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Israel: Anthony Bourdain has traditional Palestinian meal (Parts Unknown, Jerusalem)

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Anthony Bourdain shares maqluba -- a traditional Palestinian meal -- with a family who own a farm in the Gaza strip.
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saher nassar (2 months ago)
palestine: Anthony Bourdain has traditional Palestinian meal (Parts Unknown, Jerusalem)
alex wintermeyer (2 months ago)
there's never a moment of silence in that house, with so many people in. What a nightmare.
Mo (2 months ago)
Would have been nice to see his reaction, CNN. Stopping the video on that facial expression doesn’t look very good. I would have loved to hear from him what he thought of the dish.
UrbanExplorer1000 (2 months ago)
That huuuuore cheated on him. thats what put him over the edge
Homer Briseno (2 months ago)
women and men should cook , live , and have sex together !
Scott Jessup (2 months ago)
In the end there are only a few million Jews in the world. All the peace programs won’t work. One of their many enemies will end up wiping them out.
timedsauce (2 months ago)
May he not rest but burn in hell. For all lies he told.
Private Private (2 months ago)
Maqluba is a traditional dish around the levant. It's not a "classic" Fakestinian dish.
Alessandro Columbu (2 months ago)
is there anything greater than maqloube in the history of the entire universe?
Phil Graves (2 months ago)
CNN still sucks and Anthony Bourdain was a communist Pig
Ivan Butterfly (2 months ago)
OMG that's so good I could hang myself
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Not funny
SPPSports (2 months ago)
the comments section: *FILTHY JEWISH SWINE ISRAELIS THEY DESERVE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION* Way to keep it civil, guys. You're totally peaceful...
Aby Shadid (13 days ago)
Israeli Jews are to Palestinians what Hitler was to German Jews. From the master race to the chosen ones. Point is, a couple mean words in the comment section is nothing in comparison to the atrocities committed by our "greatest" allies, ya dig
Bon Qui Qui (2 months ago)
Damn my heart aches for real. Rip!
prep perry (2 months ago)
RIP :(
Canaan Noah (2 months ago)
Anthony Bourdain is a Jewish man , he visited Gaza , talked to the people , ate with them , slept in their homes , sat down with their families , no one tried to harm him in any way , this proves that all poisonous propogonda that CNN spews are nothing but lies , their faces do not radiate hate or discontent , shame on the American media , the American government and the Zionist fascists for trying to dehumanize Palestinians and creating the atmosphere for genocide .
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
You should indicate who you are talking too....Nobody knows for sure what or who killed Bourdain exactly, he was accruing a lot of enemies by telling the truth about a lot of issues. ....
Josh Lavian (2 months ago)
You say you're not going to make it personal by calling me a fool . . . and then call me a fool. I am talking to someone who wrote a comment indicating some worldwide Zionist conspiracy was responsible for Bourdain's death because of this video. Yes, the Zionist cabal killed a famous chef because he ate maklouba with some Gazans, you looney toon.
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
We are talking about Anthony Bourdain's   visit to the Gaza, we are not talking about Syria, but that's another atrocity. You call me a fool and make it personal. I will not respond in kind. I guess that makes Anthony Bourdain a fool also.  The first high profile man to stand up for Palestinians...and you cant stand being wrong..
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Because we are discussing Israel and the Palestinians. We are not talking about Syria, I am for all human rights. We are discussing Anthony Bordains visit to the Gaza. I guess Anthony's a fool also. And if you think Netanyahu is not involved in Syria. You are the fool
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Who are you addressing Josh?
Hannibal Barqa II (2 months ago)
RIP anthony
Noel Ben Dunsky (2 months ago)
Where is the full episode please?
Kevin Jaworski (2 months ago)
An exemplary man of unique and imposing character....
Vir Quisque Vir (2 months ago)
Anthony Bourdain: "It's a measure, I guess, of how shallow and twisted our depiction of a people is that these images come as a shock to so many. The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinian people, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity. People are not statistics." Shame on all of us. Shame on the American MSM. Shame on American foreign policy. Shame on AIPAC. Shame on Israel. Our basic humanity is in peril if we abandon the Palestinians those who rob them, humiliate them, incarcerate them for no crime other than not being Jewish.
Vir Quisque Vir (2 months ago)
Josh Lavian - No, it doesn't, does it? But they do it anyway... Can you explain it to me?
Josh Lavian (2 months ago)
That makes no sense.
freedom fighter (2 months ago)
israel did 9/11
Aamir khan (2 months ago)
Love you Anthony from Kashmir RIP
mohsinuddin15 (2 months ago)
RIP Bourdain 😭😭😭
Mike C (2 months ago)
Forest lass (2 months ago)
It's not their land, it's not their food but still somehow Israel! Rip sir... and fuck cnn.
MyNameIsEarl (2 months ago)
CNN are the gatekeepers of Israeli zionist crimes. Why would you label a video containing Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem ''Israel'' other than to make a political statement. Wolf Blitzer is a zionist mossad scum and CNN is the gatekeeper of this disgusting ideology.
Bu Rida (2 months ago)
SASHA Savage (2 months ago)
In the U.S. we try to prevent suicide, in the Arab World, people are encouraged to kill themselves along with as many innocent women and children possible. So called "Martyrs" are immortalized and have streets named after them! The Palestinian leadership promotes suicide terrorists with big cash incentives...
woof Naser (2 months ago)
Eastern Gaza is not Jerusalem and Palestinians are not in Israel they are in Palestine ! CNN stop your nonsense at least have the courage to write the title correct.. What is weird that the oldest name of a land in the whole world is "Palestine " ,it's in every ancient book including the Bible is replaced by the earliest land name Israel ! Which proves how much diluted and ignorant we are.. Money and power controls the people mind even if they try hard to change the history and facts.
Martin arguelles (28 days ago)
"We believe the west bank and gaza ar a part of israel." "Then give palestinians the right to vote." NO! Israel is for the Jews... "But what about the agreements you made for the Christians and Armenians as well." "NOPE. Just the Jews." Might I also add HONGKONGDUDE for your case that This episode ended with an ISRAELI, who was also a former IDF soldier who also lost his daughter to HAMAS, was also totally against the Apartheid regime, that is what it truly means to be a Jew, i was floored by his strength and sympathy for a group not from his own . Thanks for your support and solidarity for human rights
HongKongDude1973 (2 months ago)
This's a small clip of much longer show! Where he's mostly in Jerusalem!!! And if you say Palestinians are not Israeli, then leave there land, so they can have a Palestinian state!!! Otherwise they are call Israeli and give them the right to vote!! You and they and me are the same, they are not animals for you to do as you please!!!
ChaoticShelly (2 months ago)
Isn't Maklubah Jordanian?
Sara Dx (2 months ago)
ChaoticShelly shawrma is not turkish 🤣
Sara Dx (2 months ago)
ChaoticShelly sweety the oldest city in the world was in palestine , its normal to have most of the food orgins from Palestine, and Palestinians dont claim anything, its their food and their traditions , god vless palestine and the very blessed people the Palestinians ☺️
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Yes it is, I was married to a Jordanian and we made it all the time. but lots of Palestinians live in Jordan  the food is mostly the same.
King of Ebla (2 months ago)
Canaan Noah Although I want to correct you, everything Lebanese claim to have created was created by Syria, they then split from them and took it with them. Kubbe and Tabbouleh that is. What's your favorite Arab cuisine? Mine is the Palestinian Muhammar chicken and potatoes, a recipe that can't even be found on the internet, very underrated.
King of Ebla (2 months ago)
Canaan Noah Forget what she believes. Allah is with you, and Arabs around the globe knows the delicious contribution Palestinians have given the world. It will never be forgotten.
Frank the Ant (2 months ago)
Why the hell does the caption not say Palestine? I guess thats what happens when CNN reports news. Objective my ass, more like manipulating the truth to spread their own narrative. You know the one that's sympathic to the terrorist Israeli government.
MyNameIsEarl (2 months ago)
CNN is the biggest controlled opposition media network in the world. They are the gatekeepers of zionism. They also like to play mind games with their viewers acting like they oppose Trump and the zionists who got him in the White House. CNN is controlled opposition 101
Hoffmansk (2 months ago)
@ CNN Why is the Episode called Israel if it actually the occupied territory of Gaza under the siege of the Israeli military forces?
The Fantastic Five (20 days ago)
Gaza isn't occupied. It hasn't been since 2005.
Hoffmansk (1 month ago)
What do you mean with lost the war? Palestine used to be where Israel is now until the Jews either killed all non-Jews and drove those not killed into the "occupied territories of Palestine". Israel was founded as an apartheid state spreading terror among non Jews in the former Palestine.
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
lost the war. ??? Isn't that kind of black and white thinking. Israel treated the Palestinians like war criminals ever since that war. Putting curfews on them and treating them inhumanely , and taking away their homes , bombing them, killing children, etc. Its not about people, its about obtaining more land and growing Israel . Get educated bby
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Wasn't it called GAZA
RaymondtheA.I. (2 months ago)
The episode is actually called Jerusalem but they labeled it "Israel" on the internet.
halima naira lopez nayar (2 months ago)
Israel? Where? CNN PLZ,dont be stupid
budeiri123 (2 months ago)
RIP our friend :(
Sasi (2 months ago)
It's called Palestine. RIP sir x
Mr T (2 months ago)
Sasi sasi you beautiful human being x
Wait For You (2 months ago)
is this the zionist twist of palestine?
Jameson Kennedy (2 months ago)
Yeah, Palestine is a colonialist Roman term. The indigenous population called it Israel and Judea.
Private Private (2 months ago)
By the Romans. When it was full of Jews.
Sairam Sriram (2 months ago)
why does Arab food always look so delicious!?
Feras Al Hati (1 month ago)
Sairam Sriram because it is ;)
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Because it is. I am Italian , I like Italian food, but I married a Jordanian , who has since passed. My preference is Arab food , anytime. ...
Chris Kindler (2 months ago)
it‘s amazing
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Because it is.
Sairam Sriram (2 months ago)
Sun Flower - i might have to plan a trip to the Arab world now. Lebanon seems like a nice place.
IDA SOFAR (2 months ago)
RIP Anthony, you'll be remembered as this guy, good, open minded, and fearless.
DocRamz (2 months ago)
RIP Anthony
Natasha bay (3 months ago)
I pray the people of Palestine will be free from the evil Israeli regime
Andres Porras (7 days ago)
bbygrlpt2 "amamos" me suena a buseta
Mr T (2 months ago)
bbygrlpt2 when you say God's who are you refering to? Did moses along with Solomon (Sulyman) not make a decree that's written in the Torah for no Jew to forcefully posses his own nation or state? What they have done to the Palestinians and the rest of the world goes against all the teachings.. Zionism is not Judaism
UrbanExplorer1000 (2 months ago)
go fuck yourself you incompetent simpleton
Halo Halo (2 months ago)
Natasha bay I pray that the world will be free from evil people like you. Aaaammmaannn
Private Private (2 months ago)
Not only will that not happen. But The Aramean and Kurdish people will also reclaim their stolen land from the Arab invaders. Just like the Jewish people did.
JASON KALANI (4 months ago)
Who is she? Does she have a book? She's beautiful, love the way she speaks and live the way she thinks. Fuck Israel
Hasip Ha (7 months ago)
Antony Bourdain has the face of a person that is about to vomit
Anonymous (7 months ago)
William kEWEN (10 months ago)
The best food in the World . I swear the best food ist from palastine . Its really delicious .
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Best food is from Lebanon...
Leo Castrillo (1 year ago)
that was pretty rude that he started eating before everyone sat down like your a grown ass man could you be more polite
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
That was the womans fault ...she should have made sure everyone was being fed. She started eating too.
Animal Man (2 years ago)
Please do your research about the so called Israeli art students during 9/11
Mr T (2 months ago)
jakep1979 lets be honest if you lived in an area of the world that seen your people live there for generations that have been barricaded into 2 strips with walls like something out a fucking cold war nightmare, orange and lemon groves confiscated/destroyed and homes confiscated by settlers.. Would you not be fucking pissed off? When a Palestinian drives out of his home in Jerusalem for work once he leaves his home has been replace by zionists and not allowed it back.. Do you think that is human.. Sho started the conflict? The Israelis did by doing that.. Only a Zionist would love a land like that and they do not represent Jew's as they have went against all the teachings in the Torah
jakep1979 (2 months ago)
Mr T Lets not forget 30,000 terrorists attack since Sep.11 2001 by the religion of peace around the world.
Mr T (2 months ago)
Israel is responsible for the uss liberty that seen 200 us naval officers blown to bits The killing of JFK after he asked Ben Gurion to declare his nuclear arsenal Invading Lebanon bombing over 2000 lebonese that created Hamas The rigging of the twin towers through a group of mossad agents disguised as art students code named Gelitin B The creation of ISIS thag really stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service They get away with this because they manipulate the US senate through Zionist institutions, APAC (the america - Israeli public affaires Committee) and have zionist chairmen of most western news channels aswell as the funding from certain Zionist families All in all Zionism is the cancer of the world and the enemy of man and God. It needs to be destroyed asap
jakep1979 (2 months ago)
Vir Quisque Vir Nope you are propagandist, that is all.
Vir Quisque Vir (2 months ago)
jakep1979 - You must be a troll. Keep your mind closed by all means. Cheers!
HaHaLooLoo (2 years ago)
men helping women in the kitchen isn't customary in any culture you racist piece of shit. i've known arab men to cook for their families my whole life.
siemenssx1 (9 months ago)
HaHaLooLoo ikr? Most women would actually get pissed off if men tried to intrude into their work space and disturb them cooking lol so men keep a safe distance away. I am a man and enjoy cooking but the kitchen is definitely not my territory
gary gien (2 years ago)
Fake ,did not see any suicide bombers running around trying to stab anthony.
Hussien Khadra (2 months ago)
It's irony how Israelis chefs use oven, I mean it takes only one oven to trigger a zionist... If you know what I mean.
Cornelius Gantz (2 years ago)
These innocent loving people are most likely dead. The Israelis bombed so many houses and left so many dead it would be pretty shocking to me if either of these 2 are still alive. Israel is a filthy apartheid state.
tallaganda83 (2 years ago)
Looks good sort of like biryani, might try to try some.
zelen plav (2 months ago)
tallaganda83. Much better than briyani. Even the Israeli's are trying to claim Palestinian food which they copy, but the love in the food is not there.
PhiloAmericana (2 years ago)
I don't know if the food is good, but the culture seems quite oppressive.
dakhan (2 months ago)
Sarah F loll
MyNameIsEarl (2 months ago)
Lol, talk about oppression. You clearly mean Israeli oppression of Palestinians. But nice try, shill. We all know you are a manipulative little Israeli JIDF shill. You guys have such manipulative tactics. But the world is catching up and it will only backfire on you.
Sarah F (2 months ago)
PhiloAmericana are you on crack?
Tameen Haque (2 years ago)
Like what? oh god not this again.
dance forlove (2 years ago)
season ? episode's ?
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
I think the episode was a new one and suppose to air this season. Lets see if CNN will show it. They showed his new one in Hong Kong...
Linda Jamison (2 years ago)
Season 2 episode 1
Kingly Fiber (3 years ago)
Maqluba is delicious
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Yes it is, my husband was Jordanian and taught me how to make it, the only thing missing from the one they showed, was cauliflower, maybe they couldn't get it in the Gaza for some reason. I wouldn't be surprised if Anthony didn't bring the ingredients for them to cook, even though they looked pretty well off.
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
My Jordanian husband who passed away cooked this and showed me how. Makes me want to cook it. Only ingredient missing they didn't mention was Cauliflower.
hobo1975 (3 years ago)
Love Matloube. Free Palestine. Why are some Americans so closed minded. It is like you live in your own furnished caves. There is more to the world than your country.
Shimon Wein (3 years ago)
"Traditional palestinian dish" Palestine was never a country WTF
Carol Lipton (1 month ago)
You know, equating all Jews with zionists means you think that every single Jewish person, including those who demonstrate and do everything they can to boycott Israel, even being shunned by their families and friends, is anti-Semitic. And all you are doing is repeating the same kind of anti-Semitic words used by Nazis and neo-Nazis to describe Jews.The Nazis demonized Jews and blamed them for Germany's economic woes. This language has nothing to do with criticizing what Zionists have done with US taxpayer money, to bomb and destroy Palestinian territory and homes. I am not a swine, I don't stink, and I support human rights for Palestinians.
Canaan Noah (2 months ago)
Shimon Wein you came a couple of months ago and you are already telling people that lived there for ten thousand years that their country was never a country , who built all the cities like Jericho , it was not the Jews , because there was no jews ten thousand years ago , who built yafa , Aka , Heifa , Askalan and Jerusalem , it was not the Jews , because there was no Jews when they were built asshole .
Vir Quisque Vir (2 months ago)
Carol Lipton - Good for you, Carol! Welcome to the human race. Righteousness will triumph no matter who the bad guys are.
hitemup604 (2 months ago)
Carol Lipton that’s good to hear. Our real Jewish brothers and sisters are on the right side of history
Carol Lipton (2 months ago)
Fairuz- Isreal has done monstrous and deplorable things. I am Jewish. I march for Palestinian rights. Israelis stole the land from Palestinians and forced people from their homes. I want to see an end to this. But not all Jews support this. And I do not live my life through lies and deceit.
Oskar (4 years ago)
I hope Israel gets whats coming to them.
Halo Halo (1 month ago)
Abraham A do not believe you have ever read a book...but you can start now recommend reading whinny the pooh...that's a good start for you..israrls history is way advance and real for you. Enjoy the book
Halo Halo (1 month ago)
Oskare me to ..peace love..protection ..and to continue contributing to the world more than you and the Palestinian will ever be....a m a n.
UrbanExplorer1000 (2 months ago)
go fuck yourself you antisemetic pig
Tong Po (2 months ago)
Oskar The rest of Palestine?
MyNameIsEarl (2 months ago)
+Professicchio Yes, and this is what zionists forget. Throughout history we have seen power shifting. Israel and zionism will get everything that's coming for them. Their crimes will not be forgotten, and its getting vert well documented. Especially in this time of internet.
dpsrbi (4 years ago)
martinishakerxxl (4 years ago)
Put your scarfs on
cloudchaser07 (4 years ago)
That chicken is home grown Gazans dont have the luxury like your lazy butt to go to the supermarket and pick up a succulent (stupid word) chicken.Google before you post: UN report, importation of lentils,pasta, tomato paste &juice has been restricted.Soda, juice, jam, spices, potato chips, cookies and candy are now just permitted by israel but in limited quantities.Gazans make the largest group of dieters in the world courtesy of israe. they wouldnt pick a poor house for the show would they?
Tong Po (2 months ago)
Carol Lipton Skinny? But Mom and Dad are fat fucks
Carol Lipton (2 months ago)
A UN report concluded after testing that people in Gaza and Palestine in general average 20% below normal weight. Everyone in this clip is skinny. Palestinians are being starved by the blockade imposed by Israel. their orchards and crops are routinely bombed. It's a miracle they even have food at all to put on the table. Bourdain was indeed a mensch for honoring this family and their culture's cuisine.
SASHA Savage (2 months ago)
Susan Hardin (2 months ago)
Don’t you mean fresh organic chicken that isn’t force feed hormones so they look plump and craned in a truck and tortured be for they go to market Americans chicken isn’t healthy
zaxx19 (4 years ago)
Now go there and try to hand out literature on gay rights on a random street corner. Have fun getting beaten, imprisoned and possibly lynched.
UW 1999 (2 months ago)
Katrina M 🤣🤣🤣👍
UW 1999 (2 months ago)
zaxx19 Yeah, this happening under the Trump administration 🤣
Katrina M (2 months ago)
zaxx19 my dear, being gay is forbidden in christianity in judaism. Its being forced down ppls throats in these decades. So spare us ur accusations. Go to Africa and ul see if u hv any teeth left after showing ur pink shorts. And most Africans are christians
SRK070 (2 months ago)
you act like gay rights were the norm here in the west for many centuries. historical revisionism at its finest. gays were being abused heavily in the west in our parents lifetime. beaten up, marginalized and what not. you don't want to give other societies the chance to catch up without fucking with them with foreign intervention wars, colonialism etc, just pretend the west is a bastion of enlightenment and we've had the rights and ideas we live by now for a millenium, not just a few decades
talkhtw55 (4 months ago)
+Unadapted try harder
zaxx19 (4 years ago)
Except....that didn't really happen. A lot (up to 35% of Palestinians in the country in 1948) were actually recent arrivals from Syria/Jordan brought into the land by an economy developing bc of Jewish development. Jews always lived there, but were barred from basically developing themselves bc of jim crow like Turkish laws instituted to keep the Jews out of their homeland and Islam preeminent. Arabs COLONIZED PALESTINE....THERE IS NO WAY GETTING AROUND THAT REALITY....
zaxx19 (4 years ago)
ROFLMFAO.... Keep building Israel. You have no clue what the word semitic means bro...also, ARABS COLONIZED PALESTINE. This isn't even a debatable point. Islam ISN'T INDIGENOUS TO PALESTINE...IT IS INDIGENOUS TO SW ARABIA...JUST AS ARAB BLOOD, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE IS.
zaxx19 (4 years ago)
Yes, the Jews rejected an indigenous people splitting a land and then went on a 60 yr campaign to destroy a neighboring nation...... This happened like in the 8th century BC.
Josh Lavian (2 months ago)
Arabs are not indigenous to the Levant. They are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula.
zaxx19 (4 years ago)
Ya, they really look like they are suffering horribly with that backsplash and succulent chicken dish. ROFLMFAO.
Salvatore (4 years ago)
Oh my God, look at the terrible Muslim arab terrorists feeding a white american non muslim man! SO VICIOUS !
TheDAT573 (4 years ago)
That looks so beautiful, so good. Kudos to Anthony Bourdain for having the courage to visit Gaza.
Josh Lavian (2 months ago)
It didn't take any courage. If he, say, held up a gay pride sign in Gaza, for example, that would take courage.
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
Now will CNN air the show?
SASHA Savage (2 months ago)
cloudchaser07 (4 years ago)
Going to Gaza Strip the most isolated most populated most besieged smallest piece of land in the middle east makes Anthony Bourdain a CHAMP
Lifeofmuf (4 years ago)
I tot Palestinian are Jordanian. They are Jordanian refugee and called themselves Palestinian after the war. It's written in history...
Rima K (2 months ago)
Ok thank you for clarifying the history of my people, oh wise one!!!! 😂
Sadin15 (2 months ago)
Bitch please!
Khawla Khalifa (2 months ago)
Lifeofmuf Says the Eastern European jew 😒
Palestine Exists (4 years ago)
I'm glad he even went to Palestine. Rukab ice cream parlor is Ramallah is famous for its ice cream.
Julio Bravo (4 years ago)
Its funny so CNN shows Palestinian food and a whole generation of Palestinian eating together but dont show why this whole generation of Palestinians are living together? A: they where forced out of there homes and sent to ghettos while the dirty filthy non-semitic Zionist rebuilt on top or took over there homes
Silanghet92 (1 month ago)
Apparently CNN didn’t even want to air this episode. He had to fight them on it.
Charles LL (2 months ago)
Enti Kaleb (You're a dog). Long live Israel!
Wait For You (2 months ago)
oh no you cant say the truth about israel thats anti semetic!
Private Private (2 months ago)
"Non Semitic"???? if you are attempting to refer to Ashkenazi Jews who descended from Jews who immigrated to Europe around the first century then they are not the majority in Israel anyways. Most Israelis are from Morocco, Iraq, Iran and Yemen.
Betty Santoro (2 months ago)
You got it turned around. the USA is Israel's bitch.
fardelstream (4 years ago)
is this from the Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown series? which episode?
millenium2003 (4 years ago)
I'm too lazy to take a shower... 2nd day now. :(
Tong Po (2 months ago)
millenium2003 It's been 4 years have you showered yet?
jordanpaganfit (4 years ago)
you're ugly
dxmakina (4 years ago)
dont forget that israel is trying to ethnically cleanse the palestinians
jb (2 months ago)
4 years ago still topical

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