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Kill Diabetes Forever, recipe from Dr. Jimmy Dy Liacco

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Diabetes is one of the most common illnesses nowadays and more and more people have it every day, no matter their age, gender or social status. Beyond being related to problems with the blood sugar, the true thing is that in the long run, diabetes causes major problems to our body, like for example, deterioration of the nerves and problems with the kidneys. In the most serious cases, some people even need leg or foot amputation. According to the National Federation of the Diabetes, one of the countries with the greatest index of diabetic population is the Philippines. Nevertheless, a Philippine doctor claims to have discovered a homemade remedy for this illness. Homemade remedy against diabetes A doctor called Jaime Dy-Liacco is a specialist in metabolic medicine and he claims that he has found a homemade remedy against diabetes composed of only several ingredients! The doctor is almost ninety years of age and he assures his patients that problem with diabetes does not reside in the sugar, like it was believed until now, but it is a question of an illness caused by the absence of six minerals that are necessary for the human body. According to his researches, if you give these minerals to your organism in the quantity it needs them, then it is not necessary to worry for the ingestion of sugar. So, what does this recipe consist of? You will only need several ingredients that may already have in your kitchen! You need: Twelve chili peppers Two eggs Half a teaspoon of marine salt Preparation:It seems incredible that you are going to get rid of this terrible illness with so little, but it is true. Once you have assembled the ingredients, do this: cut the peppers and crush them well. Then, break the eggs and mix them with the crushed chili. Add the teaspoonful of marine salt and stir everything very well.Your homemade remedy is ready! Consume it for several days and you will say goodbye to diabetes! Kill Diabetes Forever, recipe from Dr. Jimmy Dy Liacco https://youtu.be/t5HjP4MuL7I
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Rey Trevino (7 days ago)
Is there a particular type of chili pepper that we are supposed to use .
Dolores Naldo (21 days ago)
Wahahaha....anghang nyan :)
renato cabanilla (25 days ago)
12 pieces of chilli + 2 eggs & salt, do you consume just like this? Explanation not really clear.
R Campana (2 months ago)
Watch what, how much eat. Avoid all drugs
Sjn Gerard (2 months ago)
Dear, Sugar in your blood is NOT a disease. Glucose in your blood is a natural mechanism of your body because your body needs glucose in the blood to function. It is a natural phenomena of the body but doctors under the influence of the drug companies are telling you to take drugs to lower your blood sugar when in actual fact you do not need to do so because glucose in your blood is required for physical and brain function. Throw away your blood sugar monitor because blood sugar is in a constant state of fluctuation according to your diet, exercise, stress levels, genetics, age, etc. What is most important is to focus on your SUBJECTIVE symptoms not OBJECTIVE symptoms of your blood sugar parameters. Subjective symptoms like pain, sleep, energy levels, digestion, elimination, etc. You MUST take herbs to strengthen your Liver and Kidneys to preserve your eyesight, nerves and to avoid so called complications of Diabetes like Kidney damage and so on.
karinaxcomstock (2 months ago)
Any type 1 diabetics here just like : .....meh
Emeritus Gaming (2 months ago)
karinaxcomstock Me, why are we here cause there is no cure for that :D
Amisha Majumder (2 months ago)
MariaMishPlayz (2 months ago)
Yep that's us the philliphines ;-;
Rubina Azhar (2 months ago)
Wah g wah na use krnay ka tareeka how to use it itni mirchi kha kay stomach blast krna hai
R Campana (2 months ago)
Right mega chromium. Broccoli s high in it.
Saiyyea J (2 months ago)
Fulla Sugga (3 months ago)
And say hello to a burning but and hemorrhoids.
Nick Harris (3 months ago)
So basically he gave a recipe for an omelet.
Abhijit Brahma (6 days ago)
Nick Harris right
spiritual healing (3 months ago)
I'm using more tha two years nothing happen making fool it's just a post to get attention and public comments
Numenhang Limbu (3 months ago)
I can,t believe robortic voice ...
Sabu Mathew (3 months ago)
But how many days only one time use this permenently good by sigar this right any body tell the replay
haribo stinky (4 months ago)
If your body s pancreas is not productive how can this work
Mohammed Mohiuddin (4 months ago)
when it take? before meal or after meal?
Marits Soghomonian (2 months ago)
Mohammed Mohiuddin after breakfast
Jin Chang (4 months ago)
Cook it or drink it raw, why you did not say so.
6string1 (4 months ago)
i tried it and it didnt work. it lowered my blood sugar about 20 points on a few days temporarily but didnt work . there are no real testimonials and there would be many if it worked. the doctor said it works in 5 minutes and this video says need to do many days? if this worked they would know more specifically. I read this doc used to work for big pharma. you have to ask why this stuff isnt explained in more detail with lots of successful people. I call bullshit!
Kimbert Bartiquel (13 days ago)
You need to change your lifestyle man, don't just rely on this
6string1 (2 months ago)
not a chance.
Marits Soghomonian (2 months ago)
6string1 maybe youre diabetes type 1 ?
Divine Gloury (4 months ago)
Watch actual ingredients from 2.40
Nasir Fazal (4 months ago)
sham,fraud. Prof.Dr.Nasir Fazal Cambridge i
Israel Camus (4 months ago)
Been waking up feeling bad just after 3 days of taking medicines given by the Doctor. BP norm, Metformin, Atorvastatin, and Atenurix made me feel bad after drinking so after seaching the internet about alternative cures I saw a video of Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco - with nothing to lose I went to the market, looked for some chili and some sea salt, eggs, some fresh saba Bananas as advised by Dr, Jaime Dy-Liacco and prepared the drink, it taste awful at first I almost spit it out. Had good sex with the wife in the morning after waking up so I went back to the market and this time bought a lot of chilis, a tray of eggs, and lots of bananas. Common guys, it tastes awful but just think about good sex !
Hrushi Ruparel (4 months ago)
Guys first of all its not pepper, its called "SILI", these are tiny red chillies. Make sure you use the right ingredients.
Stedroy Crump (5 months ago)
venkatesha reddy m (5 months ago)
Please tell me full details how can use row or bake how many day and what time take before , after
Michael R (5 months ago)
Scrambled eggs?
Raees Khan (5 months ago)
Wow , Is it true ?
Drako Dala (6 months ago)
the ingredients are full of minerals. can remove or lower blood sugar, for people who are patient enough& prefer less budget & no side effects for raw food, this a back to basic. Just like tamarind can lower blood sugar during our younger days. new generation non or less raw tamarind eaters.
please tell us we are intrested
gabriel revilloza (5 months ago)
Drako Dala CMD mineral drops contains these 5 minerals hw mentioned
Nagag Salka (6 months ago)
impossible..............Dr. Jimmy You have NO proof NO evidences Good Bye
prince tony (6 months ago)
Ha ha ha this is egg omlet we eat every morning
SAJEDMUNIR (6 months ago)
Not sure
MegaE5150 (7 months ago)
He's right about the minerals. There is another article about these minerals and how they work at the cell and or the molecular level. Chromium is the most important mineral in this process. It might be best to try his cure along with a good multi-mineral supplement to ensure you are getting the minerals he listed.
MegaE5150 (5 months ago)
Excellent! How can I buy these drops?
gabriel revilloza (5 months ago)
MegaE5150 i sell CMD mineral drops.. it has 72 minerals in it. It in ludes 5 mknerals he mentionesd except for gymnenma silvester
Bullshit alert! First, these idiots do not differentiate between type I and type II. Type II is absolutely curable. It is a lifestyle issue. Type I has not been cured by anyone anywhere by any method yet. Lastly, this poster should choke on a turd for using a computer voice. Nuff said.
Nuffin Kandu You find me proof of a flaxseed cure for type 1 and I will send you $1,000. I have made this offer for over 30 years with no takers. Please do not make unsubstantiated claims. Thank you
Nuffin Kandu (7 months ago)
We Are Miles From Nowhere type 1 u cure it with flaxseed. the robotic voice it cus they afraid the big brother came n shut them down..
Emilie N. (7 months ago)
I think the direct effect to this when I tried is directly heating all of my body after I drank the concoction. I also wonder why it did not aggravate much of my hemorrhoids that is already here. But, prepare going to the rest room cause of possible loose bowel movement, but only once. If one does this everyday possibly helpful for diabetes. Only 14 notch went down from previously 197 to 183 the next day without taking antidiabetic medicine glimeperide 8 mg and or metformin 1000mg which I take twice daily as my diabetic regimen in the first day, so it works!. We all fear about the Salmonella contamination in our raw eggs or bad cholesterol. But, I think the raw eggs protect our gastric linings that's why I did not felt my hemorrhoid aggravated or have a heartburn after I took the concoction. And lastly, there's a feeling of fullness. I think, chili pepper is mostly made up of fibers. Just do this everyday, the most I can tolerate is 3x a day, probably learn to diet and exercise too. Because I think, it increase the metabolism of burning fat while we exercise. And lastly we can drink low fat or soya milk in addition to our diet to protect our gastric lining from heat. The satiety centers have been activated and there's feeling of fullness. But I think this should be done in a daily basis and not only once.
Edison T. (7 months ago)
Just for breakfeast...
Anthony Soh (7 months ago)
utterly rubbish and nonsense
Lost Empire (2 months ago)
I concur! absolute rubbish!!
Ant Y (7 months ago)
Say several ingredients but only show three!? 12 chilly peppers, how spicy that is, how to eat!? Seem a cun't ideas
Joel Velasquez (8 months ago)
pang sure mo oi ka hang ana
usa gal (8 months ago)
Consume it raw or cook it?
Raees Khan (8 months ago)
v nice
Muthu Swamy (1 month ago)
Already I have diabetes, I don't want another diseases of this recipe
Muthu Swamy (1 month ago)
I don't no weather the recipe cure diabetes but alser will come definitely of twelve chilly
Syed Rahman (8 months ago)
What a rubbish.
Mc Forth Montano (9 months ago)
I already tried this and its true.... You to take ur meal before doing this.....
Siti Afgan (7 months ago)
Do u cook or take it raw. The cilia has to blend or what.
Harish Babu (8 months ago)
Mc Forth Montano how many times a day u ate it n for how many days
Barbara D (8 months ago)
Mc Forth Montano How many times did you do it?
Hunny Popli (9 months ago)
Can this cure type 1 Diabetes?
Nuffin Kandu (7 months ago)
Hunny Popli you need flaxseeds also..
darwinangelo obligar (10 months ago)
i'm a living proof, i took it last year. I did it 3 times in just 1 week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm living here in Milan, Italy.
Con nect (1 month ago)
Don’t mean to be rude but I think someone who think it works should make a page about it and. Put all useful information on it and put the link here, we can only beat the diabetes together with right information not fake and looking for attention.
Alvin Pereira (1 month ago)
shukur mohamad hi it should be the hot chili. In the Philippines it is called labuyo and it is extremely hot.
Michael Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Barbara D If Jesus was real, people would not have these diseases
Jalan Lurus (11 months ago)
For how long?
GOH BOMBA (11 months ago)
Good news for diabetes people can cure forever
Dalaine Bloom (11 months ago)
I have one question, "Does the spicey-heat from so many chili peppers actually, cook the eggs? I don't want to eat raw eggs. Although, I use Organic, cage free.eggs; I still am concerned about getting salmonella or any other possible food born illnesses from eating raw eggs. Please, let Me know if You know?
Rey Trevino (7 days ago)
Michael Rodriguez Think of it as a medicine and not fun food .
Michael Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Sebastian Misseri Raw eggs taste nasty😣😣😤
Muhammad Ali Rajaa (7 months ago)
+Sebastian Misseri sekx
Sebastian Misseri (10 months ago)
Back in Italy my Mother never cooked eggs, we ate them raw, wash the eggs good before you crack them.
†Gruzin† (11 months ago)
Dalaine Bloom are you serious right now?
junior ramirez (11 months ago)
Balu and peppers
HMD HS (5 months ago)
Andrew Hajik (11 months ago)
Just eating hot peppers and hot sauce lowers my BS
John Golder (11 months ago)
Very interesting. Tell us more.
Dulse Porree (11 months ago)
Hot Chili? 7pcs?
Shock Value (11 months ago)
what if the person is on dialysis. will the salt cause a problem with the kidneys??
kalyan yekollu (11 months ago)
Please post if anyone tried already
Maaz Malik (6 months ago)
kalyan yekollu
Kathleen Walsh (1 year ago)
ihave it
Vijay Purekar (6 months ago)
is it cure your dibetis
Asgar Khan (1 year ago)
makkar ho
Alvin Villareal (1 year ago)
not true
rashpal singh (1 year ago)
anyione who has tried this method, please post results or comments
lokeshwaran k (4 months ago)
Sir search in YouTube foe jason fung diabetes and see his video
Tanvir Ul Isalm Mirza (4 months ago)
Well Mr. Ali Adnan Khalid, it shall be kind if you could email to me this stuff in more detail. I do volunteer health consulting on diabetes as a government trained trainer for “ living with diabetes and chronic diseases”. This thing is quiet new and surprising and I wish to learn more about it. Thanks in advance.
Ali Adnan Khalid (6 months ago)
Sadia Asif what is a cure ? Where u donot have it. Ofcourse u can not eat again tons of biryanis and tons of bazari roti but u can pretty much eat 1 plate biryani and 2 to 3 house roti . With out spiking your sugar. To me yes its a cure . I dont want to eat all day again. No i dont
Sadia Asif (6 months ago)
Ali Adnan by reversing, do you mean cure?
Ingrid Bordoloi (1 year ago)
how much to take and should contents be kept in a fridge
Love Is Life (8 months ago)
Ingrid Bordoloi Drink it all . Don't keep in the refrigerator,
Judithmary Arigo (8 months ago)
Barbara D
Barbara D (8 months ago)
Janjan Sy but is the diabetes gone or was it just for the day?
Janjan Sy (8 months ago)
my husband tried and effective from 205 down to 165 after 45 minutes
Dunia Jolly (1 year ago)
Ingrid Bordoloi o don't think keeping raw eggs in the fridge is good idea
sujon chan mamud (1 year ago)
hi what time a day drink it and that is can i keep stok this and how many days i can drink plz tellme
So thankful with him, the Filipino doctor 💖 my sugar is high and ill try this too. Im also a Filipina. Who have tried this mixture and experienced that its effective?
Sabu Mathew (3 months ago)
How many time use
Stewart Gilkeson (5 months ago)
sujon chan mamud AH
Deborah Hopper (1 year ago)
So do you consume the egg raw or cook it, i want to get rid of type 2 diabetes, i take insulin, i want to be off all medication, Thanks!!
Vicky varinder (7 months ago)
Deborah Hopper any improvements
Habib Rashid (11 months ago)
Any update?
Mramzan5555 PK (1 year ago)
Deborah Hopper nh
Sunil Karki (1 year ago)
Any improvement??
Deborah Hopper (1 year ago)
Okay, I'll eat a lite meal and then drink the egg pepper mixture, thank you.

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