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Health Advisors, National Health Enrollers ,Health Insurance Services & Health advisors of America. AND THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE COMPLAINTS AGAINST THE COMPANY. SHE TRIES..... TO TALK ABOVE ME BUT IT DON'T WORK. !!
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Krister Sjödin (9 days ago)
A sick US system for your health. (Shopping around? Is that what you say..?)
ashenaura (26 days ago)
This is a late comment but better late than never! Once again, a great scam bait that adroitly reveals what the scam is: misrepresentation by a broker. As a bonus, anyone who bothers to follow up by googling the company being promoted by this cagey Insurance Broker, Health Insurance Innovations, will quickly find out why the broker was evasive. The company sells products that are best described as "buyer better be aware" deceptions. Thanks Francine, the Scammer Slayer, for another vey helpful and informative production.
Thank you Ashenura , Oh yeah I always research the scam before I do it. And these people are really bad and the reviews is just as bad.Thanks for watching. And I love how the lady says not to look at the BBB lol no because you will find out that they are really bad
Max Barlow (29 days ago)
Even though they are being used as the insurance material, Health Insurance Innovations is also a legitimate short term insurance sales agency/ company that runs full/ major medical insurance scams as well. There's a whole network of all of these third party agencies/ companies that operate these scams and use eachother for the agency and fake insurance material set up. For example, the one you interacted with, Health Insurance Innovations, Simple Health, A-1 Health, Unified Life, National Brokers of America, Companion Life, Unified Health, Principal Advantage, Health Benefits Center, Premier Health, Standard Life, Unified Health One, Cross America Health Plans, (Multiplan) National Congress of Employers, Allied National Global Care, Core Value Medical Life, American Medical Life Insurance, and (PJP Health Agency) Health and Life Direct, and probably many more out there. Health Insurance Fraud scammers. Watch out for these pests, folks..Get them shut down!
34stzoo (1 month ago)
BBB is what I refer to for any business... they just don't post a bad review because someone did not like a meal. As you said, they do investigate complaints... It's not Yelp. Great job, keep up the good work!
34stzoo (1 month ago)
3:15 as crazy as that may sound, the insurance companies do take that into consideration.
Robert Esparza (1 month ago)
If you Google “Health Advisors of America Florida”, first thing that pops up is a Rip-off report... and other complaints. Also says they sell your info to many scammers, be prepared to be swamped by scammers. Scammers never stop
Robert Esparza oh yeah I read the reviews before I did the videos, and they cannot call me back I use a special program when calling .😀thank you for watching
Joe Scambait (1 month ago)
What a crazy phone calls at first they go to the call centers then they go to private brokers and as soon as you said BBB she got super defensive I was thinking that she was legitimate and really trying to help but the defense came out strong great call
thank you for watching and for the information. I wonder if these are the same companies but under a different name from the ones I spoke to, these where National Health Enrollers, I will have to recheck the number I called. If different I will call these guys and find out whats going on. :)
ScamJam (1 month ago)
LOVE your new channel name!
Thank you, one of my subscribers dubbed me that name :) so I went with it.
Oliver Aseroth (1 month ago)
They ask Height and Weight if you have to declare existing health problems when getting Holiday insurance.
jurgen bussche (1 month ago)
scamming people in need such a shame that's why i sub and give it a thumbs up i will get you more views by share this video
jurgen bussche (1 month ago)
i am single on my fb and when you go on a dating site you get on a list so i get lot's "friend's request's" of nice girl's with a nice story and after a few chat's they ask money , last time a nice girl wanted to video chat she show's here bobbies and ask you to show your private so they can film it and they ask money not to post it really really sick hate those people
jurgen bussche (1 month ago)
i do also scambaiting , i live in belgium i troll love scam scumbags
jurgen bussche 🙏 yeah it's ashamed when your scamming the needy 😤don't sit well with me. I will ride their heels until they disappear!!
jurgen bussche (1 month ago)
good job girl keep going , troll em
jurgen bussche thank you for watching 😊
Mary Madkins (1 month ago)
O Brother had fat are you and tall you are that a new one some thing else these people Making me sick Thank you for the call good job
Mary Madkins thank you for watching 😊
Ismail Ali (1 month ago)
You are killing it lol again.
I am on a T ..R...O...L...L..!!! today LOLOL

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