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RAGE 2 - Official Reveal Trailer (New Post-Apocalyptic Game 2018)

330 ratings | 10867 views
RAGE 2 - Official Reveal Trailer (New Post-Apocalyptic Game 2018) • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC • Release Date: TBA 2018 ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (37)
Heliogábalo Santos (6 days ago)
Stevenbuh - (7 days ago)
U got it wrong there was an original rage
Der alte opa (7 days ago)
Haha XD
You know me (7 days ago)
Iv plsyd the first and i loved it but this to mutch femenist shit
The Gorgeous Boy (7 days ago)
What a horrendous trailer for a game.
VancouverCanucksRock (7 days ago)
I take that as a threat
adejumo gbogboade (7 days ago)
great example of a bad teaser trailer... it looks comical!
Señor Zero (7 days ago)
here come the haters saying “oh great another post apocalypstic game"
tahna dana (8 days ago)
how could it have sequel? it suck!!!
C Wiskus (8 days ago)
i hope its better the 1. it wasnt a bad game but aspects i really didnt like.
Famas 7804 (8 days ago)
Harrison Ressler (8 days ago)
So the vibe I got was a kids version of mad max. Shit
Harrison Ressler (8 days ago)
0:05 Oh no. I really hope that pink hairdew doesn't mean this is one of those games marketed at kids. And was made by middle age people who think "this is what them kids are into these days". That means the game would be insaultingly easy on the hardest setting and the dialogue will be cringy all the time.
Harrison Ressler (7 days ago)
That's what happened to Watchdogs 2, and recent Need for Speed games. But that is a good point. I did jump to conclusions.
DuBstep115 (7 days ago)
Harrison Ressler That one hell of a conclusion from hair color in trailer thats full of colors and other weird stuff
Ya nibba Globey (8 days ago)
Mad Max Color Run?
inferno squad (8 days ago)
GameFreak212 (8 days ago)
I loved the first game, did not expect to get another one.
AussieKola23 (7 days ago)
Same but this looks awesome XD
Gitzen Shiggles RC (8 days ago)
The first one was nothing but hype followed by mediocre gameplay & a final boss that was super easy to beat. Not buying in to any more of bethesdas games based on these stupid live action trailers.
Gastrey fer (8 days ago)
So cool
sr peperoni (8 days ago)
Santa mierda it is true
Evan Johnson (8 days ago)
Borderlands 2.5: Mad Max Edition
Yukio Adams (8 days ago)
Zombie Ninja Gaming (8 days ago)
What is happening?
CJ Monk (8 days ago)
Fuckkk yeahhhhh!!!! 🤙🤙🤙
Goldenraein (8 days ago)
looks like the feminist march in 2k18 i love it tho
miguel Mauricio (8 days ago)
Mad max 2 v:
Dragonborn Express (8 days ago)
miguel Mauricio, rage is basically this: what would happen if fallout and mad max had a child? Rage would probably be that child.
marco el perdido (8 days ago)
miguel Mauricio probably
Is real
MARTINFLOYD LOL (8 days ago)
Noah Mayer (8 days ago)
When will companies learn that live action video game trailers are the most cringy way they can advertise their game?
DuBstep115 (7 days ago)
shaun themanc Fallout 4 opening live action cinematic was best thing bethesda has ever made.
shaun themanc (8 days ago)
remember fallout 4 ? i dont think so mate.
Litz (8 days ago)
Oh great

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