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7 Official Non-Canon Live Action Star Trek Stories

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Text Comments (379)
ducks are cool (11 days ago)
Do duck 🦆 live in Star Trek?
snatchadams69 (15 days ago)
It's not live action but Star Trek Armada will always be my favorite...
pepperVenge (16 days ago)
I played both Star Trek Borg, and Klingon (the one where you play Pok (sp?)) here on YouTube. Someone set up all the video's in a series of YouTube video's and matched links to corresponding video's appropriate to the choices you can make in the game. It played out like the real game, and was a lot of fun.
Sire DragonChester (21 days ago)
Miss the old TNG/Voyager and DS9 days. As TNG was my fav, never even knew about those. Pc games ? Lol Wish knew about them. Good video though. On another note. Please pass this on to other Star Trek fans who loved TNG — I’m so pissed off @CBS, they just sent @Stage9TNG a formal cease and desist from CBS. It’s fan made TNG on UE4, it art/non profit please #SaveStage9 because we love TNG https://youtu.be/-0zycZdKymg There discord : https://discord.gg/ahYMdJN If your Star Trek TNG fan like me. Please spread the word, please spam and tweet it to others, make sure include video from YouTube and #SaveStage9
Maximilian Plante (21 days ago)
I wish they made these games nowadays just not with the discovery bullshit liberal agenda and all
zybertechstudios (21 days ago)
(Ta-Kay) ;)
CheeseFromHell (22 days ago)
klingon academy what a game would love to see a remake but sadly it will never happen now and star trek borg christ what a game/movie "he kissed me" best line in trek
Omega2064 (22 days ago)
I actually still have the TNG Klingon challenge VCR board game. Fun game. And there was a Star Trek ride somewhere where you dressed up as crew and played parts. Then you got back a video of it. But can not seem to find what it was called.
Superior Potato (26 days ago)
voyager elite force and starfleet command games as well as the Armada games
JonathanJK (29 days ago)
Klingons have chicken legs. Weird how they skip leg day.
Zigti (1 month ago)
I always HATED Q episodes, the idea of "gods" make all the trip worthless. And btw did it ever occur to anyone that if an omnipotent being really existed there could be only one by universe, not a f**ing entire race.
Weird Fuel (1 month ago)
De Lancie is amazing as usual in ST:Borg. You can see all the scenarios on youtube.
Iva Pad (1 month ago)
There are 3 other major (non)canon Star Trek stories: 1) Borg Q-Uest - unreleased interactive video-based board game video footage (TNG) 2) short films starring Q for Star Trek World Tour (1998/99) 3) Star Trek: Orion Rendezvous - planetarium video (LaForge & Riker) for Star Trek: Federation Science attraction
James Cameron (3 months ago)
TAS fills up some of the gap between the “5-year mission”, and its having only 3 TV seasons. It includes non-TOS characters, but that is not a fatal objection.
hatednyc (3 months ago)
Who wouldn’t go completely ham at the Vegas Experience ?! I’m officially Jealous
katie_incredible (3 months ago)
You did mispronounce George's name, you know. https://twitter.com/georgetakei/status/28104533661978624?lang=en
bigman13031 (3 months ago)
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
Baron Thomas (4 months ago)
if it is official, it is canon
Lloyd Wilhelm (4 months ago)
OK, will some one please explain what canon, or non-canon means? And what games are you referring to are these computer games or board games?
psauter417 (5 months ago)
I still have the VCR game. It was fun back in the day.
Jukrates (5 months ago)
Star trek continues?
Marchel van Leeuwen (5 months ago)
Loved the Star Trek Klingon game with Robert O'Reilly as Gowron. Loved how he could get angry if you messed up and the story itself was quite fun
the1tigglet (5 months ago)
I just noticed that they used the prop that was supposed to be the corpse of the caretaker from voyager in 4:10 from Voyager. LOL OOPS
Joanna Metz (5 months ago)
Star Trek: Borg is so good! I actually bought the game at the Klingon Encounter gift shop. I’m so sad that it’s no longer at Las Vegas Hilton... I loved Quark’s Warp Core Drink you could buy at the bar... while flirting with Klingons. Good times...
Michael Anthony (6 months ago)
When you're not focused on railing against the offenses of the SJW, your content is pretty great! Obviously it's your right to comment on it, and your views are quite poignant, but it can get to be a bit much at times.
Jim Rhino (7 months ago)
I still own the TNG VHS board game
Transfixed (7 months ago)
So happy i managed to do the Borg experience in Vegas before it shut down. Although enjoying a drink at Quark's bar was even better.
Ferb (7 months ago)
Star Trek Academy: "Your score was inadequate - You'll have to repeat the mission." Pretty soon into the game, that was all I heard. The game provided no clues as to what I could do better next time - it wasn't as if I'd failed at any mission objectives or anything - I'd just succeeded at them 'inadequately', apparently.
Robert J Thompson III (7 months ago)
I'm so glad you saw Star Trek: The Experience. I worked there for years as a performer and it's makes me smile to hear that people really did enjoy it
Skriva Beerus (7 months ago)
meh saying something that is non-canon is quite hard as there is no 100% confirmation on what is canon and what isnt canon.
Jake Weisz (7 months ago)
Uh, you said Starfleet Academy included Chekov, but not Sulu... while showing footage of Sulu.
rwdplz1 (7 months ago)
I had never heard of the game before, just watched a group play through in another video, that was great!
dupersuper1938 (7 months ago)
Starleet Academy was before VI, but probably after V (Gorkon was mentioned, and he was still a new chancilor by VI).
Red (7 months ago)
I remember both the Las Vegas rides. Great times
ramrod210 (7 months ago)
Paused at 8 seconds... Whatever the argument is, the animated series IS Canon... It completes the five year mission... The reason for the animated series is because of a strike that was going on where, the actors couldn't be in screen but a loop hope in all that was, that their voices and a cartoon version of them could be on screen... The animated series have us the hollow deck, Kirk's middle name, and mention of a saucer separation ability... And a few other things.... So yes... Animated series it's very much so Canon
MrPingn (7 months ago)
Starfleet and Klingon Academies. Holy shit that takes me back. Borg and Klingong were gun too.
Floyd Looney (7 months ago)
Wasn't there a CD that let you just look at the ship and go through the corridors and see in every room? I remember wanting one and never getting one.
David Jensen (8 months ago)
TAS was recannonized in 2009 I thought
David Hickling (8 months ago)
*The Star Trek Online stories should also count as canon. It's currently soft-canon, but it would be nice to see the stories as actual hard-canon.*
Destiny Captain (8 months ago)
It’s also worth noting that most of actors in STBorg and STKlingon were all actors that have appeared in TNG, DS9, And VOY as various characters.
tr233 (8 months ago)
Lol i pick Klingon Academy and power klingon any TIME ! AND I MEAN IT!
Ray and Wendy (8 months ago)
Games? Seriously?
León Coretz (8 months ago)
I consider anything with John DeLancie canon. I was going to say anything he plays /seriously/ but let's face it, Q cannot be played fully serious.
Shirt-Guy (8 months ago)
Klingon Academy is the best Star Trek game ever.
Thomas Estes (8 months ago)
Voyager didn't happen, please say it's so.
Robert Archer (8 months ago)
I'm surprised you didnt mention Star Trek TNG A Final unity for pc-dos! That game was ahead of its time for 1994 and such a beast to run less you had a 486dx2 or x4 based pc lol which was pretty much near top of the line till the pentuim 1's came into lower price brackets.
Robert Archer (8 months ago)
Star Trek Borg.....god the amount of times i replayed that over and over, even today....
the1tigglet (8 months ago)
great choices. these are found on youtube and many people have taken these clips and turned them into movies so they can be viewed since games are no longer available.
Migrant Thought (8 months ago)
3:00 had that lying around for years im aware of it. NO that is not gowron.
D Jackson (8 months ago)
Gene Roddenberry said what was canon and what was not,read his book
Maniac536 (8 months ago)
I’m pretty sure Star Trek Starfleet Academy had more than two endings. It probably had at least 4
Lizzy Chrome (8 months ago)
I'm fascinated by these not-quite-canon stories that expand on the "Star Trek" universe. And I'm a huge fan of Anastasia Targus, so I really would like to think of "Star Trek: Borg" as canon.
Funny Funker (8 months ago)
Paramount or CBS can consider whatever they want as legends. We fans know whats really up.
RedwoodTheElf (9 months ago)
Well the animated series was written and directed by Gene Roddenberry. of COURSE it's canon
Taylor Britton (9 months ago)
what about the original series live experience from the 90's that used new footage and recut scenes from the movies
Ameha K (9 months ago)
Great video
Christopher Matthews (9 months ago)
Those were the days... I remember all of these. I recall going in to Future Shop in another city and picking up Star Trek Borg as a kid. I was so pumped to play it but then couldn't get it to work on my computer. Starfleet Academy blew me away as a kid. I always wanted to get that VCR game but could never find it and missed out on Star Trek The Experience unfortunately. :(
John Evans (9 months ago)
So...basically, the videogames that feature actual footage?
DubbleD (9 months ago)
LOL We had the VHS game! and played it a lot! f Captain Kavok!
Nico Carrero (9 months ago)
Weren't VOY uniforms still in use as of TNG? Hell, a DS9 episode had something people wearing TNG uniforms.
Jason Michael Gomez (8 months ago)
Voyager unis were introduced 1 year after last TNG episode, in the 3rd season of DS9. They are still my faves....
Dan 23 (9 months ago)
I read somewhere that the Voyager warp 10 episode where Tom Paris changes into a creature is not Canon. Im not sure any of the video games are cannon.
Jason Michael Gomez (8 months ago)
same can be said for the future doctor episode where his program is in an alien museum..... some of the voyager eps were (what's the opposite of ret-conned?) disregarded as they went completely off the deep end....
LIshoot (9 months ago)
oh man, I loved that I had the chance to see the Klingon Experience in Vegas as a kid. Standing on the Enterprise D bridge was magical.
thelonewolfCub (9 months ago)
funny, i played the vcr board game back than (it was a birthday present).
horusrage (9 months ago)
+The Dave Cullen Show Sorry just a point about Star Trek Borg. The Ship that is a shown is the USS Cheyenne. While yes it is stock footage of the Enterprise D from the show the opening transmission in the intro suggests your on the Cheyenne not the Enterprise D. (which is confirmed in the book and audiobook) They did end up using the Voyager sets but that could just convey that the Cheyennes time of construction is later and closer to Voyagers construction time. Plus there are some variances between the internal look of federation ships. You are right about the uniforms they do no match the uniforms used at the time in the show chronologically. I personally thought it would be fun if they released more of this type of game. Dealing with side ships and certain cultural things. Like the Romulans.
LightOfZeon (9 months ago)
I didn't know Star Trek: Borg was a game. There was a cassette audio version of it that we used to listen to in the car. I guess the gameplay was so limited I never even thought it came from a game.
Chaosmage42 (9 months ago)
i actually still have the vcr board game it was fun to play, also have borg both are good and both could be considered cannon because of the events in them
WILSON (9 months ago)
star trek borg, i remember i had a hard time running this back in the day haha
thevintagerose (9 months ago)
Sometimes, in the dead of night, when I am alone and the darkness is closing in all around me, I close my eyes and see John Delancie's head floating in a sea of white as he says, "To have come so far and yet to lose? All this work and the outcome is the same..."
RichieW (9 months ago)
it's a weird thought, but the stuff real fans of scifi, comics and video games create today will likely be incorporated into the normie regime in 20 years. Like the nerds before us.
Tom Meaney (9 months ago)
...Not at all what I was expecting...
David H. Kinder, ChFC (9 months ago)
You missed reviewing "A Final Unity" Star Trek TNG PC game with all the cast in it.
marscaleb (9 months ago)
I remember people talking about the TNG VHS board game back in the day. Honestly I've never understood why no one ever re-released it on a DVD. Or hell, just made a new game with the same concept, which could be even better. With a DVD you could input some selections into the video, possibly randomize certain events, or at the very least just allow the game to conclude with a selected win/loss scenario.
marscaleb (9 months ago)
HOLY CRAP! A non-canon video game gets the Klingon blood the right color, but literally every official canon TV show can't?!
r0bw00d (9 months ago)
You _do_ realize that "official" and "non-canon" go together like oil and water, right?
Saqwana (9 months ago)
I would say parts of the animated series are probably cannon.
Maciek K. Cichoń (9 months ago)
As I don't usually agree with you, this list and commentary was spot on. I miss those simple games times.
kukalakana (9 months ago)
I have the audiobook of Star Trek: Borg. It's cool the first time but repetitive as fuck.
TennoHack (9 months ago)
5:53 "The sensation of assimilation"?? What? Nanobots being force-injected into your neck? Changing your DNA, causing implants to burst out from under your skin and control your mind? Sounds amazing!
Jaded Shard (9 months ago)
plus you got tghe chance to punch Q or hit him in the nuts
ZipplyZane (9 months ago)
Do note that (and this is not a spoiler at all) Star Trek Klingon takes place entirely inside a Holodeck program. So none of it "really happened." Everyone in there is a hologram. You are, in fact, a human, who is learning about Klingon culture by running a Holodeck program.
ZipplyZane (9 months ago)
Just want to add that it's not just "some arguing." TAS was officially made canon by CBS/Paramount. Because wanted it. Memory Alpha, which has always considered TAS to be canon, shows it's not all that disruptive. It's fairly easy to make it work. Unlike Memory Beta and trying to include all the books which often contradict each other.
Zachary Hamman (9 months ago)
I’m surprised no one is saying Star Trek Online. Has nimoy burton Spiner and a bunch of other actors from the shows.
Brisinger Tudders (9 months ago)
The Klingon interactive movie didn't have Michael Dorn narrating. That was the audio immersion. Please get your facts straight.
Star Trek Games (9 months ago)
I loved playing Star Trek Starfleet Academy and Star Trek Klingon Academy!  I've actually got a website up showing how you can get these games working for newer systems! https://www.startrekgames.net/star-trek-starfleet-academy https://www.startrekgames.net/star-trek-klingon-academy
Marc-Andre Gingras (9 months ago)
starfleet command game was pretty awesome
Booger414 (9 months ago)
OK so all of these are canon, but did any event in these stories have any effect on the main stories? Were they ever even mentioned or referenced? If not then canon is a largely meaningless adjective in these cases.
ZipplyZane (9 months ago)
Officially, none of them are canon. I think you misread the title.
Film Monk Productions (9 months ago)
Watched both Klingon Academy and Star trek Borg the other day. They really hold up as Movies. Klingon Academy cut scene are over most movie run times.
Valerie Croom (9 months ago)
In my opinion, the star trek canon consists of all of tos + cage, tas, tng, ds9, voy, ent, the 10 theatrical movies and the 3 reboot films.
ZipplyZane (9 months ago)
You don't really have to add cage, since it's made canon by the Menagerie.
tallaussiebloke (9 months ago)
This may be slightly advertising, but I took my board game of A Klingon Challenge and adapted it to be played in Tabletop Simulator! A Google search should reveal it, and the mod is FREE!
ZipplyZane (9 months ago)
Can you play the video in-game?
tallaussiebloke (9 months ago)
Although be aware, my mod is the slightly different GB/AU edition! But as well as multiple English video links, I also included Deutsch links for the video needed!
tallaussiebloke (9 months ago)
Took a lot of blood sweat and bloodwine to Photoshop the items so it looks like new!
Charles Rathbun (10 months ago)
I wish it was real...
Sam Lucas (10 months ago)
I'm upset you didn't include the (de)evolution salamanders from Voyager.
Robert Drexel (10 months ago)
Honestly. I prefer the Borg Experience over that of the Klingon Encounter. For one simple reason. You got to be part of the action, sort-of. I still remember the first time I went through it and I was standing right next to one of the actors who got grabbed by a Borg Drone. Not to mention seeing Borg almost face-to-face sent shivers down my spine. Though I do admit I got a similar shiver during the Klingon Encounter Ride when you are caught in the Tractor Beam of the Bird of Prey and the Enterprise swoops in to save the day. Riker's "Not Today" Line was classic. It was a thrilling experience and I would love to seen Star Trek Experience maybe moving to another location and expanding with another couple rides. It would have been awesome. Sigh. Those were the days...
Trekrid (10 months ago)
Holy Shit I have the TNG VCR Board game lol
Cobalt Blue (10 months ago)
Makes me glad that 1. I don't play video/computer games, and 2. Am uninterested in ANYTHING done after Undiscovered Country.
Wayne Lukovszki (10 months ago)
Star trek Borg is also a audio book.
Wayne Lukovszki (9 months ago)
ZipplyZane it covers pretty much everything.
ZipplyZane (9 months ago)
I did not know that. I hope it covers all the failures, which are necessary to actually beat the game. Or, well, finish the movie.
ptthunder (10 months ago)
Of course the Animated Series is Canon. Roddenberry said so when he was alive. End of discussion.
Rare VHS uploads (10 months ago)
I love Star Trek Borg & treat it as Canon. The production values were high & the characters were well fleshed out for 1hr screen time. The writers included plenty of witty moments. Q seals the deal. I often refer fans to the YouTube video as they have never seen it. Playing the actual game at the time was frustrating & glitchy but worth it for cutscenes. Before YouTube existed I kept the CD's just for the video files. Klingon Challenge I still have on VHS.
blackm4niac (10 months ago)
You could consider Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard. It's a mediocre shooter based on the Unreal Engine. But it does feature Tony Todd as Kurn, though not live action, just a horribly late 90's rendered version voiced by him.
CyborgCollective (10 months ago)
John Delancey looks like he was having a lot of fun filming that Q game.
happosai27 (10 months ago)
Aw yeah Klingon Academy is awesome. I just wish i could get it to work properly. Gog should re-release it. i would buy it in a heartbeat

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