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Evelyn Champagne King Shame

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Video By Ryan Janek Wolowski www.ryanisland.com www.twitter.com/ryanisland www.ryanisland.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/ryanisland www.facebook.com/ryanisland www.youtube.com/ryanreporting www.flickr.com/photos/ryanisland
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Text Comments (11)
Jae White (1 month ago)
Gary James Mayes (6 months ago)
@RyanReporting. Why the ass were you looking at the camera when you were asking the artist a question? How disrespectful is that!
Jamie Todd (4 years ago)
Some needs to teach him how to interview people.. Why every time he ask her a question he looks into the camera  instead of looking directly at her. Is he interviewing the camera or Evelyn.
bailey1950 (5 years ago)
She has a GREAT personality.
Milton Joyner (6 years ago)
She still has that awesome smile!! She looks like one of those women, that would wake in the morning and STILL look good!!!!
Crystal Holley (6 years ago)
Lol She Is So Crazy Great Personality
canlqqk4me (7 years ago)
cool couple.....today we need more music w/ meaning.....thanx =))
stevescissors (7 years ago)
An ordinary girl with lots of magic here. Great and very talented artist.
Sandra Lawson (8 years ago)
And, that's why so reason loved the most about you. You are so down to earth with people. And, that is the most rarest of all. I love you very much. Evelyn!
Sandra Lawson (8 years ago)
I've been playing and listen to all of your other albums, as well. Oh Girl! I wish you would write me a letter, because there is so much, that I want to say. I have my very own Facebook, and I need a best friend. Please! Write me? Evelyn! Facebook: sandralawson18@yahoo gerald
Sandra Lawson (8 years ago)
Hi Evelyn "Champagne" King! My name is Sandra Dee Lawson. I wanted to let you know, that you are one of my all time favorite female artest. I also want to let you know, that I've just bought your brand new latest CD: Open Book 2008, which I have all six of them

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