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Colombia: See what food Anthony Bourdain calls "a thing of beauty" (Parts Unknown)

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Anthony Bourdain travels to Bogota to eat in a place that has served traditional Colombia fare for over a century.
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Diana Hernandez (1 month ago)
Wow same food as here in my country
Captain Falcon (1 month ago)
Is Columbia using a dead man for advertising? FUCK COLOMBIA
max krause (1 month ago)
Rest In Peace Anthony, you are missed everyday
Me encanto ver el capitulo donde anthony bourdain comia sancocho y morcilla y tomaba aguardiente en una de las comunas de medellin cuando visito colombia. Que pueda descansar en paz .
Colombian born New york raised i miss you buddy. Such genuine empathy towards others and such a street philosopher Your depth of understanding of the human condition made everyone watch Your perspective will be greatly missed I watched you religiously
S DLC (2 months ago)
I'm Mexican but I love me some Colombian beef and potato empanadas with aji hope to visit Colombia one day I just need a guide😆
P.F Changs (2 months ago)
Bourdain you will be missed!!
Wilfredo Martinez (2 months ago)
Descanse en paz.
Steven Minegar (2 months ago)
Tony, I went to La Puerta Falsa right after you. I am so sad you are gone. Much too soon.
YEIYEI78 (2 months ago)
Anthony used to ask the questions and really explore the difent cultures in the world, Colombian tamales, the best!!!
Rocio Hidalgo (2 months ago)
Rocio Hidalgo (2 months ago)
carlos f. (2 months ago)
I’m going to miss you very much Anthony. Thank you so much for showing your country the good things from the rest of the world,specially the places that United States citizen see as third world countries.
R.I.P 💗
Nubia Rodríguez (2 months ago)
Anthony nos vas a hacer mucha falta, sigo es shock... que gran pérdida para el mundo...😢
Jairo Barreto (2 months ago)
RIP Anthony Bourdain 😥
HEXAGRAMXXX (2 months ago)
Anthony you were a good guy! Thank you for visiting Bogotá and La Puerta Falsa, the most traditional place in downtown Bogotá where you can have traditional breakfast, food and local candies!
Diego Fernando Loaiza (2 months ago)
Anthony pudo haber tenido un mejor guía que ese viejo baboso. D.E.P.
Adrian Paredes (2 months ago)
Wendy Potter (2 months ago)
I am so sad about the news today :( He was amazing!
Rocio Hidalgo (2 months ago)
Evan Adkins (2 months ago)
I love Visiting Colombia. A yearly trip.
jenninandez (2 months ago)
If you come to Colombia you will fall in love with the country, Colombia have the most beautiful and warming people on earth...
Jon Swartz (5 months ago)
Anthony says everything he tries is the best thing ever.
dyy Fethiiyhn (5 months ago)
Such a nice shill story on a shill network. Just do food, we don't need stories about changing things. We all stuck in a mosonic world that CNN and others bow down to. 33 is life and CNN HQ is it
Tony Soprano (7 months ago)
I want to visit Colombia real soon. My parents went to Colombia when I was a teen All there friends said they were nuts. My parents are Italian but we live in Canada My mom spoke fluent spanish so language was not an issue. My mom god bless her said it was one of the most beautiful vacations here and my dad ever had. They have been all over Mexico, Venezuela , Cuba, Dominican etc etc Also said the food was by far the best they had in the Caribbean
Juan Atuesta (8 months ago)
NOthing about the food? Not a single commment...just drugs. Seems like he was looking to get some
Pablo Alarcon (9 months ago)
I lived in Colombia for half of my life and to be honest, I’ve experienced more contact with drugs and violent incidents in the United States than in Colombia
Izio Shaba (2 months ago)
and you're four years old
saigonbond (2 months ago)
Samurai... Shithole Caracas (the capital of Third-world Venezuela) has been ranked among the top most dangerous cities in the world for decades. In fact, it currently has the 2nd highest murder rate of any city on Earth with a population of at least 300K. Shithole Caracas was ranked as the most dangerous city on Earth last year. Shithole Caracas has the GDP of Oregon and has been on the verge of social, political, and economic collapse since dirtbag Chavez and now scumbag Maduro today. Reuters reported that 90% of shithole Venezuela lives in poverty!
saigonbond (2 months ago)
Pablo...(1)You're clearly lying. (2)Third-world Colombia is barely the size of California+Arizona. (3)FARC terrorists are still prevalent and are now in your government. (3)You've been in contact with drugs and violence because you're a third-world scumbag. (4)You being a third-world scumbag has nothing to do with the USA...you're just a scumbag.
Jeffrey Osborn (2 months ago)
SamuraiSamra There are slums all over Caracas. I'm not sure how you define homeless but the way many live there would quickly be defined "homeless" in the west. Having a "roof" over your head isn't the same as having a home. Case and point, Centro Financiero Confinanzas.
Jeffrey Osborn (2 months ago)
Statistics would disagree with you.
alvaro garcia (1 year ago)
that "a thing of beauty" it´s from inloved tolima!!
Vijay Ram (1 year ago)
after all he has to come India to test the various tastes from e to w ,,&. n to s .... thanks
Rocket Power (6 months ago)
What are you trying to say? Why are you speaking in codes.
Princess Consuela (2 years ago)
hearing my 6 yr old son say to me "mom your the best cook ever!!" the best!! kids really believe that. even if it's something not fancy like cheesy scrambled eggs, your moms will always be the best.
TheDastan96 (1 year ago)
unless grandma cooks for them, then she will be the best!
VANNA DIMITROVA (4 years ago)
Ben Incahutz (4 years ago)
You're an idiot and skank. The beautiful women in Latin America had you pissed off huh?
Ben Incahutz (4 years ago)
You cant even spell it correctly. Its spelled Colombia you freaking idiot.
andrés OCAMPO GIRALDO (5 years ago)
Latin America an awful place?? maybe our cities are not as developped as yours, but in terms of history and natural diversity you are very poor, so think twice, hugs from colombia
Captain Falcon (1 month ago)
andrés OCAMPO GIRALDO hugs? You think hugs are very nice yes? Well think again *stabs you
saigonbond (2 months ago)
The history of Latin America is amazingly diverse. However, the McDonald's down the street from me has more diverse citizenry than Latin America. Reforms to address ethnic diversity in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico didn't even happen until the late 1980's. Politicians had to amend national constitutions to even recognize indigenous people, passed laws supporting bicultural education and affirmative action, and added questions about race and ethnicity to official censuses. The legacy of indigenous empires, colonialism, the African slave trade, and contemporary immigration...these questions about ethnic difference were long suppressed.
Andrea Ariza (5 years ago)
Only one thing to say: VIVA COLOMBIA
Imitation Krabs (5 years ago)
hojima (5 years ago)
those points of lord of the rings were often the worst.
Siempre que voy a Bogotá, voy a La Candelaria, visito la librería más grande del país, la del Fondo de Cultura, detrás de la Catedral primada, y luego paso al mismo restaurante tradicional a comerme un buen tamal, antes de subir a Monserrate
kicktotheballs (5 years ago)
go fuck yourself alenjandro
Imitation Krabs (5 years ago)
As hard as it may be for youth believe, Tolkien was a Catholic and there are many things in the LOtR trilogy which were inspired by his faith. To put it simply, the LOtR would not be quite the story it was if it wasin't for the Bible.
TheEschwank02 (5 years ago)
actually it was inspired by the same thing that inspired the bible: human imagination.
Chicho (2 months ago)
TheEschwank02 U have no proof of that
Lolaya (5 years ago)
You do know that Lord of the Rings is inspired by the Bible?
Alejandro HP (5 years ago)
Anthony, your shows are terrific. Not only do they give globalization a shot, but they are also quite entertaining. In spite of this, viewers must endure your horrible accent plus, the shows script writer must be fired at once. One more thing, do not attempt to say anything in Spanish unless you've done your homework first. Thank You.
mapple34 (2 months ago)
Alejandro HP Go fuck yourself.
TheEschwank02 (5 years ago)
Lord of the Rings has a better plot than the Bible.
saigonbond (2 months ago)
And less fiction
Chicho (2 months ago)
TheEschwank02 stfu
dAn (5 years ago)
But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, Matthew 24:37- And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. The left has nothing to offer now! Even this moment they are right in the midst of prophecy.
Estes en la Gloria de Dios por siempre.

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