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Don't Buy Prescriptions Online

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Class Project
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Modafinil provigil UK (18 days ago)
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Dead Eyes (1 month ago)
The Oscar goes to
Kirstin Rose (4 months ago)
This is dumb. It takes almost a month to get it so no it’s not fast also smart normal people do the research
Tony Moore (6 months ago)
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saumil shah (7 years ago)
Over acting and pretty bad dialogues
ontariobuds (7 years ago)
a good internet pharmacy will have multiple payments options, including Western Union. So at least they can't get your CC number. Worst comes to worst you lose your cash, also anybody with a brain will search the internet to find out if the website they are ordering from is a scam or not. It's pretty easy.
BOB LUDWIG (8 years ago)
gimme some pills.. u guys look like a bunch of youth ministy type kids trying to preach dumbness

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