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The "God particle" explained by Bill Nye the Science Guy

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Bill Nye explains a physics principle that he says could help unlock some of the universe's deepest secrets. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn Or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/
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Text Comments (1076)
Shakaama (15 days ago)
why is an actor trying to explain advanced physics? cnn is dumb.
WilliamR 97 (17 days ago)
Nice job team!
Orion Zaid (1 month ago)
We have everything perfect... we live into a perfect world with the perfect climate everything is just right that’s not all bye luck that’s impossible GOD IS REAL
Orion Zaid Ur completely wrong lmao, I thought you were another comment LMAO
Orion Zaid woops soory
Orion Zaid (21 days ago)
I Can't think of a name thanks 🙏
Orion Zaid what you said is kind of true
Orion Zaid (21 days ago)
I Can't think of a name what? 😂
fntime (1 month ago)
'God particle' explained by an atheist. (lol) Bill Nye was a mechanical engineer, if that's what you call a scientist. He along with PBS, CNN and most Progressive media is anti Christian. There are many better explainers of the 'God Particle' including Higgs the man who found it. Bill Nye is qualified to explain the 'braking system' of a plane but he lacks credentials beyond that. He's is dragged out when Progressive media wants to prove their ideology is 'scientific'. I'm sure he is a big proponent of Global Warming, homosexual normality, etc etc, 'Hey he's a scientist' (lol)
Next Level (20 days ago)
We humans are the 1 that gave that particle the power now how can we know if its for good how can we trust the unseen
Next Level (20 days ago)
Anti christian? Lol get real bud hes just saying what he knows so far thanks for the brainwashing lesson
fntime I'm glad u enjoy ur brainwashed view of the world
eric heine (1 month ago)
So this guy desides he's going to find a particle. Generates the math to predict the particle. Finds the particle and names it after himself. The Higgs boson particle, refers to it as the God particle. This all seems a little egocentric? What if it's just the Christ particle. OMG. I think the work is wonderful. But you can't help but make fun of something so wonderful. Iron American Dream on YouTube.
eric heine Lmao
Marco Crook (1 month ago)
Everyone right now! YES YOU READING THIS. PLEASE IF YOU CAN remove yourself from every source of false information and false idols. Most successful men now days are either in a secret sinister society which controls their life or are less successful and live to die for their own greedy purposes! I do believe we can be greater human beings so let’s take the time to go outside smell some fresh air and question fundimental problems that always happen everyday and try solve one problem at a time! Till we are all successful together it’ll be the strongest society EVER
Marco Crook you are silly.
Adrian Hill (1 month ago)
No Chill Fr (1 month ago)
These guys never watch cloverfield
Eric Fiji (1 month ago)
The real God particle is oxygen. It is aware and conforms to the observer that can control it. They are intelligent and respond to stimuli. I have seen first hand how Qigong masters can control the elements like the wind, flames, flowing water...etc. it's as real as the ground on which we walk.
Dan jonJaik (2 months ago)
These people are dumb still focusing on the subatomic particles to understand the creations of the universe. It’s not the subatomic particles, it’s the space between them
imicca (3 months ago)
Bill Nye used to be fun to watch, now he lefty SJW idiot
Hunter Shipley (3 months ago)
I believe in a god but also believe that science and spiritual actions in our whole galaxy itself it's all put together I believe they are other life forms to some intelligent then us and some in a wild nature there's so many planets and so many more and it keeps going on and on like a non ending river of galaxies there's some much to discover and so much more out there but the way think of god I think of God I believe could have set in motion the way of evolution itself just because there's not something happening here doesn't mean it's truly impossible somewhere else I believe our souls go to some form spiritual resting place or heaven but I also believe there's other life forms in some far different galaxy or universe might have the same idea in there set of thought but might be more different but still is more knowledge that we will not find out until many more centrys to come I believe there are so many different life forms out there some intelligent like us and technologically advanced or just bacteria or even different forms other worldly wild life forms just so much to find out about and so much beauty in just wanting to no more about space itself is really fascinating.
D Double (4 months ago)
JerkinShit (4 months ago)
these "scientific discoveries" wouldn't mean shit to anyone if it wasn't for the big news stations telling us that its true.
Faux Shizle (5 months ago)
Bill Nye, NOT A PHYSICIST or SCIENTIST, Nye is a Joke.
Rod Stevenson (5 months ago)
Anyone viewing this because of The Cloverfield Paradox? Lol
Yvonne Yates (5 months ago)
I can't stand these kind of people!!!!! How DARE YOU CALL IT ,,,,THE GOD PARTICLE,,,,,!!!!!
Chris Caldwell (5 months ago)
Leave it to CNN to consult an expert scientist who is not in any way a scientist. He plays on on TV. Calling yourself "the science guy" no more makes him a legit or qualified scientist than calling yourself a news broadcaster makes CNN legitimate news.
helwing703 (5 months ago)
This coverage would get like 5 views on FOX
jonathan Rivera (5 months ago)
Like if they open up another dimension or might bring something from another dimension.not cool
jonathan Rivera (5 months ago)
I think they should stop b4 they unleash something horrible
Jinx198 (5 months ago)
I will find the god particle and use its power to rule the universe MWAHAHAHAHAHA
Bully Monkey Baby (5 months ago)
Bill Nye corners himself in his own nonsense. Boring as usual.
Fastercrown 2.0 (5 months ago)
Bill Nye your mom's a guy
AlabamaJRB (5 months ago)
Yes, let's watch a mechanical engineer explain string theory....enter full retard mode.
Low Tek (6 months ago)
"science goy"
Nunya Bidness (6 months ago)
This is hilarious!!!! 😂😂😂 Bahahahahahaha!!!
Gurtington (6 months ago)
And then god said let there be homosexual interracial scientists discover secrets to the universe. Jokes. The HIGGS BOSON could change everything for us and I'm excited for it.
Just ForFun (6 months ago)
jeffrywg honestly I could ask you the same thing. Youre just gossiping about what you think he really is and I contribute a lot I help the hungry I give kids toys when they have nothing I also am a floor manager at a warehouse which you wouldn't be eating out anywhere without me so id say I contribute plenty and I would give more if I could. You have no idea what's going on in the world in reality all of you guys just sit there on your phone listen to someone talk about nonsense while it's being covered up by the real craziness that's going on do some research and you will surely find out some crazy things. Which will lead to more crazy things that you probably can't wrap your head around because you've been indoctrinated to believe whatever they tell you. I'll pray for you anyway because I'm a very honest and healthy loving person that cares and will wake anyone up to the reality of things if they open there mind to see the truth.
Epic Entertainment (7 months ago)
What if God created the big bang?
Amy Kruger (7 months ago)
A step closer to where we came from LOL!! We should already know where we came from!! How dare they call it "The God particle" when it was God himself that made our very existance (human beings) a little over 6,000 years ago!! That is the time when Adam and Eve were first created. The math is within the Bible itself to figure this equation out.
SC guy (7 months ago)
Why is bill nye explaining this
Kittymittens Knit'n (7 months ago)
This one say's it is all about the big dog training huh The emperor of adorable say's it is all about the dog braining huh
Kittymittens Knit'n (7 months ago)
Yes the adoring one *Pedophile Jesus* We are like really really big dog's with a snack upon our nose. That is what we are like, far as I know for where to shit. This snack say's "I am not a snack no no no, you are a fabulously adorable puppy yesh you are" This adoring snack, is not a very good really really big dog trainer. Yes he much prefer's little perfect foo foo hair doo doggy's "yip yip yip"
Kittymittens Knit'n (7 months ago)
Must be a piece of god are something, maybe dandruff Bill Nye explaining stuff don't usually work out, you guy's go to town though
Andrew Novion (9 months ago)
William Gue is not a Scientist.
Andrew Novion (9 months ago)
Neither is Bill Nye
Kenneth Pace (9 months ago)
Bill Nye trots out again. Genius of geniuses! He and Slim Goodbody will give us all the answers in the universe. Dr. Professor Emeritus, Medal of Thought Creator, Winner and Holder, Bill Nye, your ice cream truck is stocked with goodies and is waiting in valet and your favorite elementary school dismisses in 20 minutes. Get gone. D is for drive.
audrion bird (9 months ago)
Bill Nye is Garbage
Pale Feather Valdez (10 months ago)
I think they need to call it the evil paticle, cuz that's exactly what they are opening up, a can of EVIL................
Chilles (10 months ago)
This is the "What the fuck particle"
Greg Jacques (10 months ago)
delusional christians tainting science yet again.
Rndm Name (11 months ago)
So...what "secrets of the universe" have been unlocked?
Markis2bi4 (11 months ago)
Why not call it "The Perpetual Particle"? Because from what I'm getting is this particle is like a mini-big bang, only the energy doesn't stop, and perpetually produces said energy. Sure, "God" can be equatable, but we should be more grounded than mystical about this.
Jessie Hoffman (11 months ago)
I hate that nye has altered everything he had tought me as a kid to fit into the cnn liberal agenda. Proof that people will say and do anything to stay relevent.
Denzel Alfaro (1 year ago)
WAIT, IF PANGEA (for those of you don't know what Pangea is, it was our continents together in one piece until the plates underground started shifting and broke apart the land) WAS TOGETHER AND BROKE APART...AND THE GOD PARTICLE BRAKES APART STUFF DOES THAT MEAN THAT THE GOD PARTICLE IS ON EARTH? (Okay idk if its in space or on earth but don't judge me) CAUSE STEPHEN HAWKING SAID IF WE WOULD HAVE BUILT SOMETHING THAT IS BIGGER THAN THE EARTH, WE WOULD JUST WIPE OUT LIKE AIR. So? Idk I'm really confused...
Gurtington (6 months ago)
Denzel Alfaro try fixing that sentence and then I think we can help you. But the Higgs Boson (god particle) isn't something you'll just find like dirt in the ground. It's what makes up everything. THE base or foundation of EVERYTHING. The Higgs Boson is SO SMALL that you can't break it or destroy it by simple snapping a piece of toast if half. You know how you can keep cutting, say a piece of bread, into smaller and smaller pieces but eventually it gets to small to keep cutting? The Higgs Boson is smaller than the smallest piece of that cut bread. It's so infinitely small we can't even see it with our current technology.
Commander SG (1 year ago)
nice trailer for the new movie
Borat Sagdiyev (1 year ago)
I just came here for Bill
Dave B (1 year ago)
So this PROVES that god exists! Since we have found that every force can be proven by discovering its force carrying particle or boson, this proves existence of god: We know the electromagnetic fields exists because we found the photon, strong force has gluons which we have seen, and week force has W and Z bosons also discovered. So the force that is GOD had the god particle. If thats not a miracle that will make you go to church and put extra money in the till to make up for all of your sins, I don't know what is.
Lacey Mak (11 months ago)
which church? there are over 4000 different religions, good luck proving *your* god. religion is bunk.
Em Shaf (1 year ago)
that bowtie
Emmit Allen (1 year ago)
Everything was together, like Pangea. It separated to form many things, like Pangea. I'm noticing a pattern.
Nate (1 year ago)
You had me at "Bill Nye"
Jack Wright (1 year ago)
The person who coined the term "god particle" has a lot to apologize for. This is the kind of ludicrous hype we expect from tabloid "journalists."
Raiom Sarmento (1 year ago)
The correct name is Higgs Bóson or Goddammit Particle.
Beagle 32 (1 year ago)
the story of the god particle. humans discover the god particle and aliens tell them not to split the god particle. humanity splits the god particle and the entire galaxy explodes and the aliens think to themselves what the hell did we say humanity.
2D 🍌 (1 year ago)
MindlessSelfGuitar (1 year ago)
hope this isn't fake news
hardoise667 (1 year ago)
all that money to say that we find the god's particle...devil's testicules!
Tim DiBiase (1 year ago)
bill knows there's a God. but his god tells him to fool the mass he sold his sole years ago
Lacey Mak (11 months ago)
lol which god? your god? let me guess, you think that out of the 4000 other religions your god is the only true one, right?
Andrew Herbst (1 year ago)
seriously you know that father George is the one who discovered it and not Hubble
extra (1 year ago)
bill nye is the only scientist i trust
Mara Diaz (8 months ago)
extra - he has converted to Christianity http://thesatireblog.com/2016/08/05/bill-nye-converts-to-christianity-after-seeing-ark/
Danny π (1 year ago)
Bill Nye your a genius
Living White (1 year ago)
Is this fake news to it is CNN
Ascended One (1 year ago)
but photons do have mass...
Ryan McDonough (1 year ago)
mass in photons was proved by making solid light crystals, not black holes
Ascended One (1 year ago)
Pabs is love black holes gravitational pull is so intense that not even light can escape. Now why do you think that is if photons don't have mass? They do have mass just very very little of it.
2008alberta (1 year ago)
its called the god particle because originally it was called, That goddamn partcile..the scientists were so frusttrated with not finding what they wanted to find they swore at it and there the name became. Because of political correxctness, they didn't want to sound vulgar they shrotened it to, the god particle...THATS HOW THE "GOD PARTICLE' CAME TO BE NAMED, THE GOD PARTICLE.
Gregory GSR (1 year ago)
The big bang is a lie, big bang, blasting out, perverts
Memo Jing (1 year ago)
The god particle is made out of JESUS
Who the fuck is Jesus
Gurtington (6 months ago)
Harry Taylorson (1 year ago)
The God partial is active made out of space shit
qaqsqw (1 year ago)
What did he just say?
MisterChief53 (1 year ago)
OMG Bill Nye, my childhood
noob liker (1 year ago)
bill nye the "Scion" guy
Sairam Kaushik (1 year ago)
MisterChief53 (1 year ago)
Bryan Rosas-Hernandez the science guuyy
noob liker (1 year ago)
MisterChief53 bill nyeeeeee
ben nu (1 year ago)
oh! so we just have to lose our mass.
Batman_Slayer15 (1 year ago)
God said let their be light then a Big Bang
12345 6789 (1 year ago)
mandina373 (1 year ago)
basically proved that you can't create something from nothing. if everything is expanding out then where is the center of the universe. oh that's right we are the center of the universe as it is written. and you know there is no solid mass in the universe as everything is vibrating which translates to sound. so when someone spoke let there be light it was sound creating... actually not so hard to believe
kingcrimson234 (1 year ago)
that was a really shitty explanation honestly.
Jgigas (1 year ago)
Yeah, it's basically confirmation bias.
elonewalker (1 year ago)
the standard model is wrong.
SamG (2 years ago)
Wait why would he say that before the Big Bang everything was one thing when the Big Bang theory states that there was nothing until it happened
Evan Pushie (2 years ago)
the Bible says that, the big bang came from something beyond a super massive black hole, a 100% dense object that basically pokes a hole in space then it would "fall" out of that universe and create it's own. imagine a black hole that got so heavy say billions of times bigger than the one at the center of the milky way eventually gravity would recollapse the object into literal infinite density
ITAL BL00D (2 years ago)
all scientist are false prophets && demonic beings
Paula Acosta (2 years ago)
andre (2 years ago)
crack heads can come up with a better answer. even nye can explain it better.
Denzel Alfaro (1 year ago)
Greatness Has arrived (2 years ago)
For the generation believing in the laws and yourself.. The devil has a 🔥 waiting. So volunteering.. Sciences best answer like Bill Nye just said. I DONT KNOW
That one guy Benson (1 year ago)
Maxwell - (2 years ago)
Flux Antenna (2 years ago)
We've cracked the code of life - Look for Cracking The Code of Life in Amazon by Michael Mathiesen - needs Peer Reviews - Thanks
Hi_ImKyle (2 years ago)
They named it the God Particle since its meant to be the first particle that created everything, getting its name from what religions believe to create the world etc etc, God. If religions can call something that made everything God, then science can call something that they think made the universe God too. There is no rule saying you can't call what you like God. To be honest, I can't wait till they find it. It stops all religions pretty much since the God Particle is physical proof that The Big Bang was real. Then again that's what I want, I understand people want science to find they are wrong and religions can carry on thinking this humanoid being called God created everything. Admittedly I see that if science did eventually find this particle all hell would most likely break loose in all religious cities and communities but then again you have go believe in facts and proofs. You can't live your life based on lies. (I'm not saying God does not exist, nor does the God Particle.)
123abC (1 month ago)
Hi_ImKyle You sound like a straight up ignorant little downy kid.
Hannah Bucklin (2 months ago)
Hi_ImKyle In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, the very first line describes the Big Bang “In the beginning, there was light”
Honest Op (3 months ago)
The contradictions are strong with this one
ExcaliburAmi (4 months ago)
Hi_ImKyle You said "I'm not saying God doesnt exist" but went to contradict yourself by saying "If God is real he can prove me wrong, but he can't because he isn't"
Nunya Bidness (6 months ago)
Hi_ImKyle Pfffft 🙄
Daniel Strong (2 years ago)
Light has mass
Douglas Macrae (2 years ago)
Pseudoscience Guy
Zacpack91 (2 years ago)
TheUSDollar (2 years ago)
GLUE-ON HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I'M dying that was so funning ,so clever Bill Ny...............wait what.............................that's legit? Very creative name. I applaud you.
Sovet Bear (2 years ago)
In decadent west, scientists make God particle. In the Motherland, we make Godless particle. It is called Putino, after our glorious leader.
David Martinez (2 years ago)
It has nothing to do with God it's just a thing that gives things mass there just calling it that just dumbing down for them closed minded folks
Nick Powers Official (2 years ago)
Git outta here wit dat ding dang confounded God particle nonsense! Gypsy talk!
material fact i never accept, all, just open your eyes see the beauty and originality draw on animal, where come from the intelligence chimical organuc liquid, oh pls ..... they come from a spirit, why the earth is a round like other planet and the solar system was so perfect, when we talk with words in mine how can i understand with organic liquid in my brain ? you call me fool or stupid but this facts all i say are never prove too, and now discover god and see the awesome god we have of love and life amen :)
Heywood Yabloome (2 years ago)
Why call it god particle when it has nothing to do with god. Media are stupid.
Gurtington (6 months ago)
It was originally the "The Goddamn Particle" Becuase Dr. HIggs knew it was there but could not find it.
Oscar (1 year ago)
Heywood Yabloome imaginary deities is stupid
MDC SURWBY (1 year ago)
MDC SURWBY (1 year ago)
If it was the original state of the universe, or the original particle that the universe was derived from, then it is somewhat like a creator from a certain point of view. It's admittedly a rather flashy and overzealous name, but it is functional,
Heywood Yabloome (2 years ago)
+Sam Grodt It has nothing what so ever to do with religion. That's the whole point. And it's also why Higgs himself hate the term god particle. Because it is a false term.
Mr. Banananana Nanna (2 years ago)
all things are held in store by the power of his word.
unoefxz (2 years ago)
So, the god particle walks into church and says "HEY!! there will be no MASS without me!"
Wayne Pettry (3 months ago)
one of the most slept on jokes of all time
"And it was good" book of Frank 69:420
Raptor Cawk (5 months ago)
Iroquois Pliskin (5 months ago)
stole this joke lol
Amy Kruger (7 months ago)
Right...... Hahahahahahaha
JesusIsAMoose (2 years ago)
These comments are not what I expected. I expected, oh I don't know...smart people.
Everyday NEWS (2 months ago)
JesusIsAMoose Bro.. Read your name out loud
Chris Caldwell (5 months ago)
Why would you expect smart people to be the ones watching a fake news channel interviewing a fake scientist?
Deven Powers (2 years ago)
Z rhymes with T. But A rhymes with C. How does it work?
Buffie Neditch (2 years ago)
I know they're not talking about the Bible here !!!!call on him I challenge you call on God and see what happens he's very real just because you don't believe doesn't make him not real just because I believe doesn't make god real he just simply exist because he does believing in something or dis believing in something doesn't make it exist or make it not exist every word in the Bible is all true it is not fiction for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it but to save it through his son Jesus loves every single person in this world good and bad it gives us all a choice to receive him and repent and be forgiven and set free it's a choice we have to make God gave us a free will please choose wisely
Kelsey Gordon (1 month ago)
I literally just said "come at me God' and nothing happened...go figure.
Denzel Alfaro (1 year ago)
Like I said in previous comments, you can't mix belief with science.
Tiktaalik (2 years ago)
+Buffie Neditch still no proof of god, even in evolution. It's an illogical belief and makes people do illogical things.
Deltempstad (2 years ago)
Mary had an affair and had Jesus. If people knew, then she would have been stoned. It's common sense
JesusIsAMoose (2 years ago)
I meant that you were saying God isn't real but since it was in reply to her stupid statement it's okay. You'd only be in the wrong if you said that on a religion video.
Buffie Neditch (2 years ago)
open this book up its called the Bible been here on earth for over two thousand years its in stores libraries Walmart bookstores its called the Bible and all you have to do is read it and I will tell you who God is and why we're here where we're going and lots and lots and much much more good stuff check it out its called the Bible
Lacey Mak (11 months ago)
there are over 4000 different religions and you all think that yours is the right one. even if we found proof of a god, it would not prove the existence of your specific god. also the bible is full of rape and genocide.
Jamie O'Meagher (2 years ago)
+Mr Brunswic (brunswic51) you and every other Bible critic out there, bud.
Seann Brunson (2 years ago)
+Skittleflake Kitty I don't have evidence...that's my evidence?
Icey (2 years ago)
+Mr Brunswic (brunswic51) What is your evidence of it having no evidince?
Seann Brunson (2 years ago)
+Jamie O'Meagher There is no evidence...that's why it's fiction.
Dog Serious (3 years ago)
So science is acknowledging there is a God after all? Or they would call it the evolution particle, or the creation particle. Science calling it a God particle, is like saying: God made it.
Gurtington (6 months ago)
God particle as in this particle created everything. Not that that's gods particle. Scientists call it the Higgs Boson or "The Goddamn particle" but laymen have dubbed it The God particle. Educate yourself. You're on the internet. Use it.
CheezyDonut (2 years ago)
Dog Serious (2 years ago)
+Joe Soap So the real evidence of God don't convince you fools then? but you will sure believe a load of lies by men, without a shred of proof that you come from a monkey? Hahahah duuuuh duuuh meeeh baaa meeeeh , hilarious, you clowns crack me up, the dumbest bunch of idiots to ever grace the earth, hahahaha duuuuh. Poor sod.
Fred Bloggs (2 years ago)
*Anyone who thinks there is a God needs a kick in the cunt*
Nefal K (2 years ago)
+Dog Serious you need to stop smoking whatever you are smoking, then get your head out of your ass. fucking punk
Michael Best (3 years ago)
Hebrews Ch 11:1-3 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  For by it the elders obtained a good report.  Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.
GSXR 600 (3 years ago)
Scientist finally admitting that they don`t know something. God Rocks.
Axel Cruz (6 months ago)
Sure that goes both ways
ya boi (6 months ago)
Gurtington no shit, I will be disappointed if a I knew more than a scientist.
Gurtington (6 months ago)
GSXR 600 scientists don't know much, but they sure know more than you.
ya boi (7 months ago)
GSXR 600 science doesn't give you straight answers. Science is about learning more about the world and using it to our advantage. We will never get a straight answer to a problem. some people want answers; which is what religion provides. Others prefer results which is provided by science.
Mr.spooky and Mr.rainbow (11 months ago)
jasontd1984 you should stop when we are advanced we become bored
angerslave1 (3 years ago)
O think people talking about NOT calling this the GOD PARTICLE, are misunderstanding why its been called that in the first place. This particle would prove the existence of a web of life we cannot see, but we are a part of chemically, atomically, etc. A living being we all share a breath with, which could also have ushered what's known as the big bang. That there are multiverses of this life and we can now look at the prologue of life itself.
e46orozco (2 years ago)
+Kat 👍
Murtsman1 (2 years ago)
+WorldEaterFilms The problem with your wish of compatibility is that there comes a point when believers deny upcoming scientific findings because it doesn't "go according to their belief." Which is the point we are at right now. Let's just say the argument of evolution wins over the creationist story and becomes popular belief, how long before we find another contradictory thing? On a final note, blame religion for the feud. It all started with Galileo and his persecution for writing books. Galileo believed in a round earth circling the sun. But the catholic church believed in a geocentric flat earth with a sky being the underpart of heaven. Do you know what happened? The church didn't change their views, and they sentenced him to house arrest for the remainder of his life. Then black listing his findings for the next 200 years.
MapleCat (2 years ago)
+Kat thats... that.. not how life began, scientist don't say "it just happen" the god particle is proof of why it happen if it exists. Long story short the god particle is the core of all that exists now, I really wish other christians would understand that the bible doesn't explain all that happen. The 6 days of creation could of been over the span of millions of years if you read very closely to genesis, thus creating an evolutionary chain created from one source of power. A power in which we may not even truly know, In genesis it also says we lost our true form after they ate the fruit, "made in his image" could of been based on a much much much more molecular level in Eden then the form we took after we left. But before i get away from the point of what made me reply to this, Science does not say "it just happen". It says after billions of years of development life slowly grew, via shit that came from some unknown source. That source could be the god particle. What if the possibility existed that God's true form is a powerful mass of pure energy that creates all life, "bigger than life" I believe was a term used depicting his size? If you define life as the entire universe and simple define the god particle as something being the source, the universe could be infinite - The source could be considered an unfathomable size beyond "infinite". This is all just speculation but I honestly believe Science and Christianity should get along, we'd discover so much more together rather than stunting each others development by saying "No you're wrong I'm right" to each other.... I am a believer of god, and He clearly had me develop this massive interest in science a long with being born into a very christian life style for a reason. Not to mention the pain it brings me to see that hardly anyone sees that unity between these two subjects would cause far more understanding than them alone. Maybe I'm here to unite them more willingly in the future or pave the way for someone else to do so. But currently Neither side knows anymore than what they know to say "i'm right, you're not" - Christians only know what god vaguely described in the bible, Scientists only know what they can prove or theorize with formulas. But know one can truly answer anything. DO not limit yourself with a closed mind.
Murtsman1 (3 years ago)
+Kat Come on madam, it's like you're not even trying to see the other side of the argument here. First off, i don't think anyone was thinking that we were an alien race who colonized earth. I'm pretty sure everyone, including a large number of Christians support the overwhelming evidence of evolution. And we don't disapprove of the bible because it says a being is responsible for us happening, we disapprove because of the other idiotic things it says. Within the first paragraphs, it's already spewing bullshit, like light coming before the sun and stars. And it also makes mention of a stationary earth, one where the sun rotates it instead of the other way around. And the bible still supports the "flat earth" hypothesis. You'd think an all knowing god would remember how he made his solar systems... I think you are forgetting that the bible is also not a direct creation of God, it is a human scripted book, which went through countless revisions in the last 3000 years to construct a religion that appeals to the people of the time period. Often ending up with morals changing and making an "unchanging God" turn into an entity that changes his views to fit humans. Atheists such as myself do not hate a God. That's like proclaiming you don't believe in the Easter bunny because you're jealous of him. We simply find absolutely no reason to believe in a God, especially the Christian God, because we are continuing to find more and more laws that rule out needing one at all. Now, it's rather funny that you are telling people that believe in popular scientific explanations, that their belief is based on faith alone, and that they will never truly prove what happened. We may not have figured it all out yet, but what we do have a shitload of evidence to back up our claims. Thousands upon thousands of tests and projects have been done on this stuff, but what is your belief built on? An ancient book written by some random guys in the middle east? As for you asking what else provides an answer to what created us. There's over 4,200 different religions on earth as of right now, that are nationally recognized. That means that if you said the name of one religion every second, it would still take you over an hour to name them all. And the best part about it is this list of religions aren't all of them. This is excluding mythology created by the Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, and small tribes all over the world. What makes your religion so... credible?
through yourlover (3 years ago)
Why the fuck are people associating the word God with Religion on a scientific subject. Yes, it's nick named The God particle for obvious reasons, but religion has nothing to do with God, it's a man made form of worship that only blinds people from living in the now.
through yourlover (2 years ago)
I must of seen someone bitch about it in order for my lazy ass to comment. Oh well, I never really cared anyways.
LorDBuckets15 (2 years ago)
no one said that the name had to do with a religion
{ Ace-Kid97 } (3 years ago)
Theory plus theory equals more theory
pancake2662 (3 years ago)
He didn't even know he was dead. basically that what happens

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