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Why are the Dutch so tall? BBC News

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The Dutch are, on average, the world's tallest people, but it hasn't always been that way. So what happened? Scientists believe a number of factors are responsible, such as genetics, better diet and medical care. But now there's another theory. Research from the London School of Tropical Medicine suggests that natural selection may also have something to do with it. Jane O'Brien went to the Netherlands to find out more. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Text Comments (3395)
funnybomb (3 hours ago)
Im indian and 6'4
Muhammad Fauzan (1 day ago)
i am indonesian and i am 5.7
Polo Breezy (1 day ago)
I’m Dutch I’m 14 and I’m 6’3 my dad is 6’7 and my mom is 6’2
H B (1 day ago)
in America we have a lot more immigrants with lower heights having babies. white people are usually taller.
stefan teuling (2 days ago)
THE BIGGEST BULLSHIT EVER!!!!! I am a Dutch person, so I should know!!! idiots!
Georges Petko (2 days ago)
They "achieved" that? Is it a target to achieve? He's a scientist but clearly he is unaware of words
Joel Danao (3 days ago)
Ancestry and diet .
S K260790 (3 days ago)
All the excess growth hormone from so much dairy intake like milk and cheese
Slenderkiller801 (3 days ago)
i'm Dutch and i'm 232cm (7'6 feet) i just can't imagine a american less then 6 foot.
mansoor ali (4 days ago)
Every person middle finger always tallest from others fingers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😅😀
Hairul Shah (4 days ago)
My self just 6 feet not that tall but I'm Asian & already hard difficult to find shoes size US12/UER46 since I staying at Malaysia typical guys here wear below UER44, kinda suck & its same happen to my cousin He standing 6'7 wear shoes size US16/UER50 so can imagine for us consider giant already here in Asia but not in Netherlands , oh by the way my Mum just standing 4'11 😋.
N14 (4 days ago)
Muslims will infect the Dutchlands. French on the west, germany in the west, norselands on the north, uk on the northeast...I hope you guys wont be infected.
B BG (4 days ago)
Americans are not an ethnic group, it's a hodgpodge.
king morons (5 days ago)
5.10" manlet her :(
hmcccpp (5 days ago)
in the 17 century they were actually one of the smallest nation in europe,
xXl Malik lXx K i n g (7 days ago)
Im 5'11"😢😢😢😢😢😢😢fk
OriginalXx - (7 days ago)
bruh 2.05cm is 6'9
Sara Ahmed (7 days ago)
When I was 11 I was 1 m 63cm and I live in Belgium
A random Nigga (9 days ago)
The perfect height for a women to me is like 5'6 and perfect height for a man to me is like 6'4
Not your business (10 days ago)
Main question is why are they so unbelievably rude and uptight. I was shocked working at a dutch based company - very rude and arrogant.
Not your business (7 days ago)
Julius Civilis No outside, not saying they are all bad. But blimey it was quite a shock to me. It's not good for them in a work environment either. As if you act like this in 99% of the world you'd be fired very quickly.
Julius Civilis (7 days ago)
Not your business Did you wotk with ppl from Amsterdam?
Communism Will Prevail (11 days ago)
Give me some of you ur height I am 6ft 3
AlmostMLG SKRUBS (12 days ago)
What's the point of measuring their shit if they can be conquered very quick?
Sudip Gorkha (12 days ago)
I'm an Indian and I'm 186 cm Why I'm so tall?
Jobje Rabbeljee (14 days ago)
And some meds slow down development so less of that ?
Jobje Rabbeljee (14 days ago)
Because they do not chase the teenagers out of bed, so they can grow ?
nik izzat (14 days ago)
Because cheese is cheap there if you know what i mean
whoahh (15 days ago)
Im 9 now im 22
Dennis Staughton (15 days ago)
Kaas? Pinda kaas?
Sandeep Singh (16 days ago)
Hii i am 5'10" from india.
Yusuf (16 days ago)
Oh, I had a Dutch friend she was 163cm, Ironically her last name meant big hahahahhaha
ilham satria darmawan (16 days ago)
because of elephants didn't live there?
ilham satria darmawan (16 days ago)
donate your sperm for indonesian girls😆
Yuri Katsuki (17 days ago)
im a Japanese girl but 5'9. I feel too tall :c
Michael Dave Lee (17 days ago)
i think they masturbate a lot during teens while eating cheese and probably they sleep longer... ... this triggers the release of growth hormone during teens and this promotes rapid mineralisation of calcium in the epiphysis area of long bones...
Jessie Chelliah (17 days ago)
I would love to get to know a Dutch guy. Always had a soft spot for them. Been to Netherland few times it's a beautiful country.
Noor Uddin (17 days ago)
Mark Thompson (17 days ago)
I'm the oldest son and my younger brother and father are taller than me. smh
Zepherian (18 days ago)
The country is flat, so the taller you are the quicker you see the punani.
iMeMySelf (18 days ago)
The short answer is horse dna.
Bodil Soldeberg (18 days ago)
Well, when sea comes in only the tall survive, this has been confirmed btw.
jonis jebisow (19 days ago)
heard dutch people got some serious preety girls!!
Xargxes (19 days ago)
What the hell is an inch?? And a foot??? Back to the stone age. You even measure weight in stones...
Hey 205 in cm tall its 6.9 feet tall and not 6.7 6.7 feet tall its 201.202 and thats it
Austin Brothers (20 days ago)
Golden Haze (21 days ago)
Im 5'7 170cm living in netherlands very short for a guy.
Itz Harsh (21 days ago)
I am 5.3 13 years
Martial Kintu (23 days ago)
There must be some specific gene. Multiple genes are involved in height but it doesn't explain why certain ethnicities are taller.
SovietMuffin (23 days ago)
Some metrism pls...
JedyR16 (24 days ago)
Algún español o latinoaamericano No quiero estar solo Puff yo mido 1.70 5'7 pulgadas
AboriginalBoy (24 days ago)
Am 6.3 and a person of colour, the Dutch were nice to me when I visited because am tall like them! lol
AboriginalBoy (14 days ago)
Am from a place close to palastine , a place queen Sheba ruled once before, yeah I have seen a tall pretty woman, I didn't know Dutch were known for height at the time so I was like "ohh waw they look bigger than average uk residents" they were also blonde and beautiful their men too. But they seem distrustful of foreigners. It takes time to gain their trust
Vegeta (14 days ago)
Israel ~ PALESTINA. Average is height is 5'8, and me is 6'3. Honestly, I've never seen anyone taller than me. These dutch kids in the comments are making me insecure, they say I'm 7 feet 13 years old
Julius Civilis (15 days ago)
Vegeta Yes I saw today anyone who was 6ft5. First i taught it was a female, but it was a tranne. Btw where are you from?
Julius Civilis (20 days ago)
Vegeta No even in THE Netherlands its rare to find a woman who is 6ft3,. Im Dutch and can confirm. Btw don’t forget that most people in THE comment sectiom exaggerate about there height.
Vegeta (24 days ago)
ζ MIKA ζ Have you seen women taller than you?
Jack Jones (24 days ago)
Al the short Dutch people of old died in all the past floods , its simple when you think about it . lol.
Nava Chetia (25 days ago)
That explains the English's indulgences to the extent of dreaming of duchess lording over the duch
LORD SAIYAN (25 days ago)
thats too tall
blue moon virgo (25 days ago)
the ancient dutch were taller..those new modern ones are kind dwarfs compared with the ancient dutch and i did not see much tall people in this video.only 2/3.
eolhc (26 days ago)
why are chinese so short help
Potato Potato (26 days ago)
If you're a man under 6 feet tall please don't have children. Being short is a curse.
SPLIFF_L0RD (23 days ago)
Potato Potato HHahah ur rude af
Aleksandar Trifunov (26 days ago)
Balkanians are much taller!
SpaghettiKillah (27 days ago)
Thing is being that tall presents health issues later in life. In fact the longest living people (italians and japanese) are short. So joke's on them😂
Felipe Montoya (27 days ago)
2m and 50kg? Wtf?
XY ZW (28 days ago)
The video did a fallacy by comparing the differences in height in the span of 150 years of Dutch and Americans. Dutch is a white nation. Compare them with white Americans to be fair. This "natural selection" (sexual selection) theory is bogus. All the non desirable short people's genes still have to go somewhere since most people, no matter what traits, reproduce. And also, men don't go for tall women despite the guy in the video. The reason why the Dutch are the "tallest" is because they're not. Most of West Europe is essentially the same average height as the Dutch when you exclude non whites immigrants.
CoolDrify (28 days ago)
damn here in america i feel tall at 6'1. id be a shrimp there. hopefully i can still grow since im 17
Quang Phan (2 days ago)
DIO the fact that if your a boy you can still grow up till you are 22 or 23,so dont worrry i think you can be a 6 feet soon
DIO (19 days ago)
CoolDrify bruh I was supposed to be 6’3 by 16 and I’m a few months from turning 17 at 5’11. I swear I feel like I’ve been the same height since like grade 9 maybe an inch taller. I think I’m fucked :(
Oliver Linehan (28 days ago)
I'm a dutch 3 year old and I'm 12'15"
xxJing (28 days ago)
Being taller isn't necessarily a boon anymore outside of it being attractive to women. For instance, you will probably have to eat more than a shorter person, and wars don't rely on melee combat anymore so you will be a larger target. Buildings will have to be larger to accommodate you which means using more resources. I remember reading that taller people are also more prone to experiencing back pain. I'm not especially short btw, for an American, I'm about average at 5'11" (182cm).
eminemishh (28 days ago)
Average dutch man is 5'11 or 180cm.
Manny Ribera (29 days ago)
Its high dairy filled with hormones. Generations are getting taller in the west, but at the same time dumber and unhealthier.
Peter Woods (29 days ago)
I was told by a Dutchman its the growth inducers in pork
4555joe (29 days ago)
They eat cheese most per capita good for bones!!!’
Nenad IC XC Shuput (29 days ago)
Duch are desendants of aciant Serbs From Dalmatia.
lamine ahmed (29 days ago)
I think dutch select thé Giants pet's they eat Giants pork giant bunnys from Holland and à lot of edam.In Kenya people are tall because they eat milk ans meat of giant cow of Africa.
Alfredo Badass (30 days ago)
Because they are dicks
Tori - bot sama (1 month ago)
VERY BIG feet 😏
You guys don't eat boterhammen with hagelslag. Thats why.
me me again (1 month ago)
I wonder what the weather's like up there
rymd pojke (1 month ago)
They are tall because they don't eat shit. You are what you eat.
Dennis Xu (1 month ago)
To be closer to the sun.
David M. (1 month ago)
When I was a kid, I thought the Dutch were Irish, I thought they were all bald and all of them had long wooden sticks instead of lower legs thanks to which they not only were very tall, but also could run very fast, kick around and be very scary overall. I thought they would attack cities in groups, throw stones at everything, catch everyone who couldn't run away, then kidnap him or kill him. I don't know how I developed this idea, probably through some news reports about Irish riots, Dutch fotball fans or something similar, all blended together. But how did their legs became wooden sticks I don't remember.
Kelvin Wijaya (1 month ago)
wow... justin bieber will probably play seek and hide in this country.
Naz Alomran (1 month ago)
Yet Another Dutch Utopian propaganda. RESEARCH has shown over and over and over that the tallest people in the world are the Dinka people scattered around central and eastern Africa. Stop spreading these lies to the simple minded uneducated idiots watching this video.
Heng Yan (1 month ago)
As a gay man, I don't care whether they have big feet or not..I only care another body part..So is there also big? Haha
Ryoma A (1 month ago)
I'm a Japanese boy and I'm almost 16, but I only have 5'5".Never gonna go to the Netherlands.
Erin Yoo (1 month ago)
People say that tall people have big feet. I'm here standing 5'10 and I wear size 37
TheReviewSpace (1 month ago)
Diet, diet, diet. What do all of these tall countries have in common? Diet, their FOOD, their milk/calcium in-take over the generations. Why is that so hard to figure out? Short countries have poorer food & weaker nutrition.
Javier V (1 month ago)
Here I am at 1.78 m I need to gain more I am 18, and I want to be 1.85 m.
deychi Deadmouse (1 month ago)
im 5.5
haha hahaha (1 month ago)
I love woman with big feet and i have a foot fetish
Santiago Romero (1 month ago)
I'm 6'4'' from Argentina pretty tall for here at least but when i went to Europe i noticed lot of people around My height, especially in the Netherlands
matthew (1 month ago)
Short answer- genetics
The prince of darkness (1 month ago)
I think it's because the Netherlands have less kikes than the U.S, UK, France, and Germany.
polifatts (1 month ago)
But do they have big dicks?
absolutely nuts (1 month ago)
I dont understand,the dutch south africans are also very tall.Some thing genetic i guess.
Silvia B. (1 month ago)
Damn! I'm Italian and only 161 cm. tall.
Roosje Keizer (1 month ago)
Sono una donna olandese di 158 cm. Quindi tu vinci. LOL!!!
Adam Hall (1 month ago)
I'm 6' 1" and Dutch, I feel below average in the Netherlands hahah
GiesGames (1 month ago)
I'm dutch I'm 15 years old and I'm 1,88 meters
Danny Floyd (1 month ago)
I think the Dutch oven made them tall. Good food
CraftedWizardGirl (1 month ago)
I am a 13 year old Dutch girl and I am 5.57742782 feet 😛 Edit: Im now 5.64304462 feet
rolfmalang (1 month ago)
Our water consist of more calcium.
LB Rudz (1 month ago)
Most Dutch are not tall I bet most of them have less than average cock size
MegaDoug4 (1 month ago)
I'm trying to think of a pun with Dutch in it, but can't.
radnoen (1 month ago)
99,5 % of the people watching this are dutch
Derrick Lopez (1 month ago)
Lmfao idk thought this was funny.... a old friend of mine is half Dutch an Ecuadorian an I think he's 6'2

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