in Duolingo. After this I ask to myself: "What I will do now?" and somebody told me about these vídeos. So, when I saw this lesson, I loved! You are so nice explaning! Thank you very much for all these videos! It is helping me a lot!
liton khan (9 months ago)
hi baby I m from bangladesh
Gabriel Rocha (2 years ago)
kkc1918 (3 years ago)
thx bro LOL:...
Aubriel Kepler (3 years ago)
Gender is a social construct where sex is biologically determined
Old Uncle Silas (2 months ago)
Nice meme
vacuum (2 years ago)
You stole my comment
Erik Škrabák (3 years ago)
+Aubriel Kepler deep
Innokentiy Sokolov (3 years ago)
Being Russian myself the joke about Russian 'bro' I liked the most.
YouTube Lovers (3 years ago)
the best teacher in the world, im from indonesia
CryserakaRobin (3 years ago)
you're a pretty nice guy and it's fun to watch your videos but gender is not the same as sex.
Old Uncle Silas (2 months ago)
Generally speaking they are the same. He isn't a sociology professor, he's an english language teacher
Abdulelah Albariqi (3 years ago)
We can call gander by sex
Kitten Moon (3 years ago)
Exactly :)
Jônatas Barbosa (3 years ago)
You're the best BROTHER hahahahhaha
Lina (3 years ago)
Hapipi 😂❤👌
Kaw (3 years ago)
Im not gonna say thank you brother but thank you habibi haha :D
Samir Emi (3 years ago)
that was very good video my niga))).i learn from u a lot thanks
Sarista Celestial (3 years ago)
I'm sure the instructor of this class could easily make his explanations without being misogynistic and offensive.
Sarista Celestial (3 years ago)
+Changlii M If you and I were to meet in real life, you wouldn't mentally or emotionally survive the interaction.
+Sarista Celestial He must want some azz from foreign girls. They don't want him though too black....
Sarista Celestial (3 years ago)
+Changlii M  Blah, Blah, Blah.  "I think your life is hell."  Is this really suppose to be an insult?  Well, I think your life is a sewer system.  Really people, this is stupid. How old are all of you? 
Sarista Celestial (3 years ago)
+Krzysztof Tryka Actually, my life is wonderful.  Your life must be hell.  Are you an angry person?  Are you upset because you were abused and now you want to inflict it on others?  Boohoo you!  :D
Krzysztof Tryka (3 years ago)
Your life must be hell - and you deserve it.
Ali Jamalpur (3 years ago)
Jamie , I am from Russia , I would like to say "BRO" that we are good friends like ''BRO" , you are my man like BROTHER !!!   " VERY FUN "
tsun YU (3 years ago)
+Ali Jamalpur I`m a girl from Russia and it`s a pity that I can't call James my BRO(((
Marina Cardoso (3 years ago)
Im an english teacher on Brazil and your videos are helping me a lot! 
Joao Franca (3 years ago)
+Jonathan rocha rodrigues 💼
+Marina Cardoso "in Brazil"
Marcos Moreno (3 years ago)
Hi ...guys .....!
Abdelhameed Tantawy (3 years ago)
hi, James you have a very unique style of teaching English, (fun and spirit)..., keep it up!  
Me Smith (3 years ago)
Actually, the words sex and gender are not interchangeable, though I'm seeing this mistake more and more often these days.  Sex is male and female, man and women.  It's the biological stuff that is the same in every culture and throughout history. It refers to things related to reproduction: chromosomes, gonads, genitalia, hormones, and skeletal structure. Gender, on the other hand, is what each society calls masculine and feminine.   It is cultural and consists of the personality traits and stereotypical roles that society has divided in half and given the labels masculine and feminine.  It varies from culture to culture and has not been consistent throughout history.  Its traditional purpose was to emphasize and call attention to one's sex, not to define it in the first place.  After all, a woman who wears combat boots, swears, and drives a truck for a living is every bit of a woman as one who wears high heels, loves makeup, and works as a hairdresser; the two women merely have different personalities. Male or female is your sex, not your gender.  When forms ask for  your "gender" they are  unwittingly asking if you are "a masculine" or "a feminine".  One's driver's license specifies one's sex, not gender and we refer to same-sex marriage, not same-gender marriage, to cite two examples. I think it is important to be careful to keep the usage of these two words distinct, because to use them as if they were interchangeable tends to obfuscate the meanings of both words, which adds to confusion rather than to clarify things.
Mona AlHmood (3 years ago)
Habiby part never expected xD hahaha good one James .. keep it up
Esther Guzman (3 years ago)
Behulu Yaschalew (3 years ago)
HI Niharika. How are you keeping these days. i really appreciate you. you have no idea how much i appreciate you. you are the best English Trainer what i have seen in my life. God bless you and yours.
Marisol M (3 years ago)
Oh  James , you  are so funny!!!
zezamar al (4 years ago)
))) But all people on the Earth equal and all are brothers, isn't it? I am not completely understood with using words "man" and "bro" between afro americans and others. Is this a manifestation of  racism or what? It must have prehistory - why it is so?
Olya Savello (4 years ago)
Not all Russians are such jerks😄 Thank you
Ahmed Farah (4 years ago)
Anyone who wants to learn english with me can add me on skype and its.... Saalimcesc
June Marie Rafols (4 years ago)
Hey i need a native american, english to atleast share his/her learnings. pls.. im sitting for ielts next year,, I need a teacher,, skype add me kenn.rafols thank u guys..ciao
Linh Đường Muối (4 years ago)
you're so funny :v
Belal Fathy (4 years ago)
Hahahaha .. the best English teacher I've ever seen .. habibi lool :D
Mohammad Abdulmon’em (4 years ago)
You're homophobic 😂😂 Good video 👏 Thanks ☺
By Sumaya (4 years ago)
Im really enjoy your lessons ,, you are very funny brother hahahahahahaha
cesar martinez (4 years ago)
Great job teacher, many thanks! cheers from Venezuela. keep doing more videos please
Paola Ramos (4 years ago)
Funny as always James!! i like the part when you say: what´s up....what´s up....what´t up!!! 
x hsnan (4 years ago)
Maksym Borodai (4 years ago)
It is too fast speaking, i got only 10 % that he had said!!Please could you tell or teach us a little bit slowly????
nandoxsp (4 years ago)
Nice video. I'm brazilian and I always stayed a bit confused when i've heard, in the movies, a guy call another guy by 'my man'. The translation to portuguese seems very weird. Because in my country only a woman can call a man this way. Valeu mano!
Angela Lee (4 years ago)
Really useful lesson! I like the way you teach.
CamilaG (4 years ago)
Sunny Morn (4 years ago)
In Australia there is also a partnership called "de facto" ;-)
Your Russian accent is perfect! 
Aleksey Yaremenko (4 years ago)
You, brother, I'm from Mother Russia, awesome vide BTW! JK 😀, I like the way you speak with Russian accent!
Konstantin P (3 months ago)
sendiyan Snsy (4 years ago)
i like your videos and enjoy it but regarding the brothers thing i disagree with you cause as a muslim we believe that we are brothers and sisters because we worship same god and also for the rest of the people each and everyone has the right to your brother and sister as a human being..and excuse me of my poor english
You are the best teacher.
Dimas FX (4 years ago)
thank u 4 your lessons,i´m from Brazil!
unkownperson3624 (4 years ago)
gender is between the ears (brain) sex is between the legs. gender and sex doesn't mean the same thing. plus some girls don't like being called guys at all in any circumstance 
Wagner Corr (4 years ago)
What about the word 'brethern'?When is it safe to use it? Is it still in use in modern English?

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