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Full Time RVing: Boondocking Ancient Cherokee Lands & Tennessee History - Part 1

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Join Friendlies with Benefits for real time videos and updates! https://www.patreon.com/CarolynsRVLife In this first video of a 2 part series I camp at the graveyard I visited last time, enjoy breakfast by the lake, share some boondocking stories, and then visit Cherokee Memorials in the area. I also learn the origin of the name Tennessee! READ MORE ABOUT THE CIVIL WAR SOLDIER'S GRAVE: https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=jones&GSfn=charles&GSby=1839&GSbyrel=in&GSdy=1900&GSdyrel=in&GSob=n&GRid=73559527&df=all& ABOUT THE FEUD https://resurrectingmemories.wordpress.com/tag/mcghee-howard-jones-feud/ Get Carolyn’s RV Life Gear! Visit our store: Store Temporarily Closed due to Service issues. I am shopping for a new provider and will let you know as soon as it's set up! Thank you! Do you want to learn the Marketing strategy I used to get 20,000 Subscribers in just 40 days? Check out my YouTube Marketing Success Guide: http://www.carolynsrvlife.com/20000-youtube-subscribers-40-days/ MUSIC CREDITS OPENING: Eagle Rock (free from YouTube Creator’s Audio Library) CLOSING: PHOTOS CREDITS: none CAMERA GEAR: Cell Phone shots: Samsung Galaxy S7 Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard (Special Thank You to "A") Main Video Camera: Sony Handycam FDR-AX33 ACTION CAMERA: SJ4000 use promo code: Carolyn for 10% discount http://sjcamhd.com/shop-sj4000-series/ Video Editing Software: Corel VideoStudio X10: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8303439-12502718 Stock Photos from BigStockPhoto.com : Use this link to get 7 days free: http://mbsy.co/Bigstock/29729891
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Text Comments (255)
Therese Dignard (2 months ago)
Judging by the archaeology sign, not all people with guns are safe in their use. They rudely shot up that sign. Thanks for sharing all of these sites. I have missed so much on my quick runs to and from, and now see the value of slowing down and enjoying our out of the way places . While we still have them anyway.
Beverele Barnes (2 months ago)
Too bad you don't fish looks like a good spot!
Juanita Clifton (3 months ago)
Cherokee is my tribe, thanks for this
Gerri Petress (3 months ago)
Cherokee Nation is now located in Oklahoma. The Eastern Band of Cherokee is mostly located in North Carolina on the Cherokee Reservation.
Gerri Petress (3 months ago)
Not LOL about my final resting place just spending eternity by a beautiful lake!!!!!!
Gerri Petress (3 months ago)
What a wonderful place to be buried by the lake!!!!
Robert Miller (4 months ago)
Thanks. Carolyn I'm part Cherokee and my grandmother came down out of the Tennessee hill and married grandpa after he buried two wives.That was after 'Trail of Tears', she was hiding and watching him bury the second wife.
Patti C (4 months ago)
Very interesting history Carolyn. Really appreciated you posting the feud link above that one of your subscribers found. Ah the wonders of the internet. I look forward to the next installment. Also really enjoyed the chatter here in your forum!! ..all of it.
PrincessofErised (4 months ago)
When I was younger and we were camping on the Tennessee River, my sister and I came upon an archeological dig. The TN River (on the banks) you can go arrowhead hunting and do quite well. So there was a team (from where I have no idea) with the site roped off and they were brushing dirt off what looked to be a mother, child and pottery, etc... I could not take my eyes off of it. I later started college life majoring in Archeology, I always wanted to go to Egypt and look for tombs. Changed my mind later. I always wonder what would have happened if I had gone down that road farther.
Kathy Adam (4 months ago)
Love history. Love old grave yards.
Lee Ann Wolff (6 months ago)
Great, I'm in TN and thinking about adopting the full-time RV life.
Aliyma Muhammad (6 months ago)
Melissa Johnson (7 months ago)
Great looking places on the east side where I'm located. I'm making accommodations to get out for some fun in the sun freestyle. I'm going to pack up for some major camping trips. I have a mini van . I am definitely going to invest in a good tent. Plus some solar.!!!
Ta Price (7 months ago)
i sent you a private message advising you to come here and camp. then see this video. guess you can disregard that message.
Gina Bayer (8 months ago)
I've missed several of your recent past videos and I'm off work today marathon watching😂 while cleaning. I moved from Southern California to South Carolina in 2008. I loved all of the history and old cemeteries in the south. Such beautiful scenery at this lake. I moved to San Antonio Texas in 2013 and it's awesome here but I do miss exploring the south a lot.
Rick Hall (8 months ago)
My daughter married to a Jones ha ha
Shell Cshells (9 months ago)
How wonderful, we have Cherokee in our family so this is awesome! Thank you!
Kathy Lippencott (9 months ago)
Wow Carolyn, You are in the area of my ancestors. My great, great grandmother was Martha Jones born in that area. I am Cherokee. Thanks for sharing this.
RosyElio Seymour (9 months ago)
Tying this to a later video where you talk about how "new comers" are forcing there way of life to change; seems almost hypocritical when you see how they probably did the same to the native Americans.... History does repeat itself...
Patti C (4 months ago)
Carolyn, so true. How many politicians, CEO''s, anyone with money and/or power, turning away their not accepting their Social Security checks?
Carolyn's RV Life (9 months ago)
Exactly Rosy, well said.
RosyElio Seymour (9 months ago)
Carolyn's RV Life You got itt - it's all about who is there at the moment and the what is the " new" to them that forces change. As a population we still haven't found a good way to transition. It's still seems like we are divisive - until we learn to listen And as you stated - we can hear but do not always agree. But there's the rub (Shakespeare?) How do we comprise and/or collaborate?
Carolyn's RV Life (9 months ago)
Oh , I understand, had to read your comment again. Yes, I see your point.. interesting. I was reading a book recently that talked about how many of us want 'smaller government, less entitlement", until it comes to the programs the benefit us personally. It seems there is no shortage of hypocrisy in human nature. :-/
Teleterry (9 months ago)
Did my own research too... I think I counted 7 dead? Wow just wow... interesting story but.. violent feuding... not good.
Nancy Gebhardt (9 months ago)
Please do more East Coast boondocking!!!!!!!
Carolyn's RV Life (9 months ago)
I will do a whole video on it. Stay tuned
David Griffiths (9 months ago)
Enjoying your videos. Live in Florida which has many very old cemeteries. Enjoy exploring them. BTW many cemeteries have Geocaches in or around them as do many Memorials. How are you doing with Geocaching? I have about 6800 now which may seem like a lot but I have friends with 20,000 plus. Try to pick up at least one "cache" in each state I visit.
amalia de antonis (9 months ago)
Love this awesome video thank you
Patty Sternjacob (10 months ago)
Very informative.
customcraft1 (10 months ago)
Thanks Carolyn for doing this video I really enjoyed it.
Colleen Mcdermott (10 months ago)
Gosh I cant imagine what kind of life those poor souls had 7,500 years ago.....but spirit lives on I suppose
Another great video..why your one of my favorites...and why your one of the best on YouTube..
Hangfire-13 (10 months ago)
Wow... what an interesting and tragic feud. People of any time can be horrible.
Rocky Mtn Camper girl (10 months ago)
AMEN SISTER! WELL DONE! I hope YOU win the best video creators award (5k prize) at the Nomadfest.
Allan & Dee RV (10 months ago)
Fascinating history, thanks
Em And the Gang (10 months ago)
Carolyn, could you talk a little about how you find your camping sites? I would like to do some public land boondocking, but I'm not sure what to look for, like on google maps or on a paper map... Do you just find a secluded spot and pull over? Maybe you've done a video on it, I just haven't found it yet. :)
RocKiteman _ 2001 (10 months ago)
Carolyn's RV Life → Referring to what you were saying around 8:20 in this video, do you know if it is possible - or *legal* - to scuba or snorkel where that flooded town is located?
kat kin (10 months ago)
Really good one Carolyn, best, Kate
Susan (10 months ago)
I would really appreciate that east coast boondocking video! With no BLM land out here (I'm in NC), i'm curious what your tricks are. Thanks!
DR Dan (10 months ago)
Don't believe all that Native Americans living all peaceful and in harmony.  The various tribes fought each other.  I went out west and explored ruins across 4 states and noted that their villages were all forts.  Built on high ground, or in the sides of cliffs.
Chris C (10 months ago)
Sun, internet and solitude.... as always, we are like minded. Much love. :-)
Commander Zero (10 months ago)
7:35 They should have stuck with the shorter name. Way easier to spell.
Daniela Furlan (10 months ago)
Every time you learn something new, I (we)learn also.... Thank you! !!!!
Noonie57 (10 months ago)
Carolyn, you are so good at finding camping/boondocking spots. Is it true that you might give a class on this at RTR? The spots you found in Tennessee were fabulous. :)
Diana Long (10 months ago)
Khris Alen (10 months ago)
Northern Tennessee is so beautiful I would love to see it.
Dee Stephenson (10 months ago)
Well done
C. T. Murray (10 months ago)
I'm glad you're enjoying your trip you're very informative thank you for the Cherokee Nation input it is very valuable news. you be safe
Patty 64 (10 months ago)
Tanasi , they should have kept that name! Great video!
Ellen Henry (10 months ago)
Excellent. Thanks
D.O (10 months ago)
That area is so beautiful and peaceful! I bet its gorgeous in the fall,  D
J.A. Baker (10 months ago)
LOVED this video! Loved the history. I like all your videos but this one really made me want to get on the road. Thanks for sharing what you found.
Taka Yama (10 months ago)
Nice place! I'm part Cherokee, so very interesting to me. Unfortunately, life really wasn't calm and peaceful before white man came. Wars, slave taking, people died really young, if not by being killed, all kinds of simple things we survive these days. As part Indian, even to me, the changes were just inevitable. Muslims blocking off land routes to India spice trade caused Spain, Italy, etc. to look seriously for an ocean route. Thus Columbus, etc. Anyway, I like history, true history. Keep'em coming...
Lynne Pawlak (10 months ago)
Thank you Carolyn! This was very interesting! I enjoyed it..
ZenQuest Journey (10 months ago)
I sent a big shot out to you, Carolyn, on my video "Alone and Afraid in the Forest." Please check it out. 😀
GospelFisherman (10 months ago)
Hey Carolyn you would love exploring Canada in the summer. We have thousands of rolling hills, and lakes like that. They roll on for hundreds of miles, all the way to the arctic on both sides east and west. I'm part native, and I appreciated this post thanks!
WRT2 BiL (10 months ago)
I love your vid as always But please put some wheel simulators on your rig....just my OCD personality. Give Capone a hug for me
Happy Highway (10 months ago)
#174 I learned something, too! Thanks for the History. I don't think I will go exploring off the beaten path as far as you do, Carolyn. But the video was pretty. Power On!
Leshia Gambrel (10 months ago)
You sure are getting in the sight seeing before cold weather. The leaves will be really pretty soon. Your hair looks nice, and have you gotten a trim maybe? I know your in the hills a lot lately but no matter how pretty the place, may I say be safe. And I know you know that. Lol! Us country folk always gotta go through saying it so you know we care. :) Oh boy.... Where we going now?!
Chevy Van Travel (10 months ago)
Very peaceful by the cemeteries and quiet too lol
perfectly right (10 months ago)
I just love all your videos Carolyn😀 So wonderful to travel with you. Be safe my friend!
Everette Holland (10 months ago)
I knew the first time i came to Tennessee as a child at 12 or 13 years old with my uncle to visit his children in Nashville I believe in 1969 I knew I probably would end up living here in tn. It's now 2017 I've been here since 2003 now this is my home state would not have it any other way! Go big orange the (Tennessee volunteers football!) God bless the state of Tennessee! (Bristol TN) on the TN/VA state line the twin cities of Bristol TN/VA.👍✌🐈🐕🏁also Bristol TN is birthplace of country music 1929
GdyUpGal Gypsy Adventures (10 months ago)
Love all the adventures
Gimme A. Dream (10 months ago)
I think I would have stayed with the Jones' another day, lol. Chances are you weren't wearing your welcome out. What a wonderful video!
Steve Davis (10 months ago)
My mom told me my Great Grandma was full Cherokee from Oklahoma and she married a Jones.
3flashcan (10 months ago)
Actually the Cherokee was a warrior tribe . They killed a lot of other tribes in the southeast .They were the first of the tribes to build houses , That's were log cabins came in to history . They were very tobacco farmers and were very good at politics . And one of the first tribes to hold offices of government . They were very good economics . And one of the richer tribes because of gold mining the area they lived . And by keeping other gold seekers out of they area .Very Very smart people .
Linda Schneidewind (10 months ago)
Love the history Carolina & the links to history of the Jones family. Very interesting! The camping spot was lovely! So quiet & peaceful.
Lone Star Travelers (10 months ago)
Nice camping spot... Happy Trails!
A Van With A View (10 months ago)
I love the idea of finding new places to Boondock. Especially if they have some history involved and are interesting. Well done on the videos Carolyn.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
Thank you AVWAV
Rebecca Adams (10 months ago)
Chattanooga used to flood so bad, they actually raised the town 10 feet. Downtown you can see a little part of a window at sidewalk level.
Rebecca Adams (10 months ago)
Cherokee from Tennessee here!
Patti (10 months ago)
Carolyn, you are so close to Kentucky are you coming through here? Hangin with the Jones ...too funny.
Follow The Flashers (10 months ago)
Very cool video, I like the history lesson... how cool that you got to camp on Indian ground. I imagine at one time there were tepees set up along the lake, looked very peaceful....thanks for sharing
LovingAtlanta (10 months ago)
👍Loved this. Thanks for sharing. 💞
Rebecca Conn (10 months ago)
You look more Cherokee every day.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
*part cherokee.. lol
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
I think I might be Cherokee. I have an email in to a family member to confirm. I'm 1/16 or 1/32 somehting, either Iroquois or Cherokee, I can't remember which.
dcijams M. BRADY (10 months ago)
My wife and I are buying a coach. we think we would like to travel for 2 month clips. ( But try a few) 1 week trips to get used to the bus. we are KOA Gold card holders, and reserveamerica, although, I like to be alone when I camp. I have been setting markers on my maps for places to visit and camp. I also ride Motorcycles and roadside camp, and belong to some campers forums. In 2010-13 we had a 40' coach, but had a hard time finding places to camp ( I was okay in Kamarts, But the wife hated it). so this new one is a 38ftr. ( But what is the longest you've parked in one area)? we'd like to stay in one spot for a week if we can. what are the thoughts on state parks, and government owned land? ( we have a Lifetime state parks pass ). In december I'll be winter camping @ my friend joe's Campground in Sandyville WV, during hunting season ( Ruby Lake Campground ). Now we're not selling our home yet, Until we find a place we'd like to call home. Florida, is getting boring for us, after 25 years for me & The wife was born here. we're ( Thinking Blue Ridge area) for a small condo, as we're finding out we'll need to have a location for mail.
Elaine Moen (10 months ago)
Thank you so much, Carolyn, for the great history!! I love it!!
Sandra Clarke (10 months ago)
♥ Hi Carolyn, Have you considered visiting THE FARM? It's a well organized hippie community. Here is the website: http://thefarmcommunity.com/ It's in Summertown, TN. A friend of mine went a couple of years ago and LOVED IT! Cheers! Sandra
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
No pets.. :-(
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
O M G!!!!! I'm watching this video about it: https://vimeo.com/179814453 I HAVE to go! thank you so much. Another friend recommended one in WV.. I'll have to take a look at them and make up my mind.. or hit both. I have a huge smile on my face watching this. thank you!
Deborah McGinnis (10 months ago)
Carolyn your videos just get better and better. They are just a joy to watch and you have such sweet and kind way about you. Your heart shows up in your videos by so many of the little things you let slip out of your mouth, like the Jonses swiping the Cherokee's land. I've always hated what my European ancestors did to my Cherokee ancestors. Be safe and happy travels!
Michael Dobbs (10 months ago)
whats do they mean coon hunter
Michael Dobbs (10 months ago)
Everette Holland thank you
Everette Holland (10 months ago)
Michael Dobbs hunting racoons
Jack Phillips (10 months ago)
Nice video. I do think you are a bit off on the whole "peaceful" Native American thing. They fought wars, wore out the land (then moved on to new land) and did everything human beings everywhere else did. Native Americans are not some super special close to nature population that were better than everyone else. They were there before Europeans and were treated like shit and basically exterminated, but they were humans, not back to earth angels.
Jack Phillips (10 months ago)
Really what I was trying to tell her too. I have a lot of respect for Native Americans but I don't put them a pedestal as a peaceful mother earth loving people. They were humans with all the positive and negative that term implies.
maulerism (10 months ago)
Native American (btw, people I know that are Indian, hate the term, native Americans,) fought other tribes. It's just a fact of life. Don't blame people from Europe. My wife is Cherokee. I do enjoy Carolyn's videos and thank her for taking us along on her journey's.
Jack Phillips (10 months ago)
Not a matter of hate or disliking. It is a matter of truth. I enjoy the videos - just don't remember it is a false mythology. Native Americans are as a great a people as the ancient Chinese or any other civilization. They were not better or worse. They were just first to North America.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
You'll hate my next video then - you might want to skip it
brucebear1 (10 months ago)
Check TVA rules. I think that some certain margin areas around TVA lakes are public for rec use. I believe that it's a certain number of feet from the water's edge.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
Every public use area has rules and I don't profess to be the knower of all rules. I would hope that viewers will do the research and know the rules of the areas they visit. thanks for the info
A Cof (10 months ago)
Carolyn, this video is why I love watching your channel. You love history like I do. Because I'm not able to be on the road, I'm lucky to have found you so I can see all these lovely places. Thank you for sharing and for all you do. Keep exploring Capone, wish I was exploring with you buddy 🍖 Be safe you two and have loads of fun ❤️❤️
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
So glad you enjoy my historical finds!! Thanks for being a part of my journey A Cof!
Heather Wilcox (10 months ago)
Always interesting information. Love the videos
gigicats6 (10 months ago)
This was very interesting, and something I'll probably never get to see, so I very much appreciate this opportunity to see it. So beautiful! I'm wondering if "Tanasi" is actually pronounced "Tennessee"? Tennessee being a variant spelling of the original name?
Idaho Rider (10 months ago)
Looks like you found a great place to be. Thanks for the video.
Susie Pittman (10 months ago)
Love the history stuff. Great video!
Patricia Poudrier (10 months ago)
Very interesting! My dad was half Cherokee. I'm enjoying learning with you. 💟💟💟
Robert R. (10 months ago)
Thank you. The history of those who were a part of forging who and what we are today. Contrary to the current political them, 99% of the Confederate soldiers were not slave owners, they took up arms to defend "States Rights" and their FREEDOM and to fight off Federalism. Our founding fathers NEVER intended the Federal government to have the power it now possess; we were intended to be ONLY a confederation of states. Keep up the travels, we all enjoy you delving into the local culture and all of those unique discoveries. You are slowly become a "southern gal" LOL. Capone is already there..LOL!! Bob
Robert R. (10 months ago)
The spin is not always truth. All of the family records show black share croppers. They were part of the estates but the records indicate that had their own land and shared in the health and wealth of the estate. As a matter of a fact a few of the black males were with my relatives at a few of the battles. As a matter of a fact on of the blacks died under the banner of the stars and bars. As I said before, the victors write the history and it is always in their perspective. Like the news on TV today, it is always in the perspective of the owners and has little to do with facts.
JoJo Wallace (10 months ago)
I read that one-third of all Southern families held slaves, so surely this would inform the statistics in the number of CSA soldiers held slaves.
Robert R. (10 months ago)
I suppose my Bias is first hand as my family history goes back to Alabama 1720. I have all of the family history, farm records, letters and much of the Civil War documentation from 12 of my family members. The current bias (spin) is not good and the discredit they have done to those who fought against Federalism is sad. Perhaps being politically correct, will soon discredit those on the Vietnam wall, including my brother, who's name is inscribed there. To me, we have lost the "spirit" of those who answered their countries call ( be it confederate or federal)and made the ultimate sacrifice in favor of being politically correct and what is currently popular.
Robert R. (10 months ago)
As we all know; history is always written by the victors.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
Robert, while I agree that most who fought for the confederates were not slave owners and believe they were fighting for states' rights, I believe (and research and history have proven) that the war was about protecting slavery. The powers that were- the wealthy slave owners - used 'state's rights' as an excuse to preserve their wealth and way of life. Like the wars today, the wealthy elite brainwash us into believing they are fought for 'just reasons'. The powers that be are extremely effective at wielding their propaganda machines to convince us to die for their causes. Make no mistake; it was about preserving slavery
Adrienne Stearns (10 months ago)
Beautiful video. Love learning about the history of the area! Thanks!
GenasysMech (10 months ago)
I also learned that this very area was home to the Hatfield's & McCoys. What about that?
GenasysMech (10 months ago)
You never know. I never realized that area is so steeped in History. So many coincidences on this one. I literally took a look at a NASA map of the eclipse track, I wanted to go to a not so traveled area, away from any major cities, yeah, just like you. I spotted Crossville, looked like it would fit the criteria and off I went. I'm going to return that area as I wish I could have spent more time there than just a day. You've discovered some very interesting history there too which I'll check out some day. Thanks1
Carol V (10 months ago)
Mayb Jones was a relative?
GenasysMech (10 months ago)
That's funny, I just went down to Crossville, TN (from NE Ohio) to view the solar eclipse. It was worth every mile. Oddly enough I happened across two couples and we watched the eclipse. While chatting I mentioned that I happened upon Alvin York's home (WW-1 hero) o a back road I took and I learned that a woman in the group is the grandaughter of Mr. York. What are the chances of that? I listened to many stories of growing up in Crossville, very cool indeed.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
I was in Crossville for the eclipse too!!! My camp at Catoosa was the perfect viewing location!! :-)
wildchook (Mary) (10 months ago)
Wow, it sure is a beautiful area Carolyn. I love the lake view. I enjoyed reading the Jones history, great find.
Your in my state! It is beautiful. I guess my family goes back to the mid 1800 in Tennessee and north Mississippi. Are you planning to stay out this way or go back west?
Karen Carter (10 months ago)
Tennessee can get under your skin so glad you like our home.
Tammy longrear (10 months ago)
Love your life. I think, respect for the land is a new aged thought. Humans are only as repectful as the equipment they can afford to buy. Meaning if george can afford a bobcat, he will tear somethings up. What I love noticing is just how amazing the planet is that it recovers so quickly. Indians could not make a permanent mark on the land. Thank goodness early settlers could make a mark so that you have such wonders to explore. Thank you for sharing your explorations.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
And I respectfully disagree that respect for the land is a new-aged thought. the natives respected the land, even with what they had; honoring their kills, using the entire buffalo and not leaving the meat to rot, mindful planting , etc.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
Tammy, Not sure if you picked up on the archaeological digs dating back 1700 years - I would say the natives DID make an impact on the land, worth exploring. It's the settlers and pioneers who would wipe it out with bulldozing and progress if we didn't have conservationists among us preventing it. Corporations and develolpers neither have a soul, nor a conscious.
John Archer (10 months ago)
Another great video, thank you for sharing. God bless and stay safe.
Bryce Irwin (10 months ago)
Gold star for Carolyn 😎
Marlene Di Via (10 months ago)
How you could resist jumping into that gorgeous lake is beyond me! lol
Jeff swiney (10 months ago)
Always look on the back side of old tombstones. There will often be an epiteph that reflects something about that individual.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 months ago)
oh wow, great to know, thanks Jeff.
Orca Flotta (10 months ago)
"Tanasi = Tennessee!!! Aaaaw, I get it!" Girl, you slow. ;)
bookmouse770 (10 months ago)
Amazing and sad history. Thanks for the vid.
Catherine Beckwith (10 months ago)
Thanks for this video. I loved learning and watching through your eyes.
Renea Taylor (10 months ago)
You're near where Little Boy was built, Atomic city, we were passing thru there once, and I started telling the kids about Atomic City, and we googled it and we were 3 miles from the city, now called Oakridge. My Great grandpa came from Scotland and lived in Eastern Kentucky, and also Eastern Tennessee, before coming to Arkansas. My great grandma was orphaned on the trail of tears when her parents died, she was adopted by a white family called The Risleys, lots of family history there, I would be so terrified of that graveyard at night, but I Love the old stones and the history, you are a brave lady staying there by yourself.
Carol V (10 months ago)
Thx for sharing - very interesting.
Martine Guibert (10 months ago)
I love to discover your country thanks your video ! We don't have people in France living full time in a rv..only Gypsies..I travel with you :)

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