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RV Life: A Day in Town, Vegan Food Shopping, Haircut, and Meeting Viewers!

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Get More Content with Friendlies with Benefits on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/CarolynsRVLife Another day in my favorite free horse camp near Somerset Kentucky in Daniel boone national forest. Today I pack up and go into town to get a haircut, get an oil change on my RV, pick up mail and go vegan food shopping! Come along with me! Get Carolyn’s RV Life Gear! Visit my store: https://teespring.com/stores/carolyns-rv-life Do you want to learn the Marketing strategy I used to get 20,000 Subscribers in just 40 days? Check out my YouTube Marketing Success Guide: http://www.carolynsrvlife.com/20000-youtube-subscribers-40-days/ CAMERA GEAR: Cell Phone shots: Samsung Galaxy S7 : http://amzn.to/2xG52bp Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard (Special Thank You to "A"): http://amzn.to/2xEUrgP Main Video Camera: Sony Handycam FDR-AX33 http://amzn.to/2xJaHzd ACTION CAMERA: SJ4000 use promo code: Carolyn for 10% discount http://sjcamhd.com/shop-sj4000-series/ Tripod - Albott 70": http://amzn.to/2fVawaJ Monopod: http://amzn.to/2wY5N2h Video Editing Software: Corel VideoStudio X10: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8303439-12502718 Stock Photos from BigStockPhoto.com : Use this link to get 7 days free: http://mbsy.co/Bigstock/29729891 MUSIC CREDITS PHOTOS CREDITS: none CarolynsRVLife.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertisingfees by advertising and linking to amazon.com
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Therese Dignard (2 months ago)
Have you ever tried making your own Kombucha during your boondocking stops? It would be a great experiment. Not to mention that I would sure like to know if it's possible. I have known people to make ginger beer on their sailboats, but the Kombucha needs five days of "stillness"....or does it? One thing is certain...it is costly, if you don't make your own. I love that stuff, and am considering starting to make my own. Love all the sharing and adventures in your life. I will need to check out that Hilary burger. Thanks for the tips. Safe travels always. I see this may be an older post by the window issue on your rig, but hopefully you'll see it. When I lived on my sailboat for a year, I made my own kefir and yoghurt and it was awesome. Got caught up in the rat race and forgot about all these simple, and fun, endeavors. You, Bob, and others are an inspiration and I hope to cross paths with you in future travels. Be well. Hugs and Light. Cheering you on from the sidelines. :)
Sonia Hanley (3 months ago)
That’s gorgeous wow thank u for sharin :)
Nana Deborah Lewis (3 months ago)
I have IBS and must eat glution free. Hugs
Grannies Road Trekking (3 months ago)
Ya ever stop at Farmer's Market's
Grannies Road Trekking (3 months ago)
Love the du 😄. WoW haven't been to a Kroger's for a spell.
Shannon (5 months ago)
Do u follow the McDougall diet? Your face looks so young, clear and vibrant.
Robin Lillian (6 months ago)
I am glad to see that you take B12, since you are a vegan. Many refuse to take it out of pride. BTW How difficult is it to park a small Type C RV in a parking lot?
Tammy Martinez (6 months ago)
If you like garlic pistachios you should try green chile garlic pistachios from s company called heart of the desert based in Alamogordo, NM. Their really good.
Chelsea Tarver (6 months ago)
Fats don’t make you fat. Not advice--it’s a verifiable nutritional fact. Personal trainers eat high fat high protein low carb diets for a reason.
Chelsea Tarver (3 months ago)
Carolyn's RV Life Ketosis is science. Hyperbole is not.
Carolyn's RV Life (6 months ago)
I disagree. If I ate a gallon of olive oil every day. I'd get fat. FACT
Hilda Hickey (6 months ago)
I like the "do"
Maitland Moore (7 months ago)
Bobs cool. But your cooler. One day I'll be out there 2. I envy u.
Valerie Viramonte (7 months ago)
I really appreciated learning how you choose your food. I’ve eaten very healthy in the past, need to get back to it.
Sara Hughes (7 months ago)
I feel like I have shared the day with you, which is lovely. Thank you .
Eastern Cowboy (7 months ago)
But the nut tacos are mostly good fat.
Carolyn Tolliver (7 months ago)
Ouch! I wish I could send you some of my hand made shopping bags. All those plastic bags, (but you probably need them for your trash disposals.)
JenBellingham (8 months ago)
One of my favorite videos yet. I love the peek into your "daily grind." Your campsite looks fabulous (and your hair does too)!
TheDtfamu89 (8 months ago)
I hate grocery shopping, but I love watching you do it.... go figure.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
lol... :-)
TheDtfamu89 (8 months ago)
Never seen the inside of a Kroger before. I'm in the land of Publix.
Angela Munroe (8 months ago)
Carolyn u r not nice at all so I will not watch your videos people right u and u don't even talk to your views but unfortunately u need r money take care
sharon anderson (8 months ago)
my apologies. i see you do do organic tofu. so imp. i know you do not ask for comment. but i have lately become aware of how much glyphosate is in soy. so hats off and apologies.
Cyndi Brown (8 months ago)
Great big Capone grin at 12:35 <3
Thefrugalgal (8 months ago)
Hey Carolyn , I found some Hillary's burgers at my small town grocery store! I bought them on your recommendation , I hope they are good, and they were only $2.85!
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
good price. I hope you like them!
John Lanni (8 months ago)
You look great. Been watching your videos. We can't decide on what kind of rig to put together or go class C. Have looked at and thought of eveything and Combo. Too much to get into here.
Tom Lueck (8 months ago)
Hey Friendly! Ive really enjoyed your videos and wanted to give you a big kudos about your bravery on embarking on this RV life. Stay adventerous, and Thank you for sharing!
LD NOTW (8 months ago)
Kevita ginger lemon sparkling probiotic drink is my favorite drink.
LD NOTW (8 months ago)
The hair looks great.
Rachel K (8 months ago)
I expected those people at the car place to pull out a banjo.
Barbara dragonflyz (8 months ago)
love your hair cut. :)
ddudley2066 (8 months ago)
I love your new haircut!
David & Gail (8 months ago)
Like your haircut! I put peanut butter on my caramel corn rice cake; it’s a good snack. I like dates, but never tried the almond ones. Next time I am at the store I will buy some. Happy trails from CA!
Jerry Larson (8 months ago)
B. E. A. utiful girl.
Carol Dodson (8 months ago)
I loved the look on Capone's face when you were putting the groceries in Matilda! He's so sweet!
Love Mind (8 months ago)
Love it Girlll..😍💎💯🙌👏🙌
Rainbow Cats Art (8 months ago)
It looked like beautiful day in your video. Safe travels!
Debbie Neal (8 months ago)
Krogers is my #1 place to shop for groceries!! :-) i shop at the one on Bryan Station Road , so if you come to Lexington, Maybe we will finally get to meet. i want to give Capone a Big hug too.
Daisy S (8 months ago)
Wow! I wish we had anywhere near the amount of choice of Vegan/vegetarian food choices her in New Zealand that you do there! It would be so simple and easy to eat well over there! And the prices, whoa, totally envious. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip, o find it really interesting to watch
Debbie Neal (8 months ago)
i live in Lexington, Ky. not very, very far from Somerset,.Ky. Have you been in or near Lexington yet? Would Love to meet you and Capone too!
Regena Groen (8 months ago)
The Krogers here don't have clothes lol!! HUGS to you & Capone!!! Happy camping all alone where its Quiet...
Brian Gonyea (8 months ago)
you look great
Cyndi Foore (8 months ago)
I love your haircut, it frames your face nicely. You should keep it that length, i do like your natural color too, maybe you can explore that someday, not telling you what to do just the way I see it. Beautiful site you have, you’re not far from me in Northeast Ohio. Kroger moved out of Ohio and Pennsylvania to bust the unions, so they didn’t have to pay the workers livable wages. I won’t shop from them or Walmart.
Destination mobileone (8 months ago)
Wow! Your foods cost so much there in the US. $5 for two peppers. £1 in the UK for two.. $1.26 = £ 1. wow!
Destination mobileone (8 months ago)
Nothing wrong with felling human. Sorry done it again ! Looking good Girl !
Destination mobileone (8 months ago)
Carolyn. B12 pills are fine . Treat your self to some meat. Big sausage may help! All that time on your own. ....Big12 could be just the ticket ... Sorry i couldn't help my self !
Laura Smith (8 months ago)
Plastic bags? Your hair looks great, you are an inspiration to me. My house is closing within the week, buying my Airstream.....then on the road. I'm a California woman, going to hang out on the west coast until I build up my confidence.
Lisa M (8 months ago)
I am going to have to try that chipotle mayo!!
Michele Wallace (8 months ago)
Love your hair! Gotta love those little country roads ;)
Carol V (8 months ago)
Nice day in town.
KRoseVideo (8 months ago)
Very nice.
Sapphire Sword (8 months ago)
Carolyn, I don't want you getting angry at me, but, -- The most important oil to check isn't oil. It's the wheel-bearing grease. These oil-shops never do that! They never check - and repack - the bearing grease when they do an oil change. Your home is riding on 4 bearings. Those babies get HOT and need grease. Every puddle you drive through washes some of that grease away. When it gets hot, it drains away. Your bearing need re-greased every year AT-LEAST. And that is in normal conditions. Are you living in "normal" driving conditions? If you go into a grease shop for a grease-job - 90% of the time - They will not do the bearings. You have to tell them to re-pack the bearings, or it will not get done. If you go into an oil-changing shop, they will not do the grease-job. They will only change the oil. You have to tell them to do the grease-job. I hope you have good wheal-bearings, because it's a real job to have a wheal seize-up and catches fire. Very expensive repair. Every year just before Thanksgiving, we always do the re-pack of all our bearings. It's just good maintenance.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Thank you Sapphire for the advice. I did get that checked last year and do need new wheel bearings. Another thing on a long list. Thanks for your concern and help! <3 BTW, I never get mad when advice is given with such kindness and concern! *hugs
Linda (8 months ago)
Love your hair x looks great x
Chris Germana (8 months ago)
Love the country music and your vegan fat comment was hilarious!!!
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Mechanic Steve (8 months ago)
Hi Carolyn!! I wish I knew someone that was Vegan because I would like to try some of the food. I'm 46 and I'm at the age where I'm burnt out on the foods I usually eat and looking to try something new to eat. I have never had kale or tofu. What foods do they taste like? I love a variety of vegetables. Be safe out there my friend. I enjoyed the video.
Karen Carter (8 months ago)
Really great cut and nice frame of your face! Nice job?
The Red Road Warriors (8 months ago)
That hair cut looks Awesome !!!
Dena Collins (8 months ago)
Carolyn, thank you so much for getting rid of the negative people who comment. I follow Your adventures as a fun bit of relaxation for me . I enjoy your travels. It makes me sad that so many people have to try to turn anything into a big issue. Touching Produce? Good God people you wash it when you get home. Im so sick of a country of people who know everything always have to be right and hide behind the comments. Thank for your travels and dump the trolls. Happy trails
juli tuli (8 months ago)
It is so true I have got to be so careful what I eat now takes a lot of work to stay away from processed and chemicals and all the nasty things takes a lot of work but I feel so much better I've lost 60 pounds and I feel better than I felt in a very long time I'm 63. It makes all the difference for me
centralohio1974 (8 months ago)
I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and opinions on food. I'm considering a more plant based diet and the info you shared will be helpful. Have you looked at the organic and gluten free options at Aldi? Also, great haircut. I know when I go for my annual cut I feel like a new lady.
Nocturnal (8 months ago)
Hearcut look's Fab Carolyn, Love it !! :)
Trevor Marty (8 months ago)
I'll have to try that Hillary's. It's criminal how much they get for that stuff isn't it? BTW Elissa and I LOVE your new hair style.
Cheryl Johnson (8 months ago)
Luv your haircut and videos
Cheryl Johnson (8 months ago)
Phillip Hall (8 months ago)
Also, your hair looks awesome! I really like it!
Phillip Hall (8 months ago)
Kentucky fan here!!!
Shelley Pitchford (8 months ago)
Your hair looks good! Maybe you should do this once a quarter. Kroger's recently added clothing and trying to take on Amazon's grocery business.
TexCyn RV Life (8 months ago)
I love KY! Been there many, many times. Such a beautiful state, as is Tennessee too. Being vegan is expensive! My monthly food bill is ridiculously low...thanks for sharing!
imfreetobeme8 (8 months ago)
Wow...my Kroger doesn't have all of that stuff...that was like a K-mart and Wholefoods all wrapped up into a Kroger. Great vlog!
Ann Marie (8 months ago)
Vegan! Yay! Thanks for showing people how many vegan options there are. I actually like the Gardein products. lol It is so easy to transition to cruelty free foods nowadays. You might like a kale, orange juice, avocado, pistachio smoothie---- so good.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Ann, yes, I used to make a lot of smoothies in my former life. Now, electricity (to run a blender) is not an unlimited resource, so less of that.
Barb Hayes (8 months ago)
Welcome to Kentucky! I’m sad to say that organic produce is kind of hard to find in the ‘heartland’. I’m surprised your not seeing more color in the leaves where you are ... right now I’m in Paducah and seeing all kinds of color. Looking forward to the next video. Cheers!
Jude Stucky (8 months ago)
I try to eat gluten free vegan as well. the darn eggs seem to snuck into everything
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Jude, yes they do!
LvnLivinFree (8 months ago)
They did a great job on your hair, looks really nice :) Thats what I need to do is get a haircut, least the deadends trimmed, my hair is so long, I keep it in ponytail all time, maybe this winter can keep it down more lol. Thanks for sharing, Kentucky is such a beautiful place :)
Brenda Akers (8 months ago)
Is it that warm in Kentucky? No jackets needed? Wow. This year is warmer here than last year too. Just this week I started wearing a flannel shirt. Last year at this time was full winter gear, freezing cold.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
This was shot in September
kastlight59 (8 months ago)
Love this video! Thanks for taking us to the store with you. I'll have to try some of that chipotle mayo! Love you and Capone Carolyn💕
Lori mortis (8 months ago)
Thanks for letting me tag along on your shopping trip. I use to eat that fake meat products full of fats and salt. Capone knew you went to buy treats! This was fun . I am so far behind on video viewing please forgive me.
Victoria Bermudez Wingo (8 months ago)
I am vegan toooooooo. Plant based since Feb 2015. I so agree about the fake meats and other processed vegan food.
Sylvia Knoop (8 months ago)
You’re looking great!
Sylvia Knoop (8 months ago)
You get fat on fat and sugar together. Every farmer that Ramses pigs knows that. Saturated fat is good for the brain! Dont believe me but please do your own research. Skip the factory food !
Max Artman (8 months ago)
I enjoy getting my hair coiffed too. I generally take less than 10 minutes to do my hair so when someone puts the razzle dazzle on it, I feel special. Your cut looks great! I'm excited to try the mayo you mentioned. I'm hooked on Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayo.
Minsy S (8 months ago)
Loving new haircut!
bookmouse770 (8 months ago)
Nice haircut...frozen section in your market is expensive....make quinua burgers with some chickpeas and chia seeds...add toasted herbs seasonings, soy sauce and brown with Pam spray. Remember there is sulfites in bottled lemon juice, potato starch....(I have asthma). If broccoli has yellow on the ends it's just flowered and is still good. Nice campground :-)
bookmouse770 (8 months ago)
sorry: it's the Mom in me XD
Southern Rebel (8 months ago)
Don't worry about the bears in these parts Carolyn. They are looking for meat, they don't eat vegans, lol. Did you end up buying my kind off broccoli or are you doing without? I think you and Bob Wells make a great team. Thanks for another great video sweety, I hope you have a great week and YHVH bless.
Alex G (8 months ago)
Never grocery shopped with someone who goes through a similar thought process -it was funny those diy nut tacos did seem expensive but the pic was appealing
Larry Caruso (8 months ago)
nice haircut mountain lady! lol. beautiful abode. Carolyn & Capone rock!!!!!!!!!
Kathy Adam (8 months ago)
Have you noticed that the closer you get to the east coast the fresh veggies look old and welted? I was shocked. We are so lucky on the west. Coast. Must say the folks are much nicer than the west coast. Love the Midwest folks.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Yes, I have noticed that.. :-(
Carol the Crazy Camper (8 months ago)
Being groomed is part of feeling human. All animals clean and groom themselves .
Carol the Crazy Camper (8 months ago)
Oh absolutely about 3 years ago I stopped dying my hair and I let it air-dry ,good idea. But we all know how we like our hot showers. And just like monkeys pull out bugs from the hair, I think we like somebody washing our hair and cutting it in grooming us LOL
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Not with blowdryers and chemicals.
Ajay Johnson (8 months ago)
Great Video Carolyn !! Loving the sharing of daily activities !! Thank you for sharing your life. <3
Michael Mulry (8 months ago)
I change my own oil in my RV instead of paying an arm and a leg....you can too
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Mike, good for you! For me, by the time I run around buying all the parts and then dealing with the used oil and running around finding places to recycle it, I'd rather pay the $30 bucks and the 15 minutes to have someone else do it.
Wear indicator on a brake pad squeaking. Go too long could trash a rotor.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Nope, that's not it.
Carla McKinnon (8 months ago)
Love love that top...where did you buy it?
Zan Thornton (8 months ago)
Ginger lime/lemon kaboci <however it is spelled> is best tasting. And i always leave 1 for someone else.
Zan Thornton (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing ur rv life! Hair looks great too!
Tarryn Wood (8 months ago)
Hair looks great! :)
Tammy Vaughn (8 months ago)
Love the haircut!
John G (8 months ago)
Nice Haircut (:
Nick Marandola (8 months ago)
Hey Carolyn, lovin ur vids .. From security standpoint when will u get that window fixed?
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Security??? it's 6" tall....
Laura Love (8 months ago)
I was fascinated by your diet, I am also gluten intolerant, but I am a bit confused now... my Dr told me that Wheat, Barley Rye and OATS all have gluten in them. I am not judging nor giving advice, please don't misunderstand me, I was just curious about the oats actually.... were you aware of the gluten in oats, or am I being misinformed I wonder....? Love your videos !! and the new haircut is GORGEOUS !!! have a Golden Day my friend !!
Laura Love (8 months ago)
I hope I didn't offend you !! I feel horrid thinking I may have... please know I was only curious and not being judgmental in the slightest .. perhaps I am oversharing here now, but I found that gluten gives me a skin condition much like psoriasis or eczema ( I never could differentiate the 2 ) however now I am wondering if it is gluten or perhaps it could be wheat...I am of the opinion that our health is definitely tied to our diet, and I was truly interested in your choices of food. If you were offended, please accept my sincere apology, and know I admire you greatly, and that you are an inspiration to me. I have taken on a 2nd job so I can save for a class A or Class C RV and travel the United States . I currently am living vicariously through your videos and admire your strength, courage, intelligence and moxie ! Keep on keeping on Carolyn and Have a Golden Day my friend
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
I am not gluten intolerant. I am wheat intolerant.
teamcougars (8 months ago)
A lot of JCPenny’s have salons I worked at one in Chico, CA
Heather Coffman (8 months ago)
Pumpkin is great for Capone's tummy troubles. It helps nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea. A couple tablespoons of canned pure pumpkin will fix him right up. He can finish the can over a couple or few days. I hope Capone feels better soon. Love following you both. Thanks
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
yes, pumpkin is part of his regular diet
Alice In VanLand (8 months ago)
You look great! Safe Travels, friend!
Karen Washienko (8 months ago)
If you haven't been to Land Between the Lakes (KY/TN border) you should really go there while you're in that part of the country. Just beautiful and oh so peaceful. Google it. Love you videos and have been a subscriber for a few months now. A 63 year old single woman who was "terminated" from my job in July. Sh*t happens in life all the time. In the process of selling my house and will be solo RV FT next year. Hi to Capone from me.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Karen, I'm sorry you lost your job. It sounds like you're making the best of it and will love being on the road!! Good luck with the house and thanks for being here!
Ocean Girl (8 months ago)
FYI: Whole Foods is much cheaper since Amazon took over.
Carolyn's RV Life (8 months ago)
Ocean, I didn't see a huge difference in the ones I've visited in KY.

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