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Police Officer Shortage Impacting Local Depts.

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The FBI recommends there should be about 2.4 officers for every 1000 people in a city.
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Lunix Windows (11 months ago)
Question is...what the is 2.4 officers? Like 2 officers and guy in a wheelchair or what? These decimal crap is pointless and stupid. Stop using them for real world application like the number of bodies...point four suggests someone got their legs chopped off or something.
black intel (1 year ago)
theirs no shortage of applicants.
Jesse Martinez (1 year ago)
As someone transferring from Houston to the RGV I've found it immensely hard to find paid positions, or even reserve positions. You can see at the end of the story they show a few departments with a couple openings, and the competition for those openings at times is pointless. I went to a Pharr civil test, 120 people showed up for 5 positions. I even was in Mercedes, but there were 40 applicants for those 2 positions. Here in Houston there's always openings at every department most of the time with 20-40 officers needed. The truth is the RGV has a lot of corruption issues, and lacks the funding for good officers.

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