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Top 10 My Favorite Openworld Games for PC

4049 ratings | 607498 views
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Text Comments (481)
Dolly Chamuah (1 day ago)
please make Gta6
Reza Esparpoos (1 day ago)
only assassin creed syndycate🤜❤❤❤
GamErS gUiDe (3 days ago)
hae anyone wanna sub to sub
Rakesh Kumar (4 days ago)
Which link you from download
Harandar Bharti (5 days ago)
GTA 1 best game
Archana Mishra (7 days ago)
Where is sleeping dogs 😡
Sxdden (8 days ago)
Guys Just Cause 3 is amazing, you guys should buy it!
darkoes darkoes (8 days ago)
are this your playthrough? too bad i never watch worst playthrough(s) than yours before.
King Marvel (8 days ago)
Do you have the download link for Assassins' Creed:Syndicate
Arma III best
Abdelrahman Ashraf (10 days ago)
JC3 For free or what
Zombie Apocalypse (10 days ago)
ASMITA BANERJEE (11 days ago)
Gta,amazing spiderman,saints row,splinter cell,wildlands,sunset overdrive,dying light,the forest,dead island ,state of decay ?
Rubrixie (12 days ago)
sleeping dogs?
Super Mario still the best.
Aniket Gamit (13 days ago)
amazing BrOoo👌👌👌👌
Its Freak (13 days ago)
Man where is Mafia 3 and Gta V ? :((
Sharvesh Sharvesh (14 days ago)
Far cry 5 is the best
5-minute- craft (14 days ago)
Far cry 5 is best
MaxFury 394 (14 days ago)
It is not farcry 5
flowergreeeeed (14 days ago)
Well.... not quite games for best experience with gtx 960.
Harambe Killz (17 days ago)
why do you say for pc but you use a controller
CD-GO Gameing (20 days ago)
Gta 5 = lots of bugs bad ai good graphics open world
Salah Callofduty (20 days ago)
عندي ميكرو حطبة هذو منلعبهمش حتان ال2030
Pc Games Info (21 days ago)
Where is GTA 5 man
Gaming Zone (21 days ago)
Why gta 5 not add in video
Karamveer Singh (22 days ago)
GTA 5 ka lia khya honhya chai PC ma
Nitish's technical (23 days ago)
all games name
noob (25 days ago)
This comment section 60% gta is best!!! 40% [this game] is better then gta!!!
MusIC LOveR (25 days ago)
cox sagolun
MrVangassen (26 days ago)
Switched off as soon as I saw watchdogs
Seeraj Azzam zz (26 days ago)
Hitman is my favorite game
Tanim Ahmed (27 days ago)
Gta v is nothing compared to witcher 3
Radwan Bounekta (28 days ago)
Desperados 2 plz
nice game.
ESWARI S (1 month ago)
Please put for 32 bit pc like windows xp
PRO GAMER (1 month ago)
Assassins Creed origins and gta 5? Whole video is shit
Where is GTA V
Prince sing (1 month ago)
How to download gta v for PC
Omq (20 days ago)
press alt+f4
manaek turnip (1 month ago)
Review is not good,,this for me 👎
DragonSkaterrr (1 month ago)
cant argue that assassins creed is just one of the best assassins games
GodGave (1 month ago)
Hi are you Azeribaijan
AllGamesReview (1 month ago)
GodGave (1 month ago)
AllGamesReview Yolunda uGurlar
AllGamesReview (1 month ago)
Salam, Bəli
Ferlin Resnu (1 month ago)
Hello guys, i want ask..., can you give me information about games genre open world for my specs : I5 8250U up to 3.4ghz 4gb ram ddr4 Nvidia geforce 930mx/intel UHD 620
Sujit Mondal (1 month ago)
Batman n Just cause 3 just amazing its cool.
Just Play Games (1 month ago)
'My favourite" ya ve va bla bla bla
Just Play Games (1 month ago)
I think this is showoff
Successful Dramebaaz (1 month ago)
GTA V is best😍😍😍
Ro-HiT Gaming (1 month ago)
You Should Put Download Link in Description Also🙂
ABDULLAH HACK (1 month ago)
Great lovely frind.But I have already end this games nice job
clash with me (1 month ago)
Did you seen batman arkham city gameplay??
Twooter Dude (1 month ago)
wtf?? zombies in far cry 5?
Gamer Raihan (1 month ago)
sepmoses tagalog (1 month ago)
where is fortnite
ReaperisLyfe s (1 month ago)
yo for those is complaining why the hell GTA is not here Read the Title "My Favorite" Do you guys understand?
Golden 47 (1 month ago)
People took the time to comment no GTA 5 in the list, but didn't take the time to list all the games so people dont have to watch the entire video
Plain Idiot (1 month ago)
wtf is this outro
Marl0nC (1 month ago)
Watch Dogs 2 is bae
just cause 3 is crap you get to a serton mission and you cant get to another one and it wasent the end enemys wouldent stop coming
Coa (1 month ago)
Watch dogs 2 have very nice story everyone should play it
Gently K (1 month ago)
What r your PC parts
fammy dumb (1 month ago)
top 10 favorite games on pc but he uses controller...
Katarina Marijanac (1 month ago)
I came here cuz Im tired of league of legends.
hacker tech (1 month ago)
Game ki link toh upload kardete
The Gamer HP XP (1 month ago)
why you didn't like gta 5
DJ Skyryon (1 month ago)
Where is MAFIA 3 ???
DJ Skyryon (1 month ago)
Where is DMC & mass effect?
Ecl1psE Gaming (1 month ago)
I tried out FC5 but didnt quiet like it. I think FC3 was the best in the series
Nishita Saini (1 month ago)
Please no gta v i cant download
Avril (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me what is open world games ?? Im pretty sure that must of these games are not open world !! I mean must of them are adventure games like Witcher and gta are open world
mdTechsakil Sk (1 month ago)
How to download need for speed payback.. Bro
EmptyNone (1 month ago)
I have Far Cry 5, but I can never interest myself enough to finish it. I'm mostly forcing myself to finish it. Far Cry is always in the forests, never in the city. It's boring.
Laxmi Bankhwal (1 month ago)
The best game is mario
Daffa Surya (1 month ago)
Im glad gta v is not here..i mean come on man..too many micro transaction..the story was good enough for me but i kinda like wd2 more than gta v bruhh
Saurabh Bansal (1 month ago)
Where is sleeping dogs
Gta 5 becomes boring!
Saleem Khan I remember it!
Saleem Khan (1 month ago)
1,40,79,899 views responsive if you remember its release on 2013 .......
games hacker (1 month ago)
Gta 5 😱😱😱
ChrisTann (1 month ago)
Where is Assassins Creed Origins man!!??
Creative Crazy Girls (1 month ago)
Hello good game
Fadi Munir Gabra (2 months ago)
What’s game in thumbnail
Aquarius Rising (2 months ago)
London is lovely.
abani patra (2 months ago)
please leave buy link
Emwan Emran (2 months ago)
Far cry 5 is very optimized if you tweak setting.ini. Look out lowspecgamer for far cry 5
Dejvas (2 months ago)
I wish far cry had 3rd person view
PJ CARTER (2 months ago)
How about the Forza Horizon 3 and State of Decay
Omq (20 days ago)
meh i guess he doesn't have an xbox to play forza horizon 3
jo namasaya (2 months ago)
AllGamesReview You Like Need For Speed? But You're Type It Like Need Fo Speed
mary bermudez (2 months ago)
El maldito de nacho si no nombra a otra gente no es NADIE, pobre maldito..
Yashvardhan Singh (2 months ago)
Where is dying light
ORAN GameRR* (2 months ago)
where is gta 5 and prototype 2
Bikram Dhiman (2 months ago)
The open world games I really enjoyed were watch dogs, sleeping dogs, saints row 2, just cause 2, gta san andreas, mafia 2 and driver san francisco. I'm sure PS4 exclusives like uncharted and yakuza would be even better.
Hiphop Is Life ✔️ (5 days ago)
sarmin sultana why does gta v be on everything now rockstar only doing online and trying to milk as much money as possible it isnt fun
sarmin sultana (14 days ago)
and where is gta 5 in your list
Amir Dehnavi (2 months ago)
this are exactly my favorite open world game...nice choice but i recommend play skyrim and gta v
M Haseeb (2 months ago)
Irshad Irsha (2 months ago)
link y
Bhamini Kirtan Patel (2 months ago)
Only i love ubisoft games and I have the maximum
Ashfaq Ahmed Khan Niazi (2 months ago)
can I run far cry 5 on 4th generation laptop core i3 with 4GB ram?
RAZOR TUBE their is no video card in my laptop!
RAZOR TUBE (1 month ago)
ian play far cry 5 whit 8fb ram intel core 3 and gt x geforce 1050 ti
RAZOR TUBE (1 month ago)
Ashfaq Ahmed Khan Niazi u can
Sir_ Ram_ (2 months ago)
8gb Ram no graphics card Game
Gaming Browser (2 months ago)
Am very impressed your video
Mark Frost (2 months ago)
Really good games!! Awesome video man 👍🏻
Flying Business (2 months ago)
Payback is not an open world !!!
UsR Lovers (2 months ago)
Saleem Khan (1 month ago)
Ocean of games sai download karo
Shadow Bullet (2 months ago)
In this video there are many games is my favorite games too.

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