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Thanos dancing 10 hours to Orange Justice TOP 10 Secrets in Fortnite ►https://youtu.be/Ly5z8KVlPhE Check out Fortnite Secret Bunkers ► https://youtu.be/4xqzzIPrgCo ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/doublejfabulous ► Instagram https://instagram.com/doublejfabulous ► Twitter https://twitter.com/doublejfabulous ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (2320)
DoubleJ (3 months ago)
You get all infinity stones if you dance for 10 hours Thanos 'hold my beer'
Jeloh Bah (6 days ago)
Audrey Spaulding ..k
rednirto _RBX (6 days ago)
krzysztof Mężyk u as
rednirto _RBX (6 days ago)
DoubleJ I broke my arms while doing this xD
Thanos (7 minutes ago)
Balta Bueno (2 hours ago)
This does put a smile on my face
Aham Orji (3 hours ago)
Thanks was getting reversed by the time stone
Quality Memes (5 hours ago)
5:13:17 this part.... OH MY GOD LOL LOL
When thanos got all the infinity stones and killed the avenger *Not really funny eh*
WinDy Art (7 hours ago)
31:59 wtf reverse?
WinDy Art (7 hours ago)
His legs so small
Everett Caponi (9 hours ago)
Okay, this is epic
NinjasHyper (9 hours ago)
After the ending of Avengers Infinity War..
Explodesplat (12 hours ago)
0:36 I noticed he started doing it wrong
NaroReacts (13 hours ago)
Whoisvonte (16 hours ago)
Legend has it he's still doing Orange Justice to this day
Turtle Dude (17 hours ago)
Worth the 10 hours
D Ron Gamer (18 hours ago)
Cade os br ? kskskssks
Jedi Master (20 hours ago)
I like the Part when he Dance orange Justice
RJK RJK (23 hours ago)
Vallen Tino (1 day ago)
Mampus gua tungguin sampe 10 jam trus gua ulang lagi biar dia cape, rasain lu
Oh TartarSauce (1 day ago)
love this dance its my faviorate
BaconBorrito Person (1 day ago)
so weebs hows it going?
When you kill the entire avengers team
Arham Kham (1 day ago)
When I kill thanos I do orange justice
Leon Pravst (1 day ago)
Why would you make a video like this omg
Pussy Slayer69 (1 day ago)
Imagine thanos had a snap chat post *"Just killed my Daughter LMFAO"* *"Just snapped my fingers!"* *"Just got these colorful space rocks"*
Mark Celemen (1 day ago)
He only did the orange justice dance for just 9 hours and 58 minutes
城クルス (1 day ago)
super villain, planet destructor, proceed to dance like a dumbass
proxquan progamer (1 day ago)
welp so long dance
TheDudeNamed Nyles (1 day ago)
this is accually a thing lol
Kaiydenn Peters (1 day ago)
10:00:00 end
Jovian Jackson (1 day ago)
He is clickbait 10 hours why the storm not moving
someone get thanos thanos says death is near he falls down with no parachute and die
what teenagers really do on their laptops when their mom tells them to do school work
Ethan Mena (1 day ago)
How many of y'all watched the whole thing!!
Thanos (1 day ago)
Hell yes
Luis Loco (1 day ago)
at the begging he popped out of no where
GuestGangZero (1 day ago)
15:00 Thanos used the time stone to reverse the himself
Ahmed B.Shobra (1 day ago)
his legs and arms must be titanium after this
Logan Catrambone (1 day ago)
This is how he wiped half the universe Thanos:*does orange justice* Tom Holland /spider man:Mr.star I don’t feel so good
Logan Catrambone (1 day ago)
I’ve never seen any more beautiful😂
Xx_Dark Hacker_xX (1 day ago)
Who watched this all the way through? I did... don't judge.
MazeboyZ 1 (2 days ago)
Kimby TheCharizard (2 days ago)
LOL my baby bro can't stop laghing cuz of thanos dancing!!!!!!!XD
Ivan Wilkerson (2 days ago)
21:35 is backwards
Octo Arrow GAMING (2 days ago)
i put snoop dogg over this
Raccoon Ink (2 days ago)
When Thanos realize that he didn't wipe out his crush.
Æppøxx3 Gæm3s (2 days ago)
Custom Guy (2 days ago)
The end of thanos
Wolfie-Chan (2 days ago)
When u finna clap the other half
Christian Diaz (2 days ago)
The more I watch it. The more complex it becomes
Monarchist Mapper (2 days ago)
god is dead
Emmanuel Nguma (2 days ago)
Why just why
Jose Gamil (2 days ago)
I do the orange justice another way.
Chardonn x 479 (2 days ago)
What is your favorite infinity stone Wassup Bro,my favorite stone is the mind stone.
black Knight (3 days ago)
This is long
SteamEnder (3 days ago)
*greatest scene in infinity war of all time*
Dylan King (3 days ago)
Thumbs this comment up if you didn't watch this all the way or if you skipped it to the end
deku might (3 days ago)
Thanos: I broke my legs but it was worth it
Sky (3 days ago)
now this is *CONTENT*
I want my money back (3 days ago)
This is everything I never knew I needed
Super Red Boi (3 days ago)
*jeez he isn’t getting tired*
Gabplayz (3 days ago)
Perfect Puppets (3 days ago)
better than despacito 3 coming out
Daylight Foods (3 days ago)
You did this back and forward
Fahim Nihal (3 days ago)
this the type of shit i show my mum to prove im not mad
Phúc Vũ (3 days ago)
Tốn time
Ivan Wilkerson (2 days ago)
I know that it’s backwards at some parts
fitzgerald chief (3 days ago)
Legends say he still dancing
guillermo perez (3 days ago)
damn thaNOs
GDArden (3 days ago)
10:00:00 is a miracle
[aFe_] Hotrod 3000 (3 days ago)
Ba ba ba boring
Todd Ong (3 days ago)
Thanks got his infinity stones.
Super car Bro (3 days ago)
Correction 9hours 57 minutes
Ale Rodz (3 days ago)
orange justice🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮😍😍😍
Neo Lightning (3 days ago)
Thanos- (does orange justice) there now I'll use the time stone to make a 10 hour loop for the board subs
PRIMAL GAMER XD (3 days ago)
10 hours of Cancer at its finest
I watch the whole thing to seen if there was any terrorist message
Dkid (3 days ago)
The storm!!!
Thanos The Good Titan (4 days ago)
After i finished making more resources for the future without wiped half of the universe
Scott Howe (4 days ago)
Will this be the ending of avengers 4
Syberika (4 days ago)
Manchado (4 days ago)
My daily dose of dank memes.
Luanzito Plays (4 days ago)
thanos roubou seu loot
ONSKU PONSKU (4 days ago)
TheVeteranGuy (4 days ago)
I liked the part when Thanos did the Orange Justice
Rapidly EYTG (4 days ago)
You won't believe what happened in 10 hours!
Arthur Ponting (4 days ago)
stupid thanos for godgod sake he's drunk he's bluming doing it backwards
TheClash YT (4 days ago)
Thanos snaps and ends infinity war 0:00
TheClash YT (4 days ago)
Mr Stark i dont feel so good
TheClash YT (4 days ago)
Gets sniped THE END IS HERE
The Lamest (4 days ago)
0:05 : sir are you on drugs Me: no 9:45 : yea you are on drugs
David Ortega (4 days ago)
Pennywise (4 days ago)
5:19:10 the best part
Monche Monche (4 days ago)
Is amazing!
Aham Orji (4 days ago)
Who else saw it go backwards
Mevoy (4 days ago)
q weaa
Chardonn x 479 (4 days ago)
Thanos is just preparing for Avengers 4,btw what do you guys think would be a good title for Avengers 4.comment for ideas
Chardonn x 479 (2 days ago)
Wassup Bro (2 days ago)
AVENGERS 4: The Orange Justice
Wauconda forever (4 days ago)
I can clap them cheeks in this song
FunnyEdits (4 days ago)

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