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16 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods in Hindi | By Ishan

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16 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods in Hindi | By Ishan While most women aren’t exactly excited about menstruation, most realize the importance of this bleeding when, suddenly, one month it either doesn’t appear or it shows up when least expected. What’s going on when you have irregular periods? Or why do they suddenly stop? Let’s start by understanding the mechanics of the menstrual cycle. During a woman's fertile life, the eggs mature within the ovaries in a cycle that typically lasts 28 days (this varies from woman to woman and even from period to period). On day five of the cycle, about twenty eggs start to mature in the follicles of the ovaries. Each of these follicles is like a tiny fluid-filled sac. As day fourteen approaches, one follicle has generally matured earlier than the others and releases its mature egg to be fertilized. What happens to the other follicles? They shrivel up and are reabsorbed by the body. But the mature follicle transforms into what is known as a "corpus luteum," which is responsible for producing the hormone progesterone to prepare the uterus to receive the fertilized egg. If the egg is not fertilized, it disintegrates and dies. Likewise, the corpus luteum withers. This causes the uterus to shed its lining, the endometrium, causing the bleeding of menstruation. What is a regular menstrual cycle? Having a regular cycle means that the interval between periods is consistent. As mentioned earlier, it’s usually 28 days, but depending on the individual woman, can range from every 20 to every 35 days. What is an irregular menstrual cycle? Having an irregular cycle means that the interval between periods varies each month. That is, sometimes they come every 28 days, sometimes every 20, sometimes every 30. Having irregular periods is very common.The causes can range from something insignificant to something that requires treatment. For example, if you're a teen, your body's hormones can fluctuate and take some time until they find a balance. Therefore, it’s normal to have an irregular period during adolescence or, sometimes, for your period not to arrive in a given month. But, before we get down to business, remember that the main cause for your period not to arrive is a pregnancy. So, if your period doesn’t arrive, check to make sure it’s not actually a baby on the way. Now, let’s look at the most common causes of irregular periods: 1.Eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia 2.Excessive weight gain or weight loss; extreme thinness and obesity both cause your menstrual cycle to become irregular or even to disappear 3.Stress or emotional problems 4.Hormonal problems, for example, when the thyroid malfunctions Travel 5.Over-exercising: If you're an athlete and train very hard, you may stop menstruating because your body wants to survive and save energy and menstruation requires energy 6.Problems with the pelvic organs (such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, for example) 7.Drugs like birth-control pills can affect the frequency and / or intensity of menstruation 8.Breastfeeding Irregular periods or a stop of menstruation can be due to a condition called "premature ovarian failure" which causes a woman to stop having her period before age 40. This can be caused by radiation, surgery or chemotherapy, in the case of a woman with cancer. Don’t forget that if you are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant, you should use a birth control method you can trust so that irregular periods don’t bring you an unexpected surprise. Also, remember that even if your period goes away for a while, this does not mean you cannot become pregnant. You are still at risk! If you're not planning to have a baby, be careful! And, as always, I recommend that you consult your healthcare provider if you have questions about what’s causing your irregular periods. That way you’ll be ahead of the game if it’s being caused by a serious condition that requires treatment. Remember, your health comes first! Keep Supporting Us :- Website : https://www.ishanllb.com/ Website : http://www.eisarahi.com/ Email : help@ishanllb.com Facebook Official : https://www.facebook.com/eisarahiofficial Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/IshanLLB/ Other Channel : https://www.youtube.com/ishanllb Twitter : https://twitter.com/ishanllb Tags :- 16 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods in Hindi,Why the periods are irregular,irregular periods reasons in hindi,irregular periods treatment in hindi,desi nuskhe for irregular periods in hindi,late periods solution in hindi,monthly periods problems and solutions,periods problem in hindi,how to period come early in hindi,periods late hone ke karan,periods miss hone ka reason,late periods but not pregnant in hindi,masik dharm ka late hona
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Text Comments (749)
Nitin Nagar (3 minutes ago)
Sir I pill medicine khane ke baad periods late ho skte h Kya
KARAM DEV MANDAL (5 hours ago)
Pregnant women agar papaya khaya toh kya hoga..
Suman Devi (22 hours ago)
ser mara period kabi be sahi time pr Nai ate iske liye kya krna chieie
Talha Ahmed (21 hours ago)
Suman Devi aap ki age
Mona Gupta (1 day ago)
sir mre exams chl re hai nd brtaa khaye khob to muje es mnth period nhi aa re m kya kru
Tabassum Khan (2 days ago)
periods time meat k tukde aana kaisa hai pls jisko b pta ho bta de pls help me
Aisha Ghelot Ghlot (2 days ago)
Agr bahut Dino tak periods hota rahe to kya kare
Rohan Roy (3 days ago)
Mera name tulshika h mera dete bnd hue 13 maine hui h
Rohan Roy (3 days ago)
Rply plzz SR
Rohan Roy (3 days ago)
Mera ek sal se ni ho rahi h to qb kyq krhu
Jahanara Bhuyan (3 days ago)
Mera toh 5/6months ho gayi hai ,Lekin Kyun Abhi tak mujhe period Nehi a a rhi hai ,28 age ki hoon main.
Shubhpreet Preet (3 days ago)
sir muje hr mhine mc aati ha pr 2 din 4 din late aati ha yeh b karn ho skda ha prgnt na hone ka
Rahul Gupta (3 days ago)
Sir hamari Saadi 18 April ko Hui hai...aur meri wife ki last period 13 April ko hui thi..aaj 18 jun but abhi tak period nahi hua....aur Maine pregnant test v kiya tha..negative aaya.....Dr. V dikhaya kaafi dava v diya hai..but koi kaam nahi aa raha wife ka pet hamesa dard karta rahta hai. ...aur body jyadatar tym kaafi garm v rahta hai..plzz Kuch sujesetion dijiye...thank you
Soma Mukherjee (4 days ago)
good video
Raja Singh (4 days ago)
1-3din ke baad bhi na ho to mera to10-12 din ho gye hi bataye ab kya kre
puja kamble (5 days ago)
Shadi ke bad bi 40 din tak Nahi aate. Sir kya kare
Roshan Yadav (5 days ago)
adhik jankari ke liy samprk kare 6393523281
saurabh gupta (6 days ago)
Bhai meri gf pregnent ho gyi 30 day ho gye hmne mefijest teblet khilai but blaoding 1 day hi hui Help me bro.......
Ravi Shankar (6 days ago)
40 din ho gaya nhi hua, pregnancy test negative hai, Kya karu
Vidhi Patel (6 days ago)
Knowledgeable vedio thanks
Saraswati Padmashali (6 days ago)
Helo sir
Saraswati Padmashali (6 days ago)
Hi sir Mai bhaut confused hu ki mai pregnant hu ki nhi kyuki march mail 16 KO hua period mujhe pir April mail 29th KO aur abhi may 30 KO but abhi ka bliding mai gaate jaisa hua blid nhi hua Mujhe thyroid hai Maine check ki pregnancy kit se negative aaya So pls tell wts problem
Period late se ane pe koi dikat Hoti h kya
ATYANT GAURH (8 days ago)
kailash kumar (9 days ago)
Fiding Kya h
Nikita Chaudhari (9 days ago)
Sir meri friends ki period miss hone ko 13 din upper ho gaye or test kiya to negative aaya iska kya matlab he
Koustab Borgohain (10 days ago)
3 months nhi hua sir ...kia hua hai??
Ashwani Kumar (10 days ago)
Muja ap sa bat krni h
Ashwani Kumar (10 days ago)
Plzz send number
Rama rama (10 days ago)
Ripley to kro sir
Rama rama (10 days ago)
apna no do
Rama rama (10 days ago)
ab kya kru ma
Rama rama (10 days ago)
mare bi nii aa rhe h pride
Iqra Jadoon (10 days ago)
Meri shadi ko 2 month hogai mje period ni hue pregancy test b kia wo be negative hai
Iqra Jadoon (9 days ago)
Reply plz
Janvvi Agarwal (11 days ago)
Sir maine sex ke 48 ke andar i pill le lia tha..kuch dino baad mujhe meri periods date k 10 din pehle period huye par bhot kam huye bas 2 ya 3 din phir maine 2 baar pregnancy test kia toh negtative aaya... aj pura month ho gya hai abhi periods nhi huye or mujhe pregnanncy jaisa lag raha hai jaisa breast me dard kamar me dard toh kya main pregnant hu .. plz bataye sir
Fazil Khan (11 days ago)
Ek help hona ta
Fazil Khan (11 days ago)
My period ek mahna 20 din nahi ta ab period ho gaye kya karna hai
Reshmi Burnwal (12 days ago)
Thank you so much sir,,,this video is solve my problem 100%,,,thnk you sir & thnk you again
ISHAN HEALTH (12 days ago)
Ur welcome...:)
Brijesh Jha (12 days ago)
Hello sir I am Pooja sir 3 baar mera miscarriage huaa hai last miscarriage 27 January ko huaa tha or fir uske baad meri period sahi se ho rhe they lekin sir mujhe last period 28April ko huaa tha lekin fir May me mujhe period nhi huaa or me pregnant bhi nhi hu Maine pregnancy Kit se apne period ke Mis hone ke 8 din baad check kiya tha to ab Aap btao sir ki mujhe kya Karna chahiye kya mujhe apne Doctor se mil na chahiya ya fir thoda or wait Karna chahiye
ISHAN HEALTH (12 days ago)
Aap doctor se mil lijiye
think you
Azhar Wani (13 days ago)
Sir 10 months hogaya periods na hua Doctor n.a. bataya ki Ap maa nahi banogeee ,,,,Sir please reply what I can do
ISHAN HEALTH (12 days ago)
Ye to chekup se hi pata chalega
Sanjay Jadhav (13 days ago)
Muze piriyed 2 mahine ke bad ate he kya kre may yeg 21 he pzzzzzzz pyar😢😢😢
deepak sonkar (13 days ago)
क्या आप अपना मो०न०बता सकते हैं?
makvana manoj (14 days ago)
i love u
makvana manoj (14 days ago)
Sayeda gajala (15 days ago)
sex krne k kitne din m pregnet ho skte h???
ISHAN HEALTH (13 days ago)
5 days me
Suneel Kumar (15 days ago)
My gf got last period on 16th Apr and I had sex with her on 20th May, but she is not getting Periods till now. She always remains stressed. She is very worried and can't talk to anybody about this problem except me. What can be the reason ?? Please help us. We are very much tensed.
Shadab Khan (15 days ago)
Kya baby ko fiding krane ke doran mahila ptegnent ho sakti h?
ISHAN HEALTH (13 days ago)
Han ho sakti hai
Aarti Rajput (16 days ago)
Divya Soni (16 days ago)
Or is br b pregnant nhi hui plz reason btay kya wo miscarriage tha
Divya Soni (16 days ago)
Periods agr 15 days lt ho jay to kya iska reason miscarriage b ho skta hain qki esa mere sath hua h tb jb m baby plan kr rhi thi
Main period 19 din bad relesonship rakha next month period 10 late hogeya Kiya e pregnancy hai plz ans Mee urgent
sunilkumar sharma (16 days ago)
Sir mere wife Ko period 2 month bad ATA hai ya dawa khati hai tab ATA hai pls help me
Rajni Choudhary (17 days ago)
Agar pregnancy negative ho or prioed ruk ruk aana to iska ky matlb ho sakta h
Skin Care with women (17 days ago)
Mera m.c april ke month me hoaa th or may me hoaa hi nhi ab june chl raha h avi v nhi hoaa hai meri shadi nhi hoye hai to fir aise me keya krna chaheye keya mujhe docter ki help leni chaheye or pechle 15 din me hm mote v ho gye hai achank se plzzz aap btye keya wajah ho skti hai jo mera m.c 1 mont aage date ho rha hai
V super Advice
sudhanshu Yadav (18 days ago)
Sir period jyda se jyada kitne late ho sakte h 10 din 8 din ya isse above, jb hum pata kr sake ki hum pregnent h ya nhi
numa limbu (18 days ago)
last tme 14 ko huwa but next time 23 ko huwa kuch problem tho nehi haina plz reply me sir
Karmur Kajal (18 days ago)
Kitan din let ho ta ha peryad
Shraddha Prajapati (19 days ago)
Jagdeesh prasad (19 days ago)
Please send me your contact no.Dr.
Anuradha Gupta Anu (19 days ago)
Mujhe hamesa 2 mahine date change hota aur 10 din let hota hi hai kai baar 2 mahine baad hi hota
Purnima Das (19 days ago)
More 2 monthly helei pirada haini ku kichhi salisn kuhz
Mohb Arif (19 days ago)
sir kitne amar me ladkiya paygnent hoti hai
Ishwor K.c (20 days ago)
sir appka nbr de sakta he to aaaur achcha hotay me call karunga
Ishwor K.c (20 days ago)
sir i am ishwor from nepal please sir this come is most be see one girl havent mens since 7 mosths how to she do continiou mens pls help kya karna chaiya 7 months hogya mens nahi huwa kya karna chaiya sir jarur bataiya
PrEm RoCk (20 days ago)
Period let aana, sex karne se to nai hai.yani ki sex karna period let hona to karn ho sakta hai ya nahi.
Pranju Shingaru (20 days ago)
ishan health kya apka contact number mil skta hai
md naushad (20 days ago)
Md Naushad Raj Afridi
Deepa Dwi (20 days ago)
Sir aap ne replay nhi kiya
Anil Patel (20 days ago)
sir mene pahli bar sex kiya h waif ke sadh srf 2 din 3 din peeriyt rha 2 dino me mene choice ka estemal kiya 2 goli whaie colar ki to Kya sir ..esme pregnent ka khtra to nhi h ..
Shiba Murmu (20 days ago)
Peat mea dord kyun hota hea..
Rosan (21 days ago)
Meri ek dost he.. Jab uska first time menstraution huwa toh 9 months ko baad dusra menstruation cycle huwa.... jyaada garmiki vajah se kabhi kabhi yuhi blood aata hai... period kabhi kabhi regular he kabhi irregular... vaginal cancer ki 4/5 symptoms bhi milthi hai... kya karna chahie?
Raj Singh (21 days ago)
Sir app ka phone number de do pls
soyab shaikh (21 days ago)
Plz 45 se jyada din ho gai hai or abhitak nahi aai hai Or unmarried hai
Deepa Dwi (22 days ago)
Please ans dijiye
Deepa Dwi (22 days ago)
Sir me married hu hmmari marriage 4 month huye h es month jo piriyad huaa usme drak brown seaport huaa 3 days jese normal hota h vesa nhi yesa kyu please btaiye
Sweety Dwivedi (22 days ago)
ab mai prgnant hona chahti hu tho consive hi nhi ho rha sadi ko 2 years ho gye
ISHAN HEALTH (21 days ago)
Aap ek baar test kra lo pta chal jayega koi problem to nahi hai
Sweety Dwivedi (22 days ago)
hello sir mujhe phle one week after but abi 2 month se date se baad me 2 ya 4 din baad
Period delay hua h sir.... Or heavy bleeding and blood clot b ho rha h... Or 10 din tak period aa rhe h is case m pregnancy k chance h kya sir
Thanku so much sir....
ISHAN HEALTH (21 days ago)
Nahi koi chance nahi
Dimpal Verma (22 days ago)
sir humne check kiya tha ki hum pregnant hai ki nhi to kuch btaya hi nhi but sir sex ke baad bhut halka sa blooding hua tha Date 16 ko pr is month period nhi aaya plz sir ko solution bataiye plz bhut tension ho rhi becoz reply me sir
ISHAN HEALTH (21 days ago)
blood test kara lijiye
Sonu Sharma (22 days ago)
Sir meri mangetar ki date 19 tarikh ko aati thi lekin abhi tak nahi aayi he pls kuch suggest kare
ISHAN HEALTH (21 days ago)
Pregnancy test kariye
Ffkfidyckc Hcjfgkf (22 days ago)
Sir Mai 2 mhine let hogyi hu pregnancy bhi nhi h Kya kroo mujhe bhutt tenshan h Mai baby chati hu
kavya Waghmare (22 days ago)
Thanku so much sir.........😊
Shahrukh Pathan (23 days ago)
Sir mere vife Ko shadi ke baad priad 15 16 din let ho rahe hai
Sonam Devi (23 days ago)
sir meri shadi ho gyi h phle mujhe mc aate the bt shadi k Baad 3 month nhi aaye fir Mene dwai khai or fir 1month aa Gye bt uske Baad ab 5 month or ho Gye aaye hi nhi Mene dwai bhi khai doctor k pass dikha kr bt fir bhi nhi aye Abhi m dobara dikha kr dwai kha ri hu mujhe kya karna chahiye........
ISHAN HEALTH (21 days ago)
itna zyada let hona bilkul acha nahi hai. sahi se iska ilaaj karao test krakr
Milan Telange (23 days ago)
no sir
Anshunan Kumar (23 days ago)
Very nice jankari
Marta Wahge (24 days ago)
Agar periods one month ruk gye.aur Phir nxt month se hogye bolne se Uske kya reason hogi?
Rahul Singh (24 days ago)
sir mere wife ko period nahi aya 7 din ho gaye.... abhi ham child nahi chahte.... kya kare
ISHAN HEALTH (24 days ago)
Pregnancy test kariye
Shivani Goutam (24 days ago)
AGR unmarried ladki k period na ho es month mc abi tk ni hue kyu hua me pdhae b ni kr pa rhi hu
Shivani Goutam (24 days ago)
ISHAN HEALTH last month m b let hue the period .m not married no physical relation ships .
ISHAN HEALTH (24 days ago)
Koi reason hoga let hone ka. dhyan se pta kariye
Payal Tiwari (24 days ago)
sir me preganant hu per fir mujhe period walye symptons hotye asa kuu
Payal Tiwari (24 days ago)
+ISHAN HEALTH ha sir achi tak to bleeding nhi hui but mera wahi question asa hota kuu
ISHAN HEALTH (24 days ago)
symptoms se problem nahi hai lekin bleeding nahi honi chahiye
Manisha Manisha (24 days ago)
Sir maine pregnency test kiya negative tha or mujhe is month period nhi aaye h or abdomen Drd hota rhta h sir plz hlp me m Kya kru jldi bta dijiye
ISHAN HEALTH (24 days ago)
Blood test kra lijiye
Shalini Kumari (25 days ago)
Awesome vedio.👌
santosh yadav (25 days ago)
Physically relation bnaya hu to use doubt hai ki pregnant hai to kya kre ki pregnant na ho
Mithun Vishwas (25 days ago)
Sr help me 20 din ho Gaye mc nhi Aya kya kare
prakash rajput (26 days ago)
Thank you very much
Ramesh Gupta (26 days ago)
Sir mere bibi ko 35day ho gaya tha aur aaj aaya hai lekin black caller ka kuch gada pdarth nikal raha hai ye kyu hua hai
prakash rajput (26 days ago)
Periuod let hone par sharir pe kya probhab hota he
ISHAN HEALTH (26 days ago)
Koi problem nahi
prakash rajput (26 days ago)
Piriud let hone par problem kya hota he
Sandeep Badsha (26 days ago)
sir ye bataiye ki Meri abhi nayi shadi hui h or Meri patni ko pichale mahine to period sahi time pr Aya tha lekin is mahine me jis date ko period ane wala tha wo Nahi Aya or 10 din upar hogaye hai or pregnancy kit se check bhi kar liya hai kit me negative Aya hai phir period ane me let kaise horaha hai or mai abhi baby nahi chahata hu aap mujhe jald hi bataye ki mujhe kya krna chahiye sir video ke madhyam se jaldi bataiye please I'm waiting your answer Sir
ISHAN HEALTH (26 days ago)
Aap blood test kara lo. kabhi kabhi HCG kam hone se kit me test clear nahi aata
Neelam Ghosh (26 days ago)
Kya parried Kai 13dien mai pregnant ho saktai hai
INDIA kisaan (26 days ago)
Sir 3 month se bhi jada Ho gya but wife ko period nhi Aa rhe

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