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"Bonnie Parker" Owes the Fake IRS

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Bonnie & Clyde is going to shoot it out with the Fake IRS
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Mistress Scambait (1 month ago)
Well done! Wouldn't it be fun to go through the "Former FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive" List?!?
Mistress Scambait yes if they are women , would be great 💡. 😂
streeteats (2 months ago)
You go girl. Good job. beat those scum bags down.
streeteats thank you for watching and if you enjoyed that video you should check out the rest of my channel 😉 oh I chew them up and spit them out in all my videos.
Oliver Aseroth (2 months ago)
He is in a world of his own..., I love it a guy with a gun is edgy, lol
Alogical (2 months ago)
*24:50* 😭😭 *Sounds familiar...* *Haha wow, of course they want to scam you since you're a bank robber you have lots of money haha*
Alogical next time I got to act poor 🤣thanks for watching and I hope you check out my other videos and smack that subscribe button 😉
Deez Nutz (2 months ago)
damn it bonnie....you forgot to do ''1 ting'' now you're gonna have to do ''each and everything''
Deez Nutz (2 months ago)
i subscribed babyyyyyy...i really like vids where the shit stained scammer is called out and slammed at the end,,,i loveeeeeee hearing them try to stand behind their scam ''job'' as if its legit....these scammers are at the very top of my ''if you were on fire i would simply make smores over your torched corpse''....... keep fighting the good fight. even though i can no longer ''scambait'' i can live it through heros like you and many others here on youtube.....
Deez Nutz oh and thanks for the video , I love watching shows about Bonnie and Clyde 😎
Deez Nutz shit I must pay more attention next time 😂 thanks for watching. And I hope you check out my other videos 😁 and smack that subscribe button
Deez Nutz (2 months ago)
ScamJam (2 months ago)
Since when does Bonnie Parker pay taxes? This is surreal.
Scam The Scammer I told them many times I never filed tax In my life .I bet your shocked I kept my cool the whole call 🙄 I lost it a little at the end just a wee bit
Joe Scambait (2 months ago)
twallers? twansfer? omg i pissed myself
Joe Scambait thanks for watching Joe . 😊
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Great video, Francine! BTW, "a force of 6 officers". 😂🤣😂🤣 I'm pretty sure this is the same call center/scammers that Lupita/Alogical was baiting! It must be. I've watched 100s of scambaiting videos & I've never heard any other scammers say "a force of 6 officers". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRLQ8B2v2OM&t=1s
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Francine, when he said his name was "Johnny Lawn, ma'am", at first I thought he said "Johnny Lawman". I burst out laughing. It sounds like a TV series. *_Johnny Lawman: Renegade Cop_* 😂🤣
Each And Everything thanks for watching. And like I told him Clyde will shoot and kill them if anyone comes to our door. 😉
Brandon McClain (2 months ago)
Great work on this one funny that they believed you.
Brandon McClain if you watched any of my Queens videos they believed everyone of them. 😁 they are idiots ,but thanks for watching.
DavyBoy007 (2 months ago)
Your tall tale literally went over their heads. Thanks for exposing how stupid the moronic scammers are... in an entertaining way.
DavyBoy007 thank you for watching and I am glad you enjoyed it. Oh and I have million tall tales to tell yet 😁
Ismail Ali (2 months ago)
You are right semi automatic firing require.
Ismail Ali it sure is !!
Nigella Blum (2 months ago)
*_Some day they'll go down together_* The filthy Indian scammer starts with Hindi phrases which I interpret: _Did you take it in your mouth", did you take in your mouth?_ _Yes I am talking to you!_ _Get your a* fk*d_ Filthy most senior *RAT* !
Each And Everything I went and listened to her video and that is the same shit back he just changed his name, probably because I told him with that name he sounded like a pussy. 😂
Nigella Blum (2 months ago)
Seems the same scammer. I went back and heard again. Looks like they are from Ahmedabad (possibly Mumbai)
Each And Everything (2 months ago)
Nigella, do you think this is the same scammer that Lupita/Alogical was baiting? The scammer threatened both Lupita & Francine with "a force of 6 officers". I've never heard another scammer say that. I really think it's the same scammer. How about you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRLQ8B2v2OM&t=1s
Nigella Blum thanks for translating but I have no interest in what those pieces of shit says to me. They are nothing but disgusting filthy rats 😉and yes the day I made Scarlett video they were being hounded by the baiters not that they were making big money 😂
RisingEdge111 (2 months ago)
Lololololololol. Excellent video as usual, Francine. What idiots these scammers are!! I can't believe that after hearing that you rob banks these idiots still continue with their script, lol. Francine is an exceptional, top-of-the-line scambaiter.
RisingEdge111 thank you for the kind words 😊and I couldn't be anything without those stupid idiots 😂😂I'm glad though you think I'm a good Scambaiter
Mary Madkins (2 months ago)
Very good . Good job keep them coming
Mary Madkins thank you Mary 🤗
Daria Jakubowska (2 months ago)
Truly the craziest call. How stupid can u be
Daria Jakubowska ❤️thank you 😊
Daria Jakubowska (2 months ago)
Francine VS Scammers . Not u . U r great
Daria Jakubowska you did mean them right ? 😳you said u as in me ?
OJAS (2 months ago)
Thanks Francine. Have a Great Day!☺
Mary Madkins thank you again, idiots sums it up 😆
Mary Madkins (2 months ago)
Idiots good job
OJAS thanks for watching my friend 🤗
Terri Davis (2 months ago)
Ms Francine,all your videos are awesome.You have baited many scammers,and each and every scammer seems to be dumber than the last one,but these two ,oh my g-d.Keep up the fight,and thanks for the time you give making scammers lives hell.
Terri Davis thank you for your kind words. As long as there is a scammer I will be around to make them look like the idiots and rats they are !!
Brian Larkin (2 months ago)
SKOL! What I did wrong; you mean beside robbing banks and kidnapping? I've done nothing wrong . These scammers are so stupid or stuck in their own script they cannot hear you or know you are lying.
Brian Larkin I don't understand myself how they can sit and listen to the crap I fling at them on a daily basis 🤔not very bright I suppose
Polestar 69 (2 months ago)
What a bunch of 100 per cent total idiots. Come on. Bank robber phoning irs ! That's a good one Francine. My wife has just watched this. She can't stop laughing !!!
Polestar 69 thanks for watching, I could hardly hold back from laughing myself. Glad your wife enjoyed 😊

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