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Fake Microsoft Support I ripped them a new A**H***

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I just could not hold my temper today with the scammers I have steroid rage and those 3 scammers just hit me at the wrong time !!
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Brian Larkin (4 months ago)
BTW. How you take command of these scammers is impressive. You remind me of Major Margaret Houlihan of MASH. Hint Hint
Brian Larkin I was not in the Army but did work for my police department 😎. It is not my personality to submit to those shit bags even though I play my Queens like I do lol , so sometimes I just need to knock them down a few pegs and leave them know I'm smarter then them
Brian Larkin (4 months ago)
Note to self, "Do not try to scam Francine." Wow ! I hate to get on your bad side. Way to go Francine.
Brian Larkin like I said I'm on steroids right now and raging 😤 and I just could not pretend with them. I'm not always a Queen 😂
Little Peace (4 months ago)
💪 Francine 😂👏
Little Peace yeah I'm not always a Queen 😂😂😂
Ismail Ali (4 months ago)
Yeah good 4 thrill.
DavyBoy007 (4 months ago)
You spoke to them quite appropriately. This is a very good video.

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