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6IX9INE "Gotti" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) Reaction!

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Text Comments (1635)
D&B Nation (2 months ago)
Subscribe To Our Family Vlog Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy
IP MENOH (14 hours ago)
DC Gaming (1 day ago)
D&B Nation colbennet edited the bid so those were his filters
Jordan G (15 days ago)
D&B Nation Cole Bennett directed it
Jordan G (15 days ago)
D&B Nation this was filmed the Dominican republic
Jordan G (15 days ago)
D&B Nation you always lit
Abel Amanuel (8 hours ago)
biannca is so fucking stupid
John Corwin (11 hours ago)
He Bo's not have no siblings he Edited the video
IP MENOH (14 hours ago)
IP MENOH (14 hours ago)
IP MENOH (14 hours ago)
IP MENOH (14 hours ago)
Rolando Mwf (16 hours ago)
React to adrien broner vs marcos maidana BEST highlights
Josefina Reyes (17 hours ago)
React x death plz
Dplay C-ops (1 day ago)
Amazing People <3
Kea Rämä (1 day ago)
React tati
XX KoolKid (1 day ago)
:) :) :) :)
Dushyant Singh (2 days ago)
stoop shouting cunt
Dushyant Singh (2 days ago)
love ya
kim (3 days ago)
His eyes almost popped out when he saw the girls ass
CJGOTGAME (3 days ago)
That’s his sister
tomas tewelde (3 days ago)
They still dab. Pleas don’t
king stays king (3 days ago)
U should react to tati
Aliomar Dejesus (3 days ago)
NBA youngboy never be happy
Sharon Moody (3 days ago)
The girl rolled her eyes so far back😄😄
Destini Beans (4 days ago)
Yall so cute together
KTG Fights 13 (5 days ago)
Quinton Fleming (5 days ago)
wassup it's little q and I did a rap just type in koot Mane and It will be the first thing that pop up
Taytom Barnes (7 days ago)
Y’all are slow af
Dorian Hernandez (7 days ago)
Omg! You should react to Enzo Amore “Phoenix” on WSHH!!
jon_123490 // (7 days ago)
Sandtrell BRODEN (7 days ago)
That's his girlfriend
Brandyn Brown (7 days ago)
Do one to Tay k I love my chopper
Keith Allen (8 days ago)
6IX9NIEis a dub
Reynaa Ojeda (8 days ago)
Please react to domo Wilson becoming my self music video I love y’all ❤️❤️❤️
Family Rodriguez (8 days ago)
U should react to bts mic drop
Intro/R.I.P. headphone users 🤣💀
Mekhi Bruce (8 days ago)
If u look good at it it's a filter
Robert Coca (8 days ago)
Embarrassing LeBron curry cantvdo this but argue over trump .what slickos..let video finish hater
andy chacon (8 days ago)
react to nba youngboy overdose
andy chacon (8 days ago)
react to nba young overdose
andy chacon (8 days ago)
react to youngboy overthose
6ix9ine RAPES KIDS
Kayla Manson (9 days ago)
Dang, I'm new to your channel guys and you two are super cute together! And Bianca, you're super beautiful 😍 I subscribed 😊
Kyle Burlette (9 days ago)
This song got me liking this dude
Raylin Peńa (9 days ago)
I guess they switched it up were 69 stopped screaming and damien and biancca started screaming
Eva Zepeda (9 days ago)
She got chicks
ironventure (9 days ago)
She a hodge twin???
Nikole Caradine (10 days ago)
69 is with blood and crips...
Louiewoesss 1 (10 days ago)
React to back when i was broke
Camylah Robinson (11 days ago)
Why he say one word in Spanish. Oh nvm its so it could rhyme.
I wish he stop stopping the video
Will Williams (11 days ago)
He's a blood and a crip
david ngewasi 33 (11 days ago)
Oof he getting in trouble , why would you look at a girl ass like that even tho your girl is neat by you
Luis the Gamer LTG (11 days ago)
david ngewasi 33 near*
Little Boy Lazo (12 days ago)
No wery we fuke withe baby blue no dark blue
Harmony’s World! (12 days ago)
Bianca need to chill she so loud like damn lol but any way love it
SuperFuckingBlueVegeta (12 days ago)
B dumb asf she thought 69 had a sis
Donald Sutter (13 days ago)
You niggas is to loud and annoying.
Golden chuy123 Garcia (13 days ago)
koolguyrx7Fd (13 days ago)
You guys are trying to hard. I get it if you trying to be extra. But definitely looks like you guys are out of character.
Kieria Smith (14 days ago)
Damien face when he said DAMN SHE GOT SOME CHEEKS !!!!!!🍑
Morgan Terry (14 days ago)
lil pump esskeetit
I Wear 6s o (15 days ago)
what set ya bang cuss with the hand shake cuh
Jordan G (15 days ago)
Damien and she got some cheeks you Biannca you got to be so happy about it
Xdeathrow RICO (16 days ago)
Dam she got some checks
OminousAlex (16 days ago)
anyone else annoyed by their annoying ass voices and how they make the same stupidest face in every thumbnail like seriously i don’t understand how these two autistic dumbasses are this popular like someone explain
Inácio 59 (18 days ago)
Fala mais devagar, meu inglês não é muito bom. Kkk
Aida Medina (18 days ago)
Bianca annoying
Dominic Minniefiels (18 days ago)
Yall ass asf cjsocool and royalty is way better and yo girl look like a man and royalty way colder and yall soft lime a cookie bitch
Angie Diaz (18 days ago)
6ix9ine with the crew yaaaaa
The Gamingmarshmellow (20 days ago)
Doctor teakashi if you screem one more time you’re volcol cords will exploded
The Gamingmarshmellow (20 days ago)
So he made gotti
Michael Neal (20 days ago)
My favorite color is red I don’t like blue at all 😂🤣😂🤣
Juana Mixcoatl (20 days ago)
That is his real teeth
Reklaw Auhsoj (21 days ago)
you guys deserve it all, good stuff.
jolie star (21 days ago)
Damian: DAMN SHE GOT SOME CHEEKS 🤣 Bianca:you don’t have to be so happy about it 😐
Morgan Blizzard (21 days ago)
I call him skittle mouth
Julia Cardoso (21 days ago)
sou do brasil e os seu videos e muito bom <3
mark Williamson (22 days ago)
react to overdose
Carson Media (23 days ago)
YFN Camo (23 days ago)
Stfu and play the song like DAYUMM
NDS Boys (23 days ago)
Damien glasses good as hell😂
NDS Boys (23 days ago)
Bianca hilarious 😂😂
NDS Boys (23 days ago)
Bianca hilarious 😂😂
Trevor Roberts (23 days ago)
U beutiful
Night Wolf (24 days ago)
React to caterpillar by royce da 5'9 and eminem
Hal Anderson (24 days ago)
wow that girl is retarded?
AngelFromHell (24 days ago)
In the beginning she was trying to keep up💀😂
Michael Broockerd (24 days ago)
He is all gangs
ant 21 (25 days ago)
Most annoyin couple on YouTube
Nautiah kelley (25 days ago)
Damion just replayed it so he can she her ass
Getsomemvse (25 days ago)
The way she looked at him while he watching that girl in the orange 😂😂 is me
Thanasi Dendis (26 days ago)
yo girl is dumb af
Blanco Gangsta (26 days ago)
Y’all react to YBN Cordae My Name Is
Queen Irie (26 days ago)
I agree with Bianca
Queen Irie (26 days ago)
About the music
Sarka Richson (27 days ago)
So do not scream you fucked fucking shit and so all the brothers salamaleikum from Kazakhstan.
Mambo WoW (27 days ago)
really dangerous in these country i like him he is really good
Mambo WoW (27 days ago)
haha dominican republic he is was save because he did not say he was coming this country is really bad he would get robbed and killed for 50 $ OR LES it is good that he came and gave money to the people but silence
Mambo WoW (27 days ago)
work in a call center like you guys
TheRayInPV (28 days ago)
autotune?... really? You wanna claim a set and be a rapper.. W-C
crazy kids (29 days ago)
Her implants came out of place🤣😂
justice swain (30 days ago)
its kind've weird that a white boi like 69 is saying nigga so much
Nestor Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Like so they can react to childish gambino this is america
Lit Vids (1 month ago)
I'm new to the channel and why are you so loud
awesoe145 kk (1 month ago)
Bianca sometimes can be selfish
naylan Fisher (1 month ago)
Thats his sister in real life😮😮😮😮😮😮😞

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